Reverend Insanity
1063 Transformation Path!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1063 Transformation Path!

Seeing Fang Yuan's figure leaving in the horizon, Chu Du watched, staying on the spot.

"Letting him go like this, was it a correct move or not?" Chu Du's gaze was flickering.

But soon, he smiled bitterly to himself: "Even if I do not want to let him go, what can I do?"

"My methods cannot capture or catch up to him."

"If I use brute force, with this person's mysterious background, he might be troublesome to deal with, and even if I capture him, he might destroy his own soul, how would I get the method then?"

"However, seeing his attitude, he must be sincere in trading with me. Otherwise, he could have left already, why did he stay to talk with me?"

Chu Du recalled the conversation he had with Fang Yuan.

He thought about it for a while, he felt that Fang Yuan was very sincere, even though Fang Yuan did not talk about anything significant, and most of the things he said were lip service.

But precisely so, Chu Du felt: This was much more sincere than giving empty promises and assurances of benefits.

Of course, his greatest confidence was not in Fang Yuan's attitude, but the flying sword Immortal Gu that he had in his hands.

"This is a rank seven Immortal Gu!"

Even a legendary figure like Chu Du did not have many rank seven Immortal Gu in his possession.

Fang Yuan flew away and did not encounter any more problems.

Lang Ya land spirit had already arranged for hairy man Gu Immortals to set up immortal battlefield killer moves, there were even Immortal Gu formations used for teleportation.

However, Fang Yuan had an extremely easy time in getting away from Chu Du. Thus, the immortal battlefield killer move to obstruct Chu Du was no longer needed.

Retrieving the components of the battlefield killer move, Fang Yuan used the Immortal Gu formation and returned to Lang Ya blessed land.

"You had dog shit luck Immortal Gu's protection, yet you still encountered Chu Du, this does not follow common sense. Did anyone scheme against you?" Seeing Fang Yuan, Lang Ya land spirit asked straightforwardly.

Fang Yuan frowned, he had considered this question long ago.

"With dog shit luck Immortal Gu's protection, my luck should not be bad. Was it because the earthly calamity was too fierce, the luck gained from Dog Shit Luck was all used to counter the earthly calamity?" Fang Yuan had a guess, but he could not say it to Lang Ya land spirit.

He was a human Gu Immortal after all.

Even though he joined Lang Ya Sect, they were still of different races, there was a rift between them.

Like earlier, when Fang Yuan rushed back to Northern Plains from Southern Border, Lang Ya land spirit used the opportunity to take advantage of his situation.

"But if that is the case, then the earthly calamity that I went through was already heavily weakened by luck. Then, what sort of strength would the actual earthly calamity have?"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan felt a cold chill.

In this tribulation, he had narrowly avoided death, his life was in danger, it was a close call.

In fact, this earthly calamity had completely surpassed the level of earthly calamities. Even the ten great catastrophes could not match Fang Yuan's current earthly calamity.

"But I have connected luck with many people. Perhaps because Dog Shit Luck's effect was split between many people, it was not effective." Fang Yuan thought, but he said: "First supreme elder is right, this is not a problem of luck, someone was plotting against me!"

The identity of 'Fang Yuan' had already been exposed in the battle of Yi Tian Mountain.

Be it the secret about him being an otherworldly demon or Spring Autumn Cicada, the fact that he also destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was known to all.

Shadow Sect, Heavenly Court, and all of the Huang Jin tribes in Northern Plains were likely to plot against Fang Yuan.

Lang Ya land spirit sighed, worry was written all over his face, his tone became grim: "Maybe no one is plotting against you. Don't forget, you are a member of Lang Ya Sect. And my Lang Ya blessed land is already exposed, we have suffered more than one attack. A while ago, we lost two Gu Immortals, the value of this place is enough for many experts and forces to act."

Fang Yuan was slightly happy, it was much better for him if Lang Ya land spirit had such thoughts.

Lang Ya land spirit's gaze was flickering, he quickly changed his words: "But if we can use wisdom Gu as the core to create the Immortal Gu House Secluded Residence, not only can we defend ourselves, we can even defend against all of the deductions from almost everyone in the world!"

Fang Yuan smiled without speaking.

It turned out that Lang Ya land spirit wanted to talk about this. It seemed that he was still coveting wisdom Gu. But sadly, in the earlier transaction, Fang Yuan did not sell wisdom Gu.

"It was all thanks to first supreme elder's Gu worms that I passed this tribulation. I will return them to you now, these Gu worms were a great help." Fang Yuan said as a huge number of Gu flew according to his will, out of his immortal aperture.

"Of course! With their help, simply an earthly calamity is a piece of cake." Lang Ya land spirit said proudly.

Fang Yuan did not say the truth, but he did not lie, he diverted the topic: "Especially your killer move immortal tribulation tempering aperture, it was really effective. But Chu Du appeared at the end, it was quite scary. Thankfully, I was superior to him in terms of movement, albeit slightly."

While listening, Lang Ya land spirit collected all of the Gu worms, after inspecting each of them, he asked with a tone of regret: "Are you really not selling Dang Hun Mountain and wisdom Gu to me?"

In the original transaction, Lang Ya land spirit wanted to use three true inheritances in exchange for Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po Valley, and wisdom Gu.

