Reverend Insanity
1040 Fang Yuan versus Qi Zai
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1040 Fang Yuan versus Qi Zai

"Friend, please wait." From the desolate beast qi grand lion, Qi Zai's voice came over.

Fang Yuan stopped and gazed back.

After he was far away from Rotten Mud Mountain, he had dispelled the immortal killer move familiar face.

Rank eight Immortal Gu attitude Gu consumed mental energy, if it were maintained for a long time, it would wear out Fang Yuan's mind.

Moreover, because Fang Yuan's modified familiar face lacked change form Immortal Gu, it led to an increase in the quantity of the Gu worms, with over a thousand supplementary mortal Gu, and it also required more time and concentration to activate these Gu worms.

So when Qi Zai saw Fang Yuan from afar, he did not feel he was the culprit, he only had some doubts at most.

As they got closer, Qi He also saw Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan wore a white robe and looked like he was not marred by a speck of dust, his skin was white like snow and his eyes twinkled like stars, with long dark hair that reached down to his waist.

Even though Qi He was already old, over fifty years old, when she saw Fang Yuan, her eyes brightened and she thought: "This Gu Immortal senior has such a refined and graceful bearing, and sagely demeanor, I have rarely seen anything like it before in my life!"

"Senior, why did you call me?" Fang Yuan's expression was tranquil as he asked this with his fists cupped in front of him.

He did not use familiar face and his rank six cultivation level was clearly displayed.

While Qi Zai was emitting rank seven aura.

In this world, the strong were respected, Fang Yuan's greeting was natural and graceful. If he had his hands behind his back and showed an arrogant attitude, that would be unusual behavior.

Qi Zai also inwardly praised Fang Yuan's conduct, his expression softening slightly as he said: "It is only to verify some things."

He then shook his sleeve, from where a mud ball shot out.

The mud ball started expanding and soon turned into the size of an elephant. After another transformation, it turned into the shape of Ni Jian.

Fang Yuan's gaze became slightly dark.

Ni Jian gazed towards Fang Yuan, at first he had a puzzled look, it soon turned into incomparably intense hatred.

Fang Yuan's appearance was hugely different, but deep down, a sense of intuition told Ni Jian that the young man in front of him was the culprit!

"It's you, it's you! You demon, you forced my grandpa to die and even slaughtered my whole clan."

As he said this, Ni Jian charged towards Fang Yuan.

"Oh?" Qi Zai's expression changed, his gaze turning cold as he sized up Fang Yuan again.

Fang Yuan felt Qi Zai's gaze piercing his body like a needle.

With a cold snort, Fang Yuan waved his arm and immediately clouds started to surge out, covering the scenery as he quickly made his retreat.

"Sure enough, there are an endless number of methods developed by Gu Immortals, it's virtually impossible to defend against all of them effectively. They could actually find me?"

The enemy was a rank seven Gu Immortal, of a higher rank than Fang Yuan.

There was no doubt that this was a strong enemy.

Fang Yuan immediately had the intention to retreat.

"Stop!" Qi Zai shouted as he noticed this. His right hand took on the shape of an eagle claw and swept ferociously at the clouds and the mist in the sky.


It was like the sound of a huge wave.

The clouds and the mist that filled the sky instantly dissipated.

Fang Yuan who was still retreating, was exposed.

Qi Zai faced Fang Yuan and opened his mouth, inhaling air.

Fang Yuan immediately felt an enormous suction force over his whole body, causing his speed to rapidly decline.

At this moment, the mudman, Ni Jian, had already flown close to him.

Fang Yuan's gaze flashed, his expression was indifferent.

"Die!" Ni Jian punched his fist, it caused a gust of wind to blow!

The fist's momentum was terrifying, as if it would destroy anything it struck.

Ni Jian was originally only a rank two Gu Master, but after being killed by the beast group, he was revived as a mudman by Qi Zai using a mud monster corpse.

His strength had thus increased rapidly and was at the level of a desolate beast, and could match ordinary rank six Gu Immortals.

Just from this, one could see how strange and terrifying the rank seven Gu Immortal Qi Zai's method was.

Ni Jian's fist ruthlessly charged at Fang Yuan.

But the next moment, Fang Yuan's figure dispersed, turning into clouds and mist.

Qi He exclaimed in surprise as she had not expected such a scene.

Qi Zai, however, showed no surprise on his face, he looked to his right as he flicked his finger.

Mortal killer move — Divine Flick.

A pellet of qi, the size of a thumb, moved towards Fang Yuan so quickly that he actually was not able to dodge it.

This time, his real body was exposed.

Qi Zai let out a breath.

Immediately, a thick and translucent rotating current of qi appeared around Ni Jian's waist. The current of qi constantly revolved around his waist, and Ni Jian's speed was multiplied a few times over.

"Hand over your life!" Ni Jian roared as he once again charged towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan frowned.

His whole body was covered in lion fur armor, the divine flick just now did not cause him any harm and only forced him to appear.

"A qi path Gu Immortal…." He thought to himself.

The history of qi path was older than even strength path, and its decline was also much more extreme than strength path.

Fang Yuan had not expected he would actually run into a rare qi path Gu Immortal in Southern Border.

No wonder he was chased and the truth of his massacre of Ni clan was exposed. In qi path, there naturally were secret methods passed down over countless years which Fang Yuan did not understand clearly.

"I only massacred Ni clan, what does it have to do with these two Gu Immortals? In my previous life's memories, there were no Gu Immortal ancestors of Ni clan around." Fang Yuan was puzzled.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Ni Jian charged over once again.

