Reverend Insanity
1072 New Shang Clan Leader
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1072 New Shang Clan Leader

Southern Border.

Shang Liang Mountain.

The sun was high in the sky, shining brilliantly. There were lots of people on Shang Liang Mountain, the atmosphere was lively.

Rank four peak stage Gu Master Shang Bu Li stood at the mountain peak, attracting almost everyone's attention.

Even though Shang Bu Li was an experienced veteran, at this moment, he was feeling anxious.

Because right now was Shang clan's ceremony, it had huge significance. All sorts of people were attending, Tie clan, Yi clan, Wu clan, Hou clan, and all the other representatives of Southern Border's super forces, even experts from the demonic path and lone cultivators were here. The elites of Southern Border were all gathered for this, it was a grand event.

Shang clan was different from the other super forces, that was because of Shang clan's battle stage policy. The other super forces' battle stages were meant for their clansmen, while Shang clan's battle stage could also take in demonic cultivators and lone cultivators.

Shang clan's foundation was in trading, its main base was Shang Liang Mountain. Deals could be made with anyone, it was the biggest connector of the righteous path, demonic path, and lone cultivators.

This was not just among the Gu Masters, the same applied to the Gu Immortal world.

Shang clan's Gu Immortals were usually the middlemen of righteous path and demonic path transactions.

Seeing that Shang Bu Li appeared, the countless Gu Masters on Shang Liang Mountain realized that this ceremony of Shang clan was about to begin.

The entirety of Shang Liang Mountain became quiet, Shang Bu Li felt his pressure intensifying.

He took in a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down as he declared loudly: "Shang clan leader's succession ceremony, begin—!"

At the next moment, grand music was played, countless birds and peacocks flew around, golden flowers were raining down from the sky, it was a glorious scene.

From the interior of Shang Liang Mountain, a long clear rainbow road extended outwards.

A splendidly dressed girl walked on the clear rainbow road, appearing in front of everyone.

She had silky jet black hair draping over her shoulders. Her eyebrows were thin like smoke, her eyes as clear as the moon. Her skin was snow-white, and her hair was tied up, wearing a beautiful dress, she walked slowly.

It was Shang Xin Ci.

At once, countless Gu Masters held their breaths.

"So beautiful!"

"This is Shang clan's next clan leader?"

"This woman is so beautiful, she is truly like a fairy. Who is she?"

Everyone was discussing and clamoring. But these noises were all drowned by the elegant music that was being played.

The esteemed guests on the mountain peak from all the super forces, as well as experts from the demonic path and lone cultivators, were all looking at Shang Xin Ci as she walked in, transmitting their thoughts to each other.

"This woman is Shang Yan Fei's illegitimate daughter. She does not have high reputation, her aptitude is low, and her cultivation level is also low. But in the end, she actually became Shang clan's new clan leader! Fate truly toys with people, incredible, incredible."

"During the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, countless heroes and conquerors died, the forces in Southern Border were all heavily affected, much of the power balance shifted. And Yi Tian Mountain has also become among Southern Border's greatest mysteries after that battle."

Shang Xin Ci slowly walked on the clear rainbow road.

Under everyone's watchful gazes, her clothes fluttered in the air, she ascended slowly, walking towards the sky from Shang Liang Mountain's peak.

Clouds gathered in the sky, light was shining brightly, gathering into a throne.

Everyone raised their heads to watch, Shang Xin Ci had an unmatched and elegant disposition right now.

"Today, in Southern Border's Gu Master world, you are the sole main character." Shang Qing Qing muttered, as a senior female immortal of Shang clan, she was the one who singlehandedly supported Shang Xin Ci to become the leader of Shang clan.

Shang Xin Ci became Shang clan leader, in order to prevent any chaos, Shang Qing Qing had concealed herself and watched in the background to control the situation.

"After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Southern Border has fallen into its biggest commotion in several hundred years. Can this girl really lead Shang clan and maintain stability, or even expand?" Shang Tan Mo asked.

He had the appearance of a youth, he wore a blue robe and was skinny, he was looking at Shang Xin Ci with a deep gaze of doubt and inquisitiveness.

Shang Qing Qing smiled: "All of the generations of clan leaders were nurtured through gaining experience. The reason why I chose Shang Xin Ci is not because of her ability, but her heart and magnanimity. Her characteristics are an advantage that gives her an unspeakable charisma, it is extremely rare in the current world. Look at the mountain peak, her subordinates are all tearing up from joy, they are so loyal and trusting towards Shang Xin Ci. But actually, these people that she took in had varied backgrounds, they were a chaotic bunch but now they are all on the same side."

