Reverend Insanity
1079 Regaining His Body and Spring Autumn
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1079 Regaining His Body and Spring Autumn

A dark and deep pool of soul water undulated with countless ripples.

Ying Wu Xie opened his eyes wide, the ghost fire in his eyes burning bright as he observed the surface of the soul water.

He was viewing a scene that outsiders would not be able to observe.

Sixth Hair's figure appeared in the soul water, he was half-kneeling on the ground and had an expression of remorse and guilt: "Lord, I made a huge mistake! When Fang Yuan was facing the tribulation, if I had not used…"

"I have already said that this matter is not your fault. Speaking of which, it is also because I used my trump card to increase my luck, which allowed Fang Yuan to take advantage of it." Ying Wu Xie's voice directly transmitted to Gu Immortal Sixth Hair's mind.

This was the method of communication between Sixth Hair and Ying Wu Xie, it was a soul path method but with the effect of information path, and was extremely powerful.

Both sides were in Central Continent and Northern Plains, separated by two regional walls, moreover there was Lang Ya blessed land as well. Not only were they able to communicate in real time, they were also able to evade Lang Ya land spirit's senses.

Right now, Ying Wu Xie no longer had Fang Yuan's appearance.

He had already changed to another strength path immortal zombie's body.

But this vessel, because it was too old, its immortal aperture had already broken apart and what Ying Wu Xie obtained was only the physical body. Unlike Fang Yuan's zombie body, which had a mortal aperture as well as an immortal aperture.

As such, it was very inconvenient for Ying Wu Xie to use Gu worms. Whether it be Immortal Gu or mortal Gu, they could only live in parts of his body like on his skin, hair, blood, bones, and so on, not only would this leak their aura and make it easier for enemies to inspect, it was also not safe. When the physical body gets struck by an attack, the Gu worms could also very well meet with a terrible fate.

Gu worms were very fragile.

Ying Wu Xie could be said to have suffered a huge loss from this transaction with Fang Yuan, but his expression was tranquil.

He instead encouraged Sixth Hair: "You did this task very well. You constantly expressed weakness to Fang Yuan during the whole transaction process, good job. Especially the fainting at the end… without your efforts, I wouldn't have obtained the immortal materials I needed."

Sixth Hair sighed: "I intentionally fainted to probe Fang Yuan, but unfortunately he did not do anything to me."

"Since he knows our background, he is naturally extremely cautious. Moreover, we have already done transactions multiple times now, both sides have gotten a handle on the other, he has to be wary against us reporting about him to Lang Ya land spirit." Ying Wu Xie replied.

He had been in an absolute plight just now, and had thought about every possible way, before finding there was no way left other than Fang Yuan.

Before transacting with Fang Yuan, he had already made sufficient mental preparations.

The immortal material list he gave to Fang Yuan had exaggerated contents with huge numbers, hiding the immortal materials he truly wanted within them.

In short, he had achieved his goal.

He was able to fight for a ray of hope in this desperate situation.

As long as he passed this hurdle, his future prospects would be extremely promising!

"Not mentioning the other Immortal Gu, but the main thing is that Fang Yuan not only obtained his physical body, he now has Spring Autumn Cicada as well! His current foundation is extremely huge!" Sixth Hair was still worried.

Ying Wu Xie snorted: "Even if Fang Yuan gets back his physical body, does he dare to use it? Spring Autumn Cicada is not a problem, it was already sealed and is going to starve to death soon. Even if Fang Yuan can resolve this problem, Spring Autumn Cicada itself has a failure rate when activating, it still has heaven's will hiding inside it, it will be a long time before he will be able to use it. Moreover, the attention of Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals will also be attracted to him."

Sixth Hair's expression shook, the visible worry lessening by a lot.

He repeatedly nodded his head: "Lord, you are correct."

