Reverend Insanity
1052 Listed on the Board, Heavenly Court“s Pursui
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1052 Listed on the Board, Heavenly Court“s Pursui

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fairy Zi Wei slowly opened her eyes.

She was adorned in a beautiful purple robe which could hardly conceal her graceful figure. Her eyes were like deep dark pools, with a sense of sorrow shrouding her face. Her skin was white as snow and her black hair hung down to her waist, her whole body was brimming with rank eight aura.

Letting out a breath, she withdrew her wisdom path killer move and descended from the air.

"Greetings to Ancestor Zi Wei." On the ground, Feng Jin Huang, who had been waiting for a long time, quickly knelt down on the ground respectfully when she saw Fairy Zi Wei.

The corners of Fairy Zi Wei's lips slightly curled up as she revealed a rare smile, the sadness on her face immediately faded and she seemed to blossom with radiance, giving off an immortal beauty that could move people's souls.

"Huang Er, get up, no need to stand on ceremony. Speaking of it, your mother and I have some blood relation."

From the looks of it, she was extremely pleased with this junior Feng Jin Huang.

Feng Jin Huang stood up with a reverential and admiring expression.

The person in front of her was a rank eight Gu Immortal!

In Feng Jin Huang's mind, she did not dare to have extravagant hopes regarding the rank nine realm, rank eight was her lifelong dream. This Fairy Zi Wei in front of her originated from Spirit Affinity House, and had extremely high seniority in the sect. She had lived for at least one thousand six hundred years, she cultivated wisdom path and had joined Heavenly Court. She was dignified and beautiful, and it could be said she was everything Feng Jin Huang admired and was a realistic reference for the latter's ideal goal.

"Ancestor Zi Wei, you have been deducing for three months in Hu Immortal blessed land, did you find anything?" Feng Jin Huang asked in curiosity.

Fairy Zi Wei gave a slight nod.

At this moment, she had already descended in front of Feng Jin Huang and was only a foot away from the ground, slowly floating in the air.

This was part of her personality, she had somewhat of an obsession towards cleanliness.

It was not necessary for her to speak about this to Feng Jin Huang, but Fairy Zi Wei still replied: "After these days of deductions, I am certain the original owner of Hu Immortal blessed land, Hu Immortal, was a member of the organization Defy."

"Defy?!" Feng Jin Huang's pupils shrank in surprise.

She might be a mortal but with parents who were famous Gu Immortals, she was aware of many secrets.

She had heard of this organization named Defy, it was a powerful undercover force of Central Continent, made from the secret alliance of some Gu Immortals.

The ten great ancient sects of Central Continent held the vast majority of resources and authority, controlling and suppressing other forces or lone cultivators.

Where there was suppression, there would be rebellion.

Organized forces rebelling against Central Continent's ten great ancient sects were not few in number.

However, these forces usually did not last for long as they were either taken down by the ten great ancient sects or they disintegrated by themselves through internal discord.

However, this organization, Defy, was greatly hidden and was the force that had lasted the longest.

It was not that the ten great ancient sects had not targeted them, but there had been no effect. Most importantly, this organization was hidden truly deeply!

Even the members of the organization did not know the identities of other members and only used code names in numbers to address each other.

Right now, Feng Jin Huang suddenly heard Hu Immortal had been a member of Defy, she was truly surprised.

"On the surface, Hu Immortal was a lone immortal, and she obtained Dang Hun Mountain through fortuitous encounters and coincidence. Looking over it now, Defy was helping her from behind the scenes." Fairy Zi Wei continued.

Feng Jin Huang's eyes flashed, she recalled the scene when she was miserably defeated and under Fang Yuan's feet, guessing: "Does that mean Fang Yuan is also a member of Defy? No wonder he appeared back then so coincidentally!"

Fairy Zi Wei, however, frowned slightly: "I attempted to deduce this, the result seems to be uncertain. But no matter what, Fang Yuan must have a deep connection with Defy. Huang Er, you have been avoiding contact with Hu Immortal land spirit and haven't become the true owner of this blessed land, are you thinking of returning this blessed land to Fang Yuan?"

"Ancestor Zi Wei…" Cold sweat seeped out of Feng Jin Huang's forehead.

