Reverend Insanity
1098 Success In Danger
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1098 Success In Danger

Ding ding ding!

A wind flower hit Fang Yuan's back.

Fang Yuan's defenses were like paper, torn to shreds immediately.

His robe on his back was cut apart, blood spewed as his flesh was dug out.

"I'm getting unlucky!" Fang Yuan's heart sank.

There were dozens of strength path phantoms around him, but there was only one wind flower attacking them. To think that he was the one who got hit.

As time passed, Dog Shit Luck's protection would get weaker, the chances of him being found out by heaven's will increased.

And worse, there was also dark limit Immortal Gu to take into account.

Dark limit Immortal Gu was activated, protecting Fang Yuan and concealing his aura, but it was weakening too.

Once this protection vanishes, it would be more severe than losing Dog Shit Luck's protection.

Time passed, seconds passed like years to Fang Yuan, he was holding on desperately.

He had already endured countless attacks from the snow moons and wind flowers.

Dog Shit Luck and Dark Limit's protection weakened progressively, but familiar face, formed using attitude Gu and change form Gu, was a reliable method that Fang Yuan was holding on to. There was also myriad self, at this moment, its attack power was useless, he could only use it as a distraction.

Heaven's will was not stupid, it could think.

After understanding Fang Yuan's tactic, after he used myriad self each time, it could find him in a shorter time than the previous attempt.

Fang Yuan's injuries were getting more severe, he had no choice but to use Man as Before.

But this way, his immortal essence expenditure rapidly increased. He did not have much to begin with, now, it was depleting.

Heaven's will had the high ground controlling the earthly calamity, it was not going to lose out in this situation.

While Fang Yuan was like an ant, desperately struggling to survive in this dangerous situation.

The number of snow moons continued to increase, Fang Yuan was slowly unable to keep up.

The situation was dire, Fang Yuan saw almost no hope.

But he did not give up, he continued to grit his teeth and persevere.

The winds were wild, seemingly mocking him for overestimating himself.

The snow moons hung in the sky, the cold light seemed to be looking down at Fang Yuan, seeing this ant struggle desperately in futility.

Fang Yuan was bathed in blood, his white robe had turned into a blood-red color, his blood and sweat had frozen because of the cold light.

He was in a pathetic state, some of his black hair that fluttered with the wind had snapped, the length was now uneven, he looked like a combination of a beggar and a lunatic.

His face was icy cold, he did not laugh nor shout.

He was like a firm piece of ice, even if heaven and earth were burying him, he did not say a word, he endured silently in this desperate situation.

The wind slowly became weaker.

The power of the wind flower tribulation was fading.

This was its limit.

An earthly calamity's power had limits. Even if heaven's will amplified it to the greatest extent and personally manipulated it.

Fang Yuan was not killed by the wind flowers, soon, the number of wind flowers decreased, there was no longer any wind.

Fang Yuan smiled, he activated his immortal essence, targeting the snow moons!

Even though the wind flowers were gone, and the snow moons had stopped forming, there were still some wind flowers left behind, and many snow moons in the sky.

A tough battle!

Fang Yuan had no strength to grit his teeth, he felt extremely weak.

Myriad self.

Strength path giant hand.

Triple layered sword wave.

Familiar face.

He was not in a good condition, some of his immortal killer moves failed upon activation. Each time he failed, he faced a backlash and spat out blood from his mouth.

The earthly calamity was at its limits, so was Fang Yuan.

There was no reason to run now. Not only could the wind flowers stop him, the snow moons could fly slowly, the range of the cold light was too large.

The earthly calamity was not over yet, heaven and earth qi was not balanced yet, it was impossible to retrieve his immortal aperture.

Undeniably, heaven's will had planned this for some time, creating the most suitable tribulation to kill Fang Yuan. In the last earthly calamity, Reckless Savage true meaning was a part of the earthly calamity's strength. But this time, even though heaven's will could not stop it, it influenced Reckless Savage true meaning and turned it into the snow moon tribulation, increasing the difficulty of the entire earthly calamity!

In this current situation, it depended on who could outlast the other.

An hour later, Fang Yuan collapsed on Dang Hun Mountain.

His immortal essence was depleted.

He could no longer sustain familiar face, his mental energy was drained.

Fang Yuan exerted his effort and strength, destroying a large number of snow moons, but there was still one final moon in the sky!

Using Dang Hun Mountain's protection, Fang Yuan resisted the force of the cold light.

He was covered in injuries, frost had formed on the surface of many of his injuries.

Fang Yuan had no strength left, snow and frost accumulated on his body, turning him into a piece of ice.

The final trace of wind was blowing on top of the ice, carrying heaven's will, wanting to take Fang Yuan's life away.

He had no immortal essence left to use even one immortal killer move, but Fang Yuan showed the faint smile of a victor on his face.

"I finally survived this calamity."

At the next moment, a desolate beast spinefin star dragonfish appeared, it swung its tail and destroyed the final snow moon!

