Reverend Insanity
1090 Ancient Battle Formation Omni-directional Travel
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1090 Ancient Battle Formation Omni-directional Travel

The matter in Tai Qiu ended in success with Fang Yuan setting up the Gu formation.

Lang Ya land spirit did not shortchange him, he gave him the promised reward, a total of six hundred sect contribution points.

Using these points, Fang Yuan could exchange for many things, what attracted him the most were the transformation path Immortal Gu recipes inside Lang Ya Sect's treasury.

Lang Ya Sect has three true inheritances, they came from three legendary people, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable and Long Hair Ancestor. There were no transformation path true inheritances, but Lang Ya Sect had a huge array of Immortal Gu recipes, among them were many transformation path Immortal Gu recipes.

But Fang Yuan was not in a rush to exchange for them using sect contribution points.

He saved these sect contribution points for now.

Now was not the time to exchange them for transformation path Immortal Gu recipes, or the time to refine transformation path Immortal Gu.

It was not a good moment.

After transacting with Shadow Sect, and after the trip to Tai Qiu, Fang Yuan became deeply aware of his situation!

Even though he succeeded in setting up the transportation Gu formation, and could travel between Lang Ya blessed land and Tai Qiu quickly, Fang Yuan did not want to enter Tai Qiu again.

If he went again, it would be too dangerous.

"Dark limit Immortal Gu's power has faded, it can only be used after some time, it is not safe anymore. Heaven's will can think, I caught it off guard last time, but because setting up the Gu formation could not be done secretly, heaven's will already knows about it, it will definitely try to influence the surrounding desolate beasts, ancient desolate beasts, and even immemorial desolate beasts!"

Since heaven's will was trying its best to get rid of Fang Yuan, it was a no-brainer that heaven's will was going to create all sorts of traps and arrangements in the surroundings of the immemorial desolate elephant corpse.

It was best for Fang Yuan to not go.

However, even though he was not going, Lang Ya Sect was going to take action there.

"Since Lang Ya land spirit has already accepted my suggestion, he will mobilize many hairy man Gu Immortals to cultivate transformation path."

"Cultivating transformation path will require him to refine transformation path Immortal Gu. And to refine Immortal Gu, he would need immortal materials."

"Lang Ya Sect has a huge treasury with many immortal materials, but the previous Lang Ya land spirit has controlled the blessed land for so long, and he had been constantly refining Gu. Thus, even though the treasury has many immortal materials, they are mostly rank eight or quasi-rank nine materials, rank six and seven materials are scarce."

"Thus, Lang Ya land spirit will definitely set up sect missions soon to encourage hairy man Gu Immortals to go to Tai Qiu and kill desolate beasts. They can collect immortal materials to refine Gu, while also training the hairy man Gu Immortals to improve their battle strength. The second point is Lang Ya land spirit's greatest concern!"

"Let these hairy man Gu Immortals be my pawns! Since heaven's will can think, even if they are targeted, it is better than me being targeted."

A cold light shone across Fang Yuan's eyes.

Lang Ya Sect was stronger than him by countless times, but at this moment, he became the chess player. The whole of Lang Ya Sect were his chess piece.

And the best thing was, even though Fang Yuan was plotting against Lang Ya Sect, he was also thinking about the future of Lang Ya Sect and its progress. Thus, he was not going against his alliance agreement.

"This is the tactical advantage of having more intel than the other side." Fang Yuan sighed, he learned about the value of information once again.

Gu Masters of all paths had their own specialties.

Information path was not an exception among them.

But if its ability could be displayed fully, information path could give the Gu Master as much advantage as compared to any other path, if not more!

Of course, Fang Yuan's advantage in information was because of his transactions with Shadow Sect.

And Shadow Sect definitely paid a high price to obtain information on heaven's will and Lang Ya Sect.

"I have been lacking information path methods, from now on, I need to try and fix that!" Fang Yuan was determined.

Information path Gu Masters were skilled in collecting intelligence and setting up alliance agreements, they were carriers of information. This might not seem important for cultivation, but one could gain immense advantage from it.

Central Continent, Earth Abyss.

Loud sounds were reverberating here.

"A discovery!"

"We had searched that direction more than ten times… they are really well hidden."

Ancient Soul Sect's Gu Immortals reacted, they were enthusiastically charging towards the area with the sound.

Ying Wu Xie spat out a mouthful of blood, he was half-kneeling on the ground, not only was his expression downcast, he was also gravely injured, half his body was missing.

"A mere immortal zombie…" The Ancient Soul Sect Gu Immortals fighting with Ying Wu Xie floated in the air, looking down at Ying Wu Xie, they scoffed in disdain.

"Keep them alive!"

"Even as an immortal zombie, his concealment method is very incredible, we have to interrogate him for it."

The other two Gu Immortals shouted, rushing here with rapid speed.

