Reverend Insanity
1114 Obtaining One of Two True Inheritances
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1114 Obtaining One of Two True Inheritances

Time passed quickly, several days went by.

Lang Ya blessed land, inside a cloud city.

Fang Yuan was sitting in his secret room, cultivating.

Using connecting heaven Gu, his divine sense communicated with a certain female Gu Immortal's will in treasure yellow heaven.

"Your pill azure incense is of lower quality than Gu Immortal Xi Zi, the price should be cheaper." Fang Yuan bargained.

But that female Gu Immortal was not like Fang Yuan, who used his divine sense to conduct the deal.

She had left her will in treasure yellow heaven, to manage transactions with goods.

And unfortunately, this was a resolute will, it was obstinate in nature, it would not give in.

As expected, the female immortal rejected with no hesitation at all: "The price is like this, buy it if you want, it is up to you!"

Fang Yuan was not giving up yet, he continued: "Will you reconsider? I am buying in bulk."

The resolute will was obstinate, it did not agree.

Fang Yuan was a little annoyed.

These last days, when developing the sovereign immortal aperture, he had to trade in treasure yellow heaven, to sell his own resources and buy all sorts of resources.

But after the third earthly calamity, he felt that his transactions were not going smoothly.

The female immortal's resolute will was one of them.

But this was quite a good situation already.

Fang Yuan had been encountering this recently: Gu Immortals would come in and raise prices with ill intent, or he might see some shortage of certain materials, after rank eight Gu Immortal experts bulk purchase everything.

"Even though I have Dog Shit Luck's protection, in the third earthly calamity, the giant disaster blazing tree destroyed a lot of my good luck."

Thinking about his third earthly calamity, Fang Yuan sighed.

"If I did not think about it carefully and decided to work together with Chu Du before the third earthly calamity, I would have been done for. Even if I passed the tribulation, I would be heavily injured and stuck with bad luck. Currently, I am only facing some small obstacles, they are of no real concern to my cultivation."

Fang Yuan quickly gathered his thoughts, his divine sense continued to negotiate with the female immortal in treasure yellow heaven.

Since she did not agree to lower prices, Fang Yuan could only accept this.

"I will buy your pill azure incense."

The female immortal's resolute will was stunned.

Fang Yuan was making a huge purchase.

He had to pay almost ten thousand immortal essence stones in this deal!

But Fang Yuan was not shaken.

With his accumulation from before, he was extremely affluent. Even though the third earthly calamity expended a lot of his green grape immortal essence, he could still afford ten thousand immortal essence stones.

After buying the pill azure incense, Fang Yuan retrieved his divine sense, no longer staying in treasure yellow heaven.

After inspecting it, he ensured that the pill azure incense had no problems, transporting them into his sovereign immortal aperture.

His consciousness quickly entered his immortal aperture.

The sovereign immortal aperture was split into five regions and nine heavens, Fang Yuan placed strength path immortal zombies in all the different areas.

Soon, one strength path immortal zombie flew over under his manipulation, using Gu worms to store the pill azure incense.

There was no choice, his sovereign immortal aperture was too huge, he could only use these strength path immortal zombies as laborers.

Every time he was in this situation, Fang Yuan thought of Hu Immortal land spirit and Star Form land spirit, if he had a land spirit, the job could be handled by them, he did not have to waste so much time on this.

The land spirit was basically the steward of the blessed land.

They were very convenient to have.

But it was a pity, Fang Yuan had never heard of any land spirits appearing in an immortal aperture before the Gu Immortal dies.

This pill azure incense resembled jade smoke, it constantly blew around, creating a hazy area.

Fang Yuan placed all of the pill azure incense into Mini Azure Heaven, causing this huge area to become more misty.

Even though the strength path immortal zombie could not smell anything, the pill azure incense was very fragrant, it was very amazing, it had the smell of ink and grass, extremely elegant and long lasting.

After placing the pill azure incense, Fang Yuan set up some Gu formations.

These Gu formations were made with mortal Gu, their only use was to keep the pill azure incense within a certain area, preventing it from dispersing away.

"I accumulated so much now, it is enough to feed change soul Immortal Gu three times." Fang Yuan was satisfied.

The pill azure incense would not renew itself, when he used it, it was gone for good.

If he had to produce pill azure incense himself, it would be troublesome.

Pill azure incense grew in places with primeval essence as well as pill crane groups, azure pine forests, ink bamboo forests and herb incense Gu. These four things, including beasts, plants, and Gu, were needed, and each of them had to be of a certain quantity, otherwise they could not produce pill azure incense.

And this exact amount was a trade secret.

Gu Immortals who sold pill azure incense had a firm grasp of this secret, they prevented the secret from leaking.

At this point, Fang Yuan could only temporarily store the pill azure incense.

Pill azure incense was the food that change soul Immortal Gu ate, but the good thing was, it was widely sold in treasure yellow heaven. Fang Yuan had accumulated a lot of it now, it could last for some time.

After more inspections, Fang Yuan modified the Gu formation, he took a final look before leaving, only to see that Mini Azure Heaven had a small area of thick azure spots, it was different from before.

Even though Fang Yuan placed great emphasis on developing his immortal aperture, on the whole, the sovereign immortal aperture was still very barren.

The point was, the sovereign immortal aperture's space was simply too big!

Fang Yuan placed so many resources inside, if it were the normal aperture of any other Gu Immortal, it would be filled already.

Speaking of which, Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture had quite a lot of dao marks, but in influencing such a huge area of space, the dao marks' effect was very small.

