Reverend Insanity
1085 Trip to Tai Qiu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1085 Trip to Tai Qiu

The location pointed out by Lang Ya land spirit was Tai Qiu!

Fang Yuan's true target was also Tai Qiu.

But it was not good for him to say it immediately, he could only beat about the bush, leading Lang Ya land spirit to 'comprehend' the answer himself.

Tai Qiu was one of the ten great fierce areas of Northern Plains.

A type of giant grass grew here. This grass was extremely large and sturdy, one stalk of grass could compare to a normal tree of a hundred years in age.

This giant grass grew everywhere in Tai Qiu.

The huge swathes of grass formed into a large primitive jungle.

Inside the jungle lived large numbers of desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts, and one could even see vague indications of immemorial desolate beasts.

So even Gu Immortals did not dare to intrude. Even those rank eight Gu Immortals had to be careful, a slight slip-up and the disturbance could create a beast tide here.

Dong Fang Chang Fan had set up his inheritance here for his possession revival plan. Later, Fang Yuan and the rest had also fought an intense battle at Tai Qiu.

"This place… you should be familiar, right?" Lang Ya land spirit smiled at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan said: "It is indeed somewhat familiar because of Dong Fang Chang Fan's matter." Saying this, he glanced at Lang Ya land spirit, the latter clearly knew of this history.

"I intend to set up a teleportation Gu formation here at Tai Qiu. What do you think?" Lang Ya land spirit asked.

Fang Yuan spoke with hesitation: "To speak the truth, I don't suggest setting up a Gu formation in Tai Qiu. It is because I am slightly familiar with it that I feel we cannot do it. This is a hornet's nest, just a slight commotion can lead to a beast tide. And this beast tide won't be a simple mortal beast tide, it will comprise desolate beasts and even ancient desolate beast. There is even a possibility of attracting immemorial desolate beasts."

"I had fought here before. But that was because Dong Fang Chang Fan had set a battle stage using an immemorial ruin bat's corpse. The immemorial desolate beast's aura deterred other desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts. It was because of this that there was no beast tide. But when the tribulations struck and the immemorial desolate beast's aura was eliminated, that immemorial ruin bat's corpse was immediately split up and devoured by countless desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts. We can see how terrifying Tai Qiu is from this."

"If we were to set up a teleportation Gu formation in Tai Qiu, and set it around the periphery, we might be able to travel back and forth, but our sect's Gu Immortals will also be easily sensed by other forces. While if we set the teleportation Gu formation inside the inner regions of Tai Qiu, once a battle goes awry, the Gu Immortals would not be able to escape. Even if we choose an optimal location that considers these, once the battle's scale enlarges slightly, it will lead to a beast tide which could then be sensed by humans."

"It is because of these reasons that super forces don't want to touch Tai Qiu. Our sect needs to worry about much more than them. This area is not a good choice."

Fang Yuan analyzed the pros and cons of the plan, speaking with a loyal expression as if he wanted to convince Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit laughed heartily.

While laughing, he patted Fang Yuan's shoulder.

He laughed for a good while before speaking: "Fang Yuan, you are right. But you can be assured, tell me, what is this?"

Lang Ya land spirit looked like he was offering a treasure as he handed an information path Gu worm to Fang Yuan.

After Fang Yuan inspected it, he pretended to have a shocked and joyous expression, stammering: "Thi… thi… this! This is actually such a detailed map of Tai Qiu. This is truly a godsend at the most crucial moment, ah, no, our sect's foundation is actually that deep. If I had not seen this personally, I might not have believed it!"

"Hehehe, good kid, has your vision expanded?" Lang Ya land spirit laughed brightly, as he jumped and waved his hands.

"Amazing, amazing!" Fang Yuan gave a thumbs up, expressing in a sincere way.

Lang Ya land spirit excitedly explained: "In the past, to acquire immortal materials from Tai Qiu, my main body made repeated trips there, and after combining his experiences with others' deductions, he got this Tai Qiu map!"

"So it was like that." Fang Yuan looked like he was enlightened.

In truth, he was already aware of it.

This intel was a small part of what he obtained from the transactions with Shadow Sect.

This Tai Qiu map allowed Fang Yuan to plan and intentionally mention Earth Trench, while he was in fact luring Lang Ya land spirit's attention to this place.

Lang Ya land spirit pointed at the information path Gu worm in Fang Yuan's hand: "This map not only records all the topography of Tai Qiu, it also records the distribution of the various beast groups. But there is a huge flaw, this map was created a long time ago, there will definitely be many changes in Tai Qiu after all these years."

"First supreme elder is right, I also have this worry." Fang Yuan quickly confirmed.

Lang Ya land spirit continued: "Aren't you familiar with this place? You are also a human Gu Immortal with change form Immortal Gu to boot, I intend to send you there with this map…"

Lang Ya land spirit had yet to finish speaking when Fang Yuan stood up straight and spoke without hesitation: "First supreme elder only needs to give me the command, being able to work for the sect and in such an important matter at that, this is my honor!"

Lang Ya land spirit laughed heartily, patting Fang Yuan's shoulder, indicating him to be seated: "Fang Yuan, you are good, I didn't misjudge you. Rest assured, the sect absolutely won't treat you unfairly. On your trip, act according to the circumstances. The main matter is to inspect Tai Qiu's terrain and improve this Tai Qiu map. If you get the opportunity, you should set up the basic form of the teleportation Gu formation at a suitable location."

