Reverend Insanity
1028 Nine-five Sovereign Immortal Aperture 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1028 Nine-five Sovereign Immortal Aperture 2/2

However, methods like expand space Immortal Gu were only icing on the cake. No matter what methods were used, the biggest factor in determining the limit of the size of the blessed land was still its grade.

Looking at Fang Yuan's immortal aperture again.

Every layer of his immortal aperture had over 33500km2 of space!

33500km2 already exceeded the super grade blessed land of a ten extreme physique Gu Immortal vastly. And this was just one layer.

Fang Yuan found that his immortal aperture had ten layers.

And each layer had more than 33500km2 of space.

Adding them up, ten layers amounted to over 335000km2 of space!

What did that imply?

Fang Yuan could not imagine.

Because he had never heard of such a ridiculous immortal aperture in the world!

The large space inside was only the first point.

Fang Yuan's immortal aperture was split into ten layers.

This was very unique.

Normal blessed lands would not have separate spaces, they only had one unified area. For example, Hu Immortal blessed land and Star Form blessed land.

When would the space inside the immortal aperture split up?

It was when immortal apertures become grotto-heavens.

By then, the immortal aperture would undergo changes according to the Gu Immortal's body, creating many different areas and segments.

Starry Sky grotto-heaven was a prime example.

"My blessed land has the characteristics of a grotto-heaven? Even what may be the greatest blessed land in the world, Lang Ya blessed land, only has one unified space. And Lang Ya blessed land has fallen from a grotto-heaven, while my blessed land has just started at rank six. And in this first layer, it is split into five areas."

Fang Yuan's immortal aperture had ten layers.

The first layer was a vast piece of land, split into five areas.

The second to tenth layers had no soil or earth, they were empty.

What made Fang Yuan surprised was that the five areas in the first layer were divided very clearly.

The central area had the most fertile soil and differences in terrain within.

The southern area had many mountains and peaks, it was moist and foggy.

The northern area had huge grasslands with strong winds.

The eastern area was a sea with countless islands, like a huge chess board.

The western area was desolate and had high temperatures, it was mainly a desert.

"This arrangement, isn't it the five regions of this world? Southern Border, Eastern Sea, Central Continent, Northern Plains, Western Desert…" Fang Yuan mumbled internally.

What shocked him were the second to tenth layers.

In these nine layers, there was no soil, there was nothing, but they were all colored red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue, purple, white, and black respectively.

"Aren't the immemorial nine heavens arranged with these colors as well? But later, Ren Zu and his ten children caused seven of the heavens to collapse, resulting in the fragment worlds of the immemorial seven heavens to scatter and fall. right now, only white and black heaven are left."

"Nine heavens, five regions, nine-five… sovereign. So this is why it is called sovereign immortal fetus Gu?"

In fact, Fang Yuan had some expectations that his immortal aperture would be different from others, that it would be very exemplary. But he did not expect it to be so impressive.

Impressive to the point that Fang Yuan felt a little… fearful.


This emotion seemed hard to understand.

But to make a comparison.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was an elite person. Hei Lou Lan was a ten extreme immortal, a genius among elites.

And what was Fang Yuan?

He was far beyond any genius, if he had to be described in one word, that would be: Monster!

Towards geniuses, people would feel admiration, envy or resentment towards them. As for monsters, freaks who went far beyond common sense, people would feel fear… and the urge to eliminate them!

In the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life, his aperture was only high grade. After rebirth, his strength path immortal aperture was only medium grade.

He had worked hard for the goal of attaining super grade.

But suddenly, he obtained this immortal aperture.

All of a sudden, he had turned from an ordinary Gu Immortal to a ridiculous and freakish monster. Naturally, he felt some fear.

"I cannot let news of this immortal aperture be exposed. Once it is exposed, I will face an endless wave of enemies who wants me dead."

"But even if I told people about this immortal aperture, nobody would believe me. Ah, no, at least, Spectral Soul would believe it."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan's expression turned grim.

The better the nine-five sovereign immortal aperture was, the deeper the enmity between Fang Yuan and Spectral Soul, along with Shadow Sect!

Even though Fang Yuan had not uncovered the mysteries of the sovereign immortal aperture yet, on the surface, with just these traits, his relationship with Spectral Soul and Shadow Sect was already irreconcilable.

Even if the other party did not have rank nine cultivation level, they were quasi-rank nine. Against such an enemy, Fang Yuan felt deep pressure.

"Right now, Spectral Soul's main body is still trapped in the dream realm."

"But he has planned for tens of thousands of years, he definitely has backup plans."

"Ying Wu Xie is his split soul, he is now in my body with his whereabouts unknown."

"Most importantly, Zombie Alliance is finished, while Shadow Sect lost terribly, how much foundation does this secretive super force have left?"

"And, in the five hundred years of my previous life, did Shadow Sect and Spectral Soul succeed?"

His new body was very useful.

In just a moment, Fang Yuan thought of many things, the thoughts in his mind collided into one another, causing intense reactions.

"I should connect to treasure yellow heaven first." Fang Yuan cleared his mind.

It only took a bit of time for him to absorb the information regarding the sovereign immortal aperture, there was no big issue.

He used connecting heaven Gu and divine sense Gu, easily 'finding' treasure yellow heaven.

Treasure yellow heaven was the number one market for Gu Immortals of the five regions, it had a huge origin. It was formed from a Gu Immortal's grotto-heaven and a large immemorial yellow heaven fragment.

