Reverend Insanity
1048 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 3/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1048 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 3/3

The phantom waves around Zhou Li that were carrying Tang Song and Liu Qing Yu rushed forward, engulfing Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan felt a strong sense of pressure.

The waves were only phantom images, but he felt like he was facing a colossal tsunami, he was helpless like an ant, about to be devoured by this tide!

"An amazing immortal killer move!"

"Rank seven Gu Immortals are truly hard to deal with."

In the moment of danger, these two thoughts flashed across Fang Yuan's mind.

Without the waves carrying them, the three immortals stopped moving.

"The matter is settled." Zhou Li smiled as confidence radiated in his eyes.

Tang Song and Liu Qing Yu looked at each other, they had guessed Zhou Li's scheme, they involuntarily looked at him in a different light, raising their opinion of him.

As it turned out, Zhou Li had secretly collected information on Fang Yuan and learned about his abilities, he knew what methods were suitable to deal with Fang Yuan's capabilities.

On the surface, he was helping them to fly, but in fact, he was using them to obstruct Fang Yuan while he gathered strength in the phantom waves below him. As they chased, the phantom waves got bigger and bigger, gradually creating a huge force.

And now, Zhou Li attacked.

He had not taken overt action previously, but once he did, it was a huge tsunami that swallowed everything. It was faster than even sword escape Immortal Gu, it could not be stopped!

Fang Yuan had the rank seven flying sword Immortal Gu, but against the phantom waves, it was ineffective, like dealing with cloud beasts and mud monsters.

He still had sword escape Immortal Gu, but the phantom waves were already surrounding Fang Yuan tightly. Fang Yuan's room to maneuver became smaller, and sword escape Immortal Gu could not escape from the range of the phantom waves in time.

"To think that this Zhou Li appeared weak and timid on the surface, but he actually had such plans. I raised my voice at him earlier but he did not retaliate, to think that he is even more shrewd than me!" Liu Qing Yu felt deep wariness towards Zhou Li.

Tang Song had an ugly expression, he had prepared his immortal killer move painstakingly, wanting to save his face, but he did not get a chance to do so, in the end, Zhou Li was the one who benefited.

Not mentioning rank six Gu Immortals, among those who could become rank seven Gu Immortals, who would be a simpleton?

Once Zhou Li attacked, Fang Yuan was like a trapped beast.

"Our victory is assured!"

The three rank seven Gu Immortals had similar thoughts.

But Fang Yuan laughed coldly: "Hahaha, friends, why are you so foolish? You came to sacrifice your lives. In my opinion, the rank six Gu Immortals are far smarter than you."

The three immortals looked and saw that Fang Yuan did not evade, his hands were behind his back as he floated in the air, calm and composed.

The three immortals' bodies shook, they cried out in their minds: "Oh no! He is fearless, is this the place where they are ambushing us?"

Fang Yuan said again: "What's the name of this move? It can actually accumulate and grow in power over time, but… can it break through my clan's immortal battlefield killer move? Hehehe, I think not."

These phantom waves had incredible power and could take his life, but Fang Yuan was unmoved, as if this was not a fatal killer move, but a gentle breeze instead.

He even dispelled the defensive killer move on his body, lion fur armor, in front of the three immortals.

"Oh no! This move uses almost all my Immortal Gu, it has strong attack but weak defense, if the other party attacks…" Zhou Li's pupils shrunk, there was no time to think further, he subconsciously withdrew the phantom waves to defend himself.

The phantom waves had already accumulated greatly and were a fatal attack, but with Zhou Li withdrawing most of the waves, only a small portion was left to deal with Fang Yuan, a gap formed as Fang Yuan made use of it.

"Farewell, friends!" Fang Yuan activated sword escape Immortal Gu, flying in the sky like a burst of lightning, entering the blue water regional wall.

The three immortals were stunned before feeling intense rage.

"This kid is so crafty, he was putting up a front!"

"He was at his wits' end, but he acted in such a convincing manner. Let's chase him!"

Tang Song and Liu Qing Yu were furious, they charged towards Fang Yuan again.

Zhou Li's expression turned pale, after staring blankly momentarily, he slapped himself before pursuing Fang Yuan again.

It was such a good situation earlier, but he messed it up, how could there still be another chance?

Fang Yuan had survived narrowly, after entering the regional wall, he went deep into it.

The three immortals were greatly troubled.

Their higher cultivation level was a burden here.

At this moment, the three immortals wished that they were just rank six Gu Immortals.

The deeper they got into the regional wall, the greater the repulsive force, and the slower their speed became.

Left without a choice, the three immortals could only entrust their hope in the rank six Gu Immortals who were still behind.

But these rank six Gu Immortals also faced a lot of obstruction, they were very different from Fang Yuan who felt zero resistance inside.

Soon, the Gu Immortals were left in the dust by Fang Yuan.

"What cultivation level does this person have? He faces such little resistance inside the regional wall?" The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were gloomy.

But they did not know that Fang Yuan was purposely holding back.

Fang Yuan did not want this secret to be exposed, thus, he lowered his speed and pretended to be having difficulties traveling, only causing them to be suspicious.

They could not catch up to Fang Yuan, but the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were unwilling to give up.

"I don't believe that he can hide here and not come out!"

