Reverend Insanity
1094 In This World, What Is Most Important Is Myself
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1094 In This World, What Is Most Important Is Myself

Fang Yuan flew in the sky.

Before leaving, he looked back at the cloud city behind him.

He showed a bitter expression, he sighed deeply before flying away.

Last time, he accepted Lang Ya land spirit's mission to explore Tai Qiu, the land spirit was happy and the meeting ended well. But now, Fang Yuan rejected him, he did not accept the mission to take down the falling star hound, the meeting ended poorly.

In cloud city, Lang Ya land spirit sat gritting his teeth.

He held in his anger, he was holding the cup, but before he drank the tea, he smashed it towards the ground.

"Fang Yuan, this fellow!" Lang Ya land spirit clenched his fists, grinding his teeth, feeling very unhappy.

However, he could see Fang Yuan's expression before leaving, the anger in him subsided a little.

"Fang Yuan, oh Fang Yuan, you might be really busy, cultivating so intensely and having your own plans. But this matter affects the development of Lang Ya Sect, you are a member of the sect. At the crucial moment, how can you not sacrifice yourself and defend the interest of the sect? You are an outsider after all! You are not a hairy man Gu Immortal!"

Lang Ya land spirit thought of this and squinted, there was a cold glint in his eyes.

In his position, Lang Ya land spirit could not force Fang Yuan to accept the mission if he did not want to.

He created Lang Ya Sect, all of the members were under an alliance agreement. But there were no rules that would allow him to force members to do missions that they were unwilling to do. Of course, when Lang Ya Sect was in a life and death crisis, there were rules that would be enforced.

But currently, Lang Ya Sect was developing Tai Qiu, it had nothing to do with fatal danger. If Fang Yuan was unwilling, there was nothing Lang Ya land spirit could do.

Lang Ya land spirit could not sit, he stood up and paced around the room.

His arms were behind his back, he lowered his head and pondered, he felt troubled and frustrated, his frown was growing deeper: "Fang Yuan is unwilling to do it, what can I do about the falling star hound?"

Thinking about it hard, there were no good solutions.

Lang Ya land spirit himself could not leave Lang Ya blessed land.

There was another way, that was the ancient battle formation Heavenly Giant Solor.

But Lang Ya land spirit was in control of the most crucial Immortal Gu that constituted the formation, now that Refinement Cauldron, an Immortal Gu House, was incomplete, this was one of the strongest remaining methods to protect Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya land spirit did not want to lend Heavenly Giant Solor over this situation, what if an unexpected mishap happened?

Lang Ya land spirit had a clear view of the circumstances.

"Sigh! Do I really need to do what Fang Yuan suggested? I might as well use this falling star hound as a grindstone and develop the fighting abilities of these hairy man Gu Immortals?" Lang Ya land spirit sighed.

Fang Yuan flew in the air, his clothing fluttered in the wind.

Raging winds brushed past his face, the sound of the wind was clear and loud.

He was cold and impassive on the inside.

His bitter smile and sigh earlier were just an act.

Fang Yuan knew: Inside Lang Ya blessed land, Lang Ya land spirit knew almost everything, he had a huge investigative range. Otherwise, he would not be able to collect so many lifespan Gu.

Because Lang Ya blessed land had existed since long ago, it had a deep foundation, and an uncountable number of dao marks. This allowed Lang Ya land spirit's abilities to be very developed in this blessed land, other land spirits could not compare to him.

"My current plan is to rely on Lang Ya Sect to cultivate. I am the chess player, and Lang Ya Sect are my chess pieces. If I accept that mission, wouldn't I become the pawn myself, risking my life for Lang Ya Sect?"

"Hmph! Heaven's will has its attention on Tai Qiu, it is very dangerous there. I suspect that heaven's will has already set a trap, but because it has not found me, and because of the immemorial corpse, it is biding its time…"

Fang Yuan was vigilant, in this situation, he was not going to go to Tai Qiu.

He wanted to cultivate transformation path, he had to refine transformation path Immortal Gu, and kill desolate beasts to get immortal materials. But he did not need to do these himself.

Lang Ya Sect was trying to develop in Tai Qiu, it would do all these. Fang Yuan only needed to use his sect contribution points and stay behind to cultivate.

Not mentioning the danger and the possibility of a trap from heaven's will. Even if there were no such thing, Fang Yuan was not going to delay his own cultivation speed!

In this world, what is most important is myself.

Fang Yuan had a firm attitude.

He was mentally prepared for this unpleasant meeting already.

"I will definitely not waste my time for Lang Ya Sect, but I need to handle my relationship with Lang Ya land spirit well."

"If such arguments happen often, my relationship with Lang Ya land spirit will worsen. At some point, Lang Ya land spirit might be unable to control himself, he might chase me out of the sect or even kill me."

"For the current period of time, I still need Lang Ya Sect's power. At least, during this second earthly calamity, I need to borrow those water path Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan calmly analyzed his situation.

He had once been in conflict with the previous Lang Ya land spirit and their relationship became icy cold. That was a mistake, Fang Yuan alerted himself not to make the same mistake again.

