Reverend Insanity
1086 Speed!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1086 Speed!

A few minutes later, Fang Yuan had already left dragon elephant plain.

He saw a huge field of clouds in front of him.

Fang Yuan subconsciously slowed down.

He was very cautious of white clouds now, ever since he encountered those pesky cloud beasts in Southern Border.

Learning from experience, Fang Yuan became very wary of large areas of clouds.

After inspecting them, Fang Yuan relaxed, the clouds had no problems.

He flew into them.

His vision was covered by the thick white clouds.

But it was alright, Fang Yuan had investigative methods to use.

Be it hearing or sound waves, or even using his consciousness, he could fly freely inside the clouds without feeling like a lost insect.

Gu Immortals had access to most mortal methods, they could deal with many situations.

Fang Yuan's speed fell, he stopped all movement.

Next, thoughts flickered in his mind as he activated countless Gu worms in his immortal aperture.

Large numbers of mortal Gu moved like a storm, creating a huge, bloody tornado in the sovereign immortal aperture.

The core Immortal Gu flew up next.

Rank six blood asset Immortal Gu!

It descended like a ruler with imposing aura, the rest of the mortal Gu were assistants, creating the immortal killer move that Fang Yuan was activating — Blood Torrent.

Blood-red light rushed out of Fang Yuan's body, before turning into liquid, forming a river of bloody water.

The blood carried Fang Yuan and tore through the clouds, moving forward rapidly.

The speed was so fast, completely at a different level to before!

Earlier, when Fang Yuan left dragon elephant plain, that place was within a righteous path super force's territory, he did not use an immortal killer move.

Because most immortal killer moves would leak strong aura from them, attention would be drawn to him.

Thus, Fang Yuan only used mortal killer moves when leaving dragon elephant plain.

But now, after leaving it, he could finally use an immortal killer move.

His speed rose sharply, he moved ahead rapidly.

A long bloody trail was drawn out, but it was concealed by the thick clouds, it could not be seen from the outside.

This was the advantage of flying in the clouds.

If not for the cloud cover, Fang Yuan could only conceal his tracks. Openly flying like this was too attention grabbing.

In a short moment, this huge area of clouds was pierced through by Fang Yuan.

He had already traveled past an enormous distance.

Outside of the cloud layer, Fang Yuan stopped using blood torrent.

During this time period, blood path demonic immortals could not display themselves, they had to be concealed. Blood path was a target of attack from all over, Fang Yuan did not want to attract trouble due to blood path.

Especially when heaven's will was locked onto him!

"Unless I can modify blood torrent and prevent others from sensing its blood path nature." Fang Yuan had a thought.

Actually, he had already modified blood torrent again.

While cultivating in Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan had been practicing his blood path killer moves and strength path killer moves.

One day, Fang Yuan had an inspiration when practicing, he modified blood torrent.

Originally, when using blood torrent, hundreds of mortal Gu would appear around Fang Yuan, flying around in a big circle.

After modification, these mortal Gu flew in a spiral in his immortal aperture.

This was a small change, but it fixed one of its major flaws.

Flying around the Gu Immortal meant it could be easily attacked and destroyed, but being in the immortal aperture was safe.

Just this alone showed great improvement.

But blood torrent was still very eye-catching, when flying in the sky, it created a long river of blood, anyone would notice it. It would even emit a strong and foul bloody smell that would make one puke.

If these flaws were not fixed, blood torrent could not be widely used.

If the light of wisdom could be used, these modifications could be done overnight. But Fang Yuan was unsure of the safety of the immortal zombie body at this time.

It was fine with clouds covering it, but without clouds, Fang Yuan would not use blood torrent.

He activated sword escape Immortal Gu.

Rank seven sword escape Immortal Gu!

Fang Yuan flew forward like a sword.

Compared to blood torrent, he was even faster now!

Just sword escape Immortal Gu alone surpassed a rank six blood path killer move.

Even though with his cultivation level, using sword escape Immortal Gu with green grape immortal essence was not worth it, Fang Yuan was very firm on doing this.

The biggest factor of this trip was — Speed! Speed! Speed!

He had to move quickly.

It was because of heaven's will.

"Heaven's will follows the way of heaven, taking away surpluses while replenishing deficits, it treats me as an eyesore. But the way of heaven has its own rules and regulations, heaven's will has to follow certain rules and is limited to an extent."

"Heaven's will cannot act casually, it can only attack me directly during calamities and tribulations. Normally, heaven's will can only engineer situations and circumstances to kill me."

How can heaven's will create such situations?

By affecting the living beings of this world.

Like in the past, when Fang Yuan was in Imperial Court blessed land, he was affected by Mo Yao's fake will, heaven's will was vast and omnipresent, it could affect other life forms.

This influence was on the subconscious level, it was very situational.

In most situations, decisions were made in an instant.

Heaven's will could influence countless life forms, and countless decisions that they make, through many subtle influences, these life forms could gather together into a force that would be fatal.

But this way, to influence others and set up fatal traps, time was needed.

Therefore, Fang Yuan emphasized on speed.

The faster he was, the less time heaven's will had to influence other life forms and create situations to deal with him.

During the journey from Southern Border to Northern Plains, Fang Yuan did not know this, he also lacked movement methods, especially at the start, it gave heaven's will a lot of time to set things up.

