Reverend Insanity
1054 Fang Yuan Undergoes Tribulation 2/5
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1054 Fang Yuan Undergoes Tribulation 2/5

Fang Yuan was someone who learned from his mistakes, while traveling to Northern Plains, he encountered the mud monster and cloud beasts, suffering great losses because of them. Now that he was undergoing tribulation, how could he not fix this weakness?

Speaking of which, there was a complicated story behind the immortal killer move sword marks targeting death.

When Fang Yuan entered Lang Ya blessed land, he healed himself while seeking help from Lang Ya land spirit to reverse refine flying sword Immortal Gu and the other rank seven Immortal Gu.

He was a rank six Gu Immortal now, it was very hard for him to use rank seven Immortal Gu.

Lang Ya land spirit was very straightforward, because Fang Yuan was a member of Lang Ya Sect, as an external supreme elder, he was one of them, he gave good advice.

"I can obviously reverse refine these Immortal Gu. And to reverse refine them from rank seven to rank six will be much easier than promoting them to rank seven from rank six. But don't you find it a waste? Most importantly, reverse refinement would take quite some time, your tribulation is nearing, there is little time. If you start the reverse refinement now, it will not be done in time. You might as well use this killer move."

Lang Ya land spirit said this as he handed the killer move, sword marks targeting death, to Fang Yuan.

"You are very lucky, this killer move was bought by my previous self, it is suitable for many sword path Immortal Gu to use."

Fang Yuan felt strange when he heard that, Long Hair Ancestor was purely a refinement path Gu Immortal, why would the land spirit purchase a sword path killer move that he could not use?

But after looking at it, he understood why.

As it turned out, sword marks targeting death was a killer move that permanently expended the dao marks in the sword path Immortal Gu to carve them on the target. After the sword path Immortal Gu flies away, the sword path dao marks would find the target's weak spot and attack it.

Like earlier, Fang Yuan used flying sword Immortal Gu as the core to use sword marks targeting death and pierced the desolate beast snow monster. This attack was not fatal, the wound caused by the Immortal Gu healed quickly. But the dao marks it left behind were still in the snow monster's body, it attacked its hidden core and once broken, the snow monster suffered a fatal blow and died.

This way, flying sword Immortal Gu could kill targets like snow monsters, it no longer worked with little effect against these enemies.

But this killer move had a huge drawback.

That was the permanent expenditure of the Immortal Gu's dao marks.

Immortal Gu were large fragments of the Great Dao, the product of countless dao marks. The higher the rank of the Immortal Gu, the larger the fragment of the Great Dao, and the higher the number of dao marks.

The more sword marks targeting death was used, the fewer the dao marks in the sword path Immortal Gu, they could not be recovered. This way, the Immortal Gu would get weaker and weaker. At a certain point, a qualitative change would occur, and the rank six Immortal Gu would turn back into a mortal Gu, or the rank seven Immortal Gu would become a rank six.

This weakness was severe, it made sword marks targeting death an unfavored killer move.

The previous Lang Ya land spirit bought this killer move for a low price because he was interested in the killer move itself.

In fact, every usage of the sword path killer move sword marks targeting death was akin to reverse refining the Immortal Gu. Except that the reverse refinement was very minute, a large number of usages were needed to produce a clear effect.

Once Fang Yuan understood this, he knew why Lang Ya land spirit had bought this killer move.

The previous Lang Ya land spirit's favorite interest was to refine Gu.

Fang Yuan thought over it and accepted this sword path killer move.

Without question, this killer move was extremely suitable for him now.

Winds howled as snow blew around.

Sword light entered the blizzard, the blizzard could not block the sharp sword light, it was easily pierced.

The sword light drew a beautiful arc in the sky, it hit a desolate beast snow monster's chest, before flying out from its back, turning around and flying back to Fang Yuan.

The injuries healed quickly, the desolate beast snow monster laughed, it was about to move when its body scattered, turning into a pile of snow.

In a breath's time, dozens of small snow monsters came out of this pile.

But these snow monsters were only ten or twenty feet tall, they were not a problem.

Another sword marks targeting death!

This move was very effective, desolate beast snow monsters were destroyed in just one hit.

Fang Yuan nodded in satisfaction.

At this point, he finally experienced one of the advantages of sword path.

"When Gu Masters cultivate, they use Gu, nurture Gu, and refine Gu, these are extremely profound and deep. It is still flying sword Immortal Gu, but I changed the method of usage and received an incredibly different result. Again!"

Fang Yuan used sword marks targeting death again.

In the blizzard, desolate beast snow monsters formed again, but they were quickly killed by Fang Yuan.

The strength of the snow monsters were related to their size.

Ten or twenty feet tall snow monsters could be dealt with by rank one or two Gu Masters. Sixty feet tall snow monsters were desolate beasts, they were on par with rank six Gu Immortals. Seventy feet tall snow monsters were equal to rank seven Gu Immortals.

These sixty feet tall snow monsters were all killed by Fang Yuan, they were easy targets.

