Reverend Insanity
1100 Hei Tribe Takes The Blame
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1100 Hei Tribe Takes The Blame

Fang Yuan thought about it for a long time, he chose to wait.

After the second earthly calamity, he gained a deeper understanding of heaven's will.

"Over at Tai Qiu, it seems peaceful, but heaven's will has likely already made its plot, waiting for me to jump in!"

"Earlier, Lang Ya Sect was developing smoothly in Tai Qiu, it was likely heaven's will's bait."

"Next, the falling star hound appeared, it was heaven's will's probing and pressure. It is attempting to use Lang Ya Sect to force me out."

"This means, I definitely cannot go."

Or maybe Fang Yuan was just over thinking it? Maybe heaven's will was not so omnipotent. Or maybe heaven's will has not started plotting in Tai Qiu yet?

Fang Yuan thought about these, but he eliminated all these wishful thoughts.

He could survive until now because of his vigilance, and the fact that he did not leave things to chance. He always planned for the worst outcome.

Placing no expectations on the love of others, not longing for anyone to be kind to him, not expecting himself to be favored by fate.

Relying entirely on himself!


Fang Yuan settled down, awaiting the opening of treasure yellow heaven.

After considering all aspects, this was the most advantageous and stable choice for him.

Time continued to pass, half a month soon passed, but treasure yellow heaven still had no change.

Sixth Hair was sowing discord everywhere, the hairy man Gu Immortals' attitude towards Fang Yuan was getting worse.

Some were pointing at Fang Yuan in the face, scolding him for being a traitor, even though he joined Lang Ya Sect, he was not contributing it.

"I have a reason for everything I do." Fang Yuan explained plainly, after that, he stayed in his cloud city and rarely moved around.

He also accepted very few requests to guide the hairy man Gu Immortals in fighting.

Because the rewards were simply too little after Lang Ya land spirit's adjustment.

He could not develop his immortal aperture, and it was difficult to become proficient in transformation path methods, Fang Yuan did not waste his time, he used wisdom path methods to make many deductions.

But without the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan felt a strong contrast. His deductions took a long time, it was very different from using the light of wisdom, the difference was like that of heaven and earth.

"Why would I care about the attitude of others?"

"As long as I am in Lang Ya Sect, and do not break any sect rules, would Lang Ya land spirit break his own rules and remove my external supreme elder status? Unlikely."

Fang Yuan continued to wait.

Even though the environment exerted great pressure on him, he was unmoved.

Northern Plains, Myriad Bean Garden, more than ten days later.

This place had fertile soil and good sunny weather, there were fields for farming with lots of irrigation channels that were orderly arranged.

Chu Du came here and looked around, he felt his emotions calming down, he said loudly: "Tian Xia Xin, you are indeed the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal in Northern Plains. The outside world is already in a mess, but you are still here farming and living peacefully, you are truly an unfettered expert."

There were thousands of square kilometers of farmland, with many figures that had their backs lowered and farming.

Most of them were inkmen, they had dark skin and white hair, they were a type of variant human.

One of them was a human, he looked like an old farmer with a hunched back, fifty to sixty years old with wrinkles on his face. His rough hands were grabbing onto two special beanstalks. His pants were rolled up as he stood on mud, he had no demeanor of an immortal, he really looked like an ordinary old man.

But after hearing Chu Du's words, he raised his head, straightening his back. facing the famous Domination Immortal, he had no fear or unease, he smiled lightly: "Chu Du, you are flattering me. How can I be the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal in Northern Plains? There is a mountain taller than another mountain, an expert above another expert, there are so many hidden experts in Northern Plains, even though I inherited Old Immortal Tian Yuan's true inheritance, I could not learn much and had a weak foundation. Back in the day, I competed with Dong Fang Chang Fan and lost to him by miles. There is no way I am number one."

This wisdom path Gu Immortal Tian Xia Xin was originally a mortal, he was not even a Gu Master.

But under a coincidence, he obtained an immense opportunity from an immortal.