Now that Fang Yuan knew heaven's will's weaknesses, he naturally made use of them.

This was an effective method that Shadow Sect used against heaven's will.

Shadow Sect followed a key principle: Accumulating in secret, striking at once like a volcano, moving as fast as lightning, achieving one's goal!

Fang Yuan learned fully from this.

"To deal with heaven's will, Shadow Sect and Spectral Soul are the best role model. They are my enemies, but these enemies have aspects in which they are superior to me, I naturally must abandon bias and learn from them!"

"And I have a huge advantage compared to Shadow Sect, I am a complete otherworldly demon!"

"Shadow Sect members have to think about themselves when acting and use self will to cleanse themselves from heaven's will's hidden influence."

"But I do not need to, as a complete otherworldly demon, heaven's will cannot influence me!"

To guard against heaven's will, Fang Yuan used Sword Escape, disregarding the intense immortal essence consumption!

Thankfully, Fang Yuan had preserved most of his accumulated cultivation resources.

He was raking in money daily, it could be said he was very affluent.

Even though he needed to build and manage his own immortal aperture, most of his plans had not started yet. Treasure yellow heaven was closed now, the things he could get from Lang Ya Sect's inventory were limited.

Fang Yuan tore through the sky, bursting with a sharp sound along the way, he seemed to have turned into a flying sword!

Roaming the desolate plains with peerless sharpness.

Suddenly, there was a growl filled with pain and fear.

An ancient desolate beast was escaping for its life, a wild rank seven Immortal Gu was chasing it.

The two entered Fang Yuan's vision.

In front was a horned six-winged pegasus, while the wild Immortal Gu behind was a Dragon Centipede.

A four winged pegasus was a beast emperor, while a six-winged pegasus was a desolate beast, one with a horn on its forehead and six wings on its back was an ancient desolate beasts.

And this Dragon Centipede was seven li long! It has a centipede body and a dragon head, there were countless legs split across the two sides of its body, moving continuously. It had a hard bronze shell, under the light of the sun, shining and dazzling golden color could be seen. It was very bold and grand looking!

Some wild Immortal Gu lived in desolate beasts and desolate plants, absorbing their nutrients, living in co-existence while treating them as food.

But this was only the majority of cases.

The Dragon Centipede was a fierce and savage wild Immortal Gu, it directly captured desolate beasts and desolate plants, treating them as prey, surviving through hunting.

This was the only dragon centipede Immortal Gu in the world, it was rank seven, it was capturing ancient desolate beasts and desolate plants to fill its stomach.

Fang Yuan was flying straight ahead, this pair appeared right in front of him, blocking his path.

"Something happened after all!" Fang Yuan snickered internally.

Last time was a cloud beast group, this time, it was a horned six-winged pegasus and the wild dragon centipede Immortal Gu.

Wild Immortal Gu had low intelligence, even though they had their own will, they were easily influenced by heaven's will.

The horned six-winged pegasus was an ancient desolate beast, beasts like horses mostly had higher intelligence. It was harder for heaven's will to influence them.

But now, it was escaping and moving without thinking, heaven's will only needed to influence it slightly to change the direction that the horned six-winged pegasus was escaping.

These two were here to block Fang Yuan's path!

The pegasus was escaping for its life, it would try its best to crush all obstacles ahead.

And the Dragon Centipede's gaze was also on Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's Gu Immortal aura was apparent.

He was a rank six Gu Immortal.

His aura was much weaker than the horned six-winged pegasus. But his sword path aura was also strong, coming from the rank seven sword escape Immortal Gu.

This attracted the Dragon Centipede more.

Because the Dragon Centipede was full of sword path dao marks as well!

Its countless limbs contained sword path dao marks, allowing it to carry tens of thousands of swords with it. Once it coiled around its prey, these sharp swords would attack from all directions, creating bloody holes in the ancient desolate beast, it was very fierce.

Fang Yuan's reaction was at lightning speed.

He instantly stored sword escape Immortal Gu, the aura vanished instantly.

The Dragon Centipede was confused, but its focus was still on him. After all, in its long life of hunting, it had encountered many prey which could conceal its aura.

Fang Yuan's body shook, as countless figures appeared.

Convergence of enslavement and strength path, immortal killer move — Myriad Self!

In the earlier transactions, Fang Yuan had obtained many strength path Immortal Gu, his strongest method from back then had returned!

Even though he did not have cleanse soul Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan used other mortal Gu to replace it. Myriad self's power fell, but at this moment, it was very useful in confusing his enemies.

Countless Fang Yuans flew around the place, like a school of fish swimming in the sea, scattering around after encountering a huge whale.

The Dragon Centipede was even more confused now, its speed fell for a moment.

Next, its seven li long body attacked like a whip.

Boom boom boom.

Countless strength path phantoms of Fang Yuan were destroyed.

The horned six-winged pegasus also crushed many of Fang Yuan's phantoms as it rapidly escaped.

The Dragon Centipede saw that the pegasus was escaping, its attention was focused on it once more.

The two escaped and chased, quickly getting out of Fang Yuan's vision.

Fang Yuan lightly let out a breath of air.

His true body descended.

With a thought, countless Fang Yuan phantoms dissipated at once.


Fang Yuan activated Sword Escape again, flying into the sky, leaving.


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