Reverend Insanity
1074 Spy Exposed
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1074 Spy Exposed

Fang Yuan shook his head, sighing.

The price of feeding wisdom Gu was too high. Only Lang Ya land spirit was willing to pay it.

Fang Yuan used sovereign immortal fetus Gu to revive, his age was about sixteen now. Humans in this world lived a hundred years on average, that meant that Fang Yuan had about eighty-four years of lifespan left, it was a long time.

But even so, Fang Yuan knew that if he obtained lifespan Gu, he would use them all on himself. Even if he did not use them, he would save them for the future in case of emergencies.

Lifespan Gu were mortal Gu.

But lifespan Gu were among the strongest forms of currency in Gu Immortal transactions, almost nothing could compare.

There were two obstacles in a Gu Immortal's cultivation, one was calamities and tribulations, the other was lifespan.

Even if one was as strong as an Immortal Venerable or Demon Venerable, they would still be challenged by these two problems.

In fact, back then when Giant Sun Immortal Venerable set up Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, one of his most important goals was to ransack the lifespan Gu in the whole of Northern Plains to extend his lifespan, as for feeding wisdom Gu, it was secondary. During Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's later years, for a long period of time, wisdom Gu was in constant hunger, it had to go into deep sleep and could not be used.

Later, when Spectral Soul Demon Venerable explored Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, he also found wisdom Gu. But he could not use it, or afford to feed it, lifespan Gu were hard to find, he did not have enough for himself. However, with his soul path attainment level, he could make use of aspects of other paths using his own as a foundation, he did not have much need for wisdom Gu anyway.

After Spectral Soul Demon Venerable died, his era ended. Thereafter, the world started to produce lifespan Gu again. And after that, another huge figure appeared in the world, that was Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable.

He had already searched for lifespan Gu during his later years, but lifespan Gu's demand far exceeded the supply, it became rarer until it vanished.

After Paradise Earth died, a new cycle started as the world recuperated, lifespan Gu appeared again. Every ten years, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building conducted the imperial court contest, ransacking Northern Plains' lifespan Gu, wisdom Gu was slowly fed and recuperated, until Fang Yuan destroyed Imperial Court blessed land.

And later, due to its survival instincts, wisdom Gu left with Fang Yuan and went to Hu Immortal blessed land. After a long series of events, it ended up in Lang Ya blessed land now.

"During Three Kings blessed land, I used two lifespan Gu to refine second aperture Gu. But that could not be helped. In this life, I had obtained a lifespan Gu from Blazing Heaven Demoness. But after rebirth, I lost this opportunity and have no lifespan Gu with me now. Since Blazing Heaven Demoness could give me a lifespan Gu, she definitely had more than one in her possession. But she died in the ten extreme formation, her lifespan Gu were also destroyed…. Eh? No."

Fang Yuan thought as he recalled something.

"Lifespan Gu is hard to find, even an Immortal Venerable or Demon Venerable would need and desire it. Blazing Heaven Demoness was plotted against by Spectral Soul and died, her accumulated wealth must have been taken by Spectral Soul already! Even though Spectral Soul's plan failed, the remnant forces of Shadow Sect and Zombie Alliance remain, their wealth is still immense!"

As for Lang Ya land spirit, he also had a number of lifespan Gu, it was quite the sum.

These lifespan Gu were all produced inside Lang Ya blessed land.

Lang Ya blessed land had a long history of over three hundred thousand years, it had lived through the era of two venerables.

Lang Ya blessed land was originally Lang Ya grotto-heaven, it had an incredibly huge space. After intentionally being dropped to a blessed land, because Refinement Cauldron was fused into the immortal aperture world, Lang Ya blessed land's space increased instead, it was larger than even many grotto-heavens.

There were an immense number of hairy men living here, they were split into three countries, the life forms in here procreated and had generations after generations of offspring.

Lifespan Gu was produced from life forms.

Wherever life forms lived, lifespan Gu could be naturally produced.

With a huge space, countless inhabitants, and a long history, together with Lang Ya land spirit's absolute control over the blessed land, whenever a lifespan Gu appeared, he could collect it immediately. With all these reasons, Lang Ya land spirit's lifespan Gu accumulation increased continuously.

Fang Yuan did not know the exact number, but he could easily guess that the number was not small!

Ordinary Gu Immortals would need lifespan Gu, but Lang Ya land spirit did not.

"Activating wisdom Gu requires the Gu Immortal's lifespan to be expended. And feeding wisdom Gu also requires lifespan Gu. For now, I should let Lang Ya land spirit feed it."

Fang Yuan knew about Lang Ya land spirit's motives even without any probing.

This could not be helped, Fang Yuan had no lifespan Gu, he could not feed it.

He was in deep trouble himself, when Gu Immortals went through tribulations, they become stronger and stronger each time. Fang Yuan was worried about the next earthly calamity, he had no time to care about wisdom Gu.

Ever since wisdom Gu was brought away by him, Fang Yuan had not fed it once.

