Reverend Insanity
1047 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 2/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1047 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 2/3

Chase, or not?

The Eastern Sea immortals looked at each other.

The first to react was rank seven Gu Immortal Tang Song.

"Don't think of leaving!" He moved like lightning, chasing after Fang Yuan as he shouted.

Fang Yuan snorted: "Don't go overboard! Don't think I am afraid of you, if not for my important mission, I would kill you here."

Tang Song surged with anger: "Bullshit!"

His immortal killer move was almost ready to be used, he was about to salvage his face, but at this moment, Fang Yuan ran away.

He actually ran!

Tang Song was unwilling to let him go, he chased relentlessly.

His actions caused the stunned Eastern Sea Gu Immortals to pursue him as well.

Fang Yuan's heart sank, but he shouted: "Those who are not afraid to die can come, hahaha."

Tang Song yelled after him: "Those who are afraid to die are cowards! Chase him, the inheritance imprint is with him, we cannot let him join up with the other Gu Immortals. Only by capturing this person can we obtain the inheritance of the great expert."

With such great profits in sight, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals chased with even faster speed after hearing that.

Fang Yuan muttered 'not too stupid', before pointing his finger, as flying sword Immortal Gu flew out and shot at Tang Song.

Tang Song was shocked, he tried to dodge. But because he was distracted, his immortal killer move was interrupted and he had to start all over again to use it.

Tang Song almost stomped his feet in anger.

The rank seven Gu Immortal Liu Qing Yu passed him and chased after Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan took a look and tried to sow discord: "Liu Qing Yu, the inheritance imprint is in your hands, but you are chasing after me. Such incredible acting!"

Liu Qing Yu was furious: "Don't run if you have guts!"

"Against you people, why would I need to run, it would be ruining our clan's face!" Fang Yuan shouted: "Continue chasing me if you have the guts, we'll see who is the most unlucky one in the end! Hahaha."

Fang Yuan appeared fearless, he was so arrogant even though he was being pursued by so many Eastern Sea Gu Immortals.

In contrast, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals became increasingly hesitant.

There was a key point, who had the crucial inheritance imprint? What Fang Yuan said earlier was highly possible.

And in addition, it seemed that Fang Yuan had reinforcements. And to hunt such a huge group of ancient cloud beasts, they must have set up an immortal level battlefield killer move, or even mobilized their Immortal Gu House, this was quite possible!

"If we enter an immortal battlefield killer move, it would be troublesome…"

Tang Song was a member of Tang clan, a super force, he might not be afraid, but these Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were lone immortals.

These lone immortals were not doing too well, otherwise, they would not have gone into the turbulent flow sea area to find some kind of opportunity.

After all, time was very precious for Gu Immortals.

First, a Gu Immortal fell to the back of the group before gradually separating from the pursuing group.

Next, more and more Gu Immortals imitated their actions.

Gu Immortals were not stupid, they were astute figures.

The Gu Immortals who fell behind were not willing to let Fang Yuan go, but they were afraid of falling into a battlefield killer move, and being unable to leave. Thus, they all decided to let others take the lead and scout the route.

"These guys… they're useless!" Liu Qing Yu who was the closest to Fang Yuan noticed this and mentally cursed, but his actions also became hesitant.

He was a lone cultivator and had obtained an opportunity in the past to become immortal, even though he had Immortal Gu, they were rank six. Against the immortal battlefield killer move of a super force, he might not be able to escape.

Even Tang Song was hesitant, he reserved some of his attention and energy to deal with any reinforcements of the enemy.

Thus, a strange chase was created.

Fang Yuan flew in front, yelling and cursing angrily, he was in a weaker position but he had an arrogant attitude.

Behind him were a bunch of Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, even though they had the advantage in numbers, they were restrained, they displayed a weaker attitude.

Most of the time, Fang Yuan was using mortal killer moves to fly, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals behind him were also using mortal killer moves to follow him.

Fang Yuan's thoughts were far less confident than his actions: "So troublesome! Looking at this situation, I can only escape to the regional wall and use the advantage in that environment to break free from these pursuers."

"Liu Qing Yu…" Fang Yuan took note of this name.

Fang Yuan had not received any inheritance imprint, he might have destroyed it, but it was also very possible that was only a deceptive move by the blood path demonic immortal, the true inheritance imprint could already be in Liu Qing Yu's hands.

If that was the case, Liu Qing Yu's acting skills were almost on par with Fang Yuan's, he was a deeply shrewd opponent.

In the sky high up in the clouds.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

With Fang Yuan at the lead, a group of Eastern Sea Gu Immortals flew in the sky while moving like flashes of lightning, there was a huge commotion.

Tang Song had secretly been preparing his immortal killer move, it could already be used.

He held in his excitement as he accelerated, surpassing Liu Qing Yu and getting closer to Fang Yuan.

This sudden action made Fang Yuan extremely alert.

He immediately used sword escape Immortal Gu and raised his speed, flying away.

"Damn it!" Tang Song mentally cursed, his rank seven immortal killer move had greater effect when the distance was short. With his current distance from Fang Yuan, there was no chance to succeed in capturing him.

