Reverend Insanity
1068 Success and Failure
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1068 Success and Failure

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud sounds resounded non stop as the entire sky of Cloud Cover Continent shook.

"This is the heavenly drum thunder tribulation!" Lang Ya land spirit said inside the ancient battle formation Heavenly Giant Solor.

His face was showing shock and confusion.

"With this heavenly drum thunder tribulation, every time thunder booms, formless astral lightning would form in the Gu Immortal's body, destroying their intestines and organs, the force can blow up mountains and crack boulders. This is a sound path and lightning path tribulation, normal Gu Immortals cannot defend against it easily, they are also sure to die in this tribulation. However, Fang Yuan, you do not need to fear, this place is surrounded with refinement path dao marks, it is the best defense. Furthermore, I have methods to resist it, as long as Heavenly Giant Solor is around, you will be safe!"

While feeling anxious, Lang Ya land spirit transmitted this to Fang Yuan, he was afraid that Fang Yuan would be distracted by the tribulation, causing the Gu refinement to end up in failure.

Even though Lang Ya land spirit wanted to get Dang Hun Mountain, and Fang Yuan failing to refine the Gu would help in this, he was a land spirit that had to follow his promises, this was an agreement made by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable and Long Hair Ancestor, he had to do his best to help Fang Yuan without scheming against him.

Fang Yuan floated in the air, completely unaffected by the rumbling thunder outside.

His expression was calm, his mind was also ice cool.

Lang Ya land spirit's worry was excessive, Fang Yuan had undergone so many battles, the five regions chaotic war, the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, he had experienced all of these chaotic scenes, he was immune to such interference.

He was composed, his fingers moved quickly, like flowers blooming, he stably proceeded with the Gu refinement.

Boom boom boom.

Every thunderous sound would cause the giant silver body of Heavenly Giant Solor to shake.

The hairy man Gu Immortals who formed the battle formation felt agitated, their hair was standing on end, as if an apocalypse was coming.

Lang Ya land spirit snorted coldly: "I have a move that counters sound path. Behold my immortal killer move — Silent World!"

The silver giant shone with boundless brilliance.

The silvery light was sharp, like shards of the sun.

Fang Yuan shut his eyes in time, as he activated several defensive killer moves.

The silvery light flickered and vanished without a trace.

Silent world!

No more thunder was heard.

In the sky, dark clouds loomed as countless bolts of lightning flashed in the clouds.

But the thunder that accompanied every flash of lightning was gone.

After a long time, the sounds of thunder returned, from soft gradually to loud.

"With just this heavenly drum thunder tribulation's size, even if it expands by ten times, it cannot interrupt the Gu refinement." Lang Ya land spirit had just said this smugly when the dark clouds in the sky transformed.

Numerous blue light lumps shot down from the dark clouds, each light lump was a blue charm lightning shadow!

This was a lightning fiend, its battle strength matched rank six Gu Immortals.

When Hu Immortal underwent tribulation, she died because of a blue charm lightning shadow. And now, Fang Yuan had to face twenty of them!

Lang Ya land spirit's eyes were bulging, he yelled: "What is going on? Why is there a second blue charm lightning shadow tribulation? And the size is actually twenty times of the usual!"

Even with Lang Ya land spirit's long life and countless experiences, he was visibly fazed.

Fang Yuan's heart jumped, this was so similar to the situation when he was undergoing tribulation.

"During my first earthly calamity, it surpassed a heavenly tribulation. This time, during change form Immortal Gu's refinement, the same thing happened, there are actually twenty blue charm lightning shadows! If I encountered this during my earthly calamity, I would have died without question!"

During Fang Yuan's first earthly calamity, the heaven and earth qi turned into some iron crown eagles, two ancient ruin bats, and countless ancient snow monsters, desolate beast snow monsters, and others…

In terms of size, his first earthly calamity was larger, but Fang Yuan barely passed it.

If he encountered this earthly calamity with twenty blue charm lightning shadows, he would not be able to live.

During his earthly calamity, the ancient ruin bats had just formed when Fang Yuan resolutely attacked them with his full power without hesitation, destroying them. Fang Yuan had high offense and low defense, this was making use of his advantage.

