Reverend Insanity
1036 Grudge Qi Mudman
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1036 Grudge Qi Mudman

"Ah? What does that mean?"

"Once in a while, a Gu Master in Ni clan would awaken their bloodline. If they survive, an Immortal Gu would grow inside their body."

Qi Zai looked at the clouds in front of them as he continued saying: "Ni Ren did that to help Ni clan produce Gu Immortals. He was talented indeed, by refining Immortal Gu into his descendants' bloodline, others could not take them away. Even if they tried to reverse refine it, it would fail. And these Immortal Gu were specially chosen and could be used by mortals, although the price would be high."

Qi He blinked as she felt admiration towards Ni Ren: "If I could have the help of Immortal Gu, I might have been able to survive my calamity and tribulation alone."

Qi Zai suddenly laughed sinisterly, a cold aura emanating from his body: "Ni Ren worked hard, but in the last few thousand years, there has not been a Gu Immortal from Ni clan. The Immortal Gu that he chose had too high of a cost, even if the mortal controlled an Immortal Gu, and even if it could not be snatched away by others, this was still like a baby holding onto a treasure, how could they be safe?"

"Once someone creates an Immortal Gu in their body among Ni clan, we call them the current generation Ni Xiang. The first Immortal Gu created is an information path Immortal Gu, called 'Yes or No'. This Gu can get the information from heaven and earth, and be expressed by the Gu Master, but they can only say either yes or no. Every time they answer a question, the Gu Master would expend fifty years of lifespan."

Qi He's brows rose: "Fifty years of lifespan? This price is so huge! How can this current generation Ni Xiang do it willingly?"

Qi Zai smiled and did not answer.

Qi He's body slightly shook.

She had over sixty years of life experience, she had gone through many things, she finally realized what Qi Zai meant when he said this.

"Each answer costs the current generation Ni Xiang fifty years of lifespan, how can they be willing? But great-uncle is a Gu Immortal, while the current generation Ni Xiang is only a mortal, does it matter if they are unwilling?"

"Ni clan is in such a pathetic state now, most likely, they were schemed by Qi clan's ancestors."

"And my Qi clan is in a bad state, do the senior Gu Immortals really have no way to help?"

At once, Qi He felt a chill.

In their following journey, Qi He became quiet, no longer speaking.

Qi Zai kept his mouth shut, he was someone who did not speak much to begin with.

Just now, he spoke so much in order to educate the junior, Qi He. Now that she was an immortal, she was one of Qi clan's Gu Immortals.

This action by Qi clan was by no means righteous. If newly included Gu Immortals had beliefs that did not fit with it, there would inevitably be conflict among the members.

Qi Zai did not speak explicitly, but Qi He had already understood his words.

"Rotten Mud Mountain is not far away. This time, I should let Qi He handle this particular Ni clan. Even if the whole of the Ni clan here is sacrificed, there is no issue." Thinking of this, Qi Zai's eyes shined with cold light.

At Qi Zai's will, the qi grand lion descended.

The scene was filled with white clouds.

Soon, the qi grand lion went below the cloud layer and Qi He's field of vision expanded, she could see mountains, rivers, and forests below her. She had never seen such a grand sight when she was a mortal, she was quite amazed.

And among these mountains, there was a tall black mountain that was very eye-catching, it stood out among the other mountains.

Even the trees on this mountain were brown-black in color.

"Eh?" As they got closer, Qi Zai's eyes focused.

Soon, Qi He also found something wrong.

On the east side of the mountain, towards the sun, there was a village.

But now, this village had already turned into ruins. Rivers of blood were everywhere, corpses were piled up on the ground.

Not only were there human corpses, there were also beast corpses.

"What happened?" Qi He cried out.

The qi grand lion slowly landed on this bloody land, as the two Qi clan immortals looked at the battlefield.

The intense smell of blood assaulted their noses. Qi He was unable to bear watching this terrible sight.

Qi Zai had a cold and indifferent expression, he muttered: "Rotten Mud Mountain has a special property in the soil, the blood has not dried yet, evidently, Ni clan was slaughtered less than one or two days ago."

"Something's strange. There are many types of wild beasts here, it is not a normal beast tide. Ni clan was really unlucky to have encountered such a beast tide." Qi He said.

Qi Zai looked on with a cold gaze: "Hmph, what beast tide, this is a man-made disaster! There is only one type of beast tide in Rotten Mud Mountain, that is the mud monster beast tide."

Qi He was shocked: "What? Who is it, they are so cruel, doing something so immoral!"

But she then thought over it briefly and said: "This person can control a huge number and different types of beasts, they have an amazing method, since when did Southern Border have such an amazing enslavement path Gu Master?"

"Hmph! This person is not a Gu Master, it is a Gu Immortal." Qi Zai walked to the middle of the village.

At the center of the village ruins, there was a layer of black mud, it was a clear contrast to the surrounding blood.

"This Ni clan has control of a desolate beast mud monster. Although this mud monster is already close to dying, no matter how strong an enslavement path Gu Master they are, the beast tide would not be able to do anything to this desolate beast mud monster. This is the work of a Gu Immortal!" Qi Zai said grimly.