Beast enslavement Immortal Gu!

A few minutes later, heaven and earth qi settled down, Fang Yuan quickly used his methods to leave Northern Plains.

After he left, a while later, two figures emerged from below the ice.

"It's here." One of the figures inspected the place, saying this after it confirmed the surroundings.

The other figure sniffed around with its nose, confirming as well: "We did not sense wrongly, someone was undergoing tribulation here earlier, there is still some heaven and earth qi remaining, it has not completely dissipated yet."

The two figures were indistinct, they were purposely concealing their figures.

However, to be able to know about tribulations and to inspect them so clearly, they were surely Gu Immortals.

"Sigh! The northern icy plain was created by Reckless Savage Demon Venerable in the past singlehandedly. This is an icy plain without any land. The heaven and earth qi here is less abundant than in other places. If many Gu Immortals undergo tribulation here, more heaven and earth qi would be consumed. At some point, the glaciers will shatter, the entire place would become unstable." One of the two mysterious Gu Immortals sighed as they spoke with much worry.

"The northern icy plain is the final paradise left for us snowmen. We live under the icy plain and do not conflict with the rest of the world. To think that the humans are not satisfied, they even want to take away this final sanctuary of ours!" The other mysterious figure was younger and said with much anger.

It turned out that these two Gu Immortals were not simple, they were snowman Gu Immortals of the variant humans.

The young snowman Gu Immortal continued: "First supreme elder is too behind the times! In my opinion, we should have gotten rid of that Chu Du. Look, not only is Chu Du coming to undergo tribulations, others are coming too. Soon, more and more Gu Immortals will come and destroy our sanctuary."

The older snowman Gu Immortal sighed: "Sigh! I understand why first supreme elder agreed. They are worried that a battle with Chu Du would expose our location to the world. Right now, humans are the overlords of the world, their status is firm as a mountain, unshakable. If we are exposed, all the Gu Immortals in Northern Plains would come after us."

"Do we let this continue? Let more and more Gu Immortals undergo tribulations on top of us? With our strength, if we fight in this icy plain, as long as we plan well, it is not hard to kill some human Gu Immortals. Of course, I admit that Chu Du is very strong. We can play it safe and avoid him, but other Gu Immortals are not hard to kill. If they all die, who will know we are the culprits? Heh! Humans are a chaotic bunch internally, the righteous path and demonic path have never stopped their conflicts." The young Gu Immortal said.

"Sigh, you make sense too. Let's report this matter to the tribe and see what the other supreme elders have to say."

The two snowman Gu Immortals discussed as their vague figures vanished.

Even though Fang Yuan was covered in wounds, he moved unceasingly, rushing back to Lang Ya blessed land.

"Heaven's will wants to exterminate me, the best chance is during my tribulations. Not only can it increase the might of the calamities and tribulations to their limits, it can manipulate them personally. And worse, it can influence other people and create a human tribulation to kill me!"

Fang Yuan remembered this detail clearly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This was precious information that he had obtained from transactions with Sixth Hair.

In the battle of Yi Tian Mountain months ago, he was also part of the crucial human tribulation that heaven's will used to deal with Spectral Soul.

Because he had experienced it personally, Fang Yuan was very much on alert regarding these 'human tribulations'.

Look at who Spectral Soul was, and he had Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance to assist him for a hundred thousand years, he still lost to heaven's will in the end.

Compared to them, what was Fang Yuan?

Thus, Fang Yuan disregarded his severe injuries, he immediately left. He was fast, not giving heaven's will any time to plan.

There were no unexpected mishaps along the way, Fang Yuan successfully returned to Lang Ya blessed land.

After he got to Lang Ya blessed land, he let out a sigh, knowing that he was safe for now.

Next, Fang Yuan hid inside his cloud city and healed his injuries, while returning all the Immortal Gu he borrowed.

A few days later, Fang Yuan's injuries healed, he was in prime condition again, he started restoring Dang Hun Mountain which was in his immortal aperture.

Speaking of which, this mountain was a huge help when he was undergoing tribulation.

Dang Hun Mountain was in a terrible condition, it was a huge mountain earlier, but after getting attacked by countless wind flowers, there was only a tiny mound left.

Landscape as Before!

Using this Immortal Gu, Dang Hun Mountain regained its former size.

Only when Dang Hun Mountain was in this state could it produce guts Gu at the highest efficiency.

Fang Yuan did not dare to be careless, he quickly took out Dang Hun Mountain and handed it over to Lang Ya blessed land.

However, even though he could mass produce guts Gu, the place to sell them, treasure yellow heaven, was still closed. Right now, Lang Ya Sect's inventory had a huge amount of guts Gu that could not be sold. Fang Yuan was anxious.

"Two months later, the third earthly calamity will arrive. It will be stronger than now. If I do not obtain a breakthrough in any aspect during this period of time and gain more strength, I will likely die."

"But gaining strength does not come out of nowhere, I need all sorts of cultivation resources. Treasure yellow heaven… when is it going to open?"


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