Reverend Insanity
1022 It was all Heaven“s Will
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1022 It was all Heaven“s Will

Book 5: Demon King's Domination

"Everything is over." Looking at Ying Wu Xie under his feet, Fang Yuan sighed.

After realizing he himself had fallen to a scheme, Ying Wu Xie's heart was filled with ice-cold despair, he gave up completely.

He knew he was thoroughly defeated and had no chance of turning around the situation.

However, a change occurred right at this moment!


A soft explosion erupted, Ying Wu Xie's soul, as well as Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body, had instantly self-detonated.

The immortal zombie body's dao marks, as well as Ying Wu Xie's soul, turned into fuel for Spring Autumn Cicada.

Spring Autumn Cicada activated!

A light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes.

Spring Autumn Cicada once again entered the River of Time.

Fang Yuan was pale with shock!

"What's going on? What the hell is going on! Spring Autumn Cicada is filled with my special will, how could it be activated by Ying Wu Xie?"

"No! Based on his expression, he already had no more will to resist. How could he activate my Spring Autumn Cicada?! Could it be that he was only acting?"

"Spring Autumn Cicada is my possession, I took extra precautions with the special will as well, how could it be activated by Ying Wu Xie?"

Fang Yuan was filled with shock and fright, as well as questions.

The questions he had puzzled him.

Standing on the same spot, Fang Yuan did not move, like a stone statue.

The change had occurred too suddenly.

Soon, his forehead was filled with cold sweat.

"What to do? What can I do?!"

Fang Yuan had used Spring Autumn Cicada to turn around many situations, making comebacks and escaping from multiple dangerous scenarios.

However, at this moment, facing someone else using Spring Autumn Cicada, he found that he had no method to deal with it!

His time path accumulation was indeed too weak.

Without Spring Autumn Cicada, he almost had no foundation in this aspect.

"Did I miscalculate? What else is there that I did not consider?" Fang Yuan squinted, a drop of cold sweat slipping down from his forehead to his eyes, and then down across his face.

Unable to find any answers, Fang Yuan shook his head and sighed.

"Nothing can be done about it, I already did my utmost."

If Fang Yuan had not switched souls according to Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's instructions, he would have utterly lost, with no chance to make a comeback. He simply could not have reached his current position.

"Could it be that because I did not follow Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's intention to destroy sovereign immortal fetus Gu, this change occurred?"

"Spring Autumn Cicada has not recovered, its activation now can only result in death!"

"No, that's not right!"

Fang Yuan suddenly thought of a remaining arrangement created by Shadow Sect.

That was the ghost face and the red lotus in the River of Time.

In an instant, a chill spread all over his body and his hair stood on end.

"Be prepared for the worst in every situation. If he succeeds in rebirth, what change will occur on my end?" Right as Fang Yuan was thinking, he felt his vision starting to turn blurry.

No, it was not his vision turning blurry.

It was the whole world turning blurry under the strength of time path.

Because of Ying Wu Xie's rebirth, everything was changing!


Ying Wu Xie quickly reacted, exclaiming in shock: "This, this is the River of Time? How could this be! How did the Spring Autumn Cicada activate? How can my consciousness replace Fang Yuan's consciousness in the Spring Autumn Cicada?"

He had no fewer questions than Fang Yuan.

Although he was the person concerned, he had reached the River of Time without knowing anything about how it happened.

In the River of Time, waves surged.

A huge wave ruthlessly crashed towards Spring Autumn Cicada.

Ying Wu Xie's will immediately became panicked, screaming in fear! Spring Autumn Cicada was extremely weak, if it was struck by this wave, it had no possibility of surviving!

"Sigh… so it was like this."

A sigh emerged during this moment of crisis.

From the River of Time floated out a ghost face. Its expression was bitter as it opened its mouth wide and spat out a red lotus.

The red lotus opened up and obstructed the fatal wave.

Afterwards, a formless suction force carried Spring Autumn Cicada, which contained Ying Wu Xie's will, to the center of the red lotus.

In an instant, Ying Wu Xie's will had entered a dark red space.

In this space, another will in Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's appearance was sitting cross-legged in mid-air, smiling bitterly at him.

"Our main body actually left you behind as a last resort in the River of Time?" Ying Wu Xie's will was stunned for a moment before he immediately asked joyfully.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's will nodded, then shook his head: "You can also be considered a split soul of the main body, you should have remembered me. But unfortunately, because of the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique, your memories dissipated."

"Sigh! Nothing can be done about it, you think I was willing?" Ying Wu Xie was extremely anxious: "Also, what is going on? I had been schemed against by Fang Yuan and landed in his hands, I thought my death was certain. Why would I appear in the River of Time? Also, I clearly did not use Spring Autumn Cicada, so why did it suddenly activate?"

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's will heaved a long sigh: "I watched the whole series of events from inside this Red Lotus true inheritance, and just came to a realization. You could enter here because heaven's will helped you. Spring Autumn Cicada was also activated by heaven's will."

"What?!" Ying Wu Xie almost collapsed from shock.

This was beyond his wildest imagination.

If it were not the genuine will of Spectral Soul in front of him, Ying Wu Xie would absolutely not have believed this fact.

"Hasn't heaven's will always been making difficulties for us? How could it suddenly help us?" Ying Wu Xie asked.

"Your memories have already completely dissipated, you lack my knowledge. Heaven's will never made things difficult for us out of dislike. It also never helped us out of pity. The way of heaven is to be impartial, it is to take away surpluses while replenishing deficits. So all things are in balance and mutually restrict each other. As such, almost all fierce beasts have their natural enemies, and even rank nine venerables have limited lifespan."