But if he fought against twenty blue charm lightning shadows, it would be different.

Blue charm lightning shadows were fast, their battle strength matched rank six Gu Immortals, even if Fang Yuan used triple layered sword wave, he could not hit them.

Fang Yuan had rank seven and eight Immortal Gu, but they were not defensive Immortal Gu. Fang Yuan had strong attacks, but weak defensive methods, he was countered by the blue charm lightning shadows.

"The underlying problem is, I developed too quickly, my foundations are unstable, I have too many weaknesses now." Fang Yuan had a thought.

Actually, he had discovered this problem long ago.

But since the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, he had been pressed for time, he had no free time to make up for these aspects.

Twenty blue charm lightning shadows charged at Fang Yuan together. They were so fast, like lightning, Fang Yuan only saw several blue traces before they all got near him.

Lang Ya land spirit shouted in panic, using another immortal killer move.

The silver giant's body was shining in light, within the pure white light, the silver giant's body expanded until it multiplied a dozen times in size.

The original silver giant was already huge, with this transformation, its feet stepped on Cloud Cover Continent while its head extended up towards the heavens!

The silver giant's mountain-like body shook intensely, it used another immortal killer move.

The blue charm lightning shadows were already at Fang Yuan's left and right, they crashed into a sudden wall of light that appeared and were bounced back.

After saving Fang Yuan, the silver giant raised its hands, clasping them together to form a circle, with Fang Yuan inside.

Its arms were huge, they covered the surrounding space around Fang Yuan.

"The situation, is bad, even though my killer move can defend against blue charm lightning shadows, your refinement is still being interrupted. You need to be careful now, stronger attacks might be coming at you, if you fail to hold firm, the Gu refinement will fail!" Lang Ya land spirit transmitted again.

Fang Yuan nodded, he did not speak, his expression was heavy.

While refining Gu now, there were countless refinement path dao marks helping him, and even the remaining portion of Refinement Cauldron was in the air assisting him. But the silver giant's battle with the blue charm lightning shadows would disturb the dao marks, causing countless tremors. These were all problems for Fang Yuan! If he made a mistake, his hard work would be wasted.

Bam bam bam!

Loud clashing sounds entered Fang Yuan's ears.

The blue charm lightning shadows were like blue bees, surrounding the silver giant and attacking at its two hands.

They were moving quickly, while the silver giant was moving clumsily.

"You bunch of fools!" Lang Ya land spirit scolded.

He had to protect Fang Yuan and keep his arms stable, he could not be distracted, thus, the matter of resisting the blue charm lightning shadows was left to the other hairy man Gu Immortals.

But these hairy man Gu Immortals had low battle strength, they were unskilled in controlling the giant. Even though they did their best, the immortal killer moves they used either failed, or even if they succeeded, in the outside world, they created flashy effects but had little impact.

After a long time, they only killed one blue charm lightning shadow, and that was because of a lucky hit.

Lang Ya land spirit did not even have the energy to yell at them.

"Right now, it is really bad." He was full of worries.

The silver giant was created with Heavenly Giant Solor, it had expanded by more than ten times, with less defense than before. It could only take a beating while the blue charm lightning shadows attacked, it was getting more transparent, fading with time.

Even though Fang Yuan's situation was stabilized, because of the outside interference, his speed fell drastically.

Lang Ya land spirit estimated that with this speed, the silver giant could not last until the end.

He was already occupied now, while Fang Yuan was focusing on the Gu refinement, they could not fight.

Without external help, this refinement was bound to fail!

"Thankfully, this is my first try, it is okay if it fails, I have funds." Fang Yuan's attitude was actually rather good, he had a positive mindset.

When refining Immortal Gu, who could expect to succeed on the first try?

Fang Yuan could bear the failure, but over in Central Continent's Earth Abyss, Ying Wu Xie had no alternatives left.

"This is the final chance, the final set of immortal materials, I cannot fail again!" Ying Wu Xie's forehead was covered in sweat, he gritted his teeth.

He was like a wolf that was forced to the edge of the cliff.

