Reverend Insanity
1106 Hei Tribe“s Huge Battle 2/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1106 Hei Tribe“s Huge Battle 2/3

Qing Xuan Zi might only have rank six cultivation level, but he had undergone a heavenly tribulation already. Yet he could not put up any resistance and was killed by Nian Er Ping Zhi instantly.

At once, the expressions of the righteous path Gu Immortals who were not fighting changed.

Qing Xuan Zi's head fell to the floor, separated from his body.

The headless corpse was spewing out blood as it twitched continuously.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Qing Xuan Zi had died with his eyes wide open.

Nian Er Ping Zhi's sword light continued to shoot forward, moving with imposing aura.

"The next one dead is you." Nian Er Ping Zhi said lightly, his clear voice resonated in the sky.

The second unlucky person was also a demonic path Gu Immortal.

But Nian Er Ping Zhi had already revealed himself, such disturbance could not be hidden.

Thus, the demonic path Gu Immortal did better than Qing Xuan Zi, he managed to retreat for a while before Nian Er Ping Zhi caught up to him and killed him in one strike.

The righteous path Gu Immortals' expressions changed again.

A Gu Immortal from Liu tribe, Liu Zhuan Shen, smiled towards the sky: "Nian Er Fu, this person is the newest generation Sword Child from your Nian Er tribe?"


Fog and smoke burst out, there was a voice that came from within.

This was a rank seven Gu Immortal, but from his appearance, he was very young, resembling a fat five or six year old boy.

The fat boy chuckled, he looked around sneakily, answering in a mature tone: "Indeed. This lad obtained the Sword Saint true inheritance, and was kept in the tribe by my first supreme elder for ten years. Therefore, when he came out for the first time now, he is excited to this frenzied degree."

Liu Zhuan Shen and the others' expressions changed mildly, they transmitted to each other.

"Sword Saint Nian Er, we were still discussing it earlier, this person was a rank eight Gu Immortal of Nian Er tribe. He was like Hei Fan in history, leading Nian Er tribe to become among the forefront of the righteous path in Northern Plains."

"Sword Sword Saint Nian Er was a prodigy, he had once cultivated light path, but switched to sword path successfully. After he died, he left behind the Sword Saint true inheritance, it has an extremely difficult and deadly test, it is rare to have actual inheritors for it."

"It is said that this Sword Saint true inheritance is split into three portions. After the first round, and obtaining the first portion of the Sword Saint true inheritance, one will be known as the Sword Child."

"To think that after three hundred years, a new Sword Child true inheritor appeared in Nian Er tribe!"

Wariness rose in the righteous path Gu Immortals.

If this person is allowed to continue developing, in the future, he will definitely be an active person among the Northern Plains righteous path. If he can progress and become rank seven, if he passes the second round and inherits the second portion of the true inheritance, he will become the Swordmaster true inheritor, nobody in the whole of Northern Plains would dare to look down on him.

In fact, the Sword Child with just rank six cultivation was already a force to be reckoned with.

In just a short time, he had once again killed another demonic path Gu Immortal!

Nian Er Ping Zhi roared with enthusiasm, he was extremely confident. He moved quickly, being one with his sword, only sword light could be seen darting around, his body was a blur.

Sword light changed directions, towards the closest demonic path Gu Immortal.

Sword light penetrated the demonic path Gu Immortal's body, but he showed a cold smile: "Junior, just because you killed a few weaklings, you gained the courage to challenge me this brazenly?"

Old Monster Corpse Poison said this as purple smoke rose up from his terrifying injuries.

The purple smoke dissipated, healing his body.

But Nian Er Ping Zhi's sword light shattered, revealing his true appearance.

Nian Er Ping Zhi's appearance could finally be seen, he had sharp brows and clear eyes, he was a handsome young lad.


He suddenly covered his mouth with his hand, but he could not stop the purple poisonous blood from flowing out of his mouth and nose.

"Fight me again!" Nian Er Ping Zhi was heavily injured, but his eyes were burning with flames of enthusiasm.

"Then I will kill you before seeking the treasure here." Old Monster Corpse Poison smiled sinisterly.

"Hehe, youngsters these days, they are truly fearless and ignorant." Nian Er Fu took a glance before retracting his gaze.

Next, his figure disappeared in the air, before appearing beside Qing Xuan Zi's corpse at the next moment.

Nian Er Fu stretched out his fat little arm, waving at Qing Xuan Zi's corpse.

Immediately, Qing Xuan Zi's body and head was held up by a formless force, flying into Nian Er Fu's immortal aperture.

"Youngsters are so energetic, they don't even want their loot. This is a Gu Immortal's corpse, even though his Immortal Gu cannot be obtained, all of his dao marks are still here. Hehehe…" Nian Er Fu shook his head.

Even though he was a rank seven Gu Immortal senior, he was a greedy person, even when Nian Er Ping Zhi and Old Monster Corpse Poison were fighting, engaging in a tough battle, he did not help but instead, he was taking the Gu Immortal corpse that Nian Er Ping Zhi had left behind.

"Die! Die!"

"This is mine, nobody should try to take it from me."

"I, Meng Ji, am here, who dares to fight me?!"

The scene was getting more chaotic, because after Nian Er Ping Zhi attacked, the other righteous path Gu Immortals also started taking action, entering Iron Eagle blessed land. This way, all sorts of conflicts rose up, battles occurred over all sorts of resources.

