Reverend Insanity
1113 Giant Disaster Blazing Tree
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1113 Giant Disaster Blazing Tree

To eliminate these treemen, he would need to expend a lot of immortal essence.

The number of these treemen was greater than the first earthly calamity's snow monsters, and they had strong regenerative abilities. Fang Yuan could see many severed twigs that were stabbed into the ground growing with new budding leaves.

Unless he used killer moves like triple layered sword wave to completely decimate these treemen, to avoid any future problems.

Otherwise, when these trees grow, they would expend a great amount of the earth qi inside the immortal aperture.

But using triple layered sword wave or flying sword Immortal Gu to kill these treemen was too wasteful!

"If I were a fire path Gu Immortal, this would not be a problem to me." Fang Yuan thought of this, when he suddenly heard a sound, fire was starting from those treemen's corpses.

The fire burnt rapidly, in the blink of an eye, it spread and covered countless treemen!

The fire continued to rage on these treemen's bodies, turning these treemen into charcoal, their leaves were completely incinerated, a great number of them died.

The fire was nourished by the treemen and became larger, it was almost twenty meters tall!

Raging flames advanced towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was stunned.

What is going on?

Evidently, this was part of the earthly calamity.

But why did the earthly calamity start burning itself? What was heaven's will trying to do? Was it trying to resolve Fang Yuan's problem?

Fang Yuan quickly ruled out the possibility.

What a joke, how could heaven's will help him?


There was a huge figure standing among the roaring flames.

In the orange-red flames, a sixty meter tall giant stood up!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"This is?!" Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk to pin size, he subconsciously gritted his teeth: "Giant disaster blazing tree!"

This was an ancient desolate plant.

In history, immemorial red heaven often had these giant disaster blazing trees.

But this type of ancient desolate plant was rarely seen in the five regions, although not extinct.

Giant disaster blazing trees could be created from any type of tree. When a forest fire starts, after countless lifeforms are killed, there was a chance of forming this giant disaster blazing tree.

The giant disaster blazing tree's body was covered in raging flames. It burned endlessly, nothing could get close to it. More impressively, this giant disaster blazing tree would cause bad luck to whatever life forms got close to it.

"Heaven's will, truly insidious! Evidently, heaven's will has noticed the protection of Dog Shit Luck on me, it created this giant disaster blazing tree to destroy my good luck!"

Fang Yuan felt a huge challenge.

Normally speaking: If he encountered a giant disaster blazing tree in the wild, he would wisely choose to evade it. But now, this giant disaster blazing tree directly appeared in his immortal aperture, it was draining his immortal aperture's earth qi and bringing him disaster and bad luck, negating Dog Shit Luck's effect. If he left it alone, soon, Fang Yuan would be extremely unlucky, nothing would go right, he might even face a huge disaster. As for refining Immortal Gu, he could forget about it.

Flames raged on, crackling sounds could be heard from the burning trees.

The blazing tree had appeared in a very peculiar location, it was close to Dang Hun Mountain.

Even though Fang Yuan activated his defenses, the huge flames were still causing his eyebrows and hair to dry up.

"This is only the periphery, but the temperature is already like this, what would the center of this blazing tree be like?" Fang Yuan sighed, leaving.

He left Dang Hun Mountain.

He had Landscape as Before, he could restore Dang Hun Mountain before it was completely destroyed.

The problem was how to kill this giant disaster blazing tree which reached partway up Dang Hun Mountain in height!

Sword marks targeting death!

Triple layered sword wave!

Poison spit!

Fang Yuan used many killer moves, but they were ineffective. The poison in the air was completely eradicated by the flames, flying sword Immortal Gu pierced the giant disaster blazing tree and returned to Fang Yuan, but the giant disaster blazing tree only shook intensely, before turning to normal.

As for triple layered sword wave, it managed to put out the flames, it got to the blazing tree and destroyed many branches and leaves. But soon, the flames spread again as the blazing tree returned to normal, its injuries vanished after a few breaths of time.

Fang Yuan's eyes shone with brilliance, immortal aura burst out around him as he cried out: "Strength path giant hand!'


A giant hand appeared out of nowhere, pushing the air and grabbing at the blazing tree with an unstoppable aura.

But the blazing tree was huge too, it was almost half of Dang Hun Mountain's size.

The strength path giant hand grabbed the giant disaster blazing tree and tried to lift it up.

But after some time, even after trying hard, there was no effect.

The giant disaster blazing tree had countless roots, they were like snakes deeply rooted in the soil, sucking in earth qi fiercely, it also had the spring dawn jade orioles flying in the sky to replenish its life force, it was stable as a mountain, unmoving.

As time passed, the entire strength path giant hand started melting in the flames, almost half of it was gone.

Fang Yuan dispelled this giant hand, he had an idea after some inspiration.


A second strength path giant hand flew out, but this time, it grabbed at Dang Hun Mountain instead of the giant disaster blazing tree.

Fang Yuan could not lift the giant disaster blazing tree, but strength path giant hand had the power of Pulling Mountain, he could lift Dang Hun Mountain.


Wind currents blew, Dang Hun Mountain was brought into the air by Fang Yuan, before he tossed it directly towards the giant disaster blazing tree.

With a loud sound, the entire ground shook intensely.

The giant disaster blazing tree was suppressed under the mountain, the huge flames were no longer apparent, there was only a ring of fire left around the mountain's base.

Fang Yuan floated in the air, staring at the battlefield expressionlessly.

The giant disaster blazing tree could not move, it was attacked by Dang Hun Mountain's soul path dao marks, but it had incredible vitality and tenacity, it was still struggling intensely.

