Reverend Insanity
1077 Transactions with Shadow Sect 2/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1077 Transactions with Shadow Sect 2/3

"Then how do we deal? What do you people need?" Fang Yuan asked with an amicable expression.

"Fang Yuan, we know you have a lot of immortal materials. The immortal materials picked up in Earth Trench have a problem, they are filled with heaven's will. We do not want these. But the huge amount of immortal materials from Falling Heavenly River can be traded. This is our list, take a look." Sixth Hair took out an information path mortal Gu.

Fang Yuan received it and inspected it before his consciousness entered the Gu, he nodded as he browsed.

A moment later, Fang Yuan said to Sixth Hair: "I have most of these immortal materials, but as a member of Lang Ya Sect, can't you get these from Lang Ya Sect's inventory?"

Sixth Hair smiled bitterly: "Times are different, the new Lang Ya land spirit is not the same as previously, in Lang Ya Sect, sect contribution points are everything. If I want to get items from the inventory, I will need to use my sect contribution points. But my sect contribution points have not reached the number that Lord Ying Wu Xie needs."

"You are right." Fang Yuan nodded before asking: "I can give you these immortal materials, but how will these immortal materials reach Ying Wu Xie? Treasure yellow heaven is currently closed."

Ying Wu Xie had been selling Immortal Gu, he made a huge commotion, Fang Yuan knew about it.

Sixth Hair continued speaking: "It is more troublesome without treasure yellow heaven, but there is a way to send these to Lord Ying Wu Xie. Zombie Alliance was a subsidiary of Shadow Sect, before the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, because Old Ancestor Xue Hu had stolen immortal zombie bodies, Zombie Alliance had ordered the branches to create a super Gu formation to connect between the five regions. Even if someone attacks a branch, we can transport these immortal zombie bodies to other regions using the super Gu formation."

"I thought this was just an excuse to plot against the immortal zombies, to think it was real?" Fang Yuan was slightly surprised.

Sixth Hair smiled bitterly: "This is true. Sacrificing Zombie Alliance to refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu was not part of Shadow Sect's original plan. During the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, we had no choice and did it. There were more benefits in keeping Zombie Alliance, if possible, we would not have sacrificed them."

Fang Yuan nodded.

He thought about the five hundred years of his previous life. During that time, Zombie Alliance was still around in the five regions, even until the five regions chaotic war, and just before Fang Yuan's rebirth, it still played a significant role in the affairs of the world.

But it was different now.

Zombie Alliance in all five regions was now an empty shell, most of the immortal zombies were used as immortal materials and were refined in the ten extreme immortal zombie lifeless formation.

Up until this point, the five regions were still in a commotion because of it.

After all, when Zombie Alliance was around, it controlled many resources.

These resources were now ownerless, many Gu Immortal experts and super forces were fighting for them, there were bloody scenes.

"It seems that in the five hundred years of my previous life, Shadow Sect indeed succeeded. Zombie Alliance's continued existence proves this point. Heavenly Court attacked Lang Ya blessed land, resulting in Feng Jiu Ge's death inside Lang Ya blessed land, this event is very suspicious. Shadow Sect had spies inside Heavenly Court, maybe Spectral Soul had revived and controlled Heavenly Court, turning it into his own force."

Fang Yuan thought a little and felt that many things in his memories could have likely had a deeper story behind them.

"This world's secrets are too deep. Legendary people have appeared continuously. Countless experts contest and plot against each other, they are like the countless stars shining in the sky. Even though I was considered an expert, compared to these people, I am not outstanding. Hehe… precisely because of this, it is more interesting, isn't it? Hahaha."

Fang Yuan thought about this and felt increasingly joyful.

On the surface, his lips curled up as he smiled lightly.

Sixth Hair could not understand it, he thought: "Why is he smiling? And why do I have a bad feeling…"

Fang Yuan breathed in deeply, he looked at Sixth Hair with a shining gaze, his smile became more apparent: "Then, what can I get in exchange for my immortal materials?"

"Immortal Gu." Sixth Hair answered, having a calm expression.

"Interesting, very interesting." Fang Yuan clapped and smiled.

What Immortal Gu could Ying Wu Xie sell? It was obviously Fang Yuan's own Immortal Gu.

Selling Fang Yuan's Immortal Gu back to himself, Ying Wu Xie's plan was really amazing.

But even Fang Yuan himself felt that Ying Wu Xie's idea was quite good.

In this world, who would want these Immortal Gu more than Fang Yuan? Even if there were such people, they would be few in number.

And for other Gu Immortals, they were not used to these Immortal Gu, they needed to get familiar with them. But Fang Yuan was very familiar with them, he could use them well. These Immortal Gu had greater value to Fang Yuan than to others.

Furthermore, even if Immortal Gu were sold, they needed suitable Gu Immortals. For example, a strength path Immortal Gu would not be well utilized by Gu Immortals of other paths. Because of differences in paths, and conflict in dao marks, the effect would be reduced, it was not suitable for them. Unless they were using it as a supplementary Gu worm for an immortal killer move, but such situations were rare.

One could say, Fang Yuan was the best buyer. Not only did he have use for these Immortal Gu, most importantly — he could afford them!

As for how to send the Immortal Gu, Zombie Alliance's super Gu formation was likely to be used.

Fang Yuan smiled: "How many of my Immortal Gu are left? Not only do I want to buy them, I also want Hei Lou Lan's self strength Immortal Gu, and Tai Bai Yun Sheng's Man as Before and Landscape as Before. I will include these three Immortal Gu into my request."

Sixth Hair considered it for a while before nodding: "I can make the decision on this matter and agree to it."