Fang Yuan was starting to feel a slight headache.

He had already fought against a desolate beast mud monster, they did not have any fatal weakness.

Even using the rank seven flying sword Immortal Gu had little effect.

But this did not mean Fang Yuan had no way to deal with it.

He swayed lightly as he pounced forward, he raised his hands, which were covered in a layer of cold white frost.

Fang Yuan lightly struck Ni Jian's body with his palms.

Ni Jian's offensive was crude, while Fang Yuan's movement was like a leaf swaying in the wind, nimble and graceful.

Ni Jian was quite lacking in battle experience, he was not able to even touch Fang Yuan's clothes.

On the contrary, Fang Yuan's moves were nimble and refined, his frosted palms continuously striking Ni Jian's body.

Soon, Ni Jian was covered in a layer of white frost, his speed sharply reduced, moreover the translucent current of qi rotating around his waist had already been dissipated by Fang Yuan's attacks.

Fang Yuan had Immortal Gu but they were all rank seven, he could not use them lightly.

So he used the mortal killer move, lion fur armor, to pass this hurdle.

And the surging clouds before as well as his current hands of frost were both superior mortal killer moves.

The former originated from Tai Bai Yun Sheng, while the latter was obtained from Xue Song Zi.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng primarily cultivated time path while cultivating cloud path as a secondary path, he would often spar with Fang Yuan, and Fang Yuan was thus able to grasp his mortal methods.

And before his rebirth, Fang Yuan had captured and searched Xue Song Zi's soul.

Back then, Xue Song Zi's soul had been tampered by Shadow Sect's side, Fang Yuan could not get information about Shadow Sect (Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was, after all, the founder of soul path), however, Xue Song Zi's own process of growth during life, his cultivation insights and other experiences of his were all probed out by Fang Yuan.

These were all used by Fang Yuan.

As for the Gu worms needed for the mortal killer moves, they were all taken from Lang Ya land spirit.

And when Fang Yuan massacred Ni clan, he had freely practiced with them against the desolate beast mud monster.

Qi Zai's expression sank when he saw Ni Jian, with rank six battle strength, being toyed around by Fang Yuan, he again used his mortal killer move, divine flick, to send out countless pellets of qi.

These pellets of wi were extremely fast, Fang Yuan was only able to dodge a few before he could not dodge anymore, and had to use his lion fur armor to block them head on.

Lion fur armor had extremely strong defense, somewhat surpassing Qi Zai's expectations.

He snorted as he changed his method, from afar, he made a cutting motion with his hand towards Fang Yuan's direction.

Every time he made this movement, a blade of qi would instantly be formed.

Lion fur armor could only endure two slashes before Fang Yuan had to use other methods, a layer of black, oil-like sticky liquid appeared on the lion fur armor's surface.

The power of the blades of qi immediately lowered when they struck the black oil, the sharpness was greatly reduced and when they impacted on the lion fur armor, the effect was reduced by sixty percent.

This black, oil-like defensive killer move was from Hei Cheng.

Fang Yuan had obtained this killer move when he searched Hei Cheng's soul and was using it now.

Most of the killer moves he had obtained by soul searching had been trained countless times by their respective Gu Masters. Although they could not raise Fang Yuan's attainment level, these cultivation insights could allow Fang Yuan to have shortcuts to their results.

Fang Yuan only needed to train with these mortal killer moves a little to use them with ease.

As Qi Zai saw this, he snorted, two gusts of fire qi puffed out of his nose.

The fire qi dispersed in the air, turning into an inferno that rushed towards Fang Yuan.

At the same time, Ni Jian was fighting with everything he had.

Fang Yuan continued to hit with his palms against the mudman.

At this time, the inferno was already right in front of him.

He laughed as he activated a cloud path killer move, immediately, nine rings of clouds appeared around him.

This was Tai Bai Yun Sheng's defensive killer move — Nine Cloud Ring.

The inferno was completely blocked by the rings of clouds and absorbed. Four formerly white rings of clouds were dyed red.

Fang Yuan stretched out both hands and grabbed at the air.

Gusts of air gathered in the center of his palms and quickly formed into two black spheres.

Mortal killer move — Dark Vortex.

Fang Yuan flew forward, his hands continuously moving as spheres of dark vortexes were fired towards Qi Zai.

Qi He, who was beside Qi Zai, exclaimed in shock when she sensed the danger hidden within the dark vortexes.

Qi Zai counterattacked, using blades of qi, pellets of qi as well as the fire qi he snorted out of his nose.

Both sides went at each other, neither yielding even a step.

Qi He was getting dazed, unable to keep up with battle methods of Gu Immortals that were on display.

She had just ascended to an immortal, mortal battles were almost always carried out on the ground, it would never be like this where they flew up and down in a fast paced movement.

"I am almost certain he is genuinely a qi path Gu Immortal." Fang Yuan observed while he fought, gathering intelligence.

The battle had lasted for so long, but Qi Zai was still sitting comfortably on the back of the qi grand lion.

Even when Fang Yuan's dark vortexes and other killer moves bypassed his flurry of attacks and struck his body, they would be blocked easily by his condensed qi.

Qi Zai had the upper hand, but he was far from at ease in his mind.

"What is going on?"

"This guy… what path does he cultivate?"

The more Qi Zai battled, the more puzzled he was.

He was somewhat confused.

The mortal killer moves Fang Yuan used all had the signs of being amplified by dao marks.

But the killer moves already covered many paths like wind path, cloud path, dark path, strength path and other paths!

Qi Zai was really puzzled.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.


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