Reverend Insanity
1016 Over A Long Time
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1016 Over A Long Time

There was another scene.

Inside the door of life and death.

In Obsession Death Domain.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had no body, what was displayed was the soul with three heads and a thousand arms.

He looked at his appearance in the lake, muttering to himself: "Very good. I created a method of soul devouring based on food path, it not only let me return to my peak condition, I could even devour the souls of other Gu Immortals to obtain their memories and cultivation experience over their lives! Hehehe, is this a blessing in disguise…"

"But from start to finish, I did not find the souls of any other Immortal Venerables or Demon Venerables. I can understand why Star Constellation is not here. Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable is not here too, did he return home successfully?"

"It is time to return to the world of the living. Without Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po valley obstructing me, it is much easier for me to get out of the door of life and death compared to Ren Zu. But my main body cannot move out yet, I should send out some split souls to pave the way for my main body."

"Hmph! When I regain control of the world, I will deal with you."

Spectral Soul looked at a special soul. He was sleeping soundly, his body was emitting a golden luster, he was like a sun that had sunken into a lake.

In the following scene, there was no Spectral Soul, but seven mortals instead.

"We can see the light of day again, this is amazing." Among the seven people, one looked up at the sky.

"Even though we are now mortals, we have our main body's cultivation experiences, we can definitely become Gu Immortals."

"Due to the obstruction of Reverse Flow River, only seven of us made it out, even though there were ten at the start."

"It is going to take some effort to let our main body come out. If anyone finds out, it will be troublesome. They will not sit around and watch."

"To play it safe, we should separate and develop in all five regions secretly. We will communicate once in a while."

"In that case, why don't we create an organization to deceive the masses?"

"That's true, let's call it Shadow Sect, we will be as unnoticed as shadows, yet we are everywhere. One day, the entire world will be shrouded in our shadows!"

"Alright, the seven of us will be called Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Azure, Blue, and Purple. Like seven of the immemorial heavens, we have once stood at the peak, but have now fallen. This is to warn ourselves that we cannot be lazy or complacent!"

"Sword Immortal Bo Qing is actually a split soul of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!" Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals cried out.

Among them, an old woman said in shame: "There is no denying it with the evidence in front of us. My Spirit Affinity House is at fault for failing to investigate properly."

"The methods of a Demon Venerable are almost impossible to defend against. Even in Heavenly Court, his split soul spies were lurking here, not to mention Spirit Affinity House. It was fortunate that Tower Lord noticed it and used Heaven Overseeing Tower to expose these shocking secrets, that gave us the chance to stop this terrifying demon!"

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortal exclaimed.

In this situation, even though they could not do anything, Spectral Soul's condition was not good either.

Every since grey memory descended, Spectral Soul had been standing still, allowing the myriad tribulation grand clear space to assault him, he was already covered in countless injuries.

"Azure." On the ground, Mo Yao's remnant soul, who was inside Bo Qing's immortal zombie body, felt deep emotions as she saw the young and handsome Azure in the image.

Around her, grey fog rumbled as a scene in the depths of her memory was shown.

All around there were ruins, there were countless mangled corpses lying on the bloody ground.

There seemed to have been an intense battle earlier.

"Husband! Don't die, you cannot die! If you die, how will I live without you?" Mo Yao hugged Sword Immortal Bo Qing as she sobbed helplessly.

Bo Qing held Mo Yao's hands weakly: "At this point, I will not conceal it from you. I am from Shadow Sect, I am a split soul of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable. You loved the wrong person, loving me will only cause you pain and hardship. Go, leave, if not, it will be too late."

Mo Yao's body shook, she shook her head as she rejected him firmly: "No, I will not go! I don't care about your identity, I only know that we love each other deeply, that is the most important thing. I don't care about anything else! If I cannot live together with you, I will die with you!"

"Oh, oh, oh!" Ying Wu Xie watched from the side, he showed a curious and shocked expression.

Grey fog rumbled continuously, the scenes around Spectral Soul became more and more chaotic.

Earlier, it was from Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's perspective, but now, they were from the perspectives of seven people.

These seven only inherited a small portion of his foundation, they had their own difficulties and pains.

Once in a while, Spectral Soul's main body would send out more split souls from Obsession Death Domain, traveling through Reverse Flow River.

This made the scenes even more chaotic now.

However, the largest image still attracted everyone's attention the most.

Six members of Shadow Sect gathered together.

They were the first batch that had left the door of life and death, they were all immortals now.

"It was my mistake!" Green spoke: "If I did not ask Azure to teach that unscrupulous merchant in treasure yellow heaven a lesson, Azure would not have fallen into the trap of love and betrayed us, even our main body was exposed!"

"This is not your fault, Green." Purple consoled: "These are traps and difficulties created by heaven's will! Haven't you all noticed? It was faint when we were still mortals, but as our cultivation level rise, our lives also have become more filled with difficulties, nothing is going smoothly. Anything we do will cause unnecessary consequences, there are problems everywhere."

