Reverend Insanity
1115 Opening Heavenly Crystal Eagle Nes
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1115 Opening Heavenly Crystal Eagle Nes

Sovereign immortal aperture, Mini Purple Heaven.

A faint purple light was shining in the haziness.

In the vast sky, there was a floating eagle nest.

This eagle nest was like a three-storey building, there were no doors or windows, it was like a huge crystal.

A type of translucent crystal, twice as thick as a human's forearm, interlinked with itself, forming this tight eagle nest that had the same color throughout.

This crystal was extraordinary.

Fang Yuan had recognized that this was heavenly crystal, a rank eight immortal material!

Heavenly crystal came from the sky, it was very light and could float in the sky, it would never fall to the ground unless there were external forces.

Regardless of what was inside the eagle nest, just the outer nest itself contained five hundred kilograms of heavenly crystals! Just this heavenly crystal alone had immense value.

Evidently, this eagle nest was the thirteenth eagle nest in Iron Eagle blessed land.

Its value surpassed the sum of all the other eagle nests, firmly holding the highest position.

After Fang Yuan and Chu Du collaborated, Chu Du went to Iron Eagle blessed land and at the final moment of Hei tribe's battle, he displayed great strength and took this eagle nest.

However, before Chu Du left the battlefield, Hei tribe's first supreme elder shouted and let all of the immortals know that the thirteenth eagle nest had clues to Hei Fan's true inheritance!

This was a problem for Fang Yuan.

After Chu Du knew this, he renegotiated with Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan knew he had to concede.

Flying sword Immortal Gu, the Eastern Sea information path true inheritance, and this thirteenth eagle nest, as well as Hei Fan's true inheritance, they had a lot of value when put together!

Even though Chu Du was solely a strength path cultivator, that did not mean he could not sell these for a good price.

Thankfully, Chu Du was firmly set on Fang Yuan's tribulation method.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Fang Yuan exploited this to deepen his cooperation with Chu Du, he spent a lot of effort and much discussion to barely reach an agreement.

Chu Du would use Calamity Beckoning to get Reckless Savage's true meaning from Fang Yuan. In the future, he will take thirty percent of Fang Yuan's gains from these two true inheritances.

"Chu Du is a normal Gu Immortal, he does not want to cultivate information path and time path on the side, thus, he has little interest towards the two true inheritances."

"Unlike me, I can cultivate all paths, any true inheritance can be used for my own cultivation!"

"Even so, I really admire his resolute decision, he can give up when needed to. Northern Plains' Domination Immortal, he is truly formidable, his title is well deserved!"

Fang Yuan inspected the eagle nest as he gathered his thoughts.

He and Chu Du were allies in terms of benefits. They had little relationship, they were just making use of each other.

Against Chu Du, Fang Yuan felt quite wary.

He knew that Chu Du was not giving up, he still wanted the immortal tribulation tempering aperture method.

Chu Du had brains and brawn, he was not a 'stupid' Domination Immortal.

His brawn allowed him to singlehandedly cause trouble to the Huang Jin super force, Liu tribe. During the battle of Hei tribe, he caused the immortals present to be unable to attack.

His mind was not to be underestimated. After Liu tribe's battle, he rarely appeared, he nurtured his disciples in secret, helping them become immortals, luring out Reckless Savage's true meaning. During the negotiation with Fang Yuan, his eloquence made Fang Yuan recognize this person's shrewdness and wisdom.

Domination Immortal had grand ambitions, how could he be satisfied with just Calamity Beckoning?

And the bigger worry for Fang Yuan was, Chu Du seemed to have guessed his true identity.

During the third earthly calamity, which was their first collaboration, the latter two lines of his poem were 'flying above rivers and lakes on these clouds, nothing can obstruct my view of this world'.

Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan.

Vaguely, it seemed like he was pointing out Fang Yuan's true identity.

Of course, he could be overthinking it.

But many things had happened, Fang Yuan would rather be overly vigilant than miss out any important details.

Chu Du's appearance was very suspicious, during the first earthly calamity, he almost took Fang Yuan's life!

Fang Yuan was suspicious: Chu Du was influenced by heaven's will and was a part of a plot, the 'human calamity' against Fang Yuan.

Cooperating with a person like this was simply 'asking favors from a tiger'.

Thus, during the first cooperation, after the third earthly calamity was over, Fang Yuan did not talk much to him, he quickly left.

Chu Du let Fang Yuan leave without saying anything.

First, calamity beckoning Immortal Gu was in his hands. Second, he and Fang Yuan had an alliance agreement. The information path Immortal Gu used was borrowed from other Gu Immortals. Third, he could not catch Fang Yuan in terms of speed!

With Chu Du's strength and skill, he had a wide network and knew many people.

Fang Yuan considered one point as well. To guard against heaven's will, Fang Yuan gave Chu Du a lot of self will Gu. At least, Fang Yuan did not need to worry that heaven's will would cause any negative influence on Chu Du.

"I need to be very careful when cooperating with Chu Du, if I make a mistake, it would lead to a disastrous end!" Fang Yuan alerted himself mentally, he placed his attention on the strength path immortal zombie again.

He controlled a strength path immortal zombie and slowly got closer to the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

These last days, he had been using investigative methods and collecting clues, looking into Hei Cheng's memories, to aid with his deductions.

"If I am not wrong, this time…"

Fang Yuan had confidence as he used his Immortal Gu.

