Reverend Insanity
1019 So it was Change Soul
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1019 So it was Change Soul

Let us rewind time back to a while ago.

Heaven Overseeing Tower floated above Spectral Soul's head in phantom form. But at this moment, a hundred of Spectral Soul's strong dark arms shrunk immensely, turning dry, thin and long.

Obtaining his help, the ten extreme immortal zombie lifeless formation underwent a huge change, the scattered dark clouds gathered towards the center.

At the center of the dark clouds, a round ball could be vaguely seen, it spun on its own, shining with light in fourteen different colors.

Seeing this, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord had an anxious expression, he ordered: "Chop off these arms!"

Heaven Overseeing Tower was like a rocket, it drew an eye piercing rainbow light in the sky as it slashed forward. The rainbow light cut all of Spectral Soul's arms off upon contact.

"Ying Wu Xie, go and deal with Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals!" Immortal zombie Bo Qing called out.

It was a simple matter for them to deal with Fang Yuan's side.

But because of a series of events, they were constantly interrupted.

Ying Wu Xie gritted his teeth, he was unwilling to leave at this moment: "Give me a moment to make Fang Yuan sleep first."

Saying this, he activated the rank eight immortal killer move — Lead Soul Into Dream.

Fang Yuan could not dodge, he was dragged into the dream realm.

At the pavilion in the center of the lake, the music from the zither could be heard.

Fang Yuan met Star Constellation Immortal Venerable again.

Unravel dream.

Unravel dream.

Unravel dream.

Unravel dream.

Unravel dream.

Unravel dream.

Fang Yuan hurriedly activated his dream path killer move, but the dream realm held firm, all he saw were transparent ripples in his vision.

His unravel dream might work against the dream realm, but it was only rank six. In contrast, Ying Wu Xie's killer move was rank eight.

The difference between the two was too vast, Fang Yuan could not unravel the dream realm.

At once, Fang Yuan's heart sank to rock bottom.

The zither music continued, as Star Constellation Immortal Venerable smiled at Fang Yuan gently, she sang with a soft voice.

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly, he knew that he had lost!

Deep in the dream realm, his only method, unravel dream, had failed, Fang Yuan could not turn this around.

But at this time, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's singing entered his ears again —

"Fallen songs and despondent heroes, difficulty in resisting the trials of fate."

"Bent swords sink in the sand, rising and falling from ancient times, the rumbling of an unceasing heavenly river."


"Spectral night carries a soul into endless dreams, where can one rest in peace?"

"During spring and autumn body and mind shifts, only heaven's will remains vast and boundless."

Along with it, a wave of information once again entered Fang Yuan's mind.

Fang Yuan, who was deep inside the dream realm, suddenly jolted!

"During spring and autumn body and mind shifts, only heaven's will remains vast and boundless!" At this moment, he finally understood the meaning of this final line.

As it turned out, the mysterious rank seven Immortal Gu that he had obtained from Bo Qing's immortal zombie body was change soul Immortal Gu!

Back then, Mo Yao had activated this change soul Immortal Gu at the critical moment because she was afraid that her lover, Bo Qing, would fail his tribulation. Their souls swapped and she saved Bo Qing, deceiving the entire world in the process.

Bo Qing also wanted to make use of Mo Yao to pass his tribulation, but he was afraid that the myriad tribulation might affect his mind, thus, he gave this Immortal Gu to Mo Yao, rather than lending it to her.

Therefore, change soul Immortal Gu was refined by Mo Yao, it was filled with her will.

Thereafter, Fang Yuan used the light of wisdom and Mo Yao's fake will to create a Gu formation, containing these Immortal Gu that he deceived while slowly refining them.

Because of the relationship with Mo Yao's will, change soul Immortal Gu was the first to be refined by Fang Yuan. As for the other sword path Immortal Gu, they were filled with Bo Qing's will, thus, they had slower progress, they could not be refined before the battle of Yi Tian Mountain, they were still inside Hu Immortal blessed land.

According to the hint of the final line, it was not possible to use unravel dream to escape anymore. He had to use change soul Immortal Gu, to swap his soul with Ying Wu Xie's!

Of course, it was not that simple.

The information in Fang Yuan's mind also included an immortal killer move. This immortal killer move not only used the rank seven change soul Immortal Gu as a core, it even included attitude Gu, unravel mystery Immortal Gu, and also a lot of dream path and soul path mortal Gu.

Fang Yuan hesitated slightly, before deciding to follow it!

According to his previous experiences, Fang Yuan knew that the information was highly reliable.

Most importantly, he had no other choice.

At this moment, Fang Yuan was at his wits' end, the enemy was Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, purely with his foundation and ability, he could do nothing to the other party.

Only by following the instructions could he obtain any hope of victory.

Thus, he activated the immortal killer move.

He succeeded!

The souls of Fang Yuan and Ying Wu Xie were secretly swapped.

Fang Yuan's soul was originally hit by lead soul into dream and was deep in a dream realm.

After switching souls, he covertly entered Ying Wu Xie's Pure Dream Reality Seeker Physique body, while Ying Wu Xie's soul went into Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body, but he was inside the dream realm in Fang Yuan's place.

After switching their souls, Fang Yuan couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.

But after seeing 'himself', he thought quickly, he placed his hands at his waist, laughing smugly: "Hahaha, this time, why don't you try and escape?!"

