Reverend Insanity
1049 Selling a Human Slave
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1049 Selling a Human Slave

Lang Ya blessed land, Black Hair Continent.

Steel Thread City was the grandest city in Black Hair Continent.

Just within the city, there were hundreds of thousands of hairy men. Not to mention the periphery of the city, with countless villages and towns around.

Lang Ya blessed land could be considered the largest paradise of hairy men in the current world.

Within the blessed land, there were four continents. Three were on the sea, with similar sizes, the fourth one was the smallest but was floating in the sky, known as Cloud Cover Continent, it was the sacred land that hairy men from the other three continents aspired to reach.

In the trading market of Steel Thread City, there was much clamor, it was one of the most famous markets in Black Hair Continent.

Today, at the southeast corner of this market, a fat and muscular hairy man walked onto the stage.

On the stage, there were a ring of hairy men with muscular and hairy bodies.

These hairy men had black and brown hair. This was the natural hair color of the hairy men on Black Hair Continent.

The fat and muscular hairy man stepped onto the stage as the hairy men below started calling out.

Among them, one asked loudly: "Kang Ba, what goods do you have this time?"

The hairy man Kang Ba was a slave merchant, he specialized in selling slaves, he had a huge business, and a certain amount of fame.

Kang Ba heard this and laughed, looking around: "Don't worry everyone, I brought a lot of yellow haired slaves this time, they include quasi-masters in refinement path, you will definitely be pleased."

The surrounding hairy men had shining eyes, they discussed enthusiastically.

"Every since Lord Immortal declared from Cloud Cover Continent that seeds would be chosen every ten years to learn the ways of immortals, our three continents have been engaging in huge battles."

"As for how to choose the immortal seeds, it will depend on who can draw the Lord Immortal's attention in the battles between the three continents."

"Just now, our Black Hair Continent joined up with White Hair Continent to deal with Yellow Hair Continent, I heard we won several battles and captured a number of yellow hairs."

"I am an old man, I dare not think of becoming immortal, but I want these yellow haired slaves as labor for my Gu refinement factory."

"These slaves are better than employing Gu Masters, they are cheap and I control their life and death, their offspring will also continue to be my slaves."

"Everyone, everyone." Hairy man Kang Ba raised his hands, causing the surroundings to become quiet: "I do not want to waste everyone's time, I will now bring out the first slave, everyone can have a look, bring him here!"

"Quickly move!" Behind the stage, a muscular black haired hairy man dragged the chain in his hands.

At the end of the chain, a slave was tied up, full of injuries that exposed his flesh.

It was Fang Zheng, who was interrogated earlier!

Fang Zheng could not resist the black haired hairy man's brute force, he almost fell to the ground after being pulled.

But when he stood up, he stared at the black haired hairy man fiercely, with a firm and stubborn expression.


The black haired hairy man raised his whip and lashed at Fang Zheng's face.

Fang Zheng felt his face turning numb, before an intense pain assaulted him.

But he gritted his teeth, he swallowed the scream that he was about to utter back down his throat.

"You're asking for a beating, move quickly!" The black haired hairy man laughed as he stretched out his arm that was thicker than Fang Zheng's legs, he grabbed his neck and raised him up.

Next, the black haired hairy man stepped onto the stage and walked a few steps to the center, before throwing Fang Zheng down.

Fang Zheng's neck was grabbed, he could barely breathe, his head was spinning.

After being thrown onto the stage, he nearly fainted on the spot.

He was seeing stars, his head was dizzy, he was sprawled on the ground, unable to stand up.

"Be careful, you idiot." Kang Ba scolded angrily.

The black haired hairy man who brought Fang Zheng did not dare to offend him, he quickly apologized.

"Scram!" Kang Ba scolded angrily.

The black haired hairy man quickly ran down the stage.

Kang Ba's expression changed instantly, turning from angry to joyous as he pointed at Fang Zheng, explaining to the hairy men: "This slave is a rare breed, I, Kang Ba, obtained him with great difficulty."

These words attracted the interest of the audience.

"This slave is not weak at all, he has rank five cultivation level!" Soon, someone noticed Fang Zheng's faint Gu Master aura and gasped.

"Is this a city lord from Yellow Hair Continent? He was actually captured and had nearly all his hair shaved, who humiliated him like this?" Immediately after, someone asked this curiously.

In White Hair Continent, Black Hair Continent, and Yellow Hair Continent, the city lords usually has the highest authority, they had rank five cultivation level.

In the culture of hairy men, they were proud of the hair on their bodies. Getting their hair shaved was the most cruel humiliation and punishment, in the hearts of most hairy men, it was worse than death.

To make a comparison, it was like having male convicts castrated on Earth.

Kang Ba laughed: "You all are guessing wrongly, this slave is not a hairy man, he is a pure bred human!"



"He is a human?"