Eventually, he inherited the true inheritance of a famous person in history, the wisdom path great expert Old Immortal Tian Yuan, becoming a wisdom path Gu Immortal secretly.

Back then, when Dong Fang Chang Fan tried to develop his clan and lead Dong Fang tribe on a strong rise, he had to infringe on other people's benefits.

Even though Tian Xia Xin obtained a true inheritance and became a Gu Immortal, he had ordinary aptitude, his immortal aperture was ordinary and his calamities and tribulations were not powerful. Because of his personality, he had no grand ambitions. He was originally cultivating peacefully at home, but when Dong Fang tribe expanded, they interrupted his peaceful lifestyle.

Even though Tian Xia Xin was unwilling to, Dong Fang Chang Fan was very overbearing, after losing to Dong Fang Chang Fan, he could only leave Myriad Bean Garden and roam outside.

During this period, he interacted with other Gu Immortals and slowly, the Northern Plains Gu Immortal world learned of his existence.

After Dong Fang Chang Fan died, Dong Fang tribe's base was taken down, countless resources were snatched away.

As a super force, Dong Fang tribe was like the setting sun, fading out of existence rapidly.

Without Dong Fang Chang Fan, Dong Fang tribe collapsed, Tian Xia Xin used this chance to return to his former home, becoming the owner of Myriad Bean Garden.

Even though he had ordinary aptitude, his true inheritance was very impressive, many Northern Plains Gu Immortal promoted him, considering him to be the number one person under Dong Fang Chang Fan.

After Dong Fang Chang Fan died, he naturally went up in status, and was now publicly recognized as the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal in the Northern Plains Gu Immortal world.

But he had no ambitions or desires, he wanted to be ordinary, even as a Gu Immortal, he did not want to give up on his original life, he went to the fields to farm daily.

Of course, Myriad Bean Garden was huge, most of the labor was done by inkmen.

Tian Xia Xin raised inkman slaves, he was quite famous in the Northern Plains Gu Immortal world for this.

Chu Du smiled, walking towards Tian Xia Xin: "Brother Tian is too humble, if I had brother Tian's wisdom path attainment, I would call myself number one already, in the whole of Northern Plains, I would like to see who can compete against me?"

Tian Xia Xin squinted his eyes, he laughed heartily: "Brother Chu, you carry yourself like a dragon or tiger, you are a domineering person among immortals, you have grand ambitions, I cannot compare to you. Well? Do you also want to reap some benefits from Hei tribe?" You came here today to ask me to make deductions for you?"

Chu Du nodded, but shook his head a moment later: "Hei tribe is about to be destroyed, like the former Dong Fang tribe. Right now, almost all forces in Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world are attacking and plotting against Hei tribe. However, I do not want to interfere in this. I came here with an even more important matter to ask Brother Tian to deduce."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Tian Xia Xin showed a look of admiration on his face: "Impressive! As expected of Domination Immortal Chu Du, you are unfazed by the trends of the world and stick to your own goals. What do you want me to deduce?"

"I want you to make deductions about a person. This is the clue." Chu Du said, handing an Immortal Gu to Tian Xia Xin.

This Immortal Gu looked like a silver winged dragonfly, its wings were flickering with silver light, Tian Xia Xin felt a cold chill looking at it.

"A rank seven sword path Immortal Gu." He was slightly taken aback, suddenly, his body shook with a mystical aura, he answered himself: "Flying sword Immortal Gu, Bo Qing once used it."

"As expected of Tian Xia Xin, that is the case." Chu Du praised, stating his intent.

He wanted to obtain the immortal tribulation tempering aperture method from Fang Yuan, to lure out infusions of Reckless Savage's true meaning, assisting him in cultivation.

Compared to the immortal tribulation tempering aperture method, his method of nurturing strength path Gu Masters to become Gu Immortals was too slow and inefficient.

Even though he had Fang Yuan's flying sword Immortal Gu, he could not match him in speed, he could only negotiate with him.

But after that, Fang Yuan left, even though he gave Chu Du a contact method, Chu Du received few replies from him. Even when Fang Yuan replied, he was just giving half-hearted replies.

