Reverend Insanity
1093 Rejection
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1093 Rejection

Lang Ya blessed land, Cloud Cover Continent.

In the first cloud city, Lang Ya land spirit was attending to Fang Yuan.

"Here, Fang Yuan, have some tea. This is the famous fire rainbow tea!" Lang Ya land spirit said with a warm expression.

Fang Yuan received the cup, he saw that this cup of tea was glowing with a red light. Looking closely, there seemed to be a rainbow inside, swimming around like a fish, moving up and down in a jolly manner.

Fang Yuan had five hundred years of experience, he had a trove of knowledge.

Ordinary tea needed to be drunken slowly and appreciated. But this tea was different, one had to gulp it in one mouthful. Most importantly, it was the rainbow inside the tea, after drinking it, one could taste the true fire rainbow tea.

Fang Yuan held the cup as he looked at the tea, he did not drink it.

His current body was very outstanding, at once, countless thoughts churned in his mind, he was pondering deeply into an idea.

The current Lang Ya land spirit liked drinking fire rainbow tea. The previous Lang Ya land spirit drank cloud smoke tea instead.

The two types of tea showed the difference in the personalities of both Lang Ya land spirits.

The main ingredient of the cloud smoke tea was float ball tea grass.

This was planted in Tai Bai Yun Sheng's blessed land, as his main resource. This float ball tea grass floated in the sky, it was not ordinary.

Float ball tea grass was quite high-end, because it grew in the sky, mortals could not pick it.

But in Northern Plains, there was a type of tea flower that grew from the ground and was deeply liked. It was the milk tea flower.

This type of flower grew in the plains of Northern Plains, there were a huge number of them. In some places with lots of aquatic plants, they could be seen everywhere in large numbers. The flower of the milk tea flower was in the shape of a cup, every few days, nectar would fill to the brim of the cup.

The nectar was sweet and delicious, it attracted countless bees and butterflies, it used them to spread the pollen of the milk tea flower.

Of course, people could drink it too.

Almost all Gu Masters living in Northern Plains, or even mortals, had tasted this natural beverage.

Actually, tea and alcohol were very popular drinks in Northern Plains, as well as the other four regions.

In Southern Border, there were blue sea cloud tea bricks for sale. This tea brick was not produced in Southern Border, but Eastern Sea instead. Yi clan, one of the super forces of Southern Border, had a close relationship with Eastern Sea. Every year, they imported a huge number of blue sea cloud tea bricks and sold them for great profits.

In Central Continent, there were even more types of tea. Like Spirit Affinity House's qingpu tea, Myriad Dragon Dock's dragon shadow tea, they were very famous.

Some tea were specialties of Gu Immortals, only that specific Gu Immortal could make it.

For example, Fairy Li Shan's snow oil tea, or Feng Jiu Ge's jade sea tide tea.

Lang Ya land spirit saw that Fang Yuan was not drinking it, he coughed and urged: "Elder Fang Yuan, quickly drink it! You might not know, but this is the best way to drink this fire rainbow tea."

Fang Yuan waved his hand: "I have heard about fire rainbow tea long ago, but when I held this cup of tea, I suddenly thought of many things and was lost in my thoughts."

Lang Ya land spirit: "Then what was Elder Fang Yuan thinking of? Is there an issue with Lang Ya Sect developing in Tai Qiu?"

"No, not this." Fang Yuan smiled, he freely picked out something in his mind and used it as an excuse.

Lang Ya land spirit showed a look of disappointment, he replied: "You are the owner of Spring Autumn Cicada, you came from the future and are very knowledgeable, you have experienced many things, and know a lot about tea. But do you know? Be it tea or wine, they have both been spread far and wide due to food path."

"Oh? Is that so?" Fang Yuan was deeply interested.

Or more accurately speaking, he was interested in food path.

He was managing his immortal aperture now, the main goal was to have multiple resources that could satisfy the feeding requirements of his Immortal Gu.

But if he had methods of food path, it would be easier for him to feed his Immortal Gu.

Unfortunately, food path was very mysterious, there was only a short period in history when it flourished. Afterwards, it spread much less, it was rarer than wisdom path inheritances. It was on the brink of extinction.

Regarding food path, Fang Yuan had learned some secrets during the battle of Yi Tian Mountain through Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's memories.

The creator of food path was not a human Gu Immortal, but a beastman Gu Immortal. This was likely the reason why food path was in its current state.

But to Fang Yuan, it did not matter who made this path, as long as it has use to him. Most human Gu Immortals had a sense of racial pride and superiority, but Fang Yuan did not.

If being a hairy man could help him reach the goal of eternal life, he would discard his human identity immediately without hesitation and become a hairy man.

After realizing that Lang Ya land spirit had some understanding towards food path, Fang Yuan continued to ask.

Lang Ya land spirit revealed: "The creation of any type of tea or wine is actually an incomplete Gu recipe."

"If it is completed, a unique tea Gu or wine Gu would be refined. There are already many types of wine Gu or tea Gu, like the famous liquor worm and big smoke tea Gu."

Liquor worm was a familiar one, Fang Yuan had used it after rebirth to grow rapidly.

Big smoke tea Gu was a type of Gu worm that could make a Gu Master addicted and become decadent. It was heavily suppressed by the people in power, it was a type of drug in this world.