Ying Wu Xie heaved a long sigh: "You will still have to continue to watch Fang Yuan. You are already exposed, but Fang Yuan won't make a move against you. It is okay if we are not able to suppress him. He has obtained so many Immortal Gu just now, they will certainly be a large burden to him. Moreover, the calamities and tribulations will divert even more of his energy. Let him develop, wait until I gather strength and save our main body, then we shall settle the score with him!"

One could learn from experience, after having experienced so much, Ying Wu Xie was rapidly maturing.

He understood what he could give up, and more importantly, learned to patiently endure.

He was, after all, one of the split souls of Spectral Soul, and had the natural skill to become a powerful expert.

Suffering and setbacks were of value in life, and he was rapidly growing up because of them.

Northern Plains, Lang Ya blessed land.

Some time had already passed since the transactions with Ying Wu Xie.

Fang Yuan gazed at the immortal zombie body in front of him, and sighed.

"I don't dare to use it…" Fang Yuan rubbed his chin, feeling troubled.

After he had regained his immortal zombie body, although he had used almost all the means available to him at present to conduct many careful inspections, he did not find any issues.

But what origin did Ying Wu Xie have? What origin did Shadow Sect have?

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!

He was the progenitor of soul path, a Gu Venerable, a person who had once ruled over the world and all living beings!

Would his split soul, Ying Wu Xie, have some kind of soul path method to create a sinister trap within this body?

It was very possible!

Fang Yuan's transaction with Ying Wu Xie had not been under any information path restriction from the beginning to the end.

Because neither side trusted the other.

Moreover, Fang Yuan's information path methods were definitely inferior to Ying Wu Xie's. If he used an information path method to restrict himself, it was very possible the other party would secretly break it, and this would make it even more unfavorable to Fang Yuan!

Thus, he was completely unable to guarantee the safety of this body.

Fang Yuan wanted this immortal zombie body back mainly to obtain the acknowledgement of wisdom Gu and use the light of wisdom. So he needed to put his soul into this immortal zombie vessel.

This was very dangerous.

Shadow Sect was most proficient in matters regarding the soul.

Fang Yuan did not discover any issues, perhaps Ying Wu Xie had not tampered with it, but the more likely possibility was that there was a huge issue with this immortal zombie body, only that Fang Yuan did not have the ability to discover it.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was the founder of soul path, Fang Yuan trying to decipher soul path methods was like an amateur performing in front of an expert.

"Looks like I still need to inspect this body for a while. I can't be careless, any slight carelessness and I might fall into a scheme of Shadow Sect." Fang Yuan warned himself.

Only when he was a hundred percent sure of safety would Fang Yuan use this body.

Or perhaps when there were no other options, he might choose to take the risk.

"Although I can't use wisdom Gu, regaining my body and Spring Autumn Cicada is already a great success."

Spring Autumn Cicada had all along been Fang Yuan's greatest trump card.

Now that Fang Yuan had gotten his body back, Spring Autumn Cicada, which remained in the first aperture as the vital Gu, was naturally also back.

In the previous negotiations, when Fang Yuan mentioned for Spring Autumn Cicada to be returned, he was met with strong denial from Sixth Hair.

He refused to admit Ying Wu Xie had Spring Autumn Cicada.

Because neither side was restricted by information path methods, Fang Yuan would not be able to tell apart truth or lies. There were no consequences for lying.

However, Fang Yuan was even more unreasonable, directly saying: "That is impossible! If you truly did not have, then you people would have refined it. In any case, I don't care about others, but you must return my Spring Autumn Cicada!"

Fang Yuan had no bottom line and his stance was extremely resolute.

Even though Sixth Hair said that he would swear on his life, shouting loudly as he vowed, Fang Yuan's attitude was unchanged.

After wasting a good amount of time, Fang Yuan regained his body and Spring Autumn Cicada.

However, Spring Autumn Cicada had an issue.

It was sealed by Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals using some strange methods, it was already cut off from the River of Time and was currently in a starving state.

