Reverend Insanity
1084 Manipulating Mortals, Plotting Against the Land Spiri
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1084 Manipulating Mortals, Plotting Against the Land Spiri

In Lang Ya blessed land, the capital of Black Hair Kingdom.

There was hubbub of voices, a nationwide competition was reaching its end.

On the arena, the final two Gu Masters were in an intense battle, chasing for the final throne of victory.

Almost all the observing hairy men were supporting one side.

Because the other side was Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

He was a human Gu Master, so he naturally would not receive the support of the hairy men.

Even the Black Hair King observing from the raised platform was frowning. He did not want to see the final winner of the first national martial contest to be a human Gu Master. Would this not make his kingdom the laughing stock of the other two kingdoms? It would even seem like the Black Hair Kingdom's talents were declining to let a human Gu Master easily obtain victory.

If Fang Zheng won, it would no doubt seriously infringe on Black Hair Kingdom's political interests. So the Black Hair King had already planned beforehand and tampered with this battle.

"It has finally activated." Black Hair King suddenly felt joyous as his eyes flashed with bright lights.

On the arena, Fang Zheng suddenly felt dizzy and almost fell down to the ground.

"What's happening?!" Fang Zheng paled in fright and subconsciously pushed his hands.

Rumble… surging waves rose up out of thin air and charged towards his opponent.

Fang Zheng's opponent was a rank five fire path hairy man Gu Master.

Fang Zheng's sudden powerful attack gave this hairy man a scare, he immediately jumped to the air to avoid the wave.

Under his hairy feet were two lantern-like flames, which could let him float for some time.

But because of this, he lost the best opportunity to attack Fang Zheng.

Fang Zheng was slowly recovering but still felt extreme dizziness, his condition was quite bad, but he had experienced many setbacks and tempering, so right now, he had already restrained his expression, not showing anything wrong on the outside.

The wave appeared quickly and dissipated just as quickly, the hairy man Gu Master also hurriedly descended.

He was not a flying master, standing in the air would make him a good target.

Just now, he was forced to dodge the water wave with no alternative option. Right now, he was immediately making up for it.

The two sides confronted again.

"Fang Zheng, you have been schemed against by someone. I do not know when, but someone secretly planted a Gu worm in your soul." Fang Yuan's will revealed the truth to Fang Zheng.

"How could it be?" Fang Zheng was shocked and furious.

Fang Yuan's will sighed: "This soul path Gu worm has a faint connection with that Black Hair King sitting on the platform. It seems he is the one who schemed against you."

"Damn it! Damn it!" Fang Zheng clenched his fists, finally showing a furious and hatred filled expression.

"What happened?" Fang Zheng's opponent was observing his expression and suddenly seeing his expression change, he thought Fang Zheng was preparing a powerful move and was immediately on complete guard.

Fang Yuan's will sneered: "Now do you believe me? I already told you Black Hair Kingdom's higher ups won't let you win so easily. This martial contest has all along been a tool for those in power, although they advocate fairness on the surface, those that truly expect it to be fair are fools."

"You are right!" Fang Zheng gritted his teeth, his eyes opened wide as if fire would burst out, "But I want victory even more now!"

"Heh, this enthusiasm… you are still so young, my foolish brother." Fang Yuan's will was very aware of Fang Zheng unwillingness to give in, thinking of this secretly.

Actually, the best response would be to intentionally lose to the opponent and end at second.

With that, Fang Zheng would not have to overwork himself and Black Hair Kingdom's higher ups would also be happy to accept the result. Such an outcome would not only show Black Hair Kingdom's talents to be outstanding, it would also show the King's generosity of promoting talents no matter their origins, even accepting a human Gu Master.

However, Fang Zheng wanted to get the first position, not only was it making it hard for himself, he was also turning other hairy men hostile to him.

First or second, what's the difference?

Just momentary victory or defeat, it would not be a turning point of one's life, was it really so important?

But Fang Yuan's will was happy to see this.

Fang Zheng was deeply prejudiced against him, only by using constant pressure from external force could Fang Zheng work together with him and be subtly influenced.

And the current choice made by Fang Zheng would result in an enormous obstruction, which was greatly beneficial for Fang Yuan's training plan.

So, Fang Yuan's will decided to do all he could to bring about Fang Zheng's wish.

He spoke: "I am only a will, you can only think about how to get rid of this soul path Gu worm after the battle. Right now, your soul is injured and so you cannot use River Swallowing Toad anymore. After all, commanding River Swallowing Toad to battle uses up an enormous amount of your mental energy. Although you have lost this trump card, you still have hope to win. Just listen to my instructions now!"

Fang Zheng let out a muffled snort, although he did not feel good about it, with the current situation as it was, he could only give tacit consent to the words of Fang Yuan's will.

Fang Zheng himself might not be aware of it.

But after these days of interaction, he had indeed begun to change.

Just as Fang Yuan went out of Luo Po Valley, his will returned to him.

After careful inspection, finding no issues with it, Fang Yuan let this will enter his mind.

In his mind, countless thoughts surged like tidal waves and surrounded this will, closely interacting with each other.

In just an instant, Fang Yuan learned of Fang Zheng's recent developments.

"Oh? Under my will's instructions, he defeated his opponent and obtained first?"

"Doing pretty well, I see."

"But with this, he has caused the entire Black Hair Kingdom to lose face. Haha, interesting. Winning the competition, but losing even more, your coming days will not be so comfortable, my little brother."