Once he failed, to gather another batch of immortal materials, it would be extremely difficult.

"In this situation, I can only use my trump card… I can't care less about the backlash, I need to get through this crisis first!"

Ying Wu Xie made up his mind and activated a certain immortal killer move.

An intense pain assaulted the depths of his soul.

Under the effect of the immortal killer move, his entire soul turned into fuel and started burning. At the same time, his luck rose gradually!

"My main body had explored Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and created this move… luckily, I obtained rank seven soul howl Gu earlier, together with some mortal Gu, I can use this move."

Determination flashed across Ying Wu Xie's eyes.

He was going all in, using a huge amount of luck to help himself in refining Fixed Immortal Travel.

"I can definitely succeed this time!!" He screamed internally.

Inside Lang Ya blessed land, there was great danger.

The silver giant was extremely weak, it was on the verge of collapsing.

The hairy man Gu Immortals in the giant suffered severe injuries, some of them had burst arteries, they were spitting out blood, some had fainted while others were trembling intensely, throwing up frothy saliva.

They had assembled the ancient battle formation, now that the formation was damaged, the injuries were reflected onto them.

There were eleven blue charm lightning shadows left.

Be it Fang Yuan or Lang Ya land spirit, they were in despair.

"The next time I refine Gu, I will definitely not use the hairy man heaven and earth style!" Fang Yuan swore to himself, at this moment, he felt that the human isolation style was very wonderful.

"I am actually going to fail this time, my Lang Ya blessed land's reputation is ruined, it is the fault of these tribulations that increased in strength so ridiculously!" Lang Ya land spirit was furious.

"Alright, it is almost time to stop." Gu Immortal Sixth Hair thought to himself.

He was the spy that Shadow Sect had placed in Lang Ya blessed land, there were three of them formerly, now he was the only one left.

He was the one communicating with Ying Wu Xie, giving him the information about Fang Yuan and the blessed land.

While resisting the blue charm lightning shadows, he did not help much, in fact he was doing sabotage. From Shadow Sect's perspective, they were unwilling to see Fang Yuan refine change form Immortal Gu.

"For the final attack, let's use killer move one arm sacrifice!" Sixth Hair thought as he almost laughed out loud.

Even though this move was powerful, it would greatly weaken the silver giant. Now that the silver giant was on the brink of breaking apart, once this move was used, it would definitely collapse.

"If I use this move, the ancient battle formation would collapse, not only would Fang Yuan's refinement fail, the backlash of the ancient battle formation would also kill many of the hairy man Gu Immortals. After surviving, I would be given even greater responsibilities. This is perfect, simply perfect!"

Cold light flashed in his eyes, the traitor Sixth Hair used one arm sacrifice resolutely!

One of the silver giant's arms left its body, as it fell, a bright light was emitted.

"Oh no! Which idiot…" Lang Ya land spirit's expression changed, he was about to scold.


This severed arm was hit by an immortal killer move and erupted with incredible strength as it flew far away.


With a loud crash, an intense explosion occurred, it happened to hit the surrounding blue charm lightning shadows.

These blue charm lightning shadows were flying around everywhere, at that moment, coincidentally, most of them were gathered together, and were hit by this explosion, they all died at once.

Stunning results!

Fang Yuan was dazed.

Sixth Hair was shocked: "This, this actually worked?!"

Lang Ya land spirit was also in a daze, he shouted after a while: "Good attack!!"

With this change, the silver giant collapsed, and the hairy man Gu Immortals were all injured. But there were only three blue charm lightning shadows left, the situation turned around quickly.

Just Lang Ya land spirit alone could deal with these blue charm lightning shadows.

Sixth Hair was in regret, he wanted to attack but Lang Ya land spirit ordered him to take care of the other hairy man Gu Immortals.

An hour later, Fang Yuan held the newly refined change form Immortal Gu as he stood in disbelief.

"The first refinement attempt succeeded?"

Central Continent, Earth Abyss.


Ying Wu Xie spat out blood as he fell backwards.

His expression was pale, he fainted at once.

The final attempt at refining Fixed Immortal Travel failed!


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