Reverend Insanity
1032 Treasure Yellow Heaven Transports Gu Worms
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1032 Treasure Yellow Heaven Transports Gu Worms

"Well? Have you considered it? You are an external supreme elder of Lang Ya Sect, you can use your sect contribution points to exchange for the method." Lang Ya land spirit smiled.

Over in Central Continent, Hei Lou Lan was forced by Ying Wu Xie and had no choice but to submit, Fang Yuan did not know this and was contacting Lang Ya land spirit.

Speaking of the method to counter Spring Autumn Cicada, Lang Ya land spirit was indeed formed from Long Hair Ancestor, he had a deep foundation.

In their earlier conversation, Fang Yuan was shocked to find out that Lang Ya land spirit had more than ten methods! All of them were effective in dealing with Spring Autumn Cicada.

These methods involved many aspects, with so many choices, at this moment, Fang Yuan felt a bit uncertain.

But he quickly focused his mind, asking as he thought of something: "I have a question, how many sect contribution points do I have?"

"Three hundred!" Lang Ya land spirit hesitated for a moment before answering.

"Three hundred…" Fang Yuan frowned, he knew that he had not done anything for Lang Ya Sect yet after joining it. This amount of sect contribution was obtained because he had lent Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po valley, and wisdom Gu to Lang Ya land spirit.

However, either of Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po valley, or wisdom Gu were unparalleled things, they were only worth three hundred sect contribution points?

Immediately, Fang Yuan had some suspicion, but he did not question him, he asked in a roundabout manner: "First supreme elder, I am not sure how your three hundred points were calculated, I would like you to explain for me."

Lang Ya land spirit heard Fang Yuan call him 'first supreme elder' and felt very pleased internally.

He said frankly: "This is very simple. Dang Hun Mountain counts as a hundred, Luo Po valley counts as a hundred, and wisdom Gu is also a hundred."

Fang Yuan's tone became lower: "Wisdom Gu is a rank nine Immortal Gu, why is it worth the same number as Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po valley?"

"No need to be suspicious." Lang Ya land spirit quickly answered: "You lent all three of them to the sect, but my Lang Ya Sect has to bear the expenditure of the earth qi, and the feeding of wisdom Gu. Three hundred sect contribution points are given to you according to the rules in the sect. I know that fairness is required for a sect to grow, don't worry, we will not shortchange whatever is rightfully yours, but we will also not give you extra that you did not earn."

After pausing for a while, Lang Ya land spirit continued: "Of course, if you contributed them to the sect, the contribution points would be much higher! It is possible for you to become the first supreme elder of the sect as well."

Fang Yuan heard this and couldn't help but feel excitement.

Becoming the first supreme elder of Lang Ya Sect, wouldn't he obtain the highest authority? Even if he was not the owner of Lang Ya blessed land, he would be able to mobilize the hairy man Gu Immortals inside Lang Ya blessed land, right?

But quickly, Lang Ya land spirit said: "But for you to become the first supreme elder, you need to get rid of your human status and become a true hairy man. Only an exceptional hairy man can be the leader of the hairy men!"

Lang Ya land spirit's tone was full of confidence towards the ideology of hairy man rulership.

Fang Yuan dispelled his earlier thoughts.

He had no doubt that Lang Ya land spirit had methods to turn humans into hairy men. But if Fang Yuan became a hairy man, the price was too great.

Most fundamentally, the current trend of human dominance could not be overturned. Hairy men and other variant humans, even if they became immortals, would be pushed aside and ostracized.

Furthermore, hairy men and the other variant humans were flawed to begin with, they could not become rank nine venerables.

Fang Yuan aspired to reach immortality, cultivation was only a tool. But evidently, the higher his cultivation level, the closer he would be to this goal.

This logic was simple. Between an ant and a tree, which one was closer to eternal life?

Fang Yuan only had three hundred sect contribution points, Lang Ya land spirit calculated the amount very precisely. He did not give Fang Yuan one point less or one point more.

Fang Yuan sensed keenly that these three hundred sect contribution points were very precious, they had great value, if he used them wisely, they would be a huge help towards him!

Thus, after he thought over it, he did not spend these contribution points rashly to obtain one of the ways to counter Spring Autumn Cicada.

At the other end, Lang Ya land spirit said: "Sect contribution points are meant to be used. Don't be too stingy with them, we have many sect missions for you. As long as you complete one, your sect contribution points will increase."

"Oh? What kinds of missions?" Fang Yuan asked lightly.

Lang Ya land spirit wanted to make use of Fang Yuan's strength, he naturally explained them to him.

Fang Yuan soon shook his head, disappointment was all over his face.

These sect missions were split into two types. One was to collect Gu refinement materials, the other was to spar with the hairy man Gu Immortals and nurture their fighting skills.

Earlier, after Qin Bai Sheng and the rest attacked Lang Ya blessed land, Lang Ya land spirit turned from the shape of a human and white haired land spirit to a hairy man and black haired land spirit, the management of Lang Ya blessed land had changed drastically.

The black haired land spirit wanted hairy men to be the rulers, the overlords of the Gu world, to trample on humans and all other races.

Thus, he tried to train his hairy man Gu Immortals, wanting to raise their battle strength.

Before this, these hairy man Gu Immortals only knew how to refine Gu, they did not even train normally, their battle strength could not be said to even be at the dregs.

