Reverend Insanity
1041 Scaring Himself
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1041 Scaring Himself

Fang Yuan's situation was very weird, Qi Zai could not help but feel wary.

"What sort of dao marks does he have, why can he use the killer moves of different paths and receive an amplification effect, without any hindrances?"

Qi Zai seemed to be preparing while waiting patiently and at ease, but in fact, he was working hard at racking his brains.

"As far as I know, in history, only one person could do this… that was Reckless Savage Demon Venerable!"

There were a number of Demon Venerables in human history, among them was Reckless Savage, he was the founder of strength path and had also cultivated transformation path.

Historical records had stated that he could transform into countless things, and his dao marks could change at will.

For example, when Reckless Savage Demon Venerable turned into a lightning wolf, he would be able to use lightning path killer moves. When he became a swamp crab, he would be able to use earth path killer moves without feeling any disturbance and weakening from other dao marks.

Ordinary transformation path Gu Masters could only specialize in one kind of transformation. For example, in Northern Plains' imperial court contest, Cheng Long and Cheng Hu could only transform into a dragon and tiger respectively.

As for transformation path Gu Immortals, for example, He Lang Zi, he could turn into three types of wolves, having different dao marks on him. But when he switched his dao marks, he had to wait for some time and use certain methods to get rid of the original dao marks and prevent the disturbance of dao marks of other paths.

This problem had troubled every single transformation path Gu Master and Gu Immortal in history.

Except one person.

That was Reckless Savage Demon Venerable.

He could transform at will without considering the interference between dao marks.

Unfortunately, after Reckless Savage Demon Venerable died, his method was not passed down, countless talented individuals had tried to learn his methods, but their results had been failure, obtaining nothing.

"Don't tell me that this enemy here has inherited a crucial transformation path inheritance of Reckless Savage Demon Venerable?" Qi Zai thought of this and felt a fire of excitement burning in him.

Other than this explanation, he could not think of anything else.

"Of course, Gu Masters cultivate in various ways, there are countless numbers of people and methods, not all of them follow conventional wisdom." Qi Zai squinted, he was still very calm.

Actually, his guess that Fang Yuan had obtained a true inheritance of Reckless Savage Demon Venerable was still an underestimation of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan could do this because he had the rank nine sovereign immortal fetus Gu that Spectral Soul Demon Venerable refined.

This Immortal Gu was not ordinary!

Not only was it the crucial thing needed for Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's revival, it was also his hope of surpassing all of the venerables in history.

In the past, after Spectral Soul Demon Venerable died, he was not resigned to that fate.

Thus, he built Shadow Sect and planned meticulously. During that time, he not only revised on the knowledge gained during his life, he even searched for countless inheritances all over the world. Among these inheritances, there were Gu Master inheritances of all kinds, they could give Spectral Soul Demon Venerable new inspiration and brand new directions. There were also Gu Immortal inheritances and even a number of the other venerables' inheritances.

Shadow Sect could obtain one of Red Lotus Demon Venerable's true inheritances, the most mysterious venerable in history, not to mention the other venerables.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable controlled Shadow Sect and set up Zombie Alliance over the five regions, after tens of thousands of years, he accumulated his foundation and researched, putting in immense effort and making huge sacrifices.

Eventually, he gathered all his knowledge and made use of the key aspects of it, creating the rank nine sovereign immortal fetus Gu.

One could say, this Immortal Gu was not just the materialization of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's soul path, it also showed his immense accumulation of the essence of other paths, it was an unparalleled treasure.

Even though heaven's will used Fang Yuan as a tool, at the crucial moment, Fang Yuan, as an otherworldly demon, broke free of its manipulation, using sovereign immortal fetus Gu for himself.

Qi Zai felt suspicion, even though Fang Yuan had rank six aura, he did not dare to be careless.

He was probing Fang Yuan.