Fairy Zi Wei smiled and reassured: "We are family, you don't need to worry. I know Fang Yuan undoubtedly saved Feng Jiu Ge. Your father has stunning talents and is astonishingly gifted, he is someone who will leave a deep mark in history, what's more, he repays kindness and hatred, he is loyal and righteous. I understand why he requested this of you."

Feng Jin Huang quickly said: "Ancestor Zi Wei, you are magnanimous…"

Fairy Zi Wei waved her hand, stopping Feng Jin Huang's words, speaking in a slightly meaningful tone: "But you need to remember, Fang Yuan is a wanted criminal listed on the Demon Judgment Board by Heavenly Court! Should you want to repay his kindness, you should not overdo it. In the future, I won't stop you if you truly want to return Hu Immortal blessed land to him, I can even take responsibility for this. But that will be my bottom line, I hope that you two will not become too persistent and commit a huge mistake."

Feng Jin Huang lowered her head: "I shall engrave your words in mind, ancestor."

Fairy Zi Wei gave a slight nod before lightly flying to the sky.

As she flew, a gap opened up in Hu Immortal blessed land which connected to the outside world.

She then turned into a purple ray of light that flew out like a meteor, disappearing from Feng Jin Huang's sight in an instant.

Fairy Zi Wei flew straight to Heavenly Court.

In Heavenly Court, halls stood tall and upright everywhere.

The purple ray of light Fairy Zi Wei had turned into cut through the air and entered a large hall.

Inside the hall, Fairy Zi Wei's main body was sitting cross-legged on a mat, discussing with two other Heavenly Court Gu Immortals.

The purple light flickered as it landed on her hand.

It turned into a will, several Immortal Gu and a few beads of immortal essence.

The 'Fairy Zi Wei' who had been at Hu Immortal blessed land was merely a will of the main body!

This will send the results of the deductions to Fairy Zi Wei's mind.

Fairy Zi Wei stored the Immortal Gu and immortal essence into her immortal aperture, she closed her eyes and went through the deduction results.

Several breaths of time later, she opened her deep, dark eyes and lightly said: "We have already found clues to Fang Yuan."

An old Gu Immortal sitting in front of her, who was known as Myriad Tidal Dragon, smiled: "Fairy Zi Wei, you live up to your reputation of being a wisdom path great expert on the same level as Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, you actually are able to use a will to deduce the crucial clues."

The more a will thinks, the more it is consumed. Even Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's special will left in Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had to hibernate to prevent expending itself due to thinking.

Fairy Zi Wei's method, however, was mysterious and powerful.

She used only a will to deduce, and not only did she succeed, that portion of will was not consumed by even twenty percent.

Such an attainment was truly awe-inspiring.

Fairy Zi Wei's main body had a slightly sorrowful expression, she did not comment on Myriad Tidal Dragon's praise, continuing: "If Fang Yuan had not already been managing Hu Immortal blessed land for some time, I would not have been able to deduce any clues. Fang Yuan has a close connection to Defy, although I was not able to obtain Fang Yuan's exact location, I know as long as we follow the clues and eliminate the core aspects of Defy, we will be able to find Fang Yuan."

Myriad Tidal Dragon nodded: "Fang Yuan has Spring Autumn Cicada, he destroyed Imperial Court blessed land and has obtained inheritances of Red Lotus Demon Venerable, Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable and Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, he is also an otherworldly demon, and was actually able to survive the battle in Southern Border. Such a dangerous variable must be eliminated! But if we want to deal with him, we must first deal with Spring Autumn Cicada."

"You can rest assured about this, after I woke up, I immediately made some preparations. I already successfully activated a killer move several days ago and have sealed Spring Autumn Cicada, it won't be able to activate within three months of time." The third Gu Immortal present in the hall spoke.

His voice was hoarse, he had a middle aged appearance with dark bags under his eyes and looked listless, giving others an impression of extreme fatigue.

However, Fairy Zi Wei and Myriad Tidal Dragon seemed to have confidence in him.

The latter smiled: "Since you, Wei Ling Yang, have made the move, then Spring Autumn Cicada is of no concern."