Chu Du was getting more anxious.

Especially in the last few months, when treasure yellow heaven closed, Chu Du lost all ways to contact Fang Yuan.

Chu Du was also anticipating the opening of treasure yellow heaven, but when he thought about it, even if treasure yellow heaven opened, Fang Yuan might still ignore him.

It was quite unbelievable, what sort of person was Chu Du, he actually had to wait for a Gu Immortal to reply to him.

But the immortal tribulation tempering aperture method was very important, it was a way for Chu Du to cultivate.

Chu Du ignored even the events in Hei tribe, he went to Tian Xia Xin to use his methods to deduce Fang Yuan's location.

"Since you are ignoring me, I will find you myself!" Chu Du was thinking like this.

This was the demeanor of the Domination Immortal!

Tian Xia Xin continued deducing, a moment later, he said: "Good! This Immortal Gu still belongs to the target, you did not forcefully refine it. This way, I have a fifty percent chance of deducing the other party."

Chu Du frowned: "Only fifty percent?"

"If he is hiding inside an immortal aperture, I definitely cannot deduce anything. Fifty percent is very high already." Tian Xia Xin said.

Chu Du nodded helplessly: "Then I will trouble Brother Tian."

"Let's go to another location. I need three days."

Lang Ya blessed land.

Fang Yuan returned to his cloud city.

Earlier, he was summoned by Lang Ya land spirit, he was not asking him to deal with the falling star hound, instead, something huge was happening in Northern Plains!

"Hei tribe…" Fang Yuan muttered, his gaze flickering.

Hei tribe was facing a destructive crisis, they were in dire straits. Speaking of which, Fang Yuan was among the main culprits for it.

Looking at the situation.

Fang Yuan caused the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, he destroyed Imperial Court blessed land and caused Northern Plains' righteous path to be furious, they were trying to find him.

But at that time, with Shadow Sect helping him, along with Fang Yuan's own efforts, they could not find him.

Next, Hei Cheng joined Shadow Sect, Shadow Sect and Feng Jiu Ge's group fought in the hundred days battle in Luo Po Valley.

Hei Cheng left behind the Immortal Gu House Dark Prison and escaped, being captured by Fang Yuan.

Next, Blazing Heaven Demoness dealt with Old Ancestor Xue Hu, they came to an agreement, Blazing Heaven Demoness forced Hei tribe's top four supreme elders, who were using Green City Rampage, to retreat, and Old Ancestor Xue Hu used the chance to steal immortal materials from Hei tribe's headquarters, earning a huge fortune.

Finally, in the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Shadow Sect was destroyed, nobody could protect Fang Yuan from deductions anymore, his secret was exposed by Heavenly Court to the entire world, the truth of Imperial Court blessed land was revealed.

Northern Plains' Gu Immortals wanted to get rid of Fang Yuan, but they could not find his location. Firstly, wisdom path Gu Immortals were very rare, and secondly, Fang Yuan had been hiding inside Lang Ya blessed land the entire time! Finally, this fellow also had quite a high attainment in wisdom path himself!

Northern Plains' Gu Immortals could not find Hei Lou Lan or Tai Bai Yun Sheng. Fang Yuan was the main culprit, they were the accomplices! Right now, they were with Ying Wu Xie. Central Continent's Heavenly Court struck but could not capture them.

Northern Plains' Gu Immortals were furious!

Especially the righteous path Gu Immortals, and those super forces who dominated territories, the Huang Jin tribes.

Their lives was originally great, using the arrangement of their ancestor Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, they could bully those demonic path or lone immortals, playing the game of the Imperial Court contest every ten years, heh, it was quite exciting! In all, the righteous path flourished, and the Huang Jin tribes dominated Northern Plains, the situation could not be shaken.

But Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building collapsed, this beautiful setup broke apart utterly.

They could not find the culprit or the accomplices, so they went to Hei tribe!

Hei Lou Lan was a member of Hei tribe after all!

Who else but Hei tribe could take the blame now?


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