Ying Wu Xie laughed with a mocking tone: "You want my concealment method? Sure, I can tell you now!"

Oh no!

The three Ancient Soul Sect Gu Immortals' expressions changed, they realized that this was the enemy's plan.

Ying Wu Xie had purposely showed weakness to lure these three immortals over.

He was bait.

Since there was bait, there were surely plans to deal with the enemies.

Ancient Soul Sect's three Gu Immortals did not react slowly, but Ying Wu Xie had prepared amply, how could they manage to escape?

In an instant, the super Gu formation, which had already charged up, activated.

Ancient Soul Sect's three immortals fell into despair, they only felt that an endless force was restricting them from all directions.

At once, they could not move at all, they were helpless!

Next, under the three immortals' expressions of disbelief, their bodies and souls were smashed into bits by the power of the super Gu formation.

Even though they resisted, they only lasted for less than three breaths of time.

"Hmph, I will collect some interest from you people first." Ying Wu Xie snickered, his gaze was cold.

He had just spoke, when Earth Abyss trembled, sharp light shone dazzlingly, covering a vast surrounding range.

"So fast! It has only been so long, but Heavenly Court has already found my location and are moving here!" Ying Wu Xie was shocked.

But soon, he calmed down.

He flew into the super Gu formation.

The super Gu formation was overworked these last days from resisting Heavenly Court's deductions, and after killing the three Ancient Soul Sect elite Gu Immortals earlier, it was greatly damaged and was on the brink of destruction.

But Ying Wu Xie did not care.

He was abandoning this base already.

It could not be saved.

"Master." Shi Nu appeared beside Ying Wu Xie, Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Hei Lou Lan followed behind.

The latter two were lacking Immortal Gu, their battle strength had fallen to the bottom. Shi Nu was the strongest, particularly as Ying Wu Xie had already returned him all of his Immortal Gu.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was worried: "Fang Yuan, your injuries…"

Ying Wu Xie smiled, waving his hand, stopping Tai Bai Yun Sheng: "No need to worry."

After transacting with Fang Yuan, he had lost Fang Yuan's body, his appearance changed, but he still had absolute control over these three people.

It was easy to deceive Tai Bai Yun Sheng, his body was destroyed when refining Gu, it was a good excuse that did not attract suspicion.

"The enemy is in front of us, let's stop talking and leave." At Ying Wu Xie's will, the super Gu formation broke apart and the Immortal Gu that made up the Gu formation returned to him.

The other three immortals coordinated together, they gathered and stood at the north, south, east, and west directions with Ying Wu Xie.

Before leaving, Ying Wu Xie looked at the mysterious light in the sky as he laughed, he cried out loudly: "Central Continent… We will return with vengeance!"

He had transacted with Fang Yuan, obtaining a way out in this desperate situation, he had undergone a transformation, like jade that had been polished.

Even though he was escaping, when he spoke, morale was raised, it gave people hope from out of nowhere.


A bright light shone from Ying Wu Xie and the other immortals' bodies.

They had practiced it extensively, they activated the Immortal Gu that they had refined recently, they burst out with power, fusing together into one mystical effect.


With a loud sound, Ying Wu Xie and the others vanished.

Multiple rank eight Gu Immortals from Heavenly Court arrived from beyond the mystical lights.

"They left so quickly!" A female immortal was leading Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals.

She had a graceful figure and was adorned in a beautiful purple robe. Her eyes were like deep pools, with a sense of sorrow shrouding her face.

It was Fairy Zi Wei.

A troublesome figure with wisdom path attainment not inferior to Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord.

The few times she took action, she caused Ying Wu Xie and the others to end up in despair. If not for Fang Yuan, Ying Wu Xie would have been dead for sure.

She looked at the rubble on the ground as she deduced, frowning: "A total of four Gu Immortals… strange, I deduced that Fang Yuan was here initially, but now it's different. No matter what, they are from Shadow Sect, they have to be killed."

She spoke casually, but there was deep killing intent hidden in her icy words.

A Heavenly Court Gu Immortal behind her spoke: "I am sure they cannot escape this time, I will go to capture them."

Fairy Zi Wei smiled lightly, but there was bitterness in her smile: "We cannot go. These four are at the regional wall already. By now, they should already be inside the regional wall."

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortals were surprised.

Someone asked: "So quickly?"

"This is an ancient battle formation, called Omni-directional Travel. Earlier, when Bo Qing awakened, he, along with the hairy man Gu Immortal Yu Mu Chun, immortal zombie Seven Star Child, and Blood Dragon Song Zi Xing teleported from Falling Heavenly River to Heavenly Lotus Sect, they used this method."

"Even though we have Fixed Immortal Travel, this ancient battle formation uses people as the formation cores, it has lower restrictions regarding the Gu Immortals. We cannot stop them."

Fairy Zi Wei deduced again as she said slowly.

In just a moment, she had completely understood what method Ying Wu Xie used to escape for his life.


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