Currently, Fang Yuan did not have the time to help the black haired land spirit search for Gu refinement materials, or be the nanny of the hairy man Gu Immortals.

"How about this, first supreme elder, I lack Gu worms now. Could you buy some Southern Border Gu worms from treasure yellow heaven and inspect to check that they are not tampered with. If they are fine, send them over to me." Fang Yuan changed the topic, listing his needs.

Lang Ya land spirit did not reject this.

Batches of Gu worms quickly passed through connecting heaven Gu via treasure yellow heaven, reaching Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture.

The first batch was a large number of mortal Gu, including wine sack flower Gu, rice pouch grass Gu, spring water Gu, eating wind drinking dew Gu and others.

The situation now was different.

Earlier, Fang Yuan was an immortal zombie, he did not need to eat.

But now that he had revived, his body was alive, he needed to consume food and water.

Even Gu Immortals would die if they did not eat. Unless they had the relevant food path dao marks.

Other than these food path mortal Gu, there was also some clothing Gu.

Fang Yuan was not satisfied with fire cape Gu and flying smoke Gu, the effect of the flames was too eye catching, they were unnecessary.

After acquiring these clothing Gu, he immediately changed his clothes.

There were also Gu for housing.

For example, the wood path Gu worm, three star cave.

After it was used, it would turn into a tree house with space in the trunk.

The second batch provided was moving perspective cup Gu and stargate Gu.

It was not safe to use treasure yellow heaven.

Treasure yellow heaven was an open market, it was not a secret channel.

Moving perspective cup Gu used the Space Door to transport objects, it bypassed the five region's regional walls, it was a superb mortal Gu!

Be it the moving perspective cup Gu recipe or stargate Gu recipe, Lang Ya land spirit had already obtained them from Fang Yuan.

According to the previous Lang Ya land spirit's personality, he would have refined a lot of them.

Thus, these two Gu worms were directly taken out from Lang Ya blessed land. Once they entered treasure yellow heaven, the two Gu worms shined with bright treasure light, it drew the attention of many Gu Immortals.

They were mortal Gu, but the treasure light was really very bright, it was out of the ordinary.

This special situation drew the attention of many Gu Immortals, they went to ask but Lang Ya land spirit rejected them.

The third batch was also mortal Gu, they came from Lang Ya Sect's storage, Fang Yuan wanted to use them to test his sovereign immortal aperture.

The earlier tests were only observations on the surface.

To learn about the secrets of the sovereign immortal aperture, he needed to use Gu worms as tools.

The fourth batch was the main objective.

Sword Immortal Bo Qing's sword path Immortal Gu!

Fang Yuan stole quite a number of Immortal Gu from immortal zombie Bo Qing, he used the light of wisdom and wisdom path methods to deceive these Immortal Gu temporarily, as he gradually refined them.

Before joining the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, he only managed to refine change soul Immortal Gu. And during the crucial moment in the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, he used it to turn the situation around.

Right now, change soul Immortal Gu was still in Fang Yuan's hands.

As for the other sword path Immortal Gu, they were filled with Bo Qing's will, they were much harder to refine compared to change soul Immortal Gu. They were left inside Hu Immortal blessed land, and were not brought to Yi Tian Mountain by Fang Yuan.

After all, these Immortal Gu were not refined, they could not be used even if they were brought.

As it turned out, it was lucky that Fang Yuan did not bring them.

Otherwise, according to what happened, these Immortal Gu would be left in his body and become Ying Wu Xie's property.

These sword path Immortal Gu were the rank eight wisdom sword Gu, rank seven sword escape Gu. rank seven sword eyebrows Gu and rank seven flying sword Gu.

Lang Ya land spirit only sent sword escape Immortal Gu and flying sword Gu over to Fang Yuan.

The two of them made an instant transaction.

At the first moment, Fang Yuan used a rock that he picked up to buy sword escape Immortal Gu and flying sword Gu.

"The treasure light is hundreds of meters tall, what happened?"

"Transaction of Immortal Gu!!"

"How is this possible?"

"I saw it earlier. Someone bought two rank seven Immortal Gu immediately, they were so fast that no one could react."

"Buying two rank seven Immortal Gu? Heavens! I do not even have a single rank six Immortal Gu, who is that rich?"

The earlier few batches of Gu worms had already attracted some attention. With this transfer, involving Immortal Gu, heated discussions were occurring in treasure yellow heaven!

The trading of Immortal Gu was usually done through exchanges of Immortal Gu, they were rare even in treasure yellow heaven.

Thus, Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit's transaction was like a rock that was thrown into a calm lake, ripples formed immediately.

"Two Immortal Gu… each having around three hundred meters of treasure light. But the other party paid with a rock." A lucky Gu Immortal who witnessed the transaction transmitted using his divine sense.

This information caused more heated discussion between Gu Immortals again.


"A rock? Are you kidding me?"

"This is not a normal transaction, they are using treasure yellow heaven to transfer Gu worms."

"Even if they are transporting Immortal Gu, it is very rare. Treasure yellow heaven's fee is charged according to the treasure light's height."

At once, countless divine senses conversed in treasure yellow heaven, the wills of many Gu Immortals were engaging in conversation enthusiastically.

The commotion was similar to a mortal fish market.

Because of Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit, the entirety of treasure yellow heaven was in chaos.


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