"Oh?" Shang Tan Mo heard this and was moved, he knew that Shang Qing Qing chose this girl to be the clan leader not just because of her personality, but because she had also made some observations and considerations over time.

He followed Shang Qing Qing's indication and looked down.

"To think that my lady would become Shang clan leader one day. Sob sob sob… Missy, we finally did it." Xiao Die was weeping in happiness, she was Shang Xin Ci's trusted servant, when they were in Zhang clan, they were inseparable. She followed her in the caravan, to Shang clan city, they had gone through thick and thin, her loyalty was unmatched.

"Master, if you learn about this inside the door of life and death, you must be very happy. Young miss is completely different from your other children, she can definitely give a new future to Shang clan." The servant Xiao Lan had teary eyes. She was an orphan, adopted by Shang Yan Fei when she was young, she was capable and was given to Shang Xin Ci by Shang Yan Fei. Now that Shang Yan Fei died on Yi Tian Mountain, her loyalty towards Shang Yan Fei was all transferred to Shang Xin Ci.

Zhou Quan was silent.

He was Zhou clan's leader, he had an arrogant attitude and thought highly of himself. After Zhou clan was destroyed, he was a vagrant, surviving by opening a shop in Shang clan inner city. Afterwards, Fang Yuan forced him to go under Shang Xin Ci as a subordinate.

Seeing that Shang Xin Ci was sitting down on the cloud throne, Zhou Quan's gaze was in a daze.

At this moment, he thought of Fang Yuan, a complex smile appeared on his face: "Black and white demons, should I be thanking you? Now that the young miss is Shang clan leader, my Zhou clan has hope to rise up again!"

But soon, Zhou Quan thought again: "No, reviving the clan will have to wait. Even though the young miss is a clan leader, the internal threats are huge, her situation is not stable. How can I leave her now when she needs the help of her subordinates the most?"

Zhou Quan was not overwhelmed by this huge ceremony.

He looked around at Shang Bu Li and Wan Qian Shan.

When Shang Yan Fei was Shang clan leader, he had five capable subordinates, they were called the five great generals of Shang clan. After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, among the five great generals of Shang clan, only two were left, they were Shang Bu Li and Wan Qian Shan.

The former controlled Shang clan's slave trade, while the latter was in charge of resource gathering, like mining, herb gathering, hunting, and others.

The one with Shang surname was the representative of Shang clan. The other with Wan surname was an external elder, he represented the benefits of Shang clan's external Gu Masters.

"With these two experts, young miss' internal situation in Shang clan is truly bad, she is weak while they are strong. There is even a possibility that they could make her a puppet leader by taking over secretly. Young miss' status makes her unable to obtain the support of every clansman, she is an illegitimate daughter after all."

"The internal problems are alarming, but the external problems are worse, danger is lurking everywhere. In the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, too many leaders and experts died, everything is changing, resources without owners are being contested for again! Young miss has too few resources available, be it human resources or actual goods, compared to her siblings. And she also has to deal with affairs outside the clan?"

"And at this critical moment, Lady Wei is leaving her too!"

Thinking of this, Zhou Quan looked at the female Gu Master beside him, Wei De Xin, feeling very unhappy.

He was the chief steward of Shang Xin Ci, he knew a lot of information.

Wei De Xin was the wife of Wei clan leader, she was skilled at training guards, and was pregnant, her motive was to protect her husband's only bloodline. Because Fang Yuan targeted her weakness, threatening her, she eventually went over to Shang Xin Ci's side, and helped her nurture a band of elite guards. At the same time, she became the leader of Shang Xin Ci's guards.

But now, she had already given birth, she had successfully carried on her husband's bloodline. Because she was always out in the open, her brother Wei Shen Jing found out. He sent a letter and urged Wei De Xin to go and serve Wu clan with him.

Wei De Xin was moved, after all, she was not loyal to Shang Xin Ci, she was threatened by Fang Yuan and had no choice back then.

But Zhou Quan did not know that, while he was worrying about the situation, Wei De Xin was also very worried.

Zhou Quan was once the leader of a clan, he had a good perspective of the big picture. Wei De Xin was the same, she was a clan leader's wife, she could see further than Xiao Lan and Xiao Die.

"Shang Yan Fei is already dead, my enmity with Shang clan has faded."

"Even though I was forced by the black demon back then, and had to serve the young miss, after this long period of time, I have come to understand her."

"Young miss is… a good person. There are too few good people in this world."

"Little brother, I will have to disappoint you, I cannot go to help you!"

"You are a hidden elder in Wu clan, even though you are ostracized, your life is safe. But here with young miss, danger lurks everywhere."

Wei De Xin sighed internally.