Ying Wu Xie had control over Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Hei Lou Lan, he could make them hand over their Immortal Gu. And the most important thing now was to escape from danger and get away. Other matters could be put aside.

Fang Yuan said again: "We will trade at the same time, bring your Immortal Gu, I will pay the immortal materials."

At this time, Sixth Hair showed a difficult expression: "As a matter of fact, it will take some time for you to see the Immortal Gu. You are aware of the situation in the five regions. All the Zombie Alliance branches are being targeted, if Northern Plains' Dark Flow Giant City did not sink into Earth Trench, it would have been ransacked already. The super Gu formation is placed in Dark Flow Giant City, it will take some time for me to get the Immortal Gu. But before this, I hope that you can provide some immortal materials first. Because these immortal materials are going to be used for Gu refinement, the faster we refine, the better. Over on Lord Ying Wu Xie's end, we do not know how long they can last."

Fang Yuan heard this and sneered internally: "Sixth Hair is speaking both truth and lies at once, earlier, he said Ying Wu Xie is in grave danger, now he is indicating that Ying Wu Xie can last for some time."

On the surface, Fang Yuan's expression turned stiff, he rejected: "No, impossible. If I pay immortal materials and you do not hand me the Immortal Gu, wouldn't I be a fool?"

"Don't worry about this. I have prepared an information path immortal killer move to restrict both sides, none of us can break it." Sixth Hair had a sincere expression.

Fang Yuan laughed, he waved his hand: "Don't talk to me about information path methods, I don't believe it! Since you can subdue Hei Lou Lan, you must have removed her information path alliance agreement, right? I do not cultivate information path, would I be so foolish as to make an information path agreement with you?"

"This…" Sixth Hair hesitated.

He understood Fang Yuan's thoughts, if it were him, he would not set an agreement with Shadow Sect either.

"How about this?" Sixth Hair quickly thought of a new idea: "I can use information to exchange for a portion of the immortal materials first, how about that? This information and these secrets have immense value to you. Fang Yuan, don't you want to know what the limitations of heaven's will are? Don't you want our Shadow Sect's precious experience in dealing with heaven's will? And information about otherworldly demons, even information about Lang Ya blessed land, don't you want them?"

Fang Yuan was deeply enticed.

Heaven's will!

After understanding that heaven's will was plotting against him, how could Fang Yuan ignore it? In this world, who else other than Shadow Sect had greater experience in dealing with heaven's will?

If not for Shadow Sect taking the initiative to transact, Fang Yuan would still be left in the dark for a long period of time.

As for the matter of otherworldly demons, Fang Yuan was very curious. Why did he transmigrate here? Were other otherworldly demons were there? Did they come from the same place as him? Why could otherworldly demons change the past?

And information about Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya blessed land had existed for three hundred thousand years, what secrets were hidden inside? This was extremely important for Fang Yuan, who was getting Lang Ya land spirit's help, and also his goal of obtaining Lang Ya blessed land.

Undeniably, all this information was extremely valuable, they were very helpful to Fang Yuan.

At this moment, the room was silent.

Neither side was talking.

Fang Yuan was deep in thought.

Sixth Hair waited for Fang Yuan to agree, he was very confident that Fang Yuan would definitely say yes. The allure of this information was too high, after all.

Of course, if not for this situation, Sixth Hair would not have wanted Fang Yuan to know these secrets.

Fang Yuan spoke, but instead asked a question: "I don't understand something. Since there is a super Gu formation, why aren't Ying Wu Xie and the rest using the super Gu formation to escape directly?"

Sixth Hair explained honestly: "The super Gu formation can only transport immortal materials. Immortal zombie bodies are considered immortal materials, but they cannot include the immortal aperture. It is too hard to transport Gu Immortals across regions. There are some methods, but they are very rare. For example, Fixed Immortal Travel, but Immortal Gu are one of a kind. Stargate Gu is an exception, but it is too limited. And not everyone can enter immortal apertures"

Shadow Sect knew about stargate Gu. Fang Yuan had used it many times and even gave the Gu recipe to Lang Ya land spirit. It was not strange that Shadow Sect knew about it.

Be it Fixed Immortal Travel or stargate Gu, they had requirements towards the Gu Immortal being transported.

The Gu Immortal must have few dao marks in their body for transportation. Especially stargate Gu, it was only a mortal Gu, even though it used the power of black heaven, only rank six bottom tier Gu Immortals or those who had only gone through a few calamities could use it.

Of course, the things inside the Gu Immortal's immortal aperture were in another world, they were not considered in this.

Thus, back then, Fang Yuan used his dead aperture to contain rank nine wisdom Gu, he could transport it using stargate Gu.

Using rank six bottom tier Gu Immortals or immortal zombies as the container to use Fixed Immortal Travel or stargate Gu for cross-regional transportation?

This was very possible.

But it could not be used widely.

There was only one Fixed Immortal Travel in the world, and stargate Gu was in the hands of few people. Furthermore, rank eight Gu Immortals and high rank immortal materials or Immortal Gu have too many dao marks, they are a huge burden to the immortal aperture. Living immortal apertures could burst, while dead immortal apertures would break apart even more quickly, they could not go through this many times.

Precisely because of this, Fang Yuan placed the high rank immortal materials into Hu Immortal blessed land or Star Form blessed land, these blessed lands that were placed in the outside world were very stable.

Rank eight Gu Immortals have their own unique methods to travel across regions.

It was through white heaven and black heaven. Earlier, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord had brought a group of people to Southern Border and thwarted Shadow Sect's plan, they went there through white heaven.


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