Moreover, Fang Yuan also knew Spring Autumn Cicada had heaven's will in it, this was his biggest threat!

The immortal zombie body and Spring Autumn Cicada, both had dangers lurking within them and could not be used.

But even so, Fang Yuan was happy.

Even if I can't use them, as long as they are in my possession, it is a huge victory!

Especially when Spring Autumn Cicada was a huge trump card!

After regaining Spring Autumn Cicada and the immortal zombie body, Fang Yuan demanded Fixed Immortal Travel in the second transaction.

But where would Sixth Hair get it from?

No matter how forceful Fang Yuan was, it was no use. Moreover, he could also guess Fixed Immortal Travel might truly have been destroyed. If they had Fixed Immortal Travel, they would have already used Fixed Immortal Travel to make an escape, why would they come to be extorted by him?

A more crucial matter was that Fang Yuan and Sixth Hair had already completed a transaction.

With the transaction, it meant betraying Lang Ya Sect.

Sixth Hair had a hold over Fang Yuan, land spirits were single-minded and obstinate, if he discovered this, no matter how Fang Yuan tried to explain, it would probably be of no use.

So Fang Yuan finally gave up on Fixed Immortal Travel.

Although he could not obtain Fixed Immortal Travel, Fang Yuan obtained a large number of Immortal Gu in this transaction.

A large number!

Among them were Hei Lou Lan's strength qi Immortal Gu, self strength Immortal Gu and flying bear strength Immortal Gu, as well as Tai Bai Yun Sheng's Landscape as Before and Man as Before. Among Fang Yuan's own, there was pulling mountain Immortal Gu, pulling water Immortal Gu, star eyes Immortal Gu, and calamity beckoning Immortal Gu.

Iron crown eagle strength Immortal Gu and connect luck Immortal Gu had already been placed in treasure yellow heaven by Ying Wu Xie, and since treasure yellow heaven was closed, these two Immortal Gu were also trapped within it.

Eat Strength, Cleanse Soul, Fixed Immortal Travel, Star Shoot, Star Mark and Starlight had all self-detonated under Fang Yuan's special will, and Ying Wu Xie had not been able to save them.

Naturally, this information could be false as well.

Fang Yuan and Sixth Hair were not bound by information path methods. The bottom lines of both sides had to be probed out by themselves. Maybe Ying Wu Xie had secretly withheld some Immortal Gu, but Fang Yuan had already done everything he could and had no way to make Ying Wu Xie spit them out.

After all, every time Fang Yuan transacted, he would be betraying Lang Ya Sect once more, and his tough stance would weaken by some degree. While Shadow Sect had obtained a portion of the immortal materials and their weak stance gradually strengthened by some degree.

Of course, Fang Yuan had the firm upper hand from start to finish. After all, Ying Wu Xie was the one in a bad situation.

But Fang Yuan also did not want Ying Wu Xie to die so quickly.

If he died, as long as he left behind some clues to Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals, Fang Yuan would soon be met with disaster.

It was a much better situation with Ying Wu Xie attracting the enemies ahead of him. Heavenly Court and Shadow Sect could mutually weaken each other, while Fang Yuan observed from the sidelines.

Fang Yuan was aware that since he had stolen sovereign immortal fetus Gu, Shadow Sect would absolutely try to kill him. But this was also a reason for Shadow Sect to secretly protect him.

Ma Hong Yun's example was right in front of him. Fang Yuan knew he was Ma Hong Yun from Shadow Sect's point of view, Shadow Sect definitely wanted to re-refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu. It was just that the situation currently did not permit them to do this.

Since Ying Wu Xie had looked for Fang Yuan to do transactions, it meant he was truly at a dead end. Fang Yuan had to leave him some hope.

If Fang Yuan truly forced him until he gave up and went to drag both of them down, Fang Yuan would also be implicated and might even die.

In fact, what Sixth Hair said at the beginning had been effective.


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