Reverend Insanity
1062 Chu Du“s Weakness
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1062 Chu Du“s Weakness

Hearing that Fang Yuan wanted to take back flying sword Immortal Gu, Chu Du smiled, he replied: "As long as we complete the transaction, not only will I return flying sword Immortal Gu, I will even give you satisfactory compensation."

What a joke, of course he had to keep this flying sword Immortal Gu for now, it was the best bargaining chip to restrain Fang Yuan.

How could Chu Du return it now?

Chu Du was warm and polite now, but he was deeply aware internally of this.

Fang Yuan laughed, but there was no disappointment on his face.

When he asked this question, he had already known the answer, his expression turned cold: "Chu Du, you have no sincerity! We can forget about this matter."

Saying so, he activated sword escape Immortal Gu and flew out like a sword, he pierced the air and instantly appeared far away.

"Friend, please wait." Chu Du's expression changed, he quickly chased.

Fang Yuan moved straight ahead, pointing towards the sky, after flying for a while, Chu Du's figure appeared several li behind him.

"Immortal killer move…"

Fang Yuan looked back and felt that the Gu worm aura on Chu Du was very complex.

It was a strength path movement killer move, and was at rank seven, it was even faster than sword escape Immortal Gu's linear movement!

Fang Yuan's heart sank, this situation was bad for him.

In fact, he had placed most of his hope on sword escape Immortal Gu. After all, it was very fast, even ancient cloud beasts could not catch up.

To think that Domination Immortal Chu Du also had an immortal killer move that could allow him to fly faster than sword escape Immortal Gu!

"I'm afraid that Chu Du has nurtured more Gu Masters for their immortal ascension than just this one. In the last hundred years, he must have secretly obtained a lot of Reckless Savage's true meaning, his strength path attainment level is unmeasurably deep, this is how he created such strength path killer moves."

"Since sword escape Immortal Gu will not work, let's try blood torrent."

Fang Yuan willed and stopped Sword Escape, his body still flew ahead due to inertia, but it became slower.

Next, blood-red light flashed on his body as it surrounded him entirely, turning into a river of blood.

The river of blood tore through the sky, moving like a slithering red snake, the smell of blood permeated the air.

Immortal killer move — Blood Torrent, activated successfully!

Fang Yuan turned around and flew towards his left side.

The consecutive use of both moves was very smooth, even Fang Yuan was satisfied: "I reduced the number of mortal Gu, it was the correct move! This way, the chances of blood torrent failing are lower, and I can use it faster. This is all thanks to the practice I did back in the immortal aperture."

These thoughts only flashed for an instant, his attention was mainly placed on Domination Immortal Chu Du.

Fang Yuan had changed his direction, the most important thing was Chu Du's reaction to it.

"If Chu Du can catch up to me, I will have to stop and debate with him, to discuss the matter of transaction."

Fang Yuan was planning for the worst case scenario, but Domination Immortal Chu Du charged forward with an incredible force, flying right past him!

Fang Yuan's expression froze.

His vision turned to follow Chu Du, he saw the other party move like a bullet train, Chu Du moved forward with great speed, he had such great strength that shock waves could be felt along his path.

After flying for more than ten li, Chu Du's speed slowed down until he stopped moving.

Next, he turned around and gradually gained speed, charging at Fang Yuan.

His speed became faster and faster, soon, he reached a speed that surpassed sword escape Immortal Gu.

Brilliance flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes, he immediately used blood torrent and changed his direction.

Thus, the same situation happened again.

Domination Immortal Chu Du flashily, or rather, brutishly, flew past him.

Fang Yuan was overjoyed.

He was worried about sword escape Immortal Gu because it could only fly in a straight line, thus he created blood torrent to make up for that weakness.

To think that this shortcoming was even more serious for Domination Immortal Chu Du!

The situation changed suddenly, Fang Yuan's thoughts churned fiercely, he decided to stop moving.

It was very easy for him to escape now and shrug off Chu Du, as long as he was vigilant, he would not fail.

"Interesting." Fang Yuan muttered, deciding to negotiate with Chu Du.

Chu Du saw that Fang Yuan stopped flying and felt great joy, he also stopped moving.

"So close, so close. It seems that the flying sword Immortal Gu in my hands is very useful. The other party is making considerations for it!"

Fang Yuan waited for Chu Du to fly to him, after a certain distance, he raised his hand: "Stop, let's talk with this distance between us."

Fang Yuan was vigilant, even though he had the advantage of movement, it was still better to maintain a certain distance.

Chu Du immediately stopped, he smiled, looking slightly pathetic compared to before.

Fang Yuan said: "Brother Chu is really incredible, this was really eye-opening! What killer move is this, it is so amazing, even my sword escape Immortal Gu cannot compare to it."

"This killer move is called body strength travel, I created it after much effort, it can increase my speed using my immortal body's strength path dao marks. But there is one weakness, I can only travel forward, and cannot change directions while flying, I cannot even move backwards. I have not practiced with it enough, I used it today out while panicking, it was truly shameful." Chu Du said, he candidly conceded his weakness, giving an open-minded disposition that could make people look up to him.

