Reverend Insanity
1024 Fang Yuan Borrows Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1024 Fang Yuan Borrows Gu

Wind blew wildly past him, Fang Yuan traveled across mountains and rivers, even without using Gu worms, his speed was very fast.

After he left the range of the tribulations, he no longer saw flat plains, instead, there were mountains and forests.

Southern Border was full of mountains, this was the special characteristic of the region.

"After running for so long, without any rest, I felt no fatigue at all! Most importantly, I did not even use a single Gu worm."

Fang Yuan was starting to feel the uniqueness of this body now.

A Gu Master's body, without using Gu worms to modify them like black boar Gu and white boar Gu, was no different to a mortal.

Precisely because of the dao marks in their bodies, Gu Masters' bodies become extraordinary, filled with unique specialties.

"My body was created from the rank nine sovereign immortal fetus Gu. It seems that the dao marks in me are not few in number. At the least, the number of strength path dao marks surpass my previous body's accumulation!"

Fang Yuan assessed in his mind.

After becoming an immortal zombie, he had also stopped feeling physical fatigue. But if his original body revived, he would definitely need to rest if he tried running like this.

Fang Yuan ran in the thick forest, he used both his hands and legs to climb cliffs and steep paths.

Fang Yuan was still naked, he was like a white figure dashing through the thick forest.

He could see the thick forest clearly in his vision. Even during his sprinting, it was as if time was still, Fang Yuan could easily avoid obstacles.

"Using a phrase from Earth, this is visual acuity. My visual acuity while moving is superb to the extreme! This is definitely inhuman. My original body could only reach this stage after using Gu worm."

Rapidly, Fang Yuan ascended to the peak of this mountain.

The forest that obscured his vision was gone, his field of vision expanded, he could see everything around him!

Wind blew as his long hair swayed behind his back.

Fang Yuan took a couple of deep breaths before settling down, his breathing was regular and relaxed, as if the running earlier did not happen.

His stamina was unbelievable!

Mountain winds blew coldly, Fang Yuan was still naked, without being covered up at all, but he felt no chill.

His heartbeat returned to normal, every time it beat, it was very strong and lively.

Fang Yuan looked into the distance.

His vision was very good.

Looking ten thousand steps away, everything was clear to him.

Looking around, Fang Yuan's gaze froze, he stared in focus.

He saw traces of battle.

"It seems that Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Hei Lou Lan carried my body and encountered Gu Immortals here, they had a fight."

Fang Yuan jumped down from a mountain peak.

With a loud bang, he landed on a rock ten meters below.

He was uninjured.

Even his legs felt no numbness!

The rock below him however, was covered in spider web-like cracks.

Fang Yuan's eyes shined, he began experimenting.

The distance between him and the ground increased. From ten meters to fifteen meters, to twenty-five meters, and to forty meters.

Using examples from Earth, fifteen meters was the height of a five storey building. Forty meters was a tall building, a lighthouse.

He was not at his limit yet, the distance increased to a hundred and sixty meters.

At this point, Fang Yuan felt his feet turning numb. His guts were huge, several times, he used other areas of his body to land.

His chest hit the ground, his back hit the ground, he was able to create holes in the mountain rocks.

Fang Yuan stood up from the holes, completely intact.

In fact, the numb feeling felt great!

Breathing in deeply, Fang Yuan jumped down again.

This time, he was at a hundred and eighty meters.

This height was not a problem for Fang Yuan, but the point was, he was pointing his head downwards!


With a loud sound, Fang Yuan's entire head was buried into the rock.

Propping himself up, he pulled his head out of the rock.

The skull was the hardest part of the body, but Fang Yuan felt something.

His skull was numb, and he felt a little dizzy.

But this dizziness only lasted for three breaths of time, and it was very mild. With a gust of cool breeze, it was gone.

Fang Yuan touched his head and inspected his body.

He was completely intact, he did not even lose a single strand of hair!

He was good as new.

Fang Yuan tried to pull his hair, he found out that his hair was very durable, he had to use a lot of strength to pull out one strand.

This hair was thicker than a normal person's hair, it was black and shiny, resembling a thin steel wire.

Pulling it further, it did not break, it was extremely durable.

Fang Yuan thought it over, he tied this hair around his wrist, turning several rounds before tightening it.

This hair could not be lost, if someone with ill intentions took it, it was a useful thing for deductions.

Fang Yuan ran towards the area with traces of battle, while jumping down from mountain cliffs and testing his limits.

The height continued to increase, from a hundred and eighty meters, he reached two hundred and fifty meters.

At this point, Fang Yuan felt pain, but it was not unbearable yet.

Eventually, after three hundred and thirty meters, Fang Yuan stopped his experiment.

From this height, he could already feel evident pain. The area where he landed on was slightly red, there was a slight bruise.

"Three hundred and thirty meters is not my body's limit?" Fang Yuan was shocked.

This height was terrifying, even the Eiffel Tower on Earth was only three hundred meters tall.

"With just this body, without using a single defensive Gu, I can reach this level. Even Gu Immortals, with just their bodies alone, it is not common to reach this level, right?"