He was a rank seven Gu Immortal, even if he did not have any rank seven Immortal Gu, he had rank six Immortal Gu.

Earlier, the method of extracting the mud ball of grudge qi to create the mudman Ni Jian was an immortal method.

But he did not use Immortal Gu right now.

Immortal Gu were the trump cards of Gu Immortals, when used, they expended immortal essence!

Qi Zai only had a low grade blessed land, unless it was a crucial moment, he would not use Immortal Gu.

Of course, immortal essence was not the main reason, the most important reason was that once he used Immortal Gu, the information would be known by the enemy.

The number and specific types of Gu worms that a Gu Master owned were confidential secrets. Once intelligence was leaked, the Gu Master could be countered using specific means.

The same applied to Gu Immortals.

During an initial battle, without knowledge of the background of one another, Gu Immortals would try to probe each other first.

While Qi Zai was probing Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan was also probing him.

All sorts of mortal killer moves were used by Fang Yuan, together with his handsome appearance, Qi He's attention was greatly captured.

Similar to Qi Zai, even though Fang Yuan had Immortal Gu, he could not use them casually.

Even though the rank seven sword path Immortal Gu were powerful, Fang Yuan only had rank six green grape immortal essence, this was inferior to that of the rank seven Gu Immortal Qi Zai.

If not for Fang Yuan joining Lang Ya Sect, he would not have enough immortal essence stones to replenish his immortal essence, he would lose this battle for sure.

Both sides fought continuously, attacking and defending at various times, the commotion was huge, Qi He watched unblinkingly, gasping in her mind.

Unavoidably, Qi Zai was gradually falling into disadvantage against Fang Yuan.

No matter how impressive mortal killer moves were, they did not have Immortal Gu in them. Thus, the amplification from Qi Zai's dao marks was very limited, they could not exceed the level of effect from using an Immortal Gu.

In the long history of humanity, only one mortal killer move was publicly known to match Immortal Gu when activated.

That was the White Bone Chariot that Proud Bone Demon Lord Shen Jie Ao created.

This person was a rank eight demonic path Gu Immortal, he was proud for a good reason. In this particular achievement, none of the ten venerables could match him.

Even though Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables were invincible, they were not omnipotent.

Specialists tackled their own fields, in the past, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable had asked Long Hair Ancestor to refine Gu for them.

In contrast, even though Fang Yuan's dao mark accumulation was not as high as Qi Zai, he had a large number of methods and because the amplification towards mortal killer moves was limited, he could deal with his opponent.

Thus, gradually, Fang Yuan attacked more and defended less, gaining the initiative.

Qi Zai was fully aware of the battle situation in his mind. He frowned and began his counterattack.

Battlefield killer move — Qi Lockdown.

Immediately, the surrounding area was sealed, air was immobilized, forming a translucent temporary battlefield.

Fang Yuan smiled, he was not nervous.

This battlefield killer move was only mortal level, it had little threat towards Gu Immortals like him who had Immortal Gu.

Only if they were a rank six Gu Immortal without Immortal Gu would they feel like this was a huge threat.

And Fang Yuan already had this kind of battlefield killer move.

Immediately, he used a signature move of Xue Song Zi, battlefield killer move snow domain.

At once, qi lockdown was pushed aside, as coldness seeped into the surrounding air.

Qi He could not hold it in anymore, she gasped out loud.

In front of her eyes, the battlefield had been split into two, one was an icy domain, the other had motionless air.

Qi He's perspective was still that of a mortal. This type of battlefield killer move, even though it was mortal level, was the trump card of every powerful mortal force. Unless it was an emergency, they would not use it normally, otherwise, they might get countered if enemies gained intelligence on it.

Just now, she witnessed two battlefield killer moves used in front of her, she felt that this trip was worth going on, she was satisfied with this eye-opening experience.

Seeing that Fang Yuan was still at ease, Qi Zai lost his patience, he took the lead to activate his Immortal Gu.