Fang Yuan activated sword escape Immortal Gu and raised his speed, the Gu Immortals behind were internally grumbling.

The three rank seven Gu Immortals were still fine, they could use rank six Immortal Gu or immortal killer moves to maintain the distance.

But those ordinary rank six Gu Immortals who were at the bottom of the Gu Immortal world did not even have any rank six Immortal Gu, they were quickly left behind.

Seeing that Fang Yuan was flying away, rank seven Gu Immortal Zhou Li was anxious: "I have a way, I can bring both of you along with me at great speed. But I need to focus and cannot be distracted, I hope you can restrain him."

Liu Qing Yu and Tang Song looked at each other, rapidly agreeing.

Tang Song was the first to agree.

These people had an agreement already, they had a basis to trust each other.

Zhou Li roared as countless phantom waves appeared around his body, these phantom waves moved his body as his speed rose.

An immortal killer move!

Fang Yuan's gaze focused, but Liu Qing Yu and Tang Song cheered, they stepped on the phantom waves and allowed the waves to move them forward.

The two thus had free time to start attacking.

Fang Yuan's situation became bad.

Earlier, in the process of chasing, the Gu Immortals behind attacked. But because Fang Yuan was always using Immortal Gu to disrupt them and also dodged them, he was agile and hard to hit, the Gu Immortals behind him could not succeed.

But now, two Gu Immortals had the free time to focus on attacking, they could use more precise methods and possessed bigger threat.

Fang Yuan's pressure intensified, after a while, he was injured.

"Well done, this person has only so much capability, he only has two rank seven Immortal Gu. His other methods are all mortal killer moves." Zhou Li said.

"He was injured to begin with, he was likely hurt by those ancient cloud beasts." Liu Qing Yu said darkly.

"Even though he has rank seven Immortal Gu, he is only a rank six Gu Immortal, how much green grape immortal essence can he expend?" Tang Song said, smiling in the process.

As long as this progressed, they were sure to win.

Their only concern was the mysterious force behind Fang Yuan and a possible ambush.

Thus, they were holding back, and did not deal any fatal blows.

Fang Yuan's situation was quite dangerous.

If this continued to progress, he might die here.

Gu Immortals were intelligent and could form complex ideas, they were much harder to deal with compared to the simpleminded ancient cloud beasts.

If they really fought head on, these Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were not the match of the ancient cloud beasts. But their threat towards Fang Yuan was much higher than the ancient cloud beasts.

Fang Yuan had never banked on the two forces fighting each other.

Gu Immortals were not stupid, they had to consider the costs and benefits before killing even a cloud beast, not to mention this group of ancient cloud beasts.

"This means, I can only rely on the five regional walls. Even if something gets exposed, I have no choice." Fang Yuan slightly changed his direction and flew towards the closest regional wall.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals behind him chased.

Along with that group of ancient cloud beasts.

Soon, the regional wall appeared in Fang Yuan's sight.

The regional wall was like a fence surrounding Eastern Sea, Fang Yuan had come out of the regional wall earlier, he was originally very close to it. It was just that he was flying straight ahead as he wanted to save time traveling.

If he flew by following the edges of the regional wall, he would have to take a long detour.

But who would have expected such trouble to appear from nowhere?

"Oh no, he is going to enter the regional wall!" Liu Qing Yu realized Fang Yuan's intention and shouted.

"Good plan. We are rank seven Gu Immortals, after we enter the regional wall, we will face greater restrictions than him." Zhou Li said.

"Quickly attack, don't let him succeed." Tang Song was anxious.

The two immortals' attacks changed.

They attacked fiercely, Fang Yuan could not block them all, his injuries were getting more severe, some of his bones could be seen through the deep wounds.

"Hehehe." He laughed instead: "You dare to attack, very good, Tang clan! If I die and the clan's plans are ruined, we will not let you off."

Tang Song's heart shook: "You keep claiming to be part of a clan, it is just a hoax! I know Eastern Sea's righteous forces deeply, why have I never heard of you?"

Fang Yuan laughed again, his tone filled with hatred: "Tang Song, why bother probing? I will not fall for it. This matter has to be kept a secret, I was sent out because we were afraid of external interference. Even if you kill me, I will not tell you my background. I will even self-detonate my soul, you will not be able to soul search me."

Fang Yuan's words made their hearts sink.

Which enemies were the scariest?

Everyone had different answers to this question. But a large number of people would agree: An unknown enemy was the scariest.

The enemy is hidden while you are exposed, you do not know where they are, or what they are planning against you.

This was the worry of the three rank seven Gu Immortals.

From start to finish, they did not think that Fang Yuan was lying.

After all, ancient cloud beasts were too rare, why would a group of them chase after him like this? There had to be a cause.

Since there was a cause, the perpetrator had to have enough confidence in their strength to take down this group of ancient cloud beasts.

And in Eastern Sea, what kind of force would be able to take down this group of ancient cloud beasts?

Evidently, only super forces like Song clan!

Fang Yuan's words made the three rank seven Gu Immortals' attacks slow, and he obtained some precious time to recover.

The regional wall was right in front of him, Fang Yuan could almost escape, but at this time, Zhou Li attacked!


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