Reverend Insanity
1034 Man-made Disaster
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1034 Man-made Disaster

Southern Border, Rotten Mud Mountain.

It was noon, the sun was high in the air, it was a clear sky with no clouds in sight.

At a certain area in a forest at the back of Rotten Mud Mountain, a youngster was fighting with a mature bear.

The atmosphere was tense.

The bear stood as tall as three meters in height, it had a bulky body and brown fur which was thick and shiny. At this moment, the bear was opening its mouth, revealing its sharp teeth as its red eyes stared at the young man with a ruthless look.

The young man who was facing this bear was only fifteen or sixteen years old.

He was only five and a half feet tall, compared to the bear, he was tiny and weak.

But the young man's eyes were shining with vigor, he dared to face the bear head on, without any fear.


The brown bear growled, opening its mouth and pouncing at the young man.

The brown bear might look clumsy and heavy, but any experienced hunter would know that it had incredible explosive strength.

When the brown bear moves from a still position, its speed rises rapidly as it pushes forward!

The young man only felt a gust of wind as the bear suddenly arrived in front of him.

The young man's expression did not change, he activated his Gu worm during the crucial moment.

His movement Gu allowed him to move away by a certain distance.

The brown bear missed its target, it crashed into the tree behind the young man.

With a loud sound, the thick tree trunk was snapped by the brown bear.

With the falling of the tree, another loud sound was heard as it slammed on the ground.

The surrounding birds flew away in panic.

The young man let out a breath of cold air, thinking: Thankfully, I dodged in time. If this bear hit me directly, even if I had defensive Gu worms, my bones would break and I would suffer heavy injuries.

However, after dodging this attack, the battle tilted in favor of the young man.

The young man's eyes shined brightly, he cried out: "Stupid bear, feel the power of my sword qi Gu!"

Before he finished speaking, he had already stretched out his middle and index fingers on his right hand, pointing at the brown bear.

The next moment.


With a soft sound, a burst of pale white translucent sword qi shot out of the young man's fingers.

The sword qi flew through the air, hitting the brown bear's back.

But there was the aura of wild Gu on the brown bear. The fur on its back turned firm, becoming hard plates.

The sword qi hit the hard plates and made a buzzing sound, as the sword qi dispersed.

The brown bear's bulky body was completely uninjured.

It shook its head as it recovered from the dizziness earlier, it turned around towards the young man.

The young man was dumbfounded.

"What? This bear has a wild defensive Gu. How can my sword qi Gu hit it? Grandpa, did you intentionally put the wild Gu on that brown bear?" The young man shouted.

"Hehehe, grandson, I walked along the mountain's paths for over ten li to find this brown bear. It is a great opponent for you." From the tree branches, a voice said this.

It turned out that the young man's grandfather had been sitting on top of the tree, watching his grandson fight this brown bear.

The young man's strongest method was sword qi Gu.

But against the brown bear, it had little effect. Each sword qi could only shave off some of the bear's fur.

There was no choice, the young man could only dodge everywhere.

The brown bear attacked fiercely, but it was a beast, it did not have enough intelligence.

Even though the young man could not defeat the bear, he was agile and had much experience. Because of that, he dodged everywhere while causing the bear to crash into trees while fighting.

Seeing the young man's difficult state, the grandfather laughed: "Rascal, do you know sword qi Gu's weakness now? It attacks by piercing, once it is countered, you will waste your primeval essence with no damage dealt. Come, catch this Gu."

Saying this, the grandfather tossed a Gu worm to the young man.

In order to receive the Gu worm, the young man was almost hit by the brown bear, he tumbled to the ground.

But because he reacted quickly, he rolled away from the brown bear's bite.

After getting some distance, he jumped and stood up again.

"This is muddy Gu!"

The young man cried out, recognizing this Gu worm.

This Gu worm was not his, but his grandfather had lent it to him, the young man could use it with no problem.

After injecting primeval essence into muddy Gu, the Gu worm shined with a murky light.

The young man's hand flicked, and the murky light on the Gu worm left his hand, landing below the bear's feet.


A large amount of bubbles emerged from the soil below the brown bear's feet.

In the blink of an eye, this area became a pile of soft mud.

The brown bear's two feet were stuck inside the mud.

It struggled intensely, shaking off a lot of the mud on it.

The young man was hit by mud on his body and face, but he did not care, he used muddy Gu again.

The murky light went into the pile of mud again.

The brown bear was already stuck at the bottom of the mud, it struggled and was about to get out.

But because of the light, the mud deepened.

The brown bear's four limbs were stuck inside, the more it struggled, the more it sank.

The bear stood on two legs, but the depth of the mud was already at its waist.

When the young man used muddy Gu for a third time, victory was decided.

The brown bear sank again, eventually, only its head was exposed, it growled, unwilling to give in.

