Reverend Insanity
1064 I am a transformation path Gu Immortal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1064 I am a transformation path Gu Immortal

Why did Fang Yuan choose transformation path?

After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan had a living body. He had been considering the most important question, what path was he going to choose from now on.

In his previous life, he chose blood path, that was because blood path allowed quick growth and was very powerful, he could grow while fighting, and it had little requirements towards resources. Moreover, during his previous life, this was his only decent fortuitous encounter, his best prospects were in blood path.

After rebirth, he gave up on blood path and chose strength path, that was because now was not the five regions chaotic war period, the regions were still orderly and blood path could not flourish. Another reason was because of his fortuitous encounters. Fang Yuan searched his memories and found the best opportunities for him at certain periods of time, coincidentally, these opportunities were all related to strength path.

Actually, be it blood path or strength path, they had flaws.

Blood path was in poor circumstances, people held animosity towards it. Any Gu Immortal or Gu Master who cultivated blood path would be pushed aside by the entire world.

Strength path was declining, even though Domination Immortal Chu Du added the human jun strength branch, its decline could not be stopped.

Truthfully speaking, these two paths were not the best choices.

Fang Yuan concluded: Since rebirth, his fortuitous encounters were quite plentiful.

Wisdom path, luck path, theft path…

These opportunities were also of very high grade. For example, Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance, or Star Lord Wan Xiang's star path inheritance.

Star path and wisdom path, these two paths were much better than blood path and strength path.

Having an inheritance and not having one resulted in drastically different outcomes.

The former allowed one to use the wisdom of predecessors to advance fearlessly, they could be very confident. The latter explored on their own, in a world of the unknown, they had to experiment and find their way forward slowly.

If Fang Yuan had obtained these two true inheritances in his previous life, as long as the situation allowed it, he would have chosen Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance as the main focus, with Star Lord Wan Xiang's star path inheritance as well as Blood Sea Ancestor's true inheritance to assist him. He would become a wisdom path Gu Immortal.

Because in terms of prospects, Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance was the best.

Wisdom path Gu Immortals were few in numbers, they were very valuable in the Gu Immortal world. While being very popular, they were also deeply feared by many.

But the path to choose was not just dependent on future prospects, one's immediate needs were important too.

Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance came from a Heavenly Court rank eight Gu Immortal, it had been passed down for many generations, the prospects were great.

But this inheritance had a weakness, it did not excel in fighting.

The biggest advantage of this true inheritance was the proficiency in deduction.

In order to make up for this weakness, Dong Fang Chang Fan created the immortal killer move myriad star fireflies, his weakness was alleviated.

Dong Fang Chang Fan's route was not suitable for Fang Yuan.

Because he was facing danger everywhere.

Ying Wu Xie, Shadow Sect's remnant forces, Heavenly Court, Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, the Huang Jin tribes in Northern Plains, Fang Yuan had many enemies.

Especially after the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan's secrets were exposed, be it Spring Autumn Cicada, his otherworldly demon status, or the crime of Imperial Court blessed land, he had almost been completely exposed.

Thus, Fang Yuan not only needed to consider his future prospects, he had to consider his circumstances.

In some aspects, his immediate needs were more important than his future prospects.

Without the ability to deal with his circumstances, even if he had huge prospects, it was useless, he could not make use of them.

Right now, Fang Yuan needed high battle strength.

Metal path, fire path, lightning path, sword path, blood path, these five paths were publicly recognized as the paths with the highest battle strength.

The first three had been mainstream for an extremely long time.

The latter two, be it sword path or blood path, had very short history, they were considered to be new. Sword path had Bo Qing, while blood path had Blood Sea Ancestor, but other than these two, there were few noteworthy people. Thus, the foundation of these two paths could not match the other three.

For Fang Yuan, be it metal path, fire path, or lightning path, his attainment level was ordinary, he had no inheritances for them.

In contrast, he was a blood path grandmaster, and even though his sword path attainment level was ordinary and had no inheritance, he had many of Bo Qing's Immortal Gu.

The attainment level of all of the paths was an important element of consideration.

Without an inheritance, if the person had high attainment level, they could innovate and create new methods. But it would be harder to do it without an inheritance, the person needed talent and creativity.

Fang Yuan's strength path, blood path, wisdom path, and star path attainment levels were all at grandmaster, with blood path coming from his previous life's foundation. Strength path was accumulated over both lives, while wisdom path and star path were obtained by chance, using the dream realm to raise their attainment levels rapidly.

Refinement path was at quasi-grandmaster, it was good even among Gu Immortals.

Enslavement path was at master level, it was not impressive among Gu Immortals.

Luck path was quasi-master, while most of his other paths were ordinary (like sword path, light path, dark path, and others), or even blank (like phantom path).

In terms of attainment level, he should go on the path with the highest grandmaster attainment level, one out of these four.

But forget about blood path, or strength path on the decline, wisdom path and star path were not outstanding in battle strength, even though he had inheritances of them, Fang Yuan's accumulated Immortal Gu were all lost already.

If the Immortal Gu in these inheritances were not yet refined, Fang Yuan could still slowly refine them in the future.

