Reverend Insanity
1025 Reincarnation and the Duel
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1025 Reincarnation and the Duel

A white Frost Dragon the size of a thumb crashed into Matcha's back. Matcha shivered as his thought process slowed down.

Matcha suddenly realized that his mind was unable to keep up with the speed of the game. He was assassinated for a few times in a row by assassins and he could not even activate a skill before he died from the attack. It made him so angry he started meowing in rage.

Zhao Yao smiled slightly. He pointed a finger and a white dragon the size of his arm shot towards Matcha's back.

Matcha's thought process slowed down again in that instant. He stared at his phone in front of him in a daze. It took a while for him to press on the phone screen again and only did that occasionally from then on.

The hero that he controlled in the game turned into an idiot instantly as he would be killed by his enemy after taking a few steps out.

Fish Ball, who was controlling a tank, could not help but scold him as he screamed, "Matcha, what the hell are you doing?!"

Zhao Yao smirked again as another white Frost Dragon that was as big as the whole room slowly materialized in the air. After letting out a huge roar, the dragon charged towards Matcha's back before completely integrating into his cat body.

Matcha froze on the spot as his thoughts were completely frozen. He stopped thinking altogether, as if time had stopped for him at that moment.

Zhao Yao observed the immobilized Matcha. He stretched his hand to pat his head and then his butt. When he saw that the cat still did not react, he finally nodded his head in satisfaction. "It's a pretty good skill. With this skill, I will have even more battle tactics to use next time."

After an hour, Matcha regained consciousness as he shivered again. He was bewildered as he thought to himself, "What's going on? Did I just zone out?"

Zhao Yao had already returned to the Frosted Teeth City. He wanted to continue learning more skills from Wheatley.

Anyway, he had yet to level up all five cats to Level 25. Zhao Yao decided to learn more new skills from Wheatley first, or it'll put to waste the Level 49 power of Awareness he had gained.

However, Wheatley only rubbed her chin and said despondently, "I don't know any other skills."

"Ah?" Zhao Yao asked, "Even if you don't know any other skill, don't you have other skill books here?"

Wheatley lay on the bed with her four limbs facing upwards as she rolled around lazily and said, "Learning skills are so troublesome, I don't want to do those things."

Zhao Yao was exasperated. He thought about how he should really think of another way to learn new skills.

However, Wheatley suddenly flipped around and went right up to Zhao Yao. She placed her head against Zhao Yao's forehead and asked, "Guang Yu! That… Did you bring that here?"

"Huh?" Zhao Yao was stunned for a moment. He was still thinking of how to change course to learn new skills, and even thought of how to go about learning about the Awareness country skill and its related knowledge. As such, he did not immediately get what Wheatley was asking for.

Wheatley said in a slightly abashed tone. "I'm injured again. My blood is flowing non-stop."

Zhao Yao immediately nodded and said, "I got it. I will bring it to you in a moment."

Wheatley immediately smiled when she heard that and kept nudging and bumping Zhao Yao's head. "Good boy! That's my cat slave!"

However, she suddenly frowned and started sniffing hard at Zhao Yao's head and neck.

Zhao Yao was confused as he asked, "What's wrong, Wheatley?"

Wheatley's gaze sharpened instantly as she stretched out her hand and picked up a strand of orange cat fur from Zhao Yao's clothes. "Guang Yu! You found another cat outside?"

Zhao Yao was stunned. His body tensed up immediately.

Due to the difference in culture on Earth, it was alright for a human to keep a hundred or even two hundred cats. It was a world of many cats to one human.

But on the cat planet, Satol, the world was reversed. A human can only serve one cat, while a cat enjoyed the worship of countless humans. It was a world of many humans to one cat.

In this place, if a human interacted with many cats, that person would be severely condemned.

Zhao Yao was at a loss for words when Wheatley retracted and said in a slightly dejected voice, "Meow… I know you cat slaves can't resist when you see a cat."

She touched her chest and her butt as she said pitifully, "Is it because I don't have a tail or my paws, or paw pads. I don't even have fur now. Is that why you went to find other cats?"

Zhao Yao did not know what to say. He just said, "You look quite good like this too."

"It's not good!" Wheatley said angrily, "The me now is so inflexible! I can't even take a look at my butt even if I wanted to. These two lumps of meat on my chest are so troublesome as well.

I don't have a single fur on my body too. The friction I get from bumping things makes me feel pain as well."

As she said that, she stuck out her small pink tongue and licked around her lips as she said in frustration, "My tongue also became much shorter now. It's so inconvenient to lick things now."

She looked at Zhao Yao pitifully and asked, "Am I becoming less cute now?"

Zhao Yao paused for a while. After thinking about it, he patted Wheatley's head, but Wheatley immediately dodged. "Don't touch a cat's head! A cat's head is not something anyone can touch!" After she thought about it, Wheatley rolled her eyes in a full circle before she said, "But if you want to touch, you can touch my back or butt."

"No thanks… I'm not touching anymore." Zhao Yao retracted his hand and said, "If you hate being in a human body so much, why did you reincarnate as one? Can't you just change back into a cat form?"

"Dad made me reincarnate as a human." Wheatley sighed. "He said I'm too stupid. If I reincarnate as a cat in my first time and I didn't manage to live long enough, I would not be able to complete my second reincarnation in time."

Zhao Yao asked curiously, "Reincarnation… Do you need a lot of preparation for that?"

"Of course!" Wheatley looked up and said to Zhao Yao, "I spent a long time for my first reincarnation, and that was only possible with the help of my Dad. My second reincarnation will be much harder to achieve. If I use a cat body, I might really not be able to complete the reincarnation in time."

Zhao Yao asked, "Does every subsequent reincarnation become harder to achieve?"

"Yeah," Wheatley curled up on the bed and hugged her legs as she muttered, "If you're talented enough or your capabilities strong enough, it wouldn't be much of a problem. My talent is too weak. The increase in my power of Awareness totally cannot match up to that of the increase in an ageing cat. If I don't reincarnate as a human, my second reincarnation will likely be at risk of failure.

However, after reincarnating as a human, the increase in power of Awareness would slow down as well. Even if I could complete my second reincarnation, I would still lag ffar behind other more capable cats."

When she said that, Wheatley glanced at Zhao Yao and asked, "Guang Yu, are you going to run away with another cat?"

Seeing the scared and worried look on Wheatley's face, Zhao Yao reassured her and said, "Don't worry, I won't run away with other cats."

After comforting Wheatley, Zhao Yao returned to Earth and walked to the Cat Island. The image of a person appeared in his mind.

"If looking to a cat doesn't work, I will have to find a person then." Zhao Yao squinted as he thought, "Hopefully the Cat Hunters have mastered the knowledge of the Awareness country."

Suddenly, Zhao Yao's phone rang. He picked up the call and asked, "Uncle Ho?"

The moment Zhao Yao answered the call, Uncle Ho shouted, "Zhao Yao, is it true that you're going to duel with Black Phoenix?"


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