"It seems that among the dao marks that I have, there are a lot of defensive properties."

Realizing this, Fang Yuan was more assured.

He had no defensive Immortal Gu now, he only had Unravel Mystery, Change Soul, and attitude Gu.

Arriving at the location of the battle traces, Fang Yuan squatted down and investigated.

"It seems to be them." Soon, Fang Yuan stood up, frowning.

Without investigative Gu worms, it was very troublesome, Fang Yuan could not be certain.

But he knew that he had to continue chasing them!

"There is not much time left."

He had no time to check his own abilities, the earlier experiment was only due to convenience, Fang Yuan continued pursuing them.

Soon, he found the second and third traces of them.

Fang Yuan followed these traces and slowly changed his direction.

Battles between Gu Immortals usually happened in the sky. There were few traces left on the ground. And because Fang Yuan could not fly, it was hard for him to track them.

As time passed, Fang Yuan's heart sank to rock bottom.

Suddenly, a figure descended from the sky like a comet.

With a loud crash, he landed in front of Fang Yuan.

Fire spread everywhere, burning all of the surrounding trees.

"Who is it?!" Fang Yuan frowned, his eyes shined as he shouted coldly.

"I am Huo Kong Dong, did you come from Yi Tian Mountain?" The person was burning in flames, his attitude was not friendly.

Fang Yuan's expression turned grim, change soul Immortal Gu's aura burst out as he questioned instead of answering: "You came at a good time, just now when you were flying, did you see any suspicious individuals?"

Sensing the aura of change soul Immortal Gu, he knew that Fang Yuan was not to be trifled with, his demeanor changed.

The majority of rank six Gu Immortals did not have Immortal Gu.

Even though Huo Kong Dong was a lone cultivator, he had already joined Southern Border's Chai clan.

Chai clan was a super force, in this battle of Yi Tian Mountain, Chai clan's Gu Immortals died. Chai clan's first supreme elder thus sent an external elder, Gu Immortal Huo Kong Dong, to investigate the cause.

Hearing Fang Yuan's question, Huo Kong Dong thought in his mind: "Suspicious individuals? You are running around here butt naked in broad daylight, you are the most suspicious one!"

He was silent briefly before answering: "There is not a single person within a hundred li other than you, sir."

"Damn it! Damn it!" Fang Yuan screamed, his expression was twisted and ruthless, he seemed to be bloodthirsty.

Next, he clenched his fists as he gritted his teeth, speaking to himself: "It seems they have escaped! But even if you escape to the ends of the world, I will find you. I will return this humiliation to you by a hundredfold, a thousandfold!"

Huo Kong Dong saw Fang Yuan like this and had a guess: "It seems this person is naked because he was plotted against by someone, he lost many Gu worms and suffered a loss. He has a fierce personality and is furious now, I should be careful."

Fang Yuan did not explain anything, but Huo Kong Dong had already found an explanation for Fang Yuan in his mind.

Furthermore, he did not want to provoke Fang Yuan, it was not worth it to deal with his anger.

"I did not delve deeply into Yi Tian Mountain, go and see for yourself!" Saying this, Fang Yuan was ready to leave.

Hearing this answer, Huo Kong Dong was not pleased, he wanted to obstruct Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan paused in his steps, he asked: "Wait! You are Huo Kong Dong? A member of Chai clan?"

"That's right." Huo Kong Dong stared blankly as he answered.

Fang Yuan showed an unsightly smile: "Good, I am old friends with your ninth supreme elder, has he completed his battlefield killer move myriad flash fire?"

Huo Kong Dong quickly replied: "Ninth elder is still in seclusion."

"Heh, he is forced to stay in by his grandfather. Earlier he tried to harass Fairy Yi Yi… heh! After I settle this matter, I will look for him." Fang Yuan said, stretching out his arm to Huo Kong Dong: "Lend me some Gu worms."

"Ah?" Huo Kong Dong was shocked.

"What? You are a grand Gu Immortal, just lend me some mortal Gu, why are you so stingy?" Fang Yuan asked impatiently.

Huo Kong Dong thought: "Ninth elder is completing his battlefield killer move, but that is only an excuse to outsiders. The truth is, he did harass Fairy Yi Yi. The other party knows this, he must be friends with him. Even though I joined Chai clan, I am only a lone cultivator and outsider. But ninth elder is a member of Chai clan, and the grandson of first supreme elder. If I meet his friend and refuse to lend Gu worms, he would definitely be unhappy with me."

Then I'll lend them.

They're mortal Gu anyway, they don't cost much.

Huo Kong Dong took out his Gu worms, handing them to Fang Yuan, asking: "I wonder what is your name, brother?"

"I am Dong Fang Xiong Ji." Fang Yuan waved his hand.

Huo Kong Dong stared as he thought: "He is Dong Fang Xiong Ji? He is indeed a notorious friend of ninth elder, he is famous in Southern Border for being extremely stingy, moreover he is small-minded and would take revenge for minor grievances. But he doesn't look like this? Oh! He has no clothes left, he could only change his appearance. Never mind, I can forget about getting back these Gu worms I lent him. But if I can get this person to leave after lending to him, it would be a blessing."


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