"We have to settle Azure's matter quickly, otherwise, our main body's plan will be obstructed!"

"What should we do? Azure cultivates sword path and his battle strength is the highest. Do we need to gather our strength and jointly eliminate him?"

"It is possible, but the price is huge, and the risk is high. I have a plan! If it succeeds, we might be able to turn Fairy Mo Yao over to our side." Purple said slowly.

"Oh? What plan?"

Purple smiled: "The reason why Azure fell into the trap of love was because Spirit Affinity House used their signature Immortal Gu, Love. This Gu is rank nine, its might is nigh unstoppable, thus Azure fell prey to it, it is not his fault. After all, his sword path is not complete yet, he cannot resist such attacks."

"But coincidentally, I had some enlightenment today, my wisdom path attainment level reached great grandmaster. Because we have been keeping in contact, I have a deep understanding towards Azure's sword path. After he got into trouble, I have been deducing on how to solve this problem. I deduced an Immortal Gu recipe, it can create wisdom sword Immortal Gu."

"Wisdom sword Immortal Gu?"

Purple nodded: "That's right, wisdom sword can cut the threads of love, even if this Gu cannot rival rank nine love Gu, in actuality, we just need to cut away the dao marks from love Gu on Azure's body. We can make it such that Azure obtains a fortuitous encounter and thinks he created this new Immortal Gu recipe himself."

"Once he uses it, the love threads on his body will be cut, he will regain his reasoning and become one of us again. Not just that, since Mo Yao still has those love threads, we can use them to turn her over to our side!"

Purple's words made everyone overjoyed, they praised.

"Brilliant! Brilliant plan!"

"Haha, worthy of a wisdom path Gu Immortal like Purple."

"What?!" Seeing this, immortal zombie Bo Qing, who was on the ground, frowned deeply.

Mo Yao's remnant soul, which was inside the body, knew that her lover had created wisdom sword Immortal Gu himself!

"Then… after that, did Azure deceive my feelings, or did he still love me?" At once, Mo Yao's remnant soul shook, she was filled with doubts .

But at this time, another scene was portrayed around Spectral Soul.

Shadow Sect's seven immortals gathered.

"As long as I become a venerable, even without our main body, I can be unrivaled and dominate the world. By then, with such invincible strength, even heaven's will may not be able to deal with me. At the least, there are still many lifespan Gu in this era." Azure raised his head, speaking with an arrogant tone.

"Don't look down on heaven's will." Green said solemnly: "The lesson that we have learned over these years, isn't it enough?"

"Purple, you are our advisor, what do you think?" Yellow asked.

Purple looked at Azure: "After Azure's first failure, it seems that as long as we prepare amply and deal with any mishaps, there aren't big problems… how is Fairy Mo Yao?"

"Hehehe." Azure laughed coldly: "That silly woman, she is prepared to sacrifice herself for me. She went to Eighty-Eight True Yang Building to refine calamity beckoning Immortal Gu. She wants to draw the myriad tribulation over to herself when I undergo the tribulation."

Purple shook his head: "Even though Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's luck path is quite innovative, Mo Yao's method will not succeed. But since she has the intention to do so, why don't you hand change soul Immortal Gu and that immortal killer move over to her. If you fail the tribulation, as long as your soul is intact, you will still have a foundation, you can start over rapidly again."

"Mm. It is better to prepare amply." Azure nodded expressionlessly.

This scene made immortal zombie Bo Qing's body shake intensely.

Ying Wu Xie felt something amiss, he quickly said: "Don't overthink it, this is a myriad tribulation, it might not be real!"

Immortal zombie Bo Qing did not speak, he was silent as a rock, he clenched his fists as his muscles tensed, his eyes were shut tight.

Five of the immortals from Shadow Sect were gathered again.

"Blue failed. He used his own immortal aperture and fused with the immemorial blue heaven fragment, in order to research heaven's will, but he has already fallen deep into the dream realm." Yellow said with deep pain.

The immortals were silent.

A long while later, Purple said: "Even though Blue can be saved, I think we should not attempt it hastily. This is a trap left by heaven's will, in order for our members to get exposed."

"Sigh! We can tell after Azure failed his second attempt to ascend to rank nine. The power of that tribulation was more than ten times as much as the first! Evidently, heaven's will does not want us to become venerables, it is trying to deal with us at all times."

"I will not hide it from you, I have recently had a bad feeling. First Azure, then Blue, I am afraid the next one is me."

The immortals were shocked, they quickly said: "Purple, don't overthink it."

"I am not overthinking, this is the prediction of a wisdom path Gu Immortal… After I am gone, Gu Immortal Da Li will take over my position. Also, the power of heaven's will is higher than our estimations, but it is not impossible to deceive. From now on, Shadow Sect will lay low, accumulating our strength in secret, when we perform the heaven defying deed, we should go all out at once, so that heaven's will has no time to react to our actions."


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