The truth was, Lang Ya land spirit was helping Fang Yuan.

"In any case, even if wisdom Gu acknowledges Lang Ya land spirit, it is a good thing. With my current status, I can use Lang Ya land spirit's methods to use wisdom Gu, I will only need to pay some sect contribution points."

All Gu worms were tools.

All of his hard work was targeted towards that illusory goal.

For this goal, Fang Yuan had given up too much, there was nothing he could not discard.

The experiment with wisdom Gu ended in failure.

But Fang Yuan felt no disappointment, before leaving, he asked for one thing from Lang Ya land spirit.

An information path mortal Gu that recorded the scene of when he refined change form Immortal Gu.

"This Gu refinement was very strange, the tribulations became so strong! We were lucky that we succeeded. Fang Yuan, if you find out anything, you have to tell me." Lang Ya land spirit instructed Fang Yuan before he left.

"First supreme elder did not manage to find out anything, neither could I. I will do my best." Fang Yuan answered. He had a vague guess that the tribulations gained strength due to the sovereign immortal fetus Gu. But he would not tell Lang Ya land spirit this guess no matter what.

Other than researching the tribulations, Fang Yuan had another goal, he wanted to investigate Lang Ya Sect, and see if there were any traitors left.

All along, Fang Yuan had been mindful of this.

Shadow Sect had sent two traitors into Lang Ya blessed land, unexpectedly having hairy man Gu Immortals. When Shadow Sect attacked Lang Ya blessed land, these two spies played an important role.

"But other than them, are there other spies in Lang Ya Sect?"

This problem was extremely important to Fang Yuan. After all, he had already joined Lang Ya Sect. For a long time in the future, he would need to depend on Lang Ya land spirit to undergo tribulations and cultivate.

He had just started this investigation, he did not have the time or energy until now.

After flying for some time, Fang Yuan was already close to his new accommodations.

This was a grand city.

Pure white city walls stood up proudly. At the peak of tall towers, flags were hanging.

This was a cloud city.

On Cloud Cover Continent, there were twelve cloud cities, each of the cities was a mortal Gu House. When activated together, they could form the twelve wave cloud confusion formation, it could cover the entirety of Cloud Cover Continent.

These twelve cloud cities were created from the former twelve cloud buildings.

The current Lang Ya land spirit liked grand appearances, he was different from the previous one.

The cloud city in Fang Yuan's vision was given by Lang Ya land spirit, to be the place where he defended and lived. The other hairy man Gu Immortals, including Lang Ya land spirit himself, each occupied one cloud city.

There were few residents in the city, but soon, there would be more and more. Because in Lang Ya land spirit's plan, he was going to trigger a war between the three continents and pick outstanding Gu Masters, moving them to Cloud Cover Continent for nurturing.

Fang Yuan flew down to the cloud city and landed.

Several hairy man Gu Masters quickly welcomed him.

They were elite hairy man Gu Masters, they were chosen by Lang Ya land spirit and sent to Fang Yuan. On one aspect, they were to take care of Fang Yuan's daily affairs, but there was also the intention for them to receive Fang Yuan's guidance in cultivation.

Fang Yuan was not concerned about these hairy men. But the leader of the hairy man Gu Masters respectfully told Fang Yuan that the sixth city lord has visited Fang Yuan, he had already been in the guest room for a long time already.

The sixth city lord was Gu Immortal Sixth Hair, he was guarding the sixth cloud city.

"Why is he here?"

Fang Yuan felt uncertain, he came to the guest room and met with this Gu Immortal, Sixth Hair.

"I am Sixth Hair, greetings to second city lord. I am here today to seek guidance from you regarding combat." Sixth Hair paid his respects as he said this.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change, but his gaze had turned ice cold.

As it turned out, although Sixth Hair said that out loud, he was secretly transmitting a different message to Fang Yuan.

"Fang Yuan, I am here representing Lord Ying Wu Xie to make a deal with you!"

Ying Wu Xie!

Shadow Sect!

Sixth Hair was the spy!!

At once countless thoughts flashed across Fang Yuan's mind like lightning.

"Too polite, too polite. We are all from the same sect, don't talk about guidance, we can definitely spar." Fang Yuan smiled as he showed a warm expression.

He first moved away and invited Sixth Hair to sit down, before getting to his own seat.

These few steps were not far, but countless thoughts flashed in Fang Yuan's mind.

"Sixth Hair is the spy, is he the only spy in Lang Ya blessed land?"

"He is representing Ying Wu Xie to make a deal, what transaction does he want?"

"Over on Ying Wu Xie's end, what is going on? He wants a transaction?"

"Is he sincere? Is this a trap? Is this Lang Ya land spirit's probing? After all, I joined Lang Ya Sect and have an information path alliance agreement on me."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan sat down.

His expression changed, his eyes were sharp like daggers, he looked at Sixth Hair with deep killing intent, he transmitted coldly: "Sixth Hair, what guts! Is what you just said true? If it is true, I will hand you over to first supreme elder for judgment!"


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