The strength path immortal zombie which got close to the heavenly crystal eagle nest went through a complete transformation. It was originally emanating death energy, but in a moment, it became alive, turning into Hei Cheng, indiscernible from the real one.

'Hei Cheng' gradually got close to the heavenly crystal eagle nest, placing his hand on the eagle nest.

Fang Yuan's divine sense continued to explore, entering the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

At the same time, Gu worms flew out, coiling around 'Hei Cheng' as they flew in a spiral.

Refinement path killer moves were used one after another, impacting on the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

These refinement path killer moves were all mortal killer moves, they were modified by Hei Fan in the past, passing down for generations. Before Hei Fan died, he instructed his descendants that any new member of Hei tribe who became an immortal must learn these refinement path methods.

After several generations of research by Hei tribe's Gu Immortals, they gradually understood: These refinement path killer moves were the key to opening the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

Many Hei tribe Gu Immortals had used the refinement path killer moves on the heavenly crystal eagle nest in order to get Hei Fan's true inheritance.

Of course, they all failed.

Because they lacked the most critical element — attitude Gu!

In these refinement path killer moves, there was a crucial step that needed the aura of attitude Gu to activate.

This step obstructed generations of Hei tribe Gu Immortals, nobody could inherit Hei Fan's true inheritance.

Hei tribe's Gu Immortals were not fools, after understanding this, they immediately went to search for attitude Gu.

After a lot of effort by generations of Hei tribe Gu Immortals, they finally found some clues, they gained a breakthrough in this.

By the current generation, there was Su Xian's Night Elopement, she became Hei Cheng's wife, in the end, she joined Hei tribe as an external supreme elder.

Her surname was not Hei, she could not learn about deep secrets like Hei Fan's true inheritance.

But she came with a motive, with her sister Blazing Heaven Demoness' help, she stole the information about Hei Fan's true inheritance that generations of Hei tribe immortals had accumulated.

Using these results, she found some suspicious points.

But when she was close to success, there was a change in the situation. Hei Cheng killed Su Xian Er, Fairy Li Shan had a falling out with Blazing Heaven Demoness as a result, Su Xian Er left behind the crucial clues as well as a lot of familial emotion and immortal essence to her daughter, Hei Lou Lan.

After becoming an immortal, Hei Lou Lan used these clues to get back the attitude Gu that had been lost in the northern icy plain for many years!

But after some twists and turns, this Immortal Gu ended up in Fang Yuan's hands, being heavily used by him.

These last days, Fang Yuan had been familiarizing himself with the refinement path killer move, he even disguised himself to ensure that there were no issues.

Refinement path killer moves were used, turning into flames and lightning, attacking the heavenly crystal eagle nest. Each hit caused the heavenly crystal eagle nest to shake slightly, giving off a clear sound.

Gradually, the heavenly crystal eagle nest's movements became larger, and the sounds it made became louder, until it resounded in the sky.

"The final blow!"

Fang Yuan was nervous.

With his skillful method, he drew a trace of attitude Gu's aura and fused it into a translucent ripple as it flew towards the heavenly crystal eagle nest.

The ripple fused into the heavenly crystal eagle nest, vanishing immediately.

The heavenly crystal eagle nest continued to shake, light was emitting from within it. Gradually, the entire heavenly crystal eagle nest started shining in nine colors.

Red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, white, black!

Nine colors filled the world, the light was dazzling and forced 'Hei Cheng' to retreat to a distance.

Ding ding ding…

As the light faded, the sound of chimes could be heard in the sky.

In front of 'Hei Cheng', this heavenly crystal eagle nest that had been closed for years finally opened itself!

Each of the pillars of heavenly crystal started moving and unraveling, making Fang Yuan think of a Rubik's cube. The nine colored heavenly crystal weaved and moved, eventually, an entrance was formed on the surface of the heavenly crystal eagle nest. The entire process was fluid and dazzling, he subconsciously held his breath from the incredible sight.

"I understand!" Fang Yuan's heart jumped, he understood the method that Hei Fan used.

"The heavenly crystals were originally colorless and translucent, but they no longer are now!"

"These heavenly crystals have nine colors, they should come from the respective immemorial nine heavens. But Hei Fan fused them together, using these rank eight immemorial immortal materials through refinement path methods. He caused their colors to fade away, so that they looked like a whole entity."

"Before Hei Fan died, he left behind some refinement path methods. Using these methods, one could reverse refine these heavenly crystals, allowing them to regain their original appearance, and open up the eagle nest from the inside."

Thinking about this, Fang Yuan's assessment of the heavenly crystals' value increased again.

Heavenly crystals were an immortal material that could be produced naturally in grotto-heavens with deep foundations, other than in the immemorial nine heavens.

Originally, Fang Yuan thought that these heavenly crystals were formed in Hei Fan grotto-heaven. But in fact, they came from the immemorial nine heavens.

They had higher value as a result.

Because there were only two heavens left from the immemorial nine heavens, the other seven were destroyed already.

In the past, when Hei Fan searched for these heavenly crystals from the immemorial nine heavens, he definitely spent a lot of effort. Right now, it was getting harder for Gu Immortals to get these heavenly crystals, the only source was the scattered fragment worlds of the immemorial nine heavens that were hidden in the five regions.

"Hei Fan true inheritance, here I come." Fang Yuan restrained his excitement as he controlled 'Hei Cheng', carefully entering the eagle nest.Two characters in the poem can be read as Fang Yuan, even though the exact character used is not the same.


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