"But this is very helpful to my reeducation plan, isn't it?"

"Moreover, I still have an arrangement left in Steel Thread City which is currently being prepared."

Fang Yuan condensed another will of his, its size was several times larger than the returned will.

Reeducating Fang Zheng would need the will to think, which would cause it to be consumed continuously and require replenishment from Fang Yuan frequently.

Right away, Fang Yuan pointed forward with a finger, several rank five Gu worms flew out and guarded this enormous will as they flew down to Black Hair Continent.

When they arrived just above Black Hair Continent, this will further divided into two parts.

One part flew towards Black Hair Kingdom's capital, while the other portion flew to Steel Thread City.

Steel Thread City's City Lord was that female hairy man who favored Fang Zheng. Fang Yuan's will quietly seeped into her mind.

It was easy for a Gu Immortal to plot against a Gu Master.

The female city lord was currently processing some documents, strictly managing the affairs of the city. She did not have even the slightest awareness of Fang Yuan's will, and also did not sense her lower abdomen had slightly swollen.

"My hidden card has been placed." In the sky, in Cloud Cover Continent, Fang Yuan chuckled as he withdrew his gaze.

This feeling of controlling the fate of mortals was indeed quite the symbol of being an immortal.

The fundamental cause of it was that the strength of Gu Immortals far surpassed mortals.

"Changing Fang Zheng's perspective has already shown slight success, moreover it is progressing smoothly. But I have yet to deduce blood deity Immortal Gu's recipe."

"The problem is still wisdom Gu."

Right now, some days had already gone by since Fang Yuan stored flowing light fruits in his immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan was increasingly feeling the disadvantage of not being able to use the light of wisdom.

However, the issue in his immortal zombie body was still in the process of being resolved.

Fang Yuan pondered, his soul path attainment was far inferior to Shadow Sect's, but he still thought of a way — he could increase his soul foundation!

This was coping with the changes by sticking to the fundamental principle.

If he cultivated his soul to the terrifying level of Spectral Soul, any soul path traps in his body would be of no use.

Naturally, for Fang Yuan to cultivate to Spectral Soul's level was extremely far-off into the future. But Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body had only gone through Ying Wu Xie's hands, who was only a split soul that was far inferior to the main body.

Thus, for the last few days, Fang Yuan was not only managing his immortal aperture and guiding hairy man Gu Immortals, earning large numbers of sect contribution points, he also made time to enter Luo Po Valley every day to temper his soul, afterwards, he would use guts Gu to heal and strengthen the soul.

Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley were indeed the two sacred lands of soul cultivation proclaimed by Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

Not even ten days had passed and Fang Yuan's soul foundation had already become quite deep.

However, Fang Yuan was still not confident at the moment to test out the trap that might be in his immortal zombie body.

Another day went by, Fang Yuan came out of Luo Po Valley, and saw an information path Gu worm flying towards him.

Fang Yuan read it briefly, Lang Ya land spirit had called for him to discuss important matters.

Fang Yuan was immediately joyous, thinking to himself that it was finally here. Actually, he had also been secretly waiting for Lang Ya land spirit's response.

He immediately set out and not long later, he arrived at the first cloud city with the appearance of a hairy man.

Lang Ya land spirit greeted: "You've arrived, come sit over here."

Fang Yuan had just sat down when Lang Ya land spirit spoke again: "I considered your suggestion for some days, and I feel it is quite reasonable. But choosing Earth Trench is not very appropriate. You might not be aware, but currently Earth Trench is in a mess, much more activity there than in the past. Many Northern Plains Gu Immortals of righteous path, demonic path or even lone cultivators are hanging out there."

Fang Yuan revealed a slightly surprised expression, and deliberately asked while knowing the reason clearly: "What is the reason?"

"Because of the battle on Yi Tian Mountain, each region's Zombie Alliance has now become an empty shell. Northern Plains Zombie Alliance also disappeared without a trace, inciting many doubts and probes. Zombie Alliance's members seem to have almost all died, the probing Gu Immortals became more audacious seeing no response. Not only have they already encroached upon Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's cultivation resources, they have also invaded Earth Trench. That is where the final territory of Zombie Alliance is. According to the rumors, a righteous path wisdom path Gu Immortal deduced that Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's headquarters, Dark Flow Giant City, had sunken into Earth Trench and disappeared." Lang Ya land spirit replied.

"So it was like that." Fang Yuan showed a look of realization, "Since that is the case, Earth Trench is now a dangerous territory, it seems my previous suggestion cannot be implemented."

While saying this, Fang Yuan inwardly thought: "It seems that although Shadow Sect intentionally sacrificed Zombie Alliance, they had also left behind some defensive measures. Like Dark Flow Giant City sinking into Earth Trench. With Shadow Sect's methods, since they could make Dark Flow Giant City sink into Earth Trench, it is probably hidden very well. It will be very difficult for the Northern Plains Gu Immortals to find it, their efforts might even be in vain."

Lang Ya land spirit continued: "Earth Trench's situation is too complicated, we cannot meddle in it. But your suggestion is still good, I have decided to adopt it. At present, the location I have decided upon is also one of the ten great fierce areas, this one."

Saying this, Lang Ya land spirit pointed at a part on the map.

Fang Yuan's sight followed Lang Ya land spirit's hairy finger to the bottom right part of Northern Plains.

To the southeast of a super force, Guan tribe, and north-west of another, Liu tribe.

Fang Yuan's expression had no change, as he inwardly rejoiced: "This is it."


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