Yellow heaven, of the immemorial nine heavens, was of the same level as white heaven and black heaven.

Even when a mortal raises their head, they would see white heaven and black heaven. When a Gu Immortal uses connecting heaven Gu, they could sense treasure yellow heaven, which was like a torch in the darkness.

His attempt at connecting to treasure yellow heaven was very successful.

Soon, within Fang Yuan's sovereign immortal aperture, there was a smooth mirror. Inside, he could see treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan activated divine sense Gu, sending his thoughts inside.

In a short time, he found Little Hu Immortal.

In accordance with Fang Yuan's instructions before he left, Little Hu Immortal had been keeping her connecting heaven Gu open the entire time.

After rebirth, even though Fang Yuan did not know how the battle of Yi Tian Mountain would turn out, he knew that if he was exposed, Hu Immortal blessed land would be besieged by Central Continent Gu Immortals.

The dragonfish and eerie fire dragon pythons inside Hu Immortal blessed land had already been shifted into Star Form blessed land.

Hu Immortal blessed land only had Dang Hun Mountain, several Fang Yuan stone nests, and a large number of hairy man slaves left.

In the underground cave, there was wisdom Gu, as well as the sword path Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan had taken from immortal zombie Bo Qing.

Dang Hun Mountain was kept in Hu Immortal blessed land so that he could easily sell guts Gu. After all, Hu Immortal blessed land was connected to Spirit Affinity House and Immortal Crane Sect. If it were in Star Form blessed land, it could be easily deduced.

There was another point, Hu Immortal blessed land was an enslavement path blessed land, it had a larger number of enslavement path dao marks, it could allow Fang Yuan to manage the hairy man slaves more easily. If these hairy men were moved to Star Form blessed land, they would not be as obedient, and would not refine Gu as enthusiastically.

Even though hairy men were variant humans, they had emotions, their attitude to work varied.

Of course, Fang Yuan was considering Hei Lou Lan and Blazing Heaven Demoness as well.

As for wisdom Gu, Fang Yuan wanted to relocate it the most. But Fang Yuan did not have this ability. Back then, his agreement with wisdom Gu was made under a special situation.

Fang Yuan and Little Hu Immortal quickly connected.

"Is it master?" Little Hu Immortal was joyous as she asked this.

"It's me." Fang Yuan answered.

"It really is master? Quickly confirm the secret code with me!" Little Hu Immortal said again.

The two confirmed the code as Little Hu Immortal said happily: "Master, are you okay? I miss you so much."

Fang Yuan laughed, he told Little Hu Immortal some important details as he told her to use plan B section C.

All along, Fang Yuan had been facing a lot of mental pressure, he was worried that Central Continent's Gu Immortals would attack Hu Immortal blessed land.

To minimize his losses, Fang Yuan used the light of wisdom and deduced many plans to deal with many situations.

Furthermore, he gave these plans to Little Hu Immortal.

It was good to prepare in advance.

But after hearing his words, Little Hu Immortal thought about that plan and was stunned, she spoke as she cried: "Master, master, you don't want me anymore? I am very obedient, I will listen to master more from now on."

"Heh." Fang Yuan laughed: "Don't worry, plan B section C has been recently edited. Act according to it and the other party will not truly accept you."

Little Hu Immortal smiled through her tears, she trusted Fang Yuan completely, she did not doubt his judgment.

She followed this plan and contacted Lang Ya land spirit.

Over on Lang Ya land spirit's end, Fang Yuan had already told him long ago, after all, he was the external supreme elder of Lang Ya Sect.

Lang Ya land spirit quickly dispatched a group of rank six hairy man Gu Immortals, using a stargate to get to Hu Immortal blessed land.

They displayed the ancient battle formation, Heavenly Giant Solor, turning into a giant and carrying Dang Hun Mountain, before placing it in the immortal aperture of one of the hairy man Gu Immortals and going back to Lang Ya blessed land through the stargate.

Little Hu Immortal next brought them to wisdom Gu. The hairy man Gu Immortals were stunned, they transmitted the information back to Lang Ya land spirit and after his shock, he used his methods to convince wisdom Gu to enter one of their immortal apertures, before going back to Lang Ya blessed land.

After learning about this outcome, Fang Yuan relaxed.

He had no choice but to expose wisdom Gu to Lang Ya land spirit out of necessity.

The outcome was that Lang Ya land spirit did not disappoint Fang Yuan. He was an obsession of the rank eight Long Hair Ancestor after all. Back then, Long Hair Ancestor's refinement path attainment had exceeded that of two venerables, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

He was the number one refinement path immortal of all times, he had an unfathomable foundation. Some people in the future who researched him conjectured that Long Hair Ancestor's limitation was that he was a hairy man variant human. If he were a normal human Gu Immortal, he might have reached the supreme realm of rank nine!

After Lang Ya land spirit transported wisdom Gu to Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan contacted Star Form blessed land and sent Luo Po valley, which was inside, to Lang Ya blessed land as well.

This way, Dang Hun Mountain and Lang Ya blessed land were both inside Lang Ya blessed land.

Even if Fixed Immortal Travel did not self-detonate and Ying Wu Xie obtained it, he would go to Dang Hun Mountain or Luo Po valley, and Lang Ya Sect would have to deal with the danger instead.


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