"There are three locations on the map. These three locations mark the areas of the corpses of immemorial desolate beasts. Prioritize in inspecting these three locations, if you can set up a teleportation Gu formation in one of them, that would be great."

"Naturally, you need to take care of yourself and move about secretly. Even if you are discovered by humans, never disclose the existence of our sect."

Lang Ya land spirit repeatedly reminded.

Fang Yuan quickly nodded, even patting his chest in assurance: "First supreme elder, you can rest at ease. I will make some preparations and set off immediately!"

"Good, good." Lang Ya land spirit laughed loudly, extremely pleased with Fang Yuan.

Actually, there was not much to prepare, Lang Ya blessed land's foundation was deep, Fang Yuan was rather at ease placing Luo Po Valley, Dang Hun Mountain and wisdom Gu here.

Even if there was the spy from Shadow Sect, it would not hamper this situation. The disturbance Sixth Hair could create was small, adding on that Shadow Sect was already barely able to take care of itself, it would not dare to invade Lang Ya blessed land.

As for Heavenly Court, even if they discovered Lang Ya blessed land, what would they do?

During the five regions chaotic war, Heavenly Court attacked Lang Ya blessed land and a few times at that. In the end, Feng Jiu Ge was killed off before they were able to conquer Lang Ya blessed land. Even more importantly, at present, the regional walls still existed in the five regions.

Inspecting his Immortal Gu once again, Fang Yuan decided to carry almost all of these Immortal Gu with him. As for his immortal zombie body, he also brought it with him. His sovereign immortal aperture had enough space to carry them all.

Speaking of which, his immortal zombie body was quite a problem, and the Spring Autumn Cicada inside was even more of a problem.

Spring Autumn Cicada was currently sealed by some unknown methods, it was unable to absorb the water of the River of Time and could only bear its hunger passively, gradually falling towards the abyss of destruction.

Not only this, Spring Autumn Cicada still had heaven's will in it.

Fang Yuan already knew about this from the transaction.

He also knew of much precious information regarding heaven's will.

These were huge gains!

"I have the sovereign immortal aperture, which is a small world independent of the outside world. But right now, I am carrying Spring Autumn Cicada and large numbers of snow monsters filled with heaven's will, there will definitely be obstructions when I go to Tai Qiu. Just like when I was hurrying back from Southern Border, I met the cloud beasts, was pursued by Qi Zai and so on."

Fang Yuan understood this clearly.

He was no longer ignorant regarding heaven's will, instead, he knew a lot.

Heaven's will was not omnipotent, heaven's will had its own restrictions.

After understanding heaven's will, the threat of heaven's will decreased immensely.

After all, an unknown enemy was the most troublesome. Know yourself and your enemy, and you will never be defeated!

The first earthly calamity's might had sharply increased, Fang Yuan knew that was heaven's will trying to eradicate him. But he underwent tribulation in the northern icy plain which unknowingly had helped him a lot.

The reason was, a large portion of the earthly calamity had been influenced by Reckless Savage's true meaning, taking over the role of heaven's will, forming into iron crown eagles, ruin bats and so on.

Only the snow monsters were formed from heaven's will.

Their bodies held purely heaven's will, they would not rest until they eradicated Fang Yuan.

The influence of Reckless Savage's true meaning had weakened the dangers of the snow monsters by a large degree.

Currently, these snow monsters were still in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture. Each of them held heaven's will, like Spring Autumn Cicada. When Fang Yuan went outside, he would be as clear as a torch in the darkness to heaven's will's perception.

"Heaven's will cannot make a move by itself, unless it is during calamities or tribulations. When I go out now, heaven's will would definitely influence others to kill me. I will deal with whatever it sends when the time comes!"

Bright light flashed, in the central region of dragon elephant plain, a young-looking Gu Immortal appeared out of thin air.

He wore snow white clothes, his face looked mild like jade, his dark hair reached down to his waist, and he had a pair of dark eyes which seemed to have unfathomable depths.

He was Gu Yue Fang Yuan.

"I am out!" Fang Yuan took a deep breath, and immediately activated defensive Gu worms and investigative Gu worms.

Many types of investigative methods were activated together.

His gaze scanned all directions, and his perception covered everything within ten thousand steps.

It was temporarily safe.

Every since Lang Ya blessed land migrated from crescent lake, its exact location was only known by Lang Ya land spirit.

This was among the greatest secrets of Lang Ya blessed land, the land spirit would not tell anyone.

But he had also arranged several teleportation Gu formations outside, facilitating transportation between the inside and the outside world.

This response was much wiser than the previous Lang Ya land spirit.

One of Lang Ya blessed land's teleportation Gu formations was set up at Feng Bo Cliff. Now, Fang Yuan learned of the location of a second teleportation Gu formation, it was this place, Northern Plains' dragon elephant plain.

"I need to get a move on, it is not safe to stay for long at this place."

At Fang Yuan's will, Gu worms started to fly inside his immortal aperture.

His figure shot upwards like an arrow.

His field of vision immediately expanded, and as he looked below him, dragon elephant plain's terrain entered his vision.

Dragon elephant plain had a flat terrain and an extraordinary majesty to it. There was plenty of water and lush vegetation, dragon elephant groups were scattered everywhere.

This was a famous habitat of dragon elephants in Northern Plains, and was under the control of a nearby super force.

"Grand rivers and hills, such a beautiful sight." Fang Yuan praised before hiding his figure and flying away.


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