Fang Yuan nodded, showing a serious expression: "Brother Chu is extremely powerful, during normal combat, in Northern Plains, who can make you use this move to retreat?"

"I will thank your praise! Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world is extremely deep, I only have a bit of reputation, but the more I cultivate, the more I realize my insufficiency. There are definitely more than five rank eight Gu Immortals in Northern Plains. Among rank sevens, you are one of those experts who can make me feel wary. I am ashamed, I do not even know about your name or background." Chu Du smiled with a bitter expression.

His words were not just out of politeness, they were his true thoughts.

Fang Yuan did not know much about Domination Immortal Chu Du, but Chu Du knew even less about Fang Yuan.

After Fang Yuan used sword escape Immortal Gu, his speed shocked Chu Du! After all, in terms of linear speed, sword escape Immortal Gu could compare with the similarly ranked qi escape Gu.

Chu Du was an experienced rank seven Gu Immortal, he had many movement methods. But compared to sword escape Immortal Gu, most of them were inferior. Only this final immortal killer move, body strength travel, could work.

Fang Yuan's guess was right, this immortal killer move, body strength travel, was created by Chu Du for retreating.

But in Northern Plains, very few people could force Chu Du to retreat.

And because Chu Du had been keeping a low profile these last years to raise these Gu Masters for their immortal ascension, he did not fight much.

It was not that he did not practice this immortal killer move enough, but it simply had too many Gu worms, it was hard to use.

The first time Chu Du saw Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan was undergoing tribulation in the immortal aperture. Chu Du made a move, but Fang Yuan was even faster than him, with more resolution!

While Fang Yuan was searching for Chu Du's information, Chu Du was not slacking, he was also trying to find Fang Yuan's information.

But he had no gains.

In his perspective, Fang Yuan was someone who seemed to have jumped out of a rock. Since when did such a person exist in Northern Plains?!

Not mentioning anything else, just his aura was very strange. When Chu Du first saw him in the immortal aperture, he was rank six. But now, he had rank seven aura.

However, he was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, that much should not be wrong.

But did he cultivate blood path or sword path?

This was a question that Chu Du was very curious about.

These two paths were not related at all! If it were soul path and enslavement path, or rule path and restriction path, or wisdom path and emotion path, then it was understandable.

But sword path and blood path?

Wasn't he afraid that they would interfere with one another?

But Fang Yuan not only had rank seven sword path Immortal Gu, his blood path killer move made even Chu Du gasp in shock.

Also, also.

So be it if he cultivated blood path and sword path, that was none of Chu Du's business, but he actually had a method to lure out the Reckless Savage's true meaning?!

Chu Du had racked his brains and made countless attempts before ending in failure, he could only choose a crude method like raising disciples afterwards.

What method was actually used?

Reckless Savage's true meaning, he definitely needed to have wisdom path attainment to do it!

Did that mean, his wisdom path attainment was also not low??

In this pursuit, even though it was very short, Chu Du could not catch up to Fang Yuan!

Seeing that Fang Yuan did not fly away but stopped instead, Chu Du felt like his heart was pounding, he was filled with excitement and joy!

Strength decided everything, thus right now, Chu Du treated Fang Yuan as an equal.

Fang Yuan was silent for a moment, before he slowly said again: "Actually, it is not impossible to have a transaction…"

Chu Du did not speak, he only listened. His eyes were burning with enthusiasm, as if fires were blazing in his pupils.

But after a long time, the despicable Fang Yuan did not speak, he seemed to have gone deep in thought.

Chu Du could not hold it in anymore, he asked: "I believe that with my wealth, you will definitely be satisfied."

Fang Yuan looked at him before saying: "Didn't you attend the Northern Plains auction recently?"

Chu Du's expression froze, he said in a probing manner: "So you attended the auction as well?"

"That's right." Fang Yuan admitted openly: "During the auction, I even made use of you." Of course, the second line was only in Fang Yuan's mind.

"What would you like, you can just say it." Chu Du pursued.

"It is hard to say." Fang Yuan sighed, he frowned as he showed a difficult expression.

Chu Du was feeling impatient.

If this were another person, he would have slapped the other party already.

"There is nothing you cannot say, even if I do not have it now, I can try to get it for you." Chu Du continued.

He had already decided to obtain this method regardless of the cost!

Fang Yuan sighed again: "I said that because I have not thought of what to trade with brother Chu yet."

Chu Du was furious.

After such a long time, you showed such a difficult expression simply because you have not made up your mind?

Chu Du frowned, his tone became deep and low as he said: "Sir, did you stay here simply to toy with me?"

"Brother Chu, don't be angry, of course not!" Fang Yuan immediately said: "Any Gu Immortal would have calamities and tribulations looming over them, we have countless needs. I have not thought of what, and how to transact with you to obtain the greatest benefit for my cultivation. How about this, give me some time to think about it, after careful consideration, I will reply to brother Chu."

Chu Du had an ugly expression, he thought about it and nodded helplessly: "Alright."


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