Fang Yuan's battle strength was raised greatly, back then in Hu Immortal blessed land, he had so much trouble facing the swamp crab, but now against an endless number of snow monsters, he could fight calmly and control the situation.

But Fang Yuan did not relax, he was staying vigilant.

"I am having an easy time because I am using the rank seven flying sword Immortal Gu to deal with desolate beast snow monsters, and also because sword marks targeting death is a powerful move that consumes dao marks. Furthermore, the swamp crab had brought over gruel mud Immortal Gu's effect with it, while these snow monsters have no such Immortal Gu. Hmm?"

Fang Yuan's expression focused.

He observed closely, after those desolate beast snow monsters died, the new, small snow monsters that were formed were growing in size.

Ten feet to twenty feet, twenty feet to thirty feet…

These snow monsters were growing stronger!

"If they are allowed to continue growing, would they become sixty feet desolate beast snow monsters?" Fang Yuan did not dare to be careless, he stopped using flying sword Immortal Gu, as he waved his hands, countless dark vortexes flew out.

Bam bam bam…

These black bullets rained down like a storm.

The snow monsters were instantly faced with a disaster, countless numbers died.

But soon, from these smaller snow monsters' corpses, more of them spawned.

Fang Yuan killed dozens of snow monsters, but over a hundred came back up!

Fang Yuan saw this and frowned, he felt troubled.

But he observed carefully, although the snow monsters that came back were high in numbers, they were much smaller now.

Fang Yuan had a guess, at his will, thousands of green wind blades flew out around his body, shooting out.

The wind blades arrived like a huge net, engulfing the countless snow monsters on the ground.

The desolate beast snow monsters were intact, but the small snow monsters were sliced into pieces.

At once, marks from the blades were on the ground as snow splattered.

Fang Yuan activated his investigative Gu, his eyes shined brightly as he observed the battlefield.

"As expected, once ten feet tall snow monsters die, they cannot produce more snow monsters." After confirming his guess, he relaxed slightly.

Soon after, he had a flash of inspiration: "Is this because of the blizzard?"

Splitting his focus, he activated over a hundred mortal Gu in a few breaths' time.

A domain of darkness formed from under his feet, creating a dark veil.

This was Gu Immortal Hei Cheng's battlefield killer move — Dark Veil.

The immortal aperture could not normally have battlefield killer moves inside. This was because battlefield killer moves had dao marks, they changed the environment, they clashed with the immortal aperture's own dao marks and would result in damage.

But the battlefield killer moves here referred to immortal battlefield killer moves. Fang Yuan's dark veil was mortal level, it was not problematic.

He also had Xue Song Zi's mortal battlefield killer move, snow domain, but if he used it, it would increase the strength of the snow monsters, it was inappropriate.

Once dark veil was used, the surrounding blizzard weakened.

As expected, the small snow monsters started growing at a slower speed.

But this did not last, the blizzard seemed to have been enraged, it rampaged more fiercely, as the snow moved rapidly, dark veil was being compressed, it shrunk to Fang Yuan's feet before completely collapsing with a loud sound.

Only twenty percent of the hundred Gu worms that made up dark veil survived, they were retrieved by Fang Yuan.

"Desolate beast snow monsters appear continuously, and small snow monsters appear from their corpses, they would also become stronger at an unthinkable speed due to the blizzard. It is counterproductive to try and isolate the blizzard. Now it seems, I can only get rid of the small snow monsters as well as the desolate beast snow monsters…" Fang Yuan concluded.

He did not guess wrongly.

This calamity was very powerful.

This was only sovereign immortal aperture's first calamity, but it had greatly exceeded Hu Immortal blessed land's fifth (blue charm lightning shadow), sixth (swamp crab), and seventh (blood poison kerria flowers) earthly calamities.

His immortal essence was continuously expended.

As he concentrated deeply, his mind was feeling fatigue.

But Fang Yuan was also getting more familiar with using the killer move sword marks targeting death.

Time passed.

The heaven and earth qi in the immortal aperture continued to rumble, the blizzard formed also was growing immensely.

Fang Yuan's expression was grim.

He noticed that this earthly calamity was not only huge, it was going to last a long time, it was far stronger than the ten great catastrophes!

Desolate beast snow monsters continued to increase in numbers, Fang Yuan's sword marks targeting death could no longer kill them quickly enough.

The newly formed small snow monsters were large in numbers, Fang Yuan had to use mortal killer moves to kill them.

He was handling both matters at the same time, it was hard to manage them.

"Thankfully, these snow monsters cannot fly. I occupy the high ground, even though I need to deal with the blizzard, the initiative is still with me."

The moment this thought flashed in Fang Yuan's mind, the loud screech of an eagle entered Fang Yuan's ears.

Fang Yuan raised his head and his expression turned dark, this was bad!

In the blizzard, iron crown eagles made from snow were forming.

An eagle flapped its wings, charging at Fang Yuan with a ferocious aura.

Fang Yuan quickly turned around, using sword marks targeting death to deal with the eagle.

But in a short time, three more iron crown eagles formed, flying in the air, encircling him.

His pressure increased, danger was approaching!


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