"It is a pity that food path is facing extinction before it even became widespread."

"Right now, when many Gu Immortals want to test their refinement path attainment, they do not need to join the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, they can compete by making a cup of tea each, tasting and determining who is superior."

Lang Ya land spirit's answer disappointed Fang Yuan slightly.

The land spirit did not know much, the contents were mostly about refinement path.

"Spectral Soul's main body definitely knows a lot of food path methods. After all, he had inherited a food path true inheritance in his life. Unfortunately, he is trapped in the giant dream realm now, and is being weakened continuously. It is too hard for me to get anything from him…" This thought flashed across Fang Yuan's mind.

Lang Ya land spirit and Fang Yuan spoke for a while, he saw that Fang Yuan could not stop talking about tea, he got anxious and said openly: "Fang Yuan, I will speak frankly. I invited you for tea because I have a mission for you!"

"Here it comes." Fang Yuan thought, he looked at the land spirit: "Please speak."

The land spirit was straightforward, Fang Yuan had guessed his intentions long ago.

As expected, Lang Ya land spirit said at the next moment: "You know about my plan to develop in Tai Qiu. You suggested it yourself, after all. There is also the transportation Gu formation, you placed it yourself."

"Because of your actions, recently, our Gu Immortals could enter Tai Qiu smoothly and modify the environment to expand our base. But now, we have a problem."

Fang Yuan nodded: "First supreme elder is talking about the falling star hound?"

"That's right. This damned ancient desolate beast injured several Gu Immortals of our sect. I have already placed a mission to exterminate it, but everyone who took the mission returned in failure. I know that the only person who can beat this falling star hound is you, Fang Yuan. But why did you not take that mission?" Lang Ya land spirit asked directly.

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly: "I am very busy recently."

He had his difficulties to deal with.

More than a month had passed since the last earthly calamity.

The next earthly calamity was coming.

Fang Yuan was preparing for this earthly calamity now.

But Fang Yuan was not going to tell Lang Ya land spirit about the earthly calamity. In fact, he was keeping the sovereign immortal aperture as a secret from Lang Ya land spirit.

As long as he did not cause harm to Lang Ya blessed land, it was not going against the alliance agreement of Lang Ya Sect.

This secret was Fang Yuan's trump card, he was going to keep it hidden. Of course, Shadow Sect knew all about it.

But Fang Yuan knew that Shadow Sect's plan was to take back sovereign immortal fetus Gu. In this case, they were not going to expose the existence of the sovereign immortal aperture — because that was just causing more problems for themselves in the future, right?

From Lang Ya land spirit's perspective, it was very fortunate that Fang Yuan could revive and become a living person. As for the revival method, Fang Yuan had lots of excuses and explanations. He knew many ways for immortal zombies to revive after all!

Fang Yuan's difficulties could not be said.

Lang Ya land spirit nodded: "You are very busy indeed."

He was a land spirit, he knew everything happening inside Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya land spirit said: "You cultivate really hard, but completing the mission also helps you in your cultivation. Don't forget about dog shit luck Immortal Gu. To feed it, you need to find six types of desolate hounds and use their faeces to feed this luck path Gu worm."

"In the past, when my previous self fed Dog Shit Luck, he made use of treasure yellow heaven, purchasing from there. But now, treasure yellow heaven is closed, even after it reopens, I would suggest you rear some desolate hounds in your immortal aperture. You also know the benefit of doing this."

"Lord's words are truly enlightening!" Fang Yuan immediately nodded.

Dog Shit Luck was very important to him.

Against heaven's will, luck path could be used.

Fate and luck.

Fate was predetermined, it could not be changed.

But luck was ever-changing, it could be made of use.

This precious information was obtained from the transactions between Fang Yuan and Shadow Sect.

Fang Yuan's exploration was known by heaven's will, it caused a beast tide and tried to eliminate him. But at the crucial moment, Fang Yuan found an immemorial desolate corpse and used it to set up the formation.

Thinking about it, Fang Yuan felt that this was not a coincidence, it was likely thanks to Dog Shit Luck.

This Immortal Gu had no use towards offense or defense, but its passive help was huge.

"Giant Sun Immortal Venerable… self luck, all living being's luck, heaven and earth luck… Dog Shit Luck is among the key parts of the self luck true inheritance, I am in possession of it. All living being's luck was hidden in Imperial Court blessed land, Connect Luck, Calamity Beckoning, and Fortune Rivalling Heaven were from there. What a pity!"

Fang Yuan had a scary guess recently.

Imperial Court blessed land was destroyed because of him. Back then, he was influenced by Mo Yao's fake will, but was he unaffected by heaven's will? Did heaven's will use him as a tool to destroy Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's all living being's luck true inheritance?

From heaven's will's perspective, it had to take away surpluses while replenishing deficits.

Fate was the best method that heaven's will had.

After fate Gu was broken by Red Lotus Demon Venerable, the power of luck path burst out, creating Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Lang Ya land spirit sat up, muttering: "Elder Fang Yuan, if you can take this mission and complete it, regardless of whether you capture or kill the falling star hound, you will receive eight hundred sect contribution points!"

"Eight hundred…" Fang Yuan's eyes flashed.

But next, he thought about it and answered: "I'll have to say no."


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