Reverend Insanity
1021 Still Not Returning Here?
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1021 Still Not Returning Here?

Fang Yuan's soul left the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body, he flew towards this mysterious rank nine Immortal Gu.

The moment they interacted, Fang Yuan felt an immeasurable suction force.

This Immortal Gu, named sovereign immortal fetus Gu by Spectral Soul, seemed to be eager for a soul already.

Fang Yuan's soul entered it, it was as if he had fallen into the whirlpools of Falling Heavenly River!

At once, his soul was sucked in by the Immortal Gu, he was blending into it at an unbelievable speed!

Fang Yuan could not think, he felt that he was inside darkness that was unfathomably deep.

This darkness was not cold, it was warm.

It was like he had gone back into his mother's womb, he was like a fetus inside amniotic fluid.

And outside.

After Fang Yuan's soul entered the rank nine Immortal Gu, the sky rumbled loudly, it seemed furious, but helpless at the same time.

Sovereign immortal fetus Gu began to shine brightly.

First, there was white light, from pale transparent light to pure white light, and finally to thick milky white light.

Next, there was a hint of red inside the white light. The red quickly spread, turning the light into pale pink, before it turned pinkish red, and finally, bright red like fire.

After red light, it turned into orange. After orange, it turned into yellow…

Like the colors of the rainbow, it continued changing, until finally, the light became black.

Inside the black colored light, sovereign immortal fetus Gu twitched continuously, from the size of a thumb, it expanded to the size of a basin.

Inside this dark ball, a fetus was shining brightly in rainbow light, it could vaguely be seen.

Life force was gathering, it was growing and becoming stronger.

White fog started to surround it.

The temperature of the surroundings fell rapidly, fog turned into frost, covering the surface of the ball.

Next, lightning shot out, surrounding the ball, forming a web of lightning.

Lightning crackled as sparks were created. The sparks fell on the frost and did not extinguish, instead, the frost started burning.

The frost turned into qi that surrounded the ball.

Green patterns slowly appeared on the surface of the ball. Soon, they turned from phantom to solid, becoming countless vines and twigs.

The twigs were wilted, while the leaves were green and lively.

Soon, fruits began to grow around these leaves.

These purple fruits emitted a fragrant smell. But the surface of the fruits were very ugly, there were many holes in them, like they were rotten.

Many changes occurred, they were unimaginable. On the surface, they looked random and abrupt, but if one observed carefully, they seemed to contain the profoundness of heaven and earth.

As the changes continued to occur, the fetus inside the ball grew larger.

Eventually, after a total of eighty-one changes, the ball turned into mud, as the fetus inside was at its largest, a baby was formed, stretching his four limbs!

At once, the ball that surrounded him cracked, the baby was born!

This baby had a lively expression, his eyes were shining like stars, he had pale and fair skin, his limbs were chubby, his face was rosy, cute and delicate, immortal aura was oozing from him.

A formless force surrounded his entire body, it protected him from damage, he was safe and sound.

The baby gradually landed on the ground.

During this process, he grew rapidly.

From the time of his birth to when he was two to three years old physically, only a breath of time had passed.

Four, five, six, seven, eleven, twelve years old… when his legs landed on the ground, he was already a sixteen year old young lad!

His skin was still white, but it was not pale white, nor a feminine pinkish white, it was a white that was clean and simple.

His long hair was black and shiny, extending to his waist.

His body was slightly thin, there was no excess flesh on his entire body.

The bridge of his nose was high, the most attractive thing were his eyes. The starlight that was shining in his eyes had already become muted, they turned dark and deep like an abyss.

His lips were quite rich, giving off a rosy and healthy glow. Right now, they were tightly pursed together,showing his mental state of being determined and unwavering.

This youngster was naturally Fang Yuan.

At this moment, he opened his eyes, looking at his young body, he was shocked: "An entirely new… body?"

The body that was created by Spectral Soul and the entirety of Shadow Sect, after countless years of hard work and effort, it was not as simple as it seemed.

Regarding its traits, Fang Yuan had to explore further.

But simply at this moment, Fang Yuan's first feeling was that this body was incomparably suited for his soul.

In comparison, his previous immortal zombie body was like clothing made from twigs and leaves, and this new body was made with soft silk.

Everything was different now.

Fang Yuan felt that he had walked out of the darkness, he saw blue skies and white clouds, his perspective was broadened.

"This is the use of the sovereign immortal fetus Gu that Spectral Soul had painstakingly created? Revival! And having rank six cultivation level upon revival."

Fang Yuan's Gu Immortal aura was not fake.

He had made the right gamble!

Even though he did not know what the use of this Immortal Gu was, seeing Spectral Soul float towards the Immortal Gu personally, Fang Yuan knew he could do the same.

As he thought about these things, Fang Yuan directed his gaze towards the sky.

There, Spectral Soul was still in the dream realm. This was within Fang Yuan's expectations, after all, Spectral Soul's condition was really terrible.

And Ying Wu Xie's body was no longer controlled by Fang Yuan's soul, it had already shut its eyes, floating in the air, unmoving.

Fang Yuan called out: "Come back."

Instantly, a large number of Gu worms flew out of Ying Wu Xie's body.

Earlier, Fang Yuan's soul had entered the sovereign immortal fetus Gu, all of the Gu worms with him had stayed inside the Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body.