"He is a rank six Gu Immortal, flying here consumes a lot of immortal essence. I want to see if a rank six Gu Immortal's foundation can match my own rank seven?"

Even though the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were unwilling to see this, reality was cruel.

Fang Yuan left them farther and farther behind, even the ancient cloud beasts were catching up.

After some more chaos, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals felt bitter, seeing the ancient cloud beasts surpass them in chasing Fang Yuan.

These ancient cloud beasts came from white heaven, they were unaffected by the five regional walls.

Eventually, Fang Yuan left the investigative range of the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, they could only chase the ancient cloud beasts.

The ancient cloud beasts got closer and closer to Fang Yuan.

Seeing that the time was ripe, Fang Yuan activated sword escape Immortal Gu and raised his speed, flying away.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals chased until some people could no longer take it, they chose to give up, leaving the regional wall.

"So unlucky! I actually encountered such a person!"

"We know nothing about this person's identity, it is unknown whether he really has a super force behind him or not."

Tang Song and Zhou Li conversed, feeling that hope was slim.

Only Liu Qing Yu was not talking, continuing his chase.

"Brother Liu, stop chasing."

"He is already gone, this matter has so many issues, we should first leave and discuss it."

Tang Song and Zhou Li urged.

Liu Qing Yu said: "I have my methods for investigating. I will not rest until I catch him! Hold on, I will try again, I'll be back shortly."

Saying so, he turned into a green rainbow as his speed rose, charging towards the ancient cloud beasts.

Tang Song looked at the light as he said in a strange tone: "It seems that brother Liu is anxious, he even used this move. This move uses a lot of his dao marks to activate, it has a high price, it is a trump card, he rarely uses it. In the past, he used it to escape from many strong foes."

"What did you say?" Zhou Li's expression changed.

Tang Song was staring blankly, his expression soon turned grim.

The two immortals looked at each other, sensing the rage in their eyes.

It was very possible that this Liu Qing Yu was not chasing after Fang Yuan, but that he had secretly obtained the inheritance imprint and was trying to escape from them!

After all, Fang Yuan destroyed the inheritance imprint that the blood path demonic immortal threw out, everyone saw that.

And the person who killed the blood path demonic immortal was Liu Qing Yu.

"Brother Liu, hold on."

"This thief is crafty, he might have help arriving, we will lend you a hand, brother Liu!"

Tang Song and Zhou Li quickly chased.

Liu Qing Yu heard these words and moved even faster, he did not even turn back, it was like he had heard nothing.

Tang Song and Zhou Li affirmed their guesses, their expressions turned grim as they swore that they would not let Liu Qing Yu go.

Half a month later.

A figure penetrated the green licorice regional wall and entered Northern Plains.

"I am finally in Northern Plains." It was Fang Yuan, he was filled with fatigue, injuries covered his body.

He had already healed the wounds that could be treated.

But most of his injuries were caused by the ancient cloud beasts, Immortal Gu, and even immortal killer moves. These injuries had dao marks in them, he had to use healing Immortal Gu to get rid of them.

Fang Yuan only had three Immortal Gu, he could only stall his treatment.

"Over on Lang Ya land spirit's end, there should be healing Immortal Gu, once I return, I would get to rest."

Fang Yuan spurred himself on.

Earlier, he had fought with the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, and these last days, in order to escape from the ancient cloud beasts, he had used sword escape Immortal Gu again. He already owed Lang Ya land spirit a huge debt.

Most importantly, because the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were pursuing him, Fang Yuan had to travel in the regional wall.

Thus, he took a long detour and consumed a lot of immortal essence.

But these were not important.

The important thing was the immortal aperture's calamities and tribulations!

Time was running shorter, Fang Yuan's bad feeling was getting deeper.

Turning around and looking back, the ancient cloud beasts' figures were already vaguely showing in the regional wall. Fang Yuan sighed as he used sword escape Immortal Gu, flying towards the north-east direction.

Fang Yuan did not know the exact location of Lang Ya blessed land.

Earlier, Lang Ya blessed land was near Crescent Lake, but because of Shadow Sect's attack, Lang Ya blessed land had relocated.

After contacting Lang Ya land spirit, he did not tell Fang Yuan the exact location of Lang Ya blessed land, he only gave a direction, a Gu Immortal would come and pick him up.

Three days later, Fang Yuan reached the meet up location, but no one was there.

The ancient cloud beasts continued to chase him and he could only run away.

After contacting Lang Ya land spirit, he realized that Lang Ya land spirit had dispatched a hairy man Gu Immortal, but he encountered human Gu Immortals along the way and was killed.

Lang Ya land spirit could only send another person to go, but an unexpected mishap happened again.

This hairy man Gu Immortal vanished mysteriously, he could not be contacted.

To bring back Fang Yuan, Lang Ya Sect had lost two hairy man Gu Immortals, and they did not even manage to bring Fang Yuan back to the blessed land.

Lang Ya land spirit could not bear such a loss, he told Fang Yuan the location directly.

Seven days later, Fang Yuan arrived at Feng Bo cliff.

At Feng Bo cliff, he saw the arrangements of Lang Ya land spirit.

This was an immortal level Gu formation, its use was similar to the green crystal hero's path Zombie Alliance had. Fang Yuan used it to free himself from the ancient cloud beasts, returning to Lang Ya blessed land.

After so many troublesome circumstances, he was finally safe!


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