But these Immortal Gu were in Ying Wu Xie's hands now, he did not know which ones were already destroyed, in this situation, there was a huge obstacle for his future cultivation. Even if he was willing to take a risk and refine Immortal Gu, because there could only be one, he might not succeed!

With all of these considerations, Fang Yuan was in an awkward position.

After the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, when thinking about his future path, Fang Yuan felt deeply lost.

Only after he gradually realized the profoundness of this body, the confusion in him was dissipating, he could see hope again.

He first realized that his body had over a thousand dao marks, of all paths.

This was not out of the ordinary.

When Gu Immortals undergo tribulations, because of the tribulations in their immortal apertures, dao marks of all different kinds would form, it was only that there would very clearly be one or two types with the highest quantities.

The most important thing was — his dao marks did not interfere with each other, they did not weaken one another!

This was simply too amazing!

When Fang Yuan first realized this, he could not believe that something this good could exist!

This overturned conventional wisdom regarding cultivation. If he told people about it, they would think he was spouting nonsense.

But thinking about sovereign immortal fetus Gu — a rank nine Immortal Gu that Spectral Soul Demon Venerable and Shadow Sect had prepared to create for tens of thousands of years, the essence of their work.

In this way, it was not strange for it to go against common sense.

Next, Fang Yuan was immensely joyful.

This benefit was not for others, it was for himself!

With just this point, he could cultivate every path!!

Long ago, Fang Yuan had once planned to cultivate two immortal apertures, one for time path, and another for strength path. But the sovereign immortal aperture was much more absurd, it could cultivate every path, from the start of history, every single path that had existed!

This was simply like a dream.

In history, even Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables cultivated one path primarily, with another secondarily. Even if Gu Immortals cultivated many paths, the result was often that they would end up in failure after trying to bite off more than they could chew.

Because their dao marks resisted each other, the more they cultivated, the greater the conflict, it was not worth it.

But Fang Yuan did not have this problem, he could cultivate every path, there was zero conflict, his prospects were bright, he surpassed the Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables in history!

Fang Yuan quickly calmed down.

The possibility was beautiful, but cultivating every path was just a wondrous dream. He had to consider the amount of time needed, resources, effort, and most importantly, a safe and peaceful cultivation environment.

Fang Yuan did not have any of these.

He had limited effort and resources, and had no time, his enemies were in all five regions, including the Northern Plains Gu Immortals who were most skilled at combat, the number one Gu Immortal organization in the world, Heavenly Court, the ten great ancient sects who controlled Central Continent, and countless people who were coveting the luck path true inheritance that he had…

His prospects were wonderful, but danger lurked everywhere.

Forget about creating his own path. Fang Yuan did not have that foundation. He could only choose one path that was available now, and continue on it. At most, he could cultivate a second one.

Any more, and the situation would not allow it. His time and effort would be wasted, and he would be seeking his own doom.

Among all of the paths, which one could allow Fang Yuan to gain great battle strength and display his expertise, while also considering his attainment level and inheritances?

After thinking about it, one path was left in Fang Yuan's mind.

That was — transformation path!

Transformation path was called the 'path that projected every path', transformation path Gu Immortals could transform into existences of metal path, light path, sword light, light path, and all other paths.

But transformation path had a flaw that has lasted until today, that was when transformation path Gu Immortals transform into other beings, they needed to get rid of those dao marks to prevent their dao marks from interfering with one another.

This flaw was non-existent to Fang Yuan. Because of sovereign immortal fetus Gu, his dao marks co-existed in harmony. When Qi Zai chased him, he had even thought that Fang Yuan was the owner of Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's secret of unrestrained transformation.

It could be said, transformation path could display Fang Yuan's advantage the most.

It could even be said, Fang Yuan was currently, no, he was one of the only two people in history that were most suitable to cultivate transformation path.

Even more amazingly, once he cultivated transformation path, his secret of having dao marks that did not resist each other would be concealed completely.

Fang Yuan could use the Immortal Gu of all paths after transforming, without attracting any suspicion.

And after transforming, he could use the Immortal Gu of those paths and receive an amplification effect. For example, becoming a sword path beast to gain numerous sword path dao marks, and then using sword path Immortal Gu to gain a greater amplification in power.

Even though Fang Yuan's transformation path attainment level was not high, so what, he had Reckless Savage's true meaning!

Even though Fang Yuan did not have any transformation path inheritance, it was not an issue. Why? Because transformation path killer moves were easy to obtain, perfectly transforming into another form completely was a killer move of transformation path in itself.

As for the Immortal Gu of transformation path, they were the easiest to refine in all of the paths. To Fang Yuan, he could quickly accumulate them and restart again.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan had other considerations.

Like Lang Ya blessed land.

This Lang Ya land spirit placed high value on the identity of a hairy man, if Fang Yuan cultivated to fruition, he could turn into a hairy man Gu Immortal to gain his trust, he would get more support!

In the future, when he faces assault, he could turn into other things or people to deceive others. If his identity was exposed, and he could not do anything with his original identity, he could conceal himself and continue to roam the world safely.

"From now on, I am a transformation path Gu Immortal!"


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