Now, Fang Yuan called out and retrieved these Gu worms.

Attitude Immortal Gu, unravel mystery Immortal Gu, change soul Immortal Gu, and other soul path and dream path mortal Gu.

"Ying Wu Xie still has a number of dream path Immortal Gu on his body, how can I retrieve them?" Fang Yuan frowned, feeling troubled.

He had used Change Soul earlier, using attitude Gu to disguise himself and used the immortal killer move lead soul into dream. Even though he succeeded in affecting Spectral Soul, the wills inside these dream path Gu worms had already reacted, Fang Yuan could not move them anymore.

"Not only the Immortal Gu in his body, Ying Wu Xie's body itself has a lot of value for research! Hmm?"

Fang Yuan suddenly turned around, seeing an immortal zombie approach him with an imposing demeanor.

Fang Yuan's gaze flickered, his lips curled into a smile, thinking: "You are finally here."

It was himself.

Or more accurately, it was Ying Wu Xie's soul, who was manipulating Fang Yuan's former immortal zombie body.

At this moment, Fang Yuan had just obtained a new body, he was still adapting, the number of Gu worms with him could not compare to the immortal zombie body.

But Fang Yuan was not nervous, he waited for Ying Wu Xie to arrive.

"You are?" Ying Wu Xie hesitated, he slowly approached Fang Yuan, assessing him closely.

Fang Yuan purposely pretended to be close to him, placing his arms behind his back and saying: "Wu Xie, I have succeeded. Fang Yuan's soul has already been completely destroyed!"

"No! You are not my main body! If you are, with my relationship as a split soul, how can I feel no connection?" Ying Wu Xie's eyes shined with bright light, he reacted and exposed Fang Yuan's true identity.

"Oh, ghostly concealment became a flaw instead. But if I could use familiar face, I should have been able to deceive him." Fang Yuan thought while rubbing his chin, he couldn't help but laugh.

He was so casual, a confident light flickered in his eyes, as if he was in control of the situation.

"You are Fang Yuan!" Ying Wu Xie understood, he gritted his teeth until they were making sounds, he was so angry he felt he was burning up!

His anger was understandable.

They had worked so hard, planning for countless years before seeing the fruits of their labor. But Fang Yuan actually snatched it from them now.

Ying Wu Xie shouted loudly, pouncing towards Fang Yuan, he wanted to hack him into a million pieces!

They were a hundred steps away from each other, Fang Yuan showed a smile like his scheme had succeeded: "Ying Wu Xie, don't you find it strange? Fixed Immortal Travel is my Immortal Gu, how could you activate it?"

Ying Wu Xie's expression froze.

Back then, he was anxious and used it subconsciously, he did not consider that point!

Now that he was reminded by Fang Yuan, he knew something was amiss, his momentum was interrupted.

"You could use Fixed Immortal Travel because I lent it to you. I wanted you to rush here. Most of my accumulations are still in this body." Fang Yuan said.

Since he knew that he was going to change souls with Ying Wu Xie, with his personality and methods, why would he not set up some arrangements?

Firstly, Fang Yuan concealed a huge amount of his fake will inside his mind.

Because of this, when Ying Wu Xie woke up, he wanted to rush back and ignored many things that did not seem right.

This was like what Mo Yao's fake will did to Fang Yuan in Imperial Court blessed land.

Secondly, Fang Yuan injected some special will into his Gu worms.

What were special wills?

In Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had left behind a vast number of special wills. He set up some specific situations and they would activate accordingly.

Just like now.

Fang Yuan looked at Ying Wu Xie approaching, as the smile on his face grew, he called out: "Still not returning here?"


A large number of Gu worms flew out, they were mostly mortal Gu, but there were Immortal Gu mixed in them.

Like birds flying back to their nests, they entered Fang Yuan's embrace.

Ying Wu Xie stared with wide opened eyes, immensely shocked.

At that moment, he was all alone, without anything at his disposal. In his body, only Spring Autumn Cicada was left, and he could not activate it.

The situation on both sides flipped!

Fang Yuan's arrangement was like this.

As long as Ying Wu Xie brought Fang Yuan's body back to Yi Tian Mountain, and heard someone call out 'still not returning here?', these Gu worms would fly out and go to that person.

These Gu worms were originally Fang Yuan's, now that they returned, they could be used at will, just like before.

Back then, Fang Yuan did not know about the use of sovereign immortal fetus Gu, he could not predict that he would revive and obtain a new body.

He was worried that it might not be appropriate for him to use Ying Wu Xie's Gu worms, unexpected surprises could easily occur. He needed his own Gu worms to increase his battle strength at the crucial moment!

Of course, the special will that Fang Yuan injected was not so simple.

Once the time limit was exceeded, these Gu worms, no matter if they were mortal or immortal, would self destruct!

Enemies were often the best teachers. Fang Yuan had suffered under the influence of Mo Yao's fake will and Giant Sun's special will, how could he not learn from them?

Waving his hand, Fang Yuan easily sent Ying Wu Xie flying.

"Everything is over." He walked to Ying Wu Xie, looking at the 'Fang Yuan' in front of him, he sighed with complex emotions.

Ying Wu Xie felt like he was in an icy river, he was chilled to the bones!


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