But after thinking about it, Fang Yuan felt that even though refinement path, luck path, and theft path were good, they were not entirely suitable for him, they did not quite fit his future plans. If he exchanged for all of them, it was not worth it.

However, the refinement path killer move immortal tribulation tempering aperture, the luck path true inheritance's dog shit luck Immortal Gu and others, they could provide Fang Yuan with huge help.

Thus, after thinking about it, Fang Yuan chose his words and urged the land spirit: "Do you really want to trade all three true inheritances with me? There are many Immortal Gu in the true inheritances, if I get them, would Lang Ya Sect not need them later?"

Lang Ya land spirit was unwilling to let them go as well.

For example, dog shit luck Immortal Gu, it had been refined immediately by Long Hair Ancestor the moment Giant Sun Immortal Venerable died.

After that, dog shit luck Immortal Gu had been guarding Lang Ya blessed land, providing huge help to the previous Lang Ya land spirit when he refined Gu. At the same time, it protected Lang Ya blessed land from countless disasters and dangers.

However, if Lang Ya land spirit did not offer them, these true inheritances would be too low in value, how could they be traded for Fang Yuan's three treasures?

Thus, Fang Yuan urged again: "First supreme elder, since both of us are unwilling, why don't we take what we need. Let's deal with a portion of each."

"Oh? Explain clearly." Lang Ya land spirit said.

Fang Yuan spoke about his intentions as Lang Ya land spirit rejected: "No way, no way, you want the most essential parts of all three true inheritances, but you are only offering Luo Po Valley. This is a huge loss, no way! It will not do!"

Fang Yuan smiled, continuing to negotiate with Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit was not good at negotiations, his baseline was quickly identified by Fang Yuan after some probing.

Under such a situation, the land spirit was simple and easy to deal with compared to Gu Immortals.

Eventually, Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit came to an agreement.

Fang Yuan officially sold Luo Po Valley to Lang Ya land spirit, while he obtained dog shit luck Immortal Gu, blood asset Immortal Gu, and dark limit Immortal Gu, these three rank six Immortal Gu. His debt to Lang Ya Sect was cleared, and he borrowed a large number of mortal Gu and Immortal Gu to fix his weaknesses, and most importantly, the Gu worms needed to form immortal tribulation tempering aperture and triple layered sword wave.

And in fact, immortal tribulation tempering aperture and triple layered sword wave were extremely helpful to Fang Yuan during the tribulation.

Even though this transaction was made, Lang Ya land spirit was still coveting Dang Hun Mountain and wisdom Gu right now.

This time, the land spirit expressed his intent to purchase them again.

But would Fang Yuan agree?

Even so, he could not reject Lang Ya land spirit too harshly, he thought and said carefully: "I have no intentions to sell these two yet, but if I have any difficulties in the future, and the situation requires it, I will use them to trade with first supreme elder."

Lang Ya land spirit was about to speak.

Fang Yuan waved his hand, quickly saying: "I will leave these two treasures in Lang Ya blessed land. I will not take them with me, I will lend them to the sect for use, as per our previous agreement. Don't worry, first supreme elder."

Lending wisdom Gu to Lang Ya Sect meant Lang Ya land spirit would feed it, this solved a huge problem for Fang Yuan.

As for Dang Hun Mountain, it was better to not place it in his immortal aperture.

Famous mountains or rivers bore a huge burden on the heaven and earth qi. The same applied to secluded domains of heaven and earth.

Most importantly, Shadow Sect had clear knowledge of Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po Valley, if they used Fixed Immortal Travel to teleport into Fang Yuan's immortal aperture, that would be a terrible situation.

Lang Ya land spirit was not resigned, he continued to touch on this topic, but who was Fang Yuan? He was someone with negotiation skills honed from over five hundred years of life, the simple Lang Ya land spirit could not compete with him.

After a long conversation, Fang Yuan took back a lot of his cultivation resources that were stored with Lang Ya land spirit.

Like the eerie fire dragon pythons, regretful spiders, dragonfish, arrow bamboo forest, they were all from Hu Immortal blessed land or Star Form blessed land, they were sources of revenue that were only inferior to guts Gu.

From start to finish, Fang Yuan did not ask Lang Ya land spirit about selling the killer move immortal tribulation tempering aperture.

Chu Du?

He was just a backup plan for Fang Yuan.

Even though they had exchanged information path Gu worms and could communicate, Fang Yuan had already left, he was not restricted by any information path methods, wouldn't any future transactions depend on Fang Yuan's mood?

As for… rank seven flying sword Immortal Gu.

Hehe, it was just a rank seven Immortal Gu, so what if he could not take it back?

Ordinary Gu Immortals treasured rank seven Immortal Gu, but Fang Yuan owned even rank nine Immortal Gu like wisdom Gu, he naturally had a different perspective.

Especially when he had lost almost all of his Immortal Gu some time ago to Ying Wu Xie.

Merely rank seven flying sword Immortal Gu paled in comparison to all those Immortal Gu.

Chu Du did not know about Fang Yuan's background, he underestimated Fang Yuan.

All in all, there was little chance that Fang Yuan would trade with Chu Du.

Reckless Savage's true meaning was much more important to Fang Yuan compared to a rank seven Immortal Gu!

"Because the path that I am going to walk on now is transformation path."

Fang Yuan had thought about it deeply, he had considered it thoroughly.

Transformation path!

This was the most suitable path for him now.


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