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's will paused for a moment before continuing: "And the way of humans is exactly the opposite of the way of heaven, it is to reduce the deficits and build up the surpluses. An expert will want to become even stronger. The rich would want to become richer. A beauty would want to become more beautiful. Those who have found longevity will want to obtain eternal life. Human avarice knows no bound, it will never be satisfied and is opposed to heaven's will."

"I understand a little now. Heaven's will helped me because I failed. Fang Yuan has become a complete otherworldly demon and has already broken free of restrictions. If he is left unchecked, it will greatly damage the balance of heaven and earth. So heaven's will shifted its target and wants to use me to deal with him and not let his plan succeed. But how could heaven's will activate Spring Autumn Cicada? This Immortal Gu is clearly refined by Fang Yuan." Ying Wu Xie was puzzled about this.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's will replied: "Sigh! This is an action by heaven's will. I also realized it just earlier. When Fang Yuan obtained Spring Autumn Cicada, it was all arranged by heaven's will. Heaven's will had already chosen him as a tool, letting him rebirth and destroy our main body's plan!"

"Now that I think about the information given by Bai Ning Bing earlier, a place where Fang Yuan performed particularly out of the ordinary was at Qing Mao Mountain. Although his aptitude was not good, his path had been smooth sailing, and at every urgent moment, he would make the wisest choice, obtaining the greatest benefits. Qing Mao Mountain, Three Kings blessed land, Imperial Court blessed land, Yi Tian Mountain… all along the way, he clearly has not used Spring Autumn Cicada just once."

"Spring Autumn Cicada is only rank six, it has a failure rate. But he actually succeeded time after time. Besides the previous time where we helped him, he did not fail even once in all his other attempts! And bear in mind that Spring Autumn Cicada lowers his luck. This is probably all because heaven's will was helping him in secret, which allowed him to rise from a mortal to a Gu Immortal in a handful of years, causing him to draw the attention of our main body and be chosen as a tool to deal with heaven's will."

Ying Wu Xie was gobsmacked: "Wait, wait, you are saying…"

Spectral Soul's will nodded: "Right! This time, our main body failed primarily because of Fang Yuan. Our main body wanted to use Fang Yuan as a tool. But in fact, Fang Yuan was already a tool of heaven's will."

"Regardless of how many times Fang Yuan underwent rebirth, before his first rebirth, our main body had likely already succeeded. Not only did we refine sovereign immortal fetus Gu, we might have even reached a heaven defying level! Precisely because of this, heaven's will did not stint on helping Fang Yuan, letting him rebirth and arrive in the past to destroy our main body's plan."

"Fang Yuan is quite an interesting character. He is an otherworldly demon, so he has the qualifications to rebirth and change the past. Ordinary people, no matter how superior they are, cannot escape the decree of fate. However, he is not a complete otherworldly demon, so he could still be influenced and manipulated by heaven's will. He thought he was the one to refine Spring Autumn Cicada and use it, but in fact that was never the case. This trump card, Spring Autumn Cicada, was already infused with heaven's will. It is clear this arrangement had already started the moment Fang Yuan obtained Spring Autumn Cicada. But he was deceived by heaven's will and never felt anything wrong. After all, Spring Autumn Cicada can only carry a portion of will when traveling to the past. And wills are inferior to souls, they can very easily be influenced. It is like right now, I want to impart all my memories and knowledge to you, but unfortunately your will can only bear very little."

For a moment, Ying Wu Xie's mouth was wide open, unable to say anything!

The waves of the River of Time unceasingly crashed against the red lotus.

Petals scattered along with the waves.

Soon, only the innermost center of the flower was remaining.

"You don't have much time." Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's will sighed and continued.

"Fang Yuan is an otherworldly demon, heaven's will tried to influence him as much as possible, but in the end, he followed his own mind's inner desires and chose to seize sovereign immortal fetus Gu, instead of destroying it."

"As such, he is like a chess piece who no longer is restricted by the rules of chess. Heaven's will naturally would not tolerate such an existence, so it activated Spring Autumn Cicada to use you in the process of dealing with Fang Yuan."

"But heaven's will is not going to let you regain sovereign immortal fetus Gu after you rebirth. So, after you rebirth, you would likely not have any easy opportunities to change the overall situation, don't be impatient and ruin this final chance."

Ying Wu Xie asked: "Then what should I do?"

"Now, Zombie Alliance is already annihilated, Shadow Sect is also destroyed, even my main body is in a dangerous situation. But Shadow Sect's immortals have all left behind some arrangements for the future. You can use these to reestablish Shadow Sect."

"Fate is hard to defy, but luck can be exploited! The power from Northern Plains' Longevity Heaven can be used. On Central Continent's side, there are also hidden forces which have not been targeted by the ten great ancient sects…"

"Your will is limited, knowing this much is already your maximum. Use these to reestablish Shadow Sect and save our main body. Most crucially, you need to inform our main body of this important information. Because when you rebirth, both I and this Red Lotus True inheritance will also change, and I won't remember these things. At that time, you will be the only person who knows!"

"Remember, a tall tree is the first to face destruction, soil that is nearest to the water will be the first to be swept away by the currents. Our previous action of hiding and accumulating power to deal with heaven's will was correct. Since we succeeded once, then we can succeed a second time! Take care of yourself!"


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