He was a vigilant person.

He did not use an immortal killer move, he only activated the Immortal Gu.

A rank six qi path Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan did not know what it was, Qi Zai was not stupid enough to use it while calling out the Immortal Gu's name.

Once the Immortal Gu was activated, the entire battlefield changed drastically.

The qi lockdown battlefield dissipated, turning into fuel for the Immortal Gu. Snow domain could not resist it, a long rope of qi invaded it and pierced through.

This long rope of yin qi coiled around like a venomous jade snake, it was several meters long, assaulting Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan sighed, using his rank seven sword escape Immortal Gu.


Immediately, he seemed to have turned into a sharp sword, piercing the air and flying away.

"So fast!" Qi He opened her mouth, extremely shocked. In the blink of an eye, Fang Yuan had flown almost beyond her vision.

It was a rank seven movement Immortal Gu after all, it had spectacular speed.

Qi Zai was shocked too.

He had estimated that Fang Yuan was a Gu Immortal specializing in snow path, wind path, or dark path, after all, the mortal killer moves that he used earlier were mostly from these three paths.

But when Fang Yuan used his Immortal Gu, it was sword path!

And it was a rank seven sword path Immortal Gu.

"What is this? He is not a transformation path Gu Immortal, but a sword path Gu Immortal?" Qi Zai felt like his brain was frying.

After probing for so long, he had thought that he found out some details about Fang Yuan.

But when he used his true methods, Fang Yuan actually displayed a rank seven sword path Immortal Gu!

And he flew so quickly!

"If this were in the past, I could only look on and sigh. It is a pity that you are unlucky, not long ago, I completed the immortal killer move that I had been designing for three years."

Qi Zai snickered, whistling as he opened his mouth.

At the same time, aura burst out of his body, the aura surrounded him and Qi He, and penetrated into the qi grand lion's body.

The qi grand lion cried out in pain, its eyes were red as it charged towards Fang Yuan.

Under the effect of Qi Zai's immortal killer move, the qi grand lion's speed was astonishing!

In less than a few minutes, the qi grand lion carried the two Qi clan Gu Immortals and chased up to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan saw this and felt a headache.

Qi Zai used his Immortal Gu again, summoning the long rope of yin qi.

Very evidently, it was the same Immortal Gu as before.

The yin qi rope coiled and flew towards Fang Yuan, rapidly getting closer.

"He did not use any other immortal killer moves, just a rank six Immortal Gu, is it because his movement killer move has a lot of Gu worms in it, he has to focus his attention on it?"

Fang Yuan's eyes shined.

During the moment of crisis, his mind was still calm. He thought about it as he displayed his deep foundation in fighting.

When activating Immortal Gu, the aura of the Gu worm would leak, but when activating immortal killer moves, the leaked aura would be much more complex.

Thus, Qi Zai easily noticed that Fang Yuan's Immortal Gu was rank seven and sword path.

And Fang Yuan could also easily notice that Qi Zai was using just the rank six Immortal Gu alone.

Of course, this was a typical case, it did not hold true all the time.

Some special methods could conceal the aura of Immortal Gu and mislead the enemy.

Flying sword Gu!

Fang Yuan pointed as his Immortal Gu shot out.

Flying sword Immortal Gu was peerlessly sharp, the yin qi rope was cut into pieces easily.

Qi Zai's heart shook, he was shocked: "Why does he have another rank seven sword path Immortal Gu?"

"Is he really a sword path Gu Immortal?"

"Then, why did he use all those mortal killer moves?"

"Why are both his Immortal Gu rank seven?"

"Don't tell me, he is a rank seven Gu Immortal, and he is purposely concealing his aura to be rank six so that he can pretend to be weak when preying on others?"

Qi Zai could not guess Fang Yuan's actual situation.

He had a vigilant nature and a tendency to think deeply, the more he analyzed, the more shocked he got, he was scaring himself!


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