In Lang Ya blessed land, hairy men were the dominant race, they rarely saw others. Many of the hairy men present were shocked, this was the first time they had heard of the rumored human.

Fang Zheng had already recovered from his daze, he felt extremely uncomfortable, being watched by so many hairy men.

"Get up, stand properly." Kang Ba made a hooking motion with his finger.

Fang Zheng lost control of his body, a formless force was controlling him, causing him to stand up on the stage.

The hairy men below the stage could see him clearly now, they were conversing softly with each other, exclaiming in wonder over Fang Zheng.

Kang Ba laughed, feeling very pleased.

He had spent a huge amount to buy this Fang Zheng, it was to create this commotion.

Now, it seemed his goal had been achieved.

The hairy men below the stage were talking among themselves, growing louder and rowdier.

"Quickly look, there's a human slave on sale there."

"Really? I want to see it."

"Go, go and look at this rare thing!"

More and more hairy men noticed this, they were gathering from all around the market.

Fang Zheng stood on the stage, looking down at the sea of hairy men, he was also staring widely.

There was such a huge number of hairy men, this was the first time Fang Zheng was seeing such a thing.

He had seen hairy men in Immortal Crane Sect before, they were slaves refining Gu. He knew the situation of the five regions, humans were the absolute rulers, variant humans were heavily suppressed, desperately surviving in some isolated parts of the world. But now, it seemed that these hairy men were the rulers here, and humans were heavily suppressed!

"Where is this place?" Fang Zheng felt increasingly confused and puzzled.

He remembered being interrogated and tortured, the prison guard told him that his brother was dead and Hu Immortal blessed land was taken over.

At first, he did not believe it, but after some interrogation and torture, he was half believing and half doubtful. Now that he saw this, his puzzlement was intensifying.

"Kang Ba, how much are you selling this slave for?" Someone shouted.

"Hahaha, this much!" Kang Ba raised both hands, extending all ten of his fingers.

The crowd went into a commotion, many cried out: "So expensive!"

"Kang Ba, you are robbing us!"

"You must be crazy to think of such money."

"Everyone, everyone!" Kang Ba raised his voice, saying loudly: "This is a rank five Gu Master, after becoming your slave, you will gain a rank five fighter! This is an opportunity that you may never encounter again."

But there were astute figures among the hairy men under the stage.

"A rank five Gu Master, it will not be easy to enslave him."

"That's right, to enslave an expert like this, we need at least rank four cultivation level?"

"Also, this slave has clearly been tortured and interrogated, maybe he is already heavily injured."

"What if he dies after we buy him?"

Kang Ba pretended to be furious: "Who do you think I am? I do business based on sincerity and honesty. Look at him, take a good look!"

Saying this, Kang Ba walked towards Fang Zheng and firmly pressed his fingers around Fang Zheng's chin and lips.

Fang Zheng felt intense pain, his mouth opened involuntarily, revealing his teeth and lips.

"Look at his teeth, come, look at his skin!" Kang Ba tore and with a sharp sound, Fang Zheng's shirt was completely shredded.

Fang Zheng shuddered, he was completely naked, exposed in front of the band of hairy men.

"Even though he has injuries over his body, they are all superficial wounds, they can be treated. I can assure they will not result in problems!"

Fang Zheng gritted his teeth, his eyes were spewing fire, intense anger and humiliation filled his heart, he would love to kill all of these hairy men instantly.

Kang Ba chuckled, he used a twig to hold up the object in Fang Zheng's groin, saying: "Everyone, look, this thing is still working. In the future, he can create human offspring for you, you will have an unlimited supply of slaves."


The hairy men were laughing loudly.

Fang Zheng's face was red, he was extremely humiliated, if not for Kang Ba immobilizing him completely, he would have bitten his tongue and tried to suicide.

"I will buy this slave." Suddenly, a voice came from afar.

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice, and saw a female hairy man, she had black hair all over her body, and she looked at Fang Zheng with a lustful expression.

"Greetings to city lord." The hairy men all knelt down, including Kang Ba.

"Hahaha." The female city lord who was twice the size of normal hairy men ordered: "Kang Ba, give this slave medical treatment, clean him and send him to my home. By night time, I want to see him."

"As you command, our beautiful and strong city lord!" Kang Ba was overjoyed, he kowtowed as he acknowledged.

Fang Zheng shut his eyes, losing all hope in life.

At this moment, there was a thunderous sound, the world trembled.

A five-colored light shot up from Cloud Cover Continent in the sky, shining over the entirety of Lang Ya blessed land.

"What is happening in Cloud Cover Continent?"

"Oh heavens, this is the light of the immortals, this is a huge blessing!"

The attention of the hairy men was drawn by this event, everyone raised their heads and looked with curiosity, admiration, and envy… as for Fang Zheng, he was completely forgotten already.


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