The cries of eagles could be heard continuously.

A desolate beast peacock raised its head, showing a deep human emotion of desire in its eyes.

This was naturally the Peacock Flying Immortal He Ruo.

"So many iron crown eagles! Hei tribe's Iron Eagle blessed land truly lives up to its name." He Ruo thought: "If I can enslave all of these desolate beasts…"

Iron Eagle blessed land had less space on the ground and much more in the sky. The resources on the ground were much less valuable than the ones in the sky.

Hei tribe's Gu Immortals did not show themselves, but they had mobilized all of their iron crown eagles, sealing the sky.

Large numbers of desolate beast iron crown eagles flew in the sky, anyone who trespassed was assaulted intensely by them!

Because of this, most of the demonic path Gu Immortals chose to take action on the ground, they wanted to first obtain the resources on the ground.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

To He Ruo, the iron crown eagles held immense attraction.

Because in her cultivation plan, her next transformation was the iron crown eagle transformation!

The desolate beast peacock flew in the sky, it was fast, in a moment, He Ruo attracted the attention of several iron crown eagles.

He Ruo was alert internally, she quickly retreated from the iron crown eagles that she lured.

She was alone, she could not fight so many desolate beast iron crown eagles.

She planned to lure one away and fight it alone, slowly capturing it.

"This is affinity wood?" Murong Qing Si landed, looking at the rootless tree growing in the pond, her eyes shone brightly.

"Fairy Murong, you are very perceptive, that is it." A lone cultivator Gu Immortal answered.

He was named Yun Liang, known as Cloud Gentleman, he had arrived before Murong Qing Si, he was concentrating on collecting the affinity wood here.

Murong Qing Si saw that Cloud Gentleman Yun Liang was taking action, she did not obstruct him, she only watched quietly.

She patiently waited until Yun Liang succeeded in keeping all of the affinity wood.

"I am ashamed for making fairy wait." Cloud Gentleman Yun Liang said with a polite and warm attitude.

Murong Qing Si smiled: "To tell the truth, this affinity wood is only a rank six immortal material, but it is very suitable for me. I wonder if we can spar and…"

Cloud Gentleman smiled, before Murong Qing Si finished her words, he said: "Affinity wood is very fragile, the collection process cannot have any interference. Fairy, if not for your patience, how could I have obtained it? We can spar, if you win, I will hand all of the affinity wood to you."

Murong Qing Si shook her head: "No need for everything, I only need half."

"Fairy, please."

"Gentleman, please."

The two fought without using their true strength, a victor was not decided.

Cloud Gentleman Yun Liang gave half of the affinity wood to Murong Qing Si, both of them left with satisfaction.

The vast majority of righteous path Gu Immortals conducted themselves with a lot of self restraint and politeness.

Nian Er tribe's Nian Er Ping Zhi and Nian Er Fu were exceptions among the righteous path.

Even though righteous path was flourishing in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world, suppressing the demonic path and lone immortals, the righteous path Gu Immortals who came just now could not match the numbers of the demonic path and lone immortals.

The reason was: The rest of the Huang Jin tribes had their own territories and resources to defend. Even though the righteous path had many Gu Immortals, they had to guard different places, only these people could be sent out in the end.

In contrast, the demonic path and lone cultivators did not have such problems.

There was another reason, the super forces had huge assets, they had mortal forces under them. They were quite tolerant towards lone demonic immortals and lone immortals. As long as their benefits were not touched, they would not fight it out.

Gu Immortals were not easy to kill, if a grudge was established, they would go and attack their territories, it would be a huge headache even for super forces.

As the saying goes, he who is down need not fear falling.

On the other side, Unfettered Scholar and Pi Shui Han had decided a victor.

Pi Shui Han had a brand new immortal killer move, but he could not compete against Unfettered Scholar's trademark killer move — Thousand Disintegrations.

Pi Shui Han snorted, directly leaving without hesitation.

It was not worth going all out just for some simple resources.

Even though demonic path Gu Immortals were free, they often worked alone, when calamities and tribulations descended, they had to rely on themselves, they were not like righteous path forces with Gu Immortals in their tribes to rely on, and seek help from.

Thus, demonic path Gu Immortals and lone immortals were very wary of their calamities and tribulations, they often calculated the cost of fighting, it was okay to fight over resources, but if the immortal essence expenditure was too high, they would not proceed with a losing deal!

In the sky of Iron Eagle blessed land, the Immortal Gu House Golden Dawn Hall was still floating at the original spot, shining with dazzling golden light.

Gu Immortals of Gong tribe and Bai Zu tribe had not acted, they were talking inside the hall.

Gong tribe's Gong Er was already anxious, but he showed nothing on his expression, mentioning casually: "Everyone is fighting over Iron Eagle blessed land's resources on the ground, there is barely anything left. Is your tribe not going in yet?"

Bai Zu tribe's Gu Immortals looked at each other, shaking their heads and smiling: "The precious resources inside Iron Eagle blessed land are in the sky. Hei tribe's Gu Immortals have not appeared yet, the battle is just in the middle stage now."

Gong Er was amazed and surprised.

Even though this Bai Zu tribe was in the righteous path now, protected by Heavenly Lord Bai Zu, its foundation could not compare to the Huang Jin tribes.

At this moment, Bai Zu tribe's Gu Immortals were acting calm and composed, with no anxiousness or hastiness at all, it was truly confusing.


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