"Fang Yuan!" Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng shouted.

But 'Fang Yuan' was deep in sleep, he could not be woken up.

At this moment, immortal zombie Bo Qing raised his hand, preparing to attack Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Fang Yuan's heart jumped.

He had set an alliance agreement with Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng, if he left them in the lurch, he might face a backlash from the alliance agreement. But if he saved them, he might attract suspicion, his identity might be exposed.

But soon, Fang Yuan realized.

"I am overthinking it! I have left all my Immortal Gu in my original body, I have no way to stop Bo Qing, even if Ying Wu Xie has many Immortal Gu, lead soul into dream is an immortal killer move, how can I learn to use it so quickly?"

Fang Yuan could only watch.

But an unexpected surprise quickly occurred!

There was a huge suction force from the ground.

The immortals were caught off guard, they were all sucked into the ground, their legs were deeply buried in the ground, a strong force was restricting them, preventing them from moving.

Grand tribulation — Earth Collapse!

Bo Qing and 'Ying Wu Xie' were shocked, they did not expect that while the myriad tribulation was dealing with Spectral Soul, there was actually a grand tribulation waiting to ambush them.

What was even more shocking was that Hei Lou Lan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, and 'Fang Yuan' were unaffected by the grand tribulation.

After landing on the ground, Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng regained their freedom, they could move freely.

Furthermore, at this moment, the ten extreme formation had created already the mysterious ball, the force that restricted the space around them vanished.

Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng brought 'Fang Yuan' and rapidly retreated, escaping for their lives.

Immortal zombie Bo Qing's eyes shined with deep killing intent, but he could only watch as they escaped.

Soon, Hei Lou Lan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, and 'Fang Yuan' escaped far away, vanishing from Bo Qing's field of vision.

"Hmph, Fang Yuan can escape for now, but can he escape for his entire life? As an otherworldly demon, you are the best tool to use against heaven's will, how can we let you go so easily? As for Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng, even though they are not otherworldly demons, they were affected by him and became fate escapees. Even if we do not deal with them, Heavenly Court would eliminate them eventually." Bo Qing snorted coldly.

Fang Yuan heard this and quickly thought: "It seems that an otherworldly demon is very useful to Shadow Sect. No wonder Ying Wu Xie only wanted to capture me and not kill me. Strange! That grand tribulation, earth collapse, why did it not affect Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng? Heaven's will… forget it, the most important matter at hand is to familiarize myself with the dream path Gu worms I have. If I have to attack later and I fail to use lead soul into dream, wouldn't I get exposed?"

Fang Yuan took a peek and was shocked to find that he had more than just dream path Immortal Gu! There was also change soul Immortal Gu, attitude Gu, unravel mystery Immortal Gu, and other mortal Gu, they had all been brought over through his soul.

And this mysterious immortal killer move had another use, it allowed Fang Yuan to use Ying Wu Xie's Gu worms.

"It seems that attitude Gu had an important use. It allowed me to disguise myself and deceive Ying Wu Xie's will that is inside these dream path Immortal Gu and mortal Gu. It is like earlier, when I used Mo Yao's fake will to coax Immortal Gu out of Bo Qing's immortal zombie body."

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan glanced at immortal zombie Bo Qing again.

If the other party knew that Ying Wu Xie was already someone else, moreover, he was now the culprit who harmed Bo Qing and took out most of his sword path Immortal Gu, immortal zombie Bo Qing might behead Fang Yuan immediately without saying anything else!

The situation was still very dangerous.

Even though they swapped souls and Fang Yuan had escaped from the dream realm, he was currently more fragile than he ever was.

If he was found out, there would be no hope.

It was as if he was walking on a tightrope above a valley, if he was careless, he would fall and die with a mangled corpse.

Fang Yuan gathered his concentration, he immediately moved his limbs, struggling intensely.

The result was, his body sank deeper and deeper.

He shouted, acting like he was furious.

But internally, he felt extremely glad: "This grand tribulation came at a great time. I am stuck in here and cannot escape, I cannot even generate thoughts, thus I cannot attack. If I cannot attack, I will not be exposed. This gives me the opportunity to familiarize myself with these unknown Gu worms!"

"Stop struggling, stop thinking. It will make our situation worse, we cannot deal with this at the moment." Immortal zombie Bo Qing, who was beside him, quickly attempted to console him in a calm tone.

Fang Yuan observed and noticed that Bo Qing was not suspicious, he finally felt slightly relieved.

He sighed, looking at Spectral Soul: "We can only hope that our main body saves us."

But Spectral Soul was also deeply trapped, after the first myriad tribulation, wind lightning prison, the second myriad tribulation, grey memory, descended.

The grey fog descended at a very slow speed. It was so slow that anyone who was undergoing the tribulation could retaliate in many ways.

But Spectral Soul did not move.

He stood quietly, like a solemn mountain.

"Did our main body get hit already?" Fang Yuan shouted, looking extremely anxious: "This is such a good chance, you have to retaliate!!"

In his mind, he was thinking about other things, Spectral Soul was restricted now, he was glad to see this. But on the other hand, he was within the range of the myriad tribulation grey memory, he felt some unease.

The grand tribulation was already unstoppable, if the myriad tribulation descended, how would he survive?


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