Reverend Insanity
1046 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 1/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1046 Battle of Chase and Escape in Eastern Sea 1/3

Fang Yuan's aura was only at rank six, before he took action, there did not seem to be anything special about him.

Furthermore, after retreating repeatedly, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals involuntarily started to look down on him.

But once he took action, everyone was shaken.

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals froze in their tracks, they reassessed Fang Yuan.

They saw Fang Yuan wearing white clothing with his long hair fluttering in the wind. Graceful and handsome, he had quite a disposition. Right now, Fang Yuan had an angry expression, like the brewing of a thunderstorm, his killing intent was like a blizzard, giving people a suppressive feeling.

There were numerous Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, but they all became silent.

They turned around and targeted the blood path demonic immortal instead.

This blood path demonic immortal wanted to escape, but his injuries caused his speed to fall, after some time, he was killed by the group of Gu Immortals.

Based on this, he was indeed at his wits' end, no wonder he threw away the fortuitous encounter and tried to survive by using Fang Yuan.

After killing the blood path demonic immortal, one of the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals, a rank seven that had taken the lead, Liu Qing Yu, spoke heavily: "The imprint is not on him."

Another rank seven Gu Immortal reacted, saying loudly to Fang Yuan: "Please wait!"

Fang Yuan had two rank seven Immortal Gu, the immortals' impressions of him had changed, they no longer acted so rudely towards him like before.

They looked at each other, before flying towards Fang Yuan imposingly.

Fang Yuan floated in the air, sneering without speaking.

"Friend…" The rank seven Gu Immortal stopped, partway through, he could not continue his words.

The imprint to open up the inheritance was extremely important, but it was missing now.

The biggest suspect was Fang Yuan.

But there was no way Fang Yuan would let them search his body. Looking at his immortal aperture was even more impossible, it was a huge taboo.

If Fang Yuan was an ordinary rank six Gu Immortal, with so many people on their side, it was okay to request it.

But Fang Yuan had two rank seven Immortal Gu, and this was only what he showed on the surface.

"Zhou Li, what are you afraid of?" The third rank seven Gu Immortal waved his long sleeves as he stepping forward.

He had a cold expression, his gaze was sharp, he stared at Fang Yuan, saying: "I am a Gu Immortal of Eastern Sea's Tang clan, Tang Song, this matter is difficult to resolve peacefully today. But I have a way, as long as you follow it, you can prove your innocence."

"Hahaha!" Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "Prove my innocence? Why do I need to prove my innocence?"

As he laughed, his battle intent surged.

"It seems that all of you think I am afraid of battle." Fang Yuan said in an ominous tone.

The expressions of the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals changed.

Fang Yuan squinted: "It is laughable, you are being deceived but you remain ignorant. Liu Qing Yu, you killed that blood path demonic immortal, you have already obtained the inheritance imprint, but you are trying to frame me now, you are really scheming."

"This…" The immortals froze again.

Many people turned to look at the rank seven Gu Immortal Liu Qing Yu.

Liu Qing Yu looked at Fang Yuan with an angry expression, but he was thinking: "Impressive! This person has a sharp tongue, he is rank six but has two rank seven Immortal Gu, who in the world is he? Since when did Eastern Sea have such a person? I actually don't know who they are!"

At the same time, he called out: "Everyone, don't forget about our agreement, what kind of person am I? Why would I possibly deceive you?"

Fang Yuan chuckled: "What agreement? I know that regardless of the information path alliance agreement, it can be broken using information path methods. As for what kind of person you are? I only know that in the face of huge profits, people change and cannot be trusted."

Fang Yuan's words were logical, the Eastern Sea Gu Immortals hesitated even more.

Liu Qing Yu flew into a rage, pointing at Fang Yuan: "I saw him throw the inheritance imprint to you!"

"The others also saw that I slashed it." Fang Yuan rapidly replied.

"Hehehe." Liu Qing Yu laughed sinisterly: "There are many ways in the world to create illusions, who knows what methods you used to keep the imprint secretly."

Fang Yuan raised his head and sighed, saying in a dour tone: "I have a mission from first supreme elder, I did not want to create trouble. But if it is like this, let's fight."

Hearing the words first supreme elder, many of the Gu Immortals' pupils shrunk, they thought: So this person is not a lone cultivator, he has a super force behind him. No wonder he has two rank seven Immortal Gu!

At once, their wariness rose again.

Especially the lone cultivators, they operated independently and did not have a force to defend them, they did not want to offend a huge force.

"Hold it." At this moment, Tang Song stood out: "I can guarantee on my Tang clan's reputation, as long as you cooperate with our investigation, if the imprint is not with you, we will let you go."

Tang clan was a super force in Eastern Sea, it was equivalent to Central Continent's ten great ancient sects.

"Tang clan?" Fang Yuan laughed coldly, his eyebrows raised as the silvery flying sword Immortal Gu flew around him: "That's very amazing huh? Do you think my clan will be afraid of your Tang clan? Hehe, in that case, let's see what your Tang clan can do!"