Fang Yuan retrieved the divine sense inside Mini Azure Heaven.

The pill azure incense was already placed, the development of Fang Yuan's immortal aperture had reached a certain stage.

Before this, Fang Yuan had already bought several batches of resources, he settled the feeding requirements of Sword Eyebrows, Wave Sword, Flying Sword, and the other rank seven Immortal Gu.

"Rank eight Immortal Gu and rank seven Immortal Gu already have their food. Now, the development of my immortal aperture should be to resolve the feeding requirements of my rank six Immortal Gu." Fang Yuan assessed.

The first criteria of development for a Gu Immortal's immortal aperture was to be self sufficient in feeding one's own Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan was a strength path immortal zombie previously, his immortal aperture was dead, he did not follow this rule.

After reviving, he went steadily and surely, settling the feeding requirements of the rank eight and seven Immortal Gu to some degree.

Next were the rank six Immortal Gu.

There was a need to say, Fang Yuan simply had too many Immortal Gu.

It was a shocking quantity!

But there was no choice, Fang Yuan had to raise so many Immortal Gu, not only to resist the tribulations as well as heaven's will, but also against other Gu Immortals.

Fang Yuan's circumstances were bad.

In the past, he had Shadow Sect, which concealed him from deductions. But after the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, this protection was gone, Heavenly Court placed his name on the Demon Judgment Board, they were determined to kill him. Northern Plains' Gu Immortals had deep hatred towards him, because Fang Yuan destroyed Imperial Court blessed land and Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, this was something that created more enmity than digging the graves of these Huang Jin bloodline tribes.

The other Eastern Sea, Southern Border, and Western Desert Gu Immortals were all after the luck path true inheritance. Even though Fang Yuan did not obtain the true inheritance of all living being's luck, nobody would believe him if he said it.

All in all, Fang Yuan's identity could not be exposed, a lot of Gu Immortals were trying to find him.

Earlier, during the battle of Hei tribe, Hei tribe Gu Immortals had worked with Heavenly Lord Bai Zu to try and ambush Fang Yuan, in the end, because he was vigilant, he did not go to Iron Eagle blessed land and escaped. Of course, Fang Yuan did not know this currently.

Thus, Fang Yuan traveled outside using a fake name — Liu Guan Yi.

If he said his true identity, Chu Du's attitude might have been completely different!

Currently, Fang Yuan had worked together with Chu Du.

Half a month ago, when treasure yellow heaven opened, Fang Yuan received Chu Du's letter.

In the letter, Chu Du stated the situation clearly, he informed Fang Yuan that flying sword Immortal Gu had an information path inheritance's clues!

At that moment, Fang Yuan was enticed.

Earlier, he was still thinking about the benefits of information path.

With strong information path methods, he could set agreements with others and not be afraid of them being broken. He could also secretly remove the alliance agreement that was on him, he could easily betray or break his word without any restraints.

He could even collect intel and make wiser decisions after knowing more details.

Information path and wisdom path were complementary.

Information path searched for information, while wisdom path used this information to deduce, they assisted each other.

The information path inheritance insignia on flying sword Immortal Gu was incredible, even the wisdom path Gu Immortal Tian Xia Xin was interested and wanted it from Chu Du.

Chu Du had told Fang Yuan about this situation. He wanted Fang Yuan to know about the value of the true inheritance, so that he could change his mind.

Fang Yuan thought about it and decided to deal with Chu Du.

He agreed to let Chu Du get Reckless Savage's true meaning, but Chu Du had to compensate him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After the battle of Hei tribe, Chu Du snatched the thirteenth eagle nest under Fang Yuan's guidance.

Days after that, he and Fang Yuan met in Northern Plains secretly, making a transaction for both sides.

Fang Yuan obtained flying sword Immortal Gu and the eagle nest, while lending out calamity beckoning Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan could not give the immortal tribulation tempering aperture method to Chu Du. Even though this was an immortal killer move, and Immortal Gu were unique, but Chu Du could use other Immortal Gu in place of these.

Different Gu worms could produce similar immortal killer moves after all.

Chu Du was a powerful rank seven expert after all, his reputation made him a legendary figure in the current Northern Plains!

With his help, Fang Yuan successfully passed the third earthly calamity.

In the first two times, he was gravely injured, the situation was too dangerous. But in this third earthly calamity, he only suffered some setbacks, the biggest problems were resolved by Chu Du.

Calamity beckoning Immortal Gu was simply too incredible.

No wonder Mo Yao wanted to use this Immortal Gu to help her lover Bo Qing undergo tribulation.

But eventually, she failed.

Calamity beckoning Immortal Gu was only rank seven, but Bo Qing was undergoing the myriad tribulation that would lead him to rank nine!

Fang Yuan did not want to seek the information path true inheritance with clues on flying sword Immortal Gu yet.

The turbulent flow sea area was a problematic place, it was easy to get lost, and many Gu Immortals often traveled in it.

Fang Yuan placed his attention on the eagle nest.

The thirteenth eagle nest in Iron Eagle blessed land was usually concealed, it only appeared when Iron Eagle blessed land was near the point of breaking apart.

Inside this nest, there were clues to Hei Fan's true inheritance.

Fang Yuan had explored it for some time, he had some gains!

Compared to the information path true inheritance, the Hei Fan true inheritance, which could delay the time in his immortal aperture, was far more useful and important.

Fang Yuan had decided: While he still had this period of free time after undergoing tribulation, he was going to obtain Hei Fan's true inheritance!


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