"I finally won." The young man was tired, he sat on the ground, breathing roughly.

His face was pale, his primeval essence was almost expended.

With a soft sound, the young man's grandfather jumped down from the tree, floating down slowly for several meters, landing in front of the young man.

"Rascal, you know the advantages of muddy Gu now? Without this Gu, how could you defeat the brown bear?" The grandfather chided.

The young man did not answer, he breathed roughly for a few seconds before snorting, looking at his grandfather: "Grandpa, you did this on purpose. I know you want me to give up on sword path and cultivate our Ni clan's specialty, earth path, right?"

The grandfather raised his finger and tapped the young man's head, he said in a loving but bitter tone: "Rascal, you are smart, it would be great if you could use it on your earth path cultivation."

The young man had his face in his hands, saying: "But I like sword qi. It is so cool when I shoot out sword qi. Earth path is so lame, grandpa, look at me, I am covered in mud. After one battle, I lose all my coolness."

The grandfather heard this and stared with wide eyes, about to scold him further.

But at this moment, the bells from the base of the mountain started to ring.

Both of them were startled.

The young man jumped up, standing and looking at the base of the mountain, saying anxiously: "Ah! This is the alert bell Gu of the clan. The bell is ringing so rapidly, what happened?"

Go!" The grandfather was more direct, he stretched out his arm and grabbed the young man, running towards the base of the mountain rapidly.

The young man felt the wind blowing past him, all he saw were shadows of trees that rapidly moved behind him.

He was shocked: "This is the power of a rank five Gu Master? Such speed…"

After a dozen breaths of time, the young man's vision returned to normal as his grandfather put him down.

With the sudden deceleration, he felt queasy, his stomach was churning as he almost vomited.

"Lord clan leader."

"Greetings to lord clan leader."

The young man heard the voices of clan elders.

He tried to stand up, but realized that he was already at the wall surrounding Ni clan village.

The young man's grandfather was Ni Kun, the current leader of Ni clan and a rank five Gu Master.

Ni Kun frowned, asking with a serious expression: "What happened? Why was alert bell Gu used consecutively?"

"Clan leader, the matter is urgent, take a look!"

A clan elder used the clan's Gu formation, this was an investigative Gu formation, it was directed to Ni Kun.

Ni Kun's vision flashed with all sorts of images, in an instant, he saw a scene a hundred li away from the village.

His breathing paused, he frowned as he showed confusion on his face: "A beast tide! Strange, we had already survived a beast tide a year ago. And the surrounding beast groups near the village are insufficient in forming a beast tide."

"That's right, we found it strange too."

"If there is an abnormality, there must be a cause! I suggest that we send our elite Gu Masters to investigative."

"Nevertheless, we should focus on defending ourselves. This beast tide is colossal, the question now is whether we can protect the village."

Ni Kun's expression was grim.

The danger had arrived so suddenly and severely.

His grandson, Ni Jian, was staring blankly in a daze. Earlier, it was a calm and peaceful day, but now, his village was on the brink of destruction.

"The beast tide is fierce, an attack of this scale has not been seen in decades. Ni clan is facing a life and death situation, activate all three layers of our defenses! Second elder, third elder, quickly go and lead our elites to use the heavenly fire Gu formation! Sixth elder, lead the medicine hall and the medical team. Seventh elder, check our transportation Gu formation. If anything goes wrong, send our youths away…" Ni Kun ordered.

The elders knew that the situation was dangerous, they moved immediately, showing firm determination.

The beast group attacked like fierce waves, rushing forward relentlessly.

Wherever they went, dust rose as trees in the mountain were snapped.

The young man, Ni Jian, saw this on top of the village wall and felt immense fear, his expression turned pale.

He had never seen such a fierce beast tide.

Normally, beast tides came in one species, for example, a wolf tide, or a tiger tide. But now, this beast tide had many different types of beasts, wolves, tigers, leopards, bulls, deer, foxes, snakes, and more were mixed in.

"Strange! Why are these wild beasts not attacking each other, they are forming together and attacking our village?!" The grandfather Ni Kun mumbled.

At the next moment, Ni Kun's shuddered, the Ni clan Gu Masters around him also stared with wide opened eyes.

The terrifying beast tide slowed down, before stopped entirely.

An enormous group of beasts of all kinds stood ten thousand steps away from the village wall, watching the people in anticipation.

Ni clan's Gu Masters looked at each other, feeling uncertainty and fear.

A mound tiger moved out.

Mound tigers were mutated beasts, they had huge bodies, far larger than normal, they were like small mounds.

Fang Yuan was lying on the mound tiger's back, his eyes were half open as he looked at Ni clan.

Seeing Fang Yuan, Ni clan's Gu Masters shouted in shock.

Ni Jian's eyes were wide open, he finally realized — This beast tide was not a natural disaster, it was a man-made disaster!


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