Before he finished speaking, Fang Yuan used flying sword Immortal Gu, attacking the rank seven Gu Immortal Tang Song.

"You!" Tang Song did not expect Fang Yuan to strike so suddenly, he was caught off guard, quickly getting into a disadvantage under Fang Yuan's attacks.

The other Eastern Sea Gu Immortals decided to look on from the side.

"This person is not afraid of Tang clan, he has a huge background."

"Tang clan might be an overlord in Eastern Sea, but it also has enemies like Shen clan and Su clan. Is this person from one of those two clans?"

"Since he is attacking Tang Song, that is a good thing. We can stay on the sidelines and watch their methods. If there is a future battle, we will be able to prepare."

These Eastern Sea Gu Immortals were not united, earlier, they only worked together to capture the blood path demonic immortal.

Fang Yuan's words and actions caused doubts among them, resulting in division among these immortals.

He picked his opponent with specific reasons.

If he chose a rank six Gu Immortal, others would think he was depending on two rank seven Immortal Gu to bully a weaker opponent. Only by choosing a rank seven Gu Immortal could there be deterrence.

As for why he chose Tang Song, it was because Fang Yuan observed that he was the only rank seven Gu Immortal with a super force behind him.

Lone cultivator Gu Immortals did not want to offend super forces, and because super forces had many assets to protect and matters to take care of, they were wary of lone immortals.

Thus, as someone in an organization, Tang Song spoke and acted with many concerns. After all, he was representing not just himself but his Tang clan as well.

Both sides fought for a long time.

After more than ten rounds, Tang Song was still at a disadvantage, he was breaking out in cold sweat.

Flying sword Immortal Gu was very sharp, while Tang Song was a sound path Gu Immortal with insufficient defensive methods, he could not block flying sword Immortal Gu, he could only evade it.

He was furious and startled.

A grand rank seven Gu Immortal was being forced to this extent by a rank six, his face was completely gone.

Tang Song had a grim expression as he thought: "To salvage my face, I have to use that immortal killer move to capture this rank six Gu Immortal alive. In that case, my display of weakness earlier can be thought of as a battle tactic."

But this immortal killer move was not easy to activate, it comprised four hundred and ninety Gu worms.

Tang Song had to deal with Fang Yuan's attacks while concentrating on the Gu worms in his immortal aperture, and slowly forming his killer move.

"This flying sword Immortal Gu might be useless against mud monsters and cloud beasts, but it is really useful against Gu Immortals, once it pierces the head or heart, they would die. Back then, Bo Qing dominated Central Continent and was known as the strongest person under rank nine, this indicates some of the power of flying sword Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan sighed internally.

Even though he had the advantage, he had not become careless.

Tang Song was a rank seven Gu Immortal, he had a deeper foundation than Fang Yuan. But because Fang Yuan attacked first, he lost the initiative.

But currently it was a dangerous situation, the longer it dragged on, the harder it was for Fang Yuan to escape.

Most importantly, he could not use dark assassination.

Because he had to maintain the pressure on Tang Song, Fang Yuan attacked first and pressured him. If he had any time to regain the initiative and use his methods freely, the situation would be different.

Thus, Fang Yuan had to use flying sword Immortal Gu continuously. Flying sword Immortal Gu was the core of dark assassination, it had to be used together with dark limit Immortal Gu.

After some time, by combining it with other supplementary mortal Gu, dark assassination could be unleashed.

"I have few Immortal Gu now, if I had some more…" At this time, Fang Yuan sensed something, his movements stopped as he looked behind him.

The group of ancient cloud beasts was already within sight.

Seeing the group of ancient cloud beasts, Fang Yuan did not feel irritation, he felt joy.

The opportunity he was waiting for had arrived!

"What is going on? What are these things, they have such strong auras."

"Cloud beasts, oh heavens, so many cloud beasts!"

"These are ancient cloud beasts, why are there so many of them?!"

The Eastern Sea Gu Immortals noticed the ancient cloud beasts, they were puzzled and shocked.

Tang Song's focus was on Fang Yuan, seeing that Fang Yuan had relaxed, he was overjoyed, he immediately sped up in completing the immortal killer move he was preparing, it was already one-third done in this short time.

"Soon! Once I use this move to capture you alive, I'll deal with you personally." Tang Song gritted his teeth.

Fang Yuan shouted: "Hmph! I lured these ancient cloud beasts out from white heaven. It was to cooperate with the other supreme elders to lure these ancient cloud beasts into a trap and capture them. You people obstructed us, we will deal with you one by one later. If you want to die now, follow me!"

Saying so, Fang Yuan left Tang Song, flying in the sky.

The immortals were shocked but relieved.

Fang Yuan's injuries were caused by the ancient cloud beasts.

And the ancient cloud beasts were chasing him.

These were all evidence for his words.

After all, ordinary cloud beasts were very rare, this group of ancient cloud beasts most likely came from white heaven.


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