Reverend Insanity
1117 Upper Extreme Heavenly Eagle
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1117 Upper Extreme Heavenly Eagle

Upper extreme heavenly eagle.

Fang Yuan had known about this immemorial desolate beast since long ago, but he did not know what its egg looked like.

Upper extreme heavenly eagles were space path immemorial desolate beasts, a mature adult upper extreme heavenly eagle could freely travel in the immemorial nine heavens or in grotto-heavens.

This ability was amazing.

Outside of the immemorial nine heavens, there were extremely thick heavenly wind qi walls. Grotto-heavens were situated in the sky, if they did not open up, it was hard to detect them from the outside world.

But as long as the upper extreme heavenly eagle had gone to a place before, it could follow its instincts and travel through space, returning to a former location.

It was an immemorial desolate beast with rank eight battle strength, it could fly extremely fast. Hei Fan could obtain an egg of the upper extreme heavenly eagle, he must have paid an extremely high price if it was not by chance.

The upper extreme heavenly eagle's only weakness was its lifespan.

It only had eighty years of lifespan.

Ordinary mortals had about a hundred years of lifespan.

The great immemorial desolate beast, upper extreme heavenly eagle, had less lifespan than even a mortal, it was truly astounding. Other immemorial desolate beasts often had hundreds of thousands of years to live, the upper extreme heavenly eagle could not compare to them.

However, it had the ability to prolong its life.

When it died of old age, it would produce an egg.

Inside this egg, there would be all of its memories as well as the accumulated space path dao marks over its entire life.

When the chick breaks out of the shell, the upper extreme heavenly eagle would live another life, it would grow up again, but with its previous life's memories and dao mark accumulation. Without any unexpected mishaps, the upper extreme heavenly eagle would only become stronger.

Of course, when it is an egg or eagle chick, the upper extreme heavenly eagle would be at its weakest.

After understanding this, Fang Yuan had a bold guess: "This upper extreme heavenly eagle's egg must have been left behind by Hei Fan!"

Why did he leave behind this egg?

Evidently, the upper extreme heavenly eagle had gone to Hei Fan grotto-heaven before. It was the key to entering it.

Hei tribe's Gu Immortals had always been searching for the grotto-heaven that Hei Fan had left behind. But in Hei Cheng's memories, they had no gains.

"Hei Fan's true inheritance must be inside his own grotto-heaven. This is not strange, because if he did not have food path methods, it would be best to keep all of his Immortal Gu inside the grotto-heaven and sustain their own feeding, that has most assurance."

"And Hei Fan grotto-heaven has no tribulations. According to Hei Cheng's memories, Hei Fan had obtained a certain fragment of the immemorial nine heavens before his death. If I am not wrong, he must have fused this fragment of the immemorial nine heavens into his immortal aperture before dying."

"It is a pity, even though he has no tribulations, he had no lifespan Gu, his lifespan extension methods were also at their limits, he could only die."

"But why is the heavenly eagle egg inside the eagle nest dead?"

Fang Yuan was faced with a difficult question.

There were two answers.

One was that the heavenly eagle egg had naturally died. Hei Fan left the living egg behind, preventing it from hatching, he used the heavenly crystal eagle nest to create an arrangement. But because nobody came to inherit it after a long time, the heavenly crystal eagle nest was not opened, the egg died eventually after a long time.

The second possibility was that the heavenly eagle egg had no life force left because Hei Fan did it. This egg was not truly dead, it needed a special method to unseal it.

If it was the first possibility, Fang Yuan naturally could not obtain any benefits. He could only get a heavenly crystal eagle nest and a dead immemorial egg. They had great value in themselves but that was all.

From Fang Yuan's perspective, he would naturally prefer the second possibility.

But if that was the case, what was the special method that could unseal the egg?

"Assuming the second case, how can I unseal this dead egg, to let it regain life force and even hatch?" Fang Yuan fell into deep thought.

He thought for a long time, but there were no answers.

It was not strange.

This egg was quite literally dead. If not for that, Fang Yuan would not have confirmed this at the start so easily.

"If I were Hei Fan, I would definitely leave behind clues to resolve this problem after setting up this dead egg, so that descendants could inherit this." Fang Yuan had a flash of inspiration.

He realized he had subconsciously ignored something.

It was the refinement path methods that Hei Fan had once modified and left behind on purpose.

"I used these methods to open the heavenly crystal eagle nest. If I use these methods again, will it work on the dead egg?" Fang Yuan had a bold assumption.

But he did not act yet.

Because this was just a hypothesis, there was no proof or evidence backing it.

Fang Yuan was vigilant, he started using wisdom path methods, he went deep into analyzing these refinement path methods, placing focus on deducing them.

He quickly discovered something strange.

What was strange?

Some refinement path killer moves were very strangely modified. The original versions were better and had stronger effects than the newer versions.

Hei Fan's modifications were simply going the reverse direction.

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Fang Yuan suddenly thought about some historical records regarding Hei Fan that were inside Hei Cheng's memories.