"But no matter what, as the young miss' steward, I need to think for her sake. Right now, she needs manpower, the three demonic path brothers, Xiong Tu, Xiong Huo, and Xiong Feng, must stay, we cannot let them leave." Zhou Quan looked at three people as brilliance flashed in his eyes.

"No matter what, as the young miss' personal guard, I need to think in her interests. Shang Yan Fei is dead, Shang clan only has two generals left, we need to prevent them from making her a figurehead, we need to draw in new blood. Xiao Yan… is a great choice! Not only does he have outstanding battle strength, he idolizes Wei Yang. Because of the black and white demons, Wei Yang had a good relationship with young miss, and Xiao Yan was also close to them." Wei De Xin looked at Xiao Yan who was among the crowd as she planned.

In the sky, Shang Xin Ci began to speak publicly for the first time, her speech was succinct, but there was deep meaning in it, people were pondering over it.

This was not prepared by her of course, Wei De Xin and Zhou Quan had written her script.

After the speech ended, a huge wave of applause and cheers erupted, Shang Xin Ci slowly left the center of attention.

But the succession ceremony was not over yet, what followed would be a day and night of celebration, wine and food with songs playing, to sweep away the sadness and dejection from all the heroes' deaths.

After vanishing from the sky, Shang Xin Ci directly appeared in the inner city's mansion.

"So tired…" With no one watching her, she relaxed as she felt deep fatigue in her mind.

But she knew that now was not the time to rest, she used her Gu worms to summon her aides.

Xiao Lan, Xiao Die, Wei De Xin, Zhou Quan, Xiong Tu, Xiong Huo, and Xiong Feng.

Shang Xin Ci had arrangements to make.

Ye Fan walked on the road, his eyes were shining brilliantly, he walked with an imposing aura.

Ever since he defended Shang Xin Ci while refusing to retreat in danger, he obtained the female immortal Shang Qing Qing's approval, he was given a superb inheritance and many Gu worms.

Ye Fan was troubled because he had no cultivation guidance, after getting this inheritance, his horizons expanded, he no longer lacked Gu worms, his future was bright.

He was considered Shang Xin Ci's life benefactor, he could enter her mansion without anyone stopping him.

"To think that Lady Xin Ci became Shang clan leader… but it will not be easy as a clan leader, not to mention the leader of Shang clan. How can I, Ye Fan, abandon her?"

Thinking of Shang Xin Ci, Ye Fan's heart beat quickly.

He was developing feelings for Shang Xin Ci, but he did not know what she felt about him.

He knew that Shang Xin Ci was inside her mansion, he came without an invitation.

Close, he was close.

The final door was right in front of him.

He could see Lady Xin Ci again…

Ye Fan's footsteps became faster!

He stood at the door, he straightened his back as he patted his clothes, he was about to knock.

He heard Shang Xin Ci voice from inside: "Everyone listen to me, after becoming clan leader, there is one thing I want to do first. This has been weighing in my heart for a long time. I want to use Shang clan's power to remove black demon, brother Fang Zheng's, arrest warrant! Of course… that includes sister white demon as well."

Ye Fan was dazed, his finger that was going to knock on the door froze in the air.

Shang Xin Ci was talking to her subordinates, while Shang Qing Qing and the other Gu Immortals were discussing Southern Border's matters in Living Treasure blessed land.

Living Treasure blessed land was Shang clan's public blessed land, their base camp, it was situated in the main world of Southern Border, it was very stable and could allow Gu Immortals to go in.

The door of this blessed land was the living treasure door, its favorite activity was digging its nose.

"The battle of Yi Tian Mountain has ended, Southern Border's Gu Immortal world will be in turmoil and unrest for the next few decades." Shang clan's first supreme elder spoke.

He looked around, continuing: "Right now, our clan has three matters."

"First, Zombie Alliance have vanished mysteriously over the five regions, the same goes for Southern Border's Zombie Alliance branch. They occupied many resources, Shang clan can take them over."

"Second, Yi Tian Mountain has been covered by the giant dream realm. Us righteous path forces are joining up and blockading this place, doing research while preventing demonic path or lone immortals in."

"Third, Yi Tian Mountain's shocking gambling contest ended without result, but there are huge amounts of cultivation resources left inside treasure yellow heaven. The sole participant of this gambling contest who is still alive, Gu Immortal Gua Lao, is the only person to inherit the resources. We have to take control of him!"

Shang clan's Gu Immortals all nodded. The three matters mentioned by first supreme elder were the biggest matters in Southern Border's Gu Immortal world now, countless people were concerned.

"I have been paying attention to treasure yellow heaven, to speak the truth…" Shang Qing Qing was about to speak, when suddenly her expression changed, she said in shock: "What happened? Treasure yellow heaven closed!"


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