Blazing flames started to roast Dang Hun Mountain, liquefying some of its rocks.

It was not so easy to get rid of the giant disaster blazing tree.

Fang Yuan was in a heavy mood, looking around, it was a scene of red.

A sea of fire!

The flames had spread to the entire forest, and even the grassland.

As expected, heaven's will's arrangements were just to nurture the growth of the giant disaster blazing tree, how could it be so nice to him?

Fang Yuan's breathing became rougher.

He saw that more and more giant disaster blazing trees were forming in the sea of fire, their roots were digging into the ground as they sucked in earth qi to strengthen themselves.

The first plant was not destroyed yet, but so many others were forming!

Not just that, these giant disaster blazing trees were growling, they stood up and turned into giant blazing treemen!

They had only one target, Fang Yuan, who was in the sky.

Boom boom boom!

Under Dang Hun Mountain, the first giant disaster blazing tree also became a treeman, it was not giving up, attempting to flip over this mountain.

It had incredible strength, each time it struggled, Dang Hun Mountain shook intensely, causing a huge and scary sound.

In an instant, the situation became as bad as it possibly could!

Fang Yuan could ignore the snow monsters earlier and slowly kill them

But he could not ignore these giant disaster blazing treemen. Even though they moved slowly, they had a terrible influence on the immortal aperture. Not only did they suck away earth qi and damage the sovereign immortal aperture's foundation, they would even bring Fang Yuan a lot of bad luck!

What should he do?

The light of the fire flickered on Fang Yuan's face, a smile slowly appeared on his face: "Thankfully, I made my preparations!"

At the same time, Shang Xin Ci who was in Southern Border stared at the lamp in front of her in a daze. In the fire, it seemed to show Fang Yuan's former appearance.

"Brother Hei Tu…" Shang Xin Ci thought to herself.

"Clan leader, clan leader?" She heard something close to her ears.

"Ah." Shang Xin Ci regained her senses, she looked at Xiao Lan, Xiao Die, Lady Wei, Zhou Quan, and her other subordinates.

"Sorry, my mind was wandering again." Shang Xin Ci quickly apologized.

"Miss, this is the third time you've gone into a daze." Xiao Lan muttered.

"I was disrespectful, I am truly sorry." Shang Xin Ci quickly said again.

Zhou Quan and Lady Wei glanced at each other swiftly, before coughing: "Now, let's continue the topic from before, how will we take in the Gu Master groups that were controlled by Shang clan's former young clan leaders."

After the meeting, everyone left the hall.

"Xiao Die, how is the clan leader? Why is she constantly in a daze?" Zhou Quan asked.

Xiao Die showed an expression of worry: "I am not sure too, it seems that after the higher-ups met with her, she became like this ever since."

"Higher-ups?" Zhou Quan's expression changed, he already knew about the existence of Shang clan's Gu Immortals, this was not something that he could settle or interfere in.

Ye Fan could not hold it in anymore: "Let me go talk to Lady Xin Ci, maybe as an outsider, I can learn something from her."

"Young master Ye, you are not an outsider." Xiao Lan smiled.

"We will trouble you, young master Ye." Lady Wei nodded, agreeing with this.

A moment later, Ye Fan arrived at Shang Xin Ci's study room.

The doors were shut.

Through the small hole in the center, Ye Fan saw that Shang Xin Ci was holding onto a piece of paper, looking at it carefully.

She was so deep in thought, even when Ye Fan walked with heavy steps, she did not notice it.

Ye Fan was about to cough and remind Shang Xin Ci that he was here.

But suddenly, he heard Shang Xin Ci's soft whisper: "Brother Hei Tu… what kind of person are you…"

Ye Fan's heart jumped, he instantly understood, the paper in Shang Xin Ci's hand was none other than the black demon's arrest warrant. It was his drawing!

Ye Fan felt a sense of hollowness in his heart, his strong limbs were turning frail.

He stood outside the door, he hesitated for a long time before gritting his teeth, turning around and leaving.

From start to finish, Shang Xin Ci did not discover him.

Ye Fan walked out of the mansion, arriving at the street. This was the inner core of Shang Liang Mountain, an important place in Shang clan, it was flourishing with bustling activity.

But Ye Fan had a worried expression, he had a question inside him — Hei Tu, what kind of person are you?

Northern icy plain.

Chu Du's arms were behind his back, he watched this vast icy plain.

Suddenly, his body shook: "It's here!"

He received Fang Yuan's transmission and quickly used the Immortal Gu in his hands.

Rank seven calamity beckoning Immortal Gu!

At the next moment, the sovereign blessed land's entrance opened.

First, spring dawn jade orioles were sent out of the entrance by a formless force, next, one by one, the giant disaster blazing trees were dragged out without managing to put up resistance!

They were unwilling, they were furious.

The sky was rumbling with thunder, heaven's will was furious too.

But it was no use!

Two hours later, the third earthly calamity ended.

Fang Yuan collected his immortal aperture, appearing in the northern icy plain.

Chu Du obtained quite a bit of Reckless Savage's true meaning, he cried out with an excited tone: "Walking on a long road for countless years, today I obtain the blessing of azure clouds. Flying above rivers and lakes on these clouds, nothing can obstruct my view of this world."

His voice resounded over the surroundings, the disposition of the Domination Immortal was fully emanated.

"May I ask you for your name?" Chu Du greeted Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly: "Obstacles and difficulties fill this road, life and death matters little against calamities and tribulations. My body flies like willows with the wind, regardless of wind or mud I still fly free."

After pausing, he returned the greeting to Chu Du, saying plainly: "I am Liu Guan Yi."


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