"Gu Immortal?" Qi He did not expect that it was a Gu Immortal.

She felt strange. She had lived for decades without seeing a single Gu Immortal. To think that during her tribulation, she would meet her great-uncle, and now there were traces of another Gu Immortal.

"I am a rank six Gu Immortal now, things are different, the people I can encounter are completely different as well." Qi He thought to herself.

Qi Zai's expression was turning grimmer.

He came here to find the current generation Ni Xiang. But now, Ni clan village was completely wiped out, there was little hope of his plan succeeding.

"Hmph! Killing the whole of Ni clan and leaving, I want to see who you really are."

Qi Zai snorted, deep killing intent appeared: "You think that by doing this, I can't find you? How can the methods left by Ancestor Qi Xiang be ordinary methods?"

Qi Zai said this as he stretched out his right hand.

Two of the fingers on his right hand curled inwards, only his thumb, index finger, and middle finger were pointed out.

The three fingers tapped at the air, Qi He did not think much of the small movements, but soon, the disturbance caused by this move was huge.


The entirety of Rotten Mud Mountain shook, air currents moved and shook intensely, the rubble of the village, like snapped wood and bricks, were blown away by the strong wind.

Qi He took a step back, she was shocked by the huge force created.

Howl howl howl…

Pale green aura rose up in all areas of the battlefield.

At first, there were only a couple dozen of them, but soon, the number of traces of pale green aura rose to hundreds, then thousands, flying in the air. At once, the entire battlefield was covered in green light, it was a grand sight.

"Come." Qi Zai shouted, three fingers were hooked, resembling a strong eagle claw.

He grabbed at the pale green aura dancing in the air.

The aura was affected by a strong suction force, gathering towards the eagle claw that Qi Zai's hand resembled.

In a few tens of breaths, the pale green aura in the air was completely gone, having fused into Qi Zai's hand.

Qi Zai's hand was no longer of normal color, it had turned into a peculiar jade green.

"Great-uncle, your hand!" Qi He only took a look and felt her body and mind tremble, an intense feeling of grudge assaulted her.

"You have just passed your immortal ascension, you are still very much like a mortal, don't get close." Qi Zai instructed, but his voice was still as low and calm as always.

Qi He nodded, taking a few steps back, turning her gaze around.

Next, she heard Qi Zai say: "The pale green aura is the grudge qi that is scattered all over this battlefield. That Gu Immortal killed Ni clan's entire village, not even letting the children and elderly live, he was truly ruthless. Ni clan did not have a single survivor, they are naturally feeling grudge towards their fate and the person who killed them. The aura is not only left in the battlefield, they are still entangled around the murderer."

"Go!" Qi Zai shouted.

At the same time, he opened his hand, slamming the pale green hand towards the black mud below him.

In an instant, all of the grudge qi was sent into the mud by Qi Zai's action.

This was not ordinary mud, it was filled with earth path dao marks from the corpse of the desolate beast mud monster.

"Qi path has a long history, Little He, watch closely, this is one of the signature methods of our Qi clan." Qi Zai could not conceal his pride.

With a whooshing sound.

The mud rumbled under Qi Zai's method, forming into a giant mud ball.

The thick mud ball floated in the air, rotating on its own.

On the surface of this mud ball, there were countless faces.

These faces showed anger and hatred.

"Puff!" Qi Zai breathed out, blowing out a breath of mystical aura.

The aura entered the mud ball, as the latter quickly transformed into a monster made from mud.

The mudman shouted: "Kill! I want to kill you!"

Qi He gasped: "A member of Ni clan revived?"

Qi Zai's method was simply unfathomable in her eyes.

"Ever since fate Gu was broken, the world began to have many revival methods." Qi Zai explained, turning towards the frenzied mudman monster, asking: "What is your name?"

"Ahhhhh…" The mudman monster was still shouting, its limbs were still moving around, expressing its rage.

Qi Zai frowned, he asked again.

The mudman monster did not listen, it continued cursing: "Murderer! You forced my grandpa to die! I will tear your into shreds!"

Qi Zai snorted as he shifted his thoughts.

The mudman monster was created by him, he could naturally control it.

"Who are you? You are a murderer too! I will also…" The mudman monster's body shook as if it was hit by lightning, mud was falling off of its body.

The cursing ended, the mudman monster calmed down, looking at Qi Zai and Qi He with its hollow eyes.

Qi Zai let out a breath of air, he knew that this mudman monster had very low intelligence, it was made from grudge qi. Questions could not be asked too rapidly, he had to ask slowly and progressively.

"What is your name?"

"Ni Jian!" The mudman monster shouted.

Qi Zai misinterpreted his words as 'you bastard', his eyes shined with cold light as he waved his sleeves while snorting.

With a splat, the mudman monster broke apart, turning into a pile of mud on the ground.His name is Ni Jian (倪健), which sounds similar to ni jian (你贱), the latter being a curse


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