Hei Fan was a rank eight Gu Immortal, during his later years, he liked to nurture juniors, but he often taught them: "When learning, you have to think for yourself, don't just blindly follow and idolize your seniors' experiences. Only by thinking for yourself and learning them can you go further on the path of a Gu Immortal."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan looked at the refinement path killer moves with new ideas.

He tried to remove the 'failed modifications' that Hei Fan did in those killer moves, he made a shocking discovery.

"So these refinement path killer moves are not failures, by combining them, they form a brand new killer move!"

"Hei Fan had purposely added in unnecessary steps in these refinement path killer moves, they are failures individually. But together, these parts can combine into a whole!"

What made Fang Yuan more surprised was that this new killer move was a type of blood path method.

The great rank eight time path Hei Fan, researching blood path?

This was not strange.

Ever since Blood Sea Ancestor appeared, blood path's power was known to all. All the super forces restricted the growth of blood path, while researching it secretly themselves.

This was something happening even in Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, not to mention Northern Plains, a region with Gu Immortals that sought battle strength greatly.

Fang Yuan was much more confident in blood path than refinement path.

He was a blood path grandmaster! Blood path was his most used path in the past.

With some research, Fang Yuan realized: Hei Fan had purposely concealed this blood refinement killer move, it was to be used on the upper extreme heavenly eagle!

But this blood refinement killer move was not complete.

With Fang Yuan's knowledge and blood path attainment, he could tell that this blood path killer move was not complete, it was only a portion.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan was not disappointed, instead his eyes were shining brightly.

"Hei Fan must have the complete blood refinement killer move, he used the first half to process this upper extreme heavenly eagle dead egg. He only left the other half to his descendants."

"But he did not pass down this blood path killer move directly to his descendants, he used a unique method to conceal it."

"His first motive must be to test his descendants, so that a skilled Gu Immortal who could think for themselves inherits this. The second reason was that blood path was notorious, if the great Hei Fan's true inheritance used a blood path method, it would cause a huge commotion. Hei Fan did not want that to happen."

Fang Yuan was scheming and shrewd, he could easily tell what Hei Fan was thinking in the past.

After clarifying this, he was even more assured that this upper extreme heavenly eagle was not truly dead, it was just processed by Hei Fan through a special method.

That made things easier!

Fang Yuan was no longer an immortal zombie, he could easily draw blood from his own body.

However, just as he was about to use blood refinement, he stopped his actions.

"So close! I almost failed to notice Hei Fan's intention…" Fang Yuan's forehead was filled with sweat.

Why did Hei Fan leave a blood path method for his descendants?

Wasn't it really strange?

Everyone knew that Hei Fan was a time path great expert, at this level, he could easily use time path methods to leave his inheritance behind and imitate methods of other paths.

But he used blood path instead of his strongest time path, why was that?

There was only one possible reason, the blood path method could do something that time path could not.

What else could it be?

As a blood path grandmaster, Fang Yuan first thought of — bloodline recognition!

The inheritance that Hei Fan left behind was meant for Hei tribe descendants. The inheritance of a super force's Gu Immortal was usually kept to the clan or tribe itself, the first condition was to be blood related. Very few Gu Immortals would leave behind inheritances that could be obtained by others.

Attitude Gu, the refinement path method left behind for generations, they were just the first two precautions.

The blood refinement method that uses one's bloodline was the third.

"If the inheritor is not a Hei tribe descendant and does not have Hei tribe's bloodline, then blood refining this dead egg might cause a backlash. Or rather, the immemorial desolate beast upper extreme heavenly eagle that hatches would be the enemy of this Gu Immortal!"

Fang Yuan thought of this and felt even more sweat on his forehead.

Especially the last part, if he truly became enemies with an immemorial desolate beast, of rank eight battle strength, he would be in deep trouble!

The upper extreme heavenly eagle was very fast, Fang Yuan could not outrun it, he had weak defenses as well, he would definitely die.

"It seems that I can only use a proper bloodline to refine the egg." Fang Yuan wisely stopped.

Some days later.

In a part of the sovereign immortal aperture.

Hei Cheng's hair was a mess, he had a very tired and weak expression.

Fang Yuan manipulated the strength path immortal zombie, flying towards him.

Hei Cheng jolted like he was hit by lightning, his body shook as he shouted in fear and shock: "You, what do you want?!"

Earlier, Fang Yuan had soul searched him, forget about that. Now, he was using all sorts of methods to 'torture' Hei Cheng, he was truly in misery, he felt that he was better off dead.

Hei Cheng was Fang Yuan's captive, at this stage, he had already given up. His Gu Immortal demeanor was gone.

But he could not even bite his own tongue to suicide.

Fang Yuan had thought: Hei Cheng still had some value, even though Hei tribe was gone, Hei Lou Lan was alive.

Thus, Hei Cheng was in a state where he could neither die nor live in peace.

"Don't worry, this is likely to be the last time, I am confident of it." Fang Yuan manipulated the strength path immortal zombie, smiling as he got closer.

Hei Cheng was about to cry, he struggled intensely: "You say that every time, it is always the last time! No, no, no! Ah—!"


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