Reverend Insanity
1071 Selling Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1071 Selling Immortal Gu

Boom boom boom!

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, rocks were sent flying.

Within the dust cloud, Ying Wu Xie opened his mouth, growling.

His growl could not be heard by ears, but the three Central Continent Gu Immortals attacking them shook, their souls were also shaking intensely.

"Oh no! This is a soul path immortal killer move!"

The three Central Continent Gu Immortals quickly put up their defenses.

"Retreat!" Using this prime opportunity, Ying Wu Xie called this out as he led Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Hei Lou Lan to fly away.

The Central Continent Gu Immortals soon regained their senses, but Ying Wu Xie and the rest were nowhere to be seen.

"What soul path killer move is this? Amazing! At that moment, I felt that my soul was going to dissipate from the tremors alone."

"These three Gu Immortals are from Northern Plains based on their aura. They are so secretive and mysterious, who are they?"

"They actually appeared in Earth Abyss, the territory of our Ancient Soul Sect. Are they related to the giant cave-in that happened earlier?"

The three Central Continent Gu Immortals had grim expressions as they communicated while healing their injuries.

"I have already sent this information to the sect, we are sending reinforcements now."

"Chase! They are all hit by my immortal killer move, I can sense them, they cannot escape!"

The three Central Continent Gu Immortals stabilized their injuries and quickly chased after them.

After chasing them for a while, the sensation vanished.

The leading Central Continent Gu Immortal was troubled: "Strange! My immortal killer move was created several years ago, it can trace people, few know about it. How did they dispel it?"

"There are many types of Immortal Gu, through different combinations, killer moves are created. Gu Immortals have many different methods, they are uncountable in number. Maybe the other party happened to have a way to counter your immortal killer move."

"This is possible but unlikely. In my opinion, it might not be dispelled, but only temporarily suppressed! Maybe they used a certain method to conceal themselves."

The leader of the three immortals said: "We chased them here, but the immortal killer move's connection vanished, there must be a reason. Did they enter someone else's immortal aperture?"

An immortal aperture was a small world independent of the five regions and nine heavens.

When fate escapees live in blessed lands and grotto-heavens, they can avoid Heaven Overseeing Tower's detection. If Ying Wu Xie, who was hit, entered someone else's immortal aperture, the investigative method of the leader of the three immortals would not work.

But entering someone else's immortal aperture was very rare in the Gu Immortal world.

Firstly, the immortal aperture was extremely important in a Gu Immortal's cultivation, few would allow others inside. Secondly, there was a drawback to this. The immortal apertures of Gu Immortals had their respective dao marks. By entering another person's immortal aperture, their dao marks would clash, they would interfere with, obstruct, or even reject and consume each other. The actual expenditure would depend on the situation itself.

Normally speaking, a larger aperture storing a smaller one was more stable. Even if a smaller one was storing a bigger one, as long as their strengths were not far apart, the immortal aperture could contain Gu Immortals. But they would suffer losses in one way or another.

If the immortal aperture was placed outside and was connected to the heaven and earth qi, they would be a part of the five regions' world. The immortal aperture would be far more stable, and could contain much more, or even higher cultivation level Gu Immortals.

If the person entering the immortal aperture had too high of a cultivation level and too many dao marks, they might cause the immortal aperture to detonate. Like the fragment worlds of the immemorial nine heavens, only people of a certain cultivation level could explore it. If they were too strong, they could not enter, forcefully going in would just destroy the small world.

There was also a special situation, it was regarding apertures of immortal zombies. Everyone knew that an immortal zombie's immortal aperture was a dead land, the time inside was the same as the outside world, and the space inside was constantly crumbling, it could be seen as the dao marks in the immortal aperture breaking apart, it was the process where they returned to the body.

Thus, even if an immortal zombie's dead aperture enters a Gu Immortal, there would not be any dao mark resistance, the only problem would be that the dead land would crumble more quickly, and the dao marks would return to the zombie body at a faster rate.

The leader of the three immortals had anticipated this situation, thus, he made Ying Wu Xie, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, and Hei Lou Lan all afflicted by his immortal killer move. No matter who entered which immortal aperture, one person would be left, they would be detected.

The leader of the three immortals suddenly had a thought: "Don't tell me, someone placed their immortal aperture while the other two entered the immortal aperture along with them?"

"It is easy for a Gu Immortal to regather their immortal aperture, but placing it down takes time, there would be a commotion. How can they do it so quickly without making a disturbance? But… Gu Immortals have countless methods, there are all sorts of geniuses in this world, they might have a certain method to quickly place down the immortal aperture?"

This Central Continent Gu Immortal thought a lot, but could not discern anything relevant.

But this did not affect his actions.

"My connection was severed here, rather than chasing them endlessly, I should stay here and investigate, maintaining the area and letting our wisdom path Gu Immortals in the sect deduce." The Central Continent Gu Immortal said.

His suggestion was well received, the other two nodded without objecting.

"They are not leaving, it seems they are staying here." Inside the super Gu formation, Tai Bai Yun Sheng looked outside and sighed.

"These three rank seven Gu Immortals are from Ancient Soul Sect, sent here to investigate the huge cave-in. Master, it was fortunate that you could escape. Please heal your injuries." Shi Nu urged.

Hei Lou Lan sank into silence.

Ying Wu Xie's expression was very ugly, he said in a hoarse voice: "To think that three Gu Immortals are waiting here for me!"