"Sometimes, if the situation permits, I can and have to try and help out."

"I am purely making use of Lang Ya Sect to bring convenience for my cultivation."

"Only my own strength and cultivation level are dependable."

Heaven's will could affect many things, but the extent of its influence was limited. Heaven's will was not a fake will, capable of directly colliding with the thoughts in one's mind to distort the results of their thinking.

Heaven's will could not compare to fake will in that regard.

After hearing about heaven's will from Shadow Sect, Fang Yuan learned that heaven's will was, in essence, simply a type of will.

Heaven's will could, at most, make very subtle influences.

Thus, heaven's will used Fang Yuan as the tool to deal with Shadow Sect and Spectral Soul, it had not exposed itself, it created a huge scheme and progressed slowly, only towards the end did it bare its fangs.

But at the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan, based on his nature as half an otherworldly demon, broke free of heaven's will's planning and resulted in the current outcome.

Thus, to deal with heaven's will, the best method was to raise one's cultivation level and strength themselves.

For example, when Qi Zai chased after Fang Yuan, it was because Fang Yuan was a rank six Gu Immortal, he was weaker. If Fang Yuan was rank eight, Qi Zai would not foolishly pursue him.

Similarly, against the cloud beasts, if Fang Yuan had the strength, he could kill them easily. It was because he was weak that he had to escape and run away.

"Thus, even if earthly calamities and heavenly tribulations are the best timing for heaven's will to get rid of me, I must face them without any fear! Every time I pass the calamities and tribulations, I would be one step closer to breaking free from heaven's will's restrictions, I will grow stronger and stronger, until I can face it head on. When I become a Demon Venerable, when I am invincible in this world, what can heaven's will do to me?"

Fang Yuan was aware of this, he was prepared for it.

Returning to his cloud city, he was informed that a hairy man envoy had visited him.

Fang Yuan met with this hairy man envoy.

He was a rank five peak stage Gu Master.

"Lord, this is something my city lord had ordered me to bring to you." The hairy man Gu Master said respectfully.

Saying this, he held up a wooden box with both hands.

Fang Yuan received it but did not open the box, he took a look at this hairy man envoy.

With just one glance, the hairy man Gu Master felt his heart turning cold, it was as if his entire body was naked, all of his hair was shaved away, all of his secrets were exposed.

"From today onwards, you will stay here, I will guide you in the cultivation of enslavement path." Fang Yuan said slowly.

"Thank you, lord immortal, for your guidance!" The hairy man Gu Master quickly knelt on the floor, his body was trembling.

"You can go now." Fang Yuan had no interest in this rank five peak stage Gu Master.

After sending him away, Fang Yuan went to his room and cultivated.

He opened the wooden box, there was an Immortal Gu inside, it was the rank six beast enslavement Immortal Gu!

As it turned out, a few days ago, Fang Yuan felt that the relationship was close enough and the time was ripe, he made a suggestion to Twelfth Hair, wanting to borrow his beast enslavement Immortal Gu, he was willing to pay for it using sect contribution points.

Even though Twelfth Hair agreed, he did not accept the sect contribution points. He had another request.

Not long ago, he had taken in a bloodline descendant from the continents below. Twelfth Hair had an intimate relationship with the grandmother of this descendant, and because he had good aptitude, Twelfth Hair wanted to nurture him. Because this descendant cultivated enslavement path, Twelfth Hair wanted Fang Yuan to guide him.

Fang Yuan had no reason to reject it.

In fact, this was better for him.

After all, he had been using a lot of sect contribution points recently, cutting costs was good for him.

Inside the immortal aperture, the snow and ice had stopped increasing in area.

This meant, the earthly calamity's ice and snow path dao marks had fully displayed their influence, they had finished modifying the immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan controlled the immortal zombie and carefully got close to a desolate beast snow monster.

Inside the immortal aperture, because time flowed differently, since his last slaughter, a long time had passed already. The snow monsters had relaxed, thus, Fang Yuan could find a lone snow monster roaming outside.

Beast enslavement Immortal Gu!

At Fang Yuan's will, he injected green grape immortal essence into this Immortal Gu.

The desolate beast snow monster's body shook, it was as if it had been hit by an invisible force.

But soon, it growled, it discovered the hidden strength path immortal zombie and attacked it.

"Failure, huh… retreat!"

Fang Yuan immediately left.

Normally speaking, with his current soul foundation, it was nearly certain that he could suppress this desolate beast snow monster. But the reality was different.

"As Shadow Sect had said, these lifeforms filled with heaven's will cannot be controlled or enslaved by me. Keeping them is a major threat!"

Fang Yuan sighed.

Even though he knew this from Shadow Sect's information, he was not going to be certain until he tested it for himself.

"If I could enslave them, I could control the desolate beast snow monsters to resist other tribulations, or sell them in treasure yellow heaven, those are good options. But now, I can only kill them."

"Wait! Maybe I can use self will Gu to get rid of the heaven's will before using beast enslavement Immortal Gu?" Fang Yuan had an idea.


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