Fairy Zi Wei spoke: "Then we shall go to Ming Tang valley to capture Gong Sun Liang."

At the same time, in Central Continent, at the banks of Pot River.

Ying Wu Xie was standing at the riverbank, looking at the green willows and feeling the gentle breeze, however, he was feeling erratic inside.

After detouring around the collapsed area in Earth Abyss, he, along with Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Hei Lou Lan and Shi Nu had moved quite a distance before he could use a Gu formation to transport them to the eastern part of Central Continent.

This area was under the jurisdiction of Wind Cloud Manor, Ying Wu Xie had Fang Yuan's body and as such, was a criminal wanted by Heavenly Court and Central Continent's ten great ancient sects, however, he still risked staying here and even had been staying here for three days.

He was waiting for a person.

Which person was worth him taking such a huge risk?

A green shadow approached them while flying at low altitude.

Ying Wu Xie's mind jolted, he went to welcome the person.

The green shadow landed on the ground and halted, it was not a real person but a puppet.

This puppet had a human figure with two hands and two legs, its body was also robust. But its whole body seemed to be knitted with green grass and rough vines, its head, shoulders and even its rear had green grass growing all over them, all spiking up like knives.

The green grass puppet looked at the Gu worm in Ying Wu Xie's hand and recognizing he was its objective, it hummed with a haughty tone: "My master was invited to participate in Ancestor Kong Kong's treasure appraisal event, so he could not come. If you want to see him, you will have to wait three more days."

"Wait for three more days?" Ying Wu Xie's expression slightly changed.

"What? If you don't have the patience, you don't need to wait, I will quickly go back to inform master." The green grass puppet spoke indifferently.

"I will wait." Ying Wu Xie hurriedly smiled, "I have already waited for three days, there is no harm in waiting three more days. It is just that three days later, it will be a whole six days. If I somehow am still unable to see your master, then I can only give up on this transaction."

The green grass puppet snorted before turning around and leaving.

Several steps later, it lightly stomped on the ground, leaping to the air and turning once again into a green shadow.

After he left, Ying Wu Xie's expression immediately sank, his gaze flickering incessantly as he gazed at the receding figure of the green grass puppet.

When the green puppet's shadow was out of Ying Wu Xie's vision, three Gu Immortals appeared from the surroundings, gathering towards Ying Wu Xie.

They were Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Hei Lou Lan and Shi Nu.

"That green grass puppet just now, is it the rumored grass puppet avatar?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng asked in curiosity.

"Right." Ying Wu Xie nodded, "It is a grass puppet avatar, formed from the rank six grass puppet Gu with rank six battle strength. When Feng Chan Zi ascended to immortal, his grandfather, Old Man Bei Feng, gave this grass puppet Immortal Gu to him as a gift."

"Feng Chan Zi is wildly arrogant, we waited so long for him and he isn't even coming to meet us? He only sent a grass puppet avatar to meet us?" Hei Lou Lan was dissatisfied.

Shi Nu sighed, saying helplessly: "To refine Fixed Immortal Travel, we must have the light of the immemorial era, all Gu recipes of Fixed Immortal Travel revolves around this critical material. And the light of the immemorial era, such a rare Gu refinement material, is one of the treasures of Wind Cloud Manor. We have no choice but to put up with them."

Ying Wu Xie coldly snorted, but did not speak.

He wanted to rescue his main body, and to do that, he had to pass the regional wall. He was not like Fang Yuan, so Fixed Immortal Travel was almost a 'necessary' Gu to pass the regional wall.

Right now, he could only endure it.

He inwardly thought: "Spring Autumn Cicada has already been sealed, it seems Heavenly Court has begun to investigate me. I can't stay for long in Central Continent, after I refine Fixed Immortal Travel, I need to hurry to Northern Plains and borrow luck from Longevity Heaven! Perhaps I can even make use of the power to conveniently get rid of Fang Yuan. Hmm? No, considering the time, tomorrow should be the day Fang Yuan has his earthly calamity. The earthly calamity of sovereign immortal aperture won't be easy to pass. Heaven's will cannot affect Fang Yuan, but can still make arrangements to deal with him. Most likely, not only will there be calamities and tribulations, there could also be human disasters."


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