He had decided to make a sacrifice to protect his major interests, but to think that shortly after leaving, these three Ancient Soul Sect Gu Immortals appeared and fought with them, Ying Wu Xie and the rest were outmatched, they could only return to the super Gu formation.

With the concealment of the super Gu formation, the immortal killer move that was used on Hei Lou Lan and the others became temporarily ineffective.

The three rank seven Gu Immortals from Ancient Soul Sect were flying above the super Gu formation, but because the super Gu formation was extraordinary, it not only concealed them but also concealed all their aura, being in phantom form, it did not have any physical state, the three Central Continent Gu Immortals could not detect anything.

"What do we do now?" Hei Lou Lan thought to herself, looking at Ying Wu Xie with an inquisitive gaze.

Ying Wu Xie turned his face around, his gaze flickered uncertainly, after thinking about it, he made up his mind, he gritted his teeth: "In this desperate situation, I can only do this!"

A moment later, in treasure yellow heaven.

One pillar of treasure light shot into the sky, it was thick and large, attracting countless gazes the moment it appeared.

"What kind of treasure can lead to such amazing treasure light?!"

"Immortal Gu, it's an immortal Gu!"

"Someone is using treasure yellow heaven to transport Immortal Gu again? So extravagant."

Countless wills and Gu Immortals who happened to be around were talking about it. This familiar scene made them think of earlier, when Lang Ya land spirit used treasure yellow heaven to send Fang Yuan his sword path Immortal Gu.

But soon, the commotion exploded among the people.

The Gu Immortal's will publicly announced: This Immortal Gu was to be sold openly, anyone could buy it, but they had to use Immortal Gu to exchange for it, or collect enough immortal materials provided in the list to trade.

All of the Gu Immortals were shaken!

Exchanging Immortal Gu for Immortal Gu was normal, it was also nearly the only way of transacting Immortal Gu.

But to think that this transaction could also be done using immortal materials.

This was shocking and surprising.

At once, the whole of treasure yellow heaven went into chaos!

Central Continent, Eastern Sea, Western Desert, Northern Plains, Southern Border, Gu Immortals from all five regions revealed deep interest towards this Immortal Gu.

Especially when they realized that the immortal materials on the list were not absurd. As long as they collected the immortal materials and exchanged for this Immortal Gu, they would profit without fail!

As time passed, a sudden Immortal Gu transaction caused a huge commotion in treasure yellow heaven.

More and more Gu Immortals heard about this and placed their attention here, asking for the price.

The price was very fair, countless Gu Immortals were moved.

Ying Wu Xie smiled coldly as he saw this.

The seller of the Immortal Gu was none other than him.

Immortal Gu were usually not sold, because refining Gu was hard, and Immortal Gu were unique, even a hundred portions of immortal materials might not successfully refine the Gu.

But Ying Wu Xie was forced to his wits' end, he had no choice but to choose to sell Immortal Gu.

He had immortal killer moves and Immortal Gu recipes in his mind, they were all given to him by Spectral Soul's will within the red lotus in the river of time.

Because the will carried in Spring Autumn Cicada was limited, this information was chosen carefully and given to Ying Wu Xie. All of it was precious and had great value.

He could not sell these, they were all useful in saving his main body. If they were sold, his secrets would be exposed, they could not be sold.

He could not sell these things, and his cultivation resources had been exchanged for immortal materials, which were used up when refining Fixed Immortal Travel. Then, Ying Wu Xie had only one choice left, that was to sell Immortal Gu.

He had quite a number of Immortal Gu.

They were mostly from Fang Yuan.

He was selling one of Fang Yuan's Immortal Gu, iron crown eagle strength Gu.

In the current Gu Immortal world, even though strength path Gu Immortals were rare, this Immortal Gu still drew a lot of attention. Because its price was not high, many rank six Gu Immortals without Immortal Gu could bear the cost.

"As I expected! By selling this iron crown eagle strength Gu first to cause a commotion, I can raise the prices later when I sell other Immortal Gu!" Ying Wu Xie snickered internally.

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

"Fairy Zi Wei, do you know about the situation in treasure yellow heaven?" Granny Sha used Gu worms to transmit and ask Fairy Zi Wei.

Fairy Zi Wei had been trying to deduce the location of 'Fang Yuan'.

But she did not know that Fang Yuan's soul and body were separated.

Most of her deductions were focused on Ying Wu Xie, who was closest to her. Fang Yuan was inside Lang Ya blessed land, and they were separated by two regional walls, her capability in deducing him was minimal.

After getting Granny Sha's reminder, Fairy Zi Wei smiled, stopping her deduction: "Selling iron crown eagle strength Immortal Gu in treasure yellow heaven? And he wants to use space path Immortal Gu like Fixed Immortal Travel in exchange? It seems that Fang Yuan has been pushed into a corner, he has no choice but to do this."

"It is a pity… if it were anyone else, treasure yellow heaven cannot be disrupted. But Heavenly Court is an exception. Open the treasury, I am going to make a transaction with treasure yellow heaven's heavenly spirit!"

Treasure yellow heaven's heavenly spirit was extremely proud and rarely showed itself. It ignored even Heavenly Court and had once resigned itself to death rather than giving in to a venerable's threat, making them helpless.

The huge Heavenly Court could not force treasure yellow heaven to stop Ying Wu Xie from making transactions, that was impossible.

But Fairy Zi Wei was very confident in this.


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