Reverend Insanity
1013 Grey Memory
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1013 Grey Memory

This grand tribulation earth collapse was completely unreasonable!

Not only were the Gu Immortals trapped in the ground, their thoughts were also interrupted.

Without thoughts to mobilize their Gu worms, what methods could Gu Immortals use?

Unless they could use wisdom path methods to resist it.

But the condition for that was, the wisdom path method had to be set up in advance. Otherwise, once they fell into earth collapse, even if the Gu Immortal had a wisdom path method to use, they could not unleash it.

Taking action in advance was the only way.

Without the initiative, one was doomed.

This showed the power of the grand tribulation, one could just imagine the might of the myriad tribulation.

"Damn it!!" Ying Wu Xie struggled continuously, there were few results from his actions, he sank deeper and deeper as he screamed.

"Stop struggling, stop thinking. It will make our situation worse, we cannot deal with this at the moment." Immortal zombie Bo Qing who was beside him said in a calm tone.

Or strictly speaking, Mo Yao's remnant soul was very calm.

She was experienced.

When she was alive, she helped her lover Bo Qing with his tribulation, the myriad tribulation that she had seen before was more terrifying than this!

Comparatively, the grand tribulation earth collapse was harmless and gentle.

"We can only hope that our main body saves us." Ying Wu Xie sighed, looking at Spectral Soul.

Only to see that Spectral Soul was also sinking, half of his huge legs were already below the surface of the ground. Not just that, his left leg's lower portion was tightly sewed onto the ground.

This was the result of an earlier attack by the Immortal Gu House Embroidered Tower.

Even though Spectral Soul was powerful and mighty, and had used his full efforts, he could not control the entire situation.

At this moment, out of his six eyes, two were staring at Heaven Overseeing Tower, preventing it from moving, the other four were staring at the sky.

At the top of the sky, grey colored clouds were growing in thickness, they descended slowly.

The second myriad tribulation had started.

But it was different from the first, wind lightning prison, that was extremely fast beyond one's reaction speed, in an instant, the wind and lightning would approach a person and attack them.

This myriad tribulation however, was very slow.

It was so slow that anyone who was undergoing the tribulation could retaliate in many ways.

But Spectral Soul did not move.

He stood quietly, like a solemn mountain.

"Did our main body get hit already?" Ying Wu Xie shouted, looking extremely anxious: "This is such a good chance, you have to retaliate!!"

But until the grey cloud completely shrouded Spectral Soul, he did not move, he stared at Heaven Overseeing Tower, controlling it firmly.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were troubled.

They used the phantom method to make Heaven Overseeing Tower evade Spectral Soul's attacks. But to think that Spectral Soul's phantom path attainment level was beyond expectations, he was certainly a great grandmaster.

Heaven Overseeing Tower's phantom tactic was taken advantage of by Spectral Soul, becoming unable to return to its normal form. Then how could it fight or do anything in that state?

"The myriad tribulation is coming!" Ying Wu Xie gritted his teeth, looking at the grey cloud descend slowly.

Immortal zombie Bo Qing squinted, his muscles were tense.

The grand tribulation earth collapse was enough to make them defenseless and helpless, now that the myriad tribulation had descended, was it the end for Bo Qing and Ying Wu Xie?

The grey cloud descended, but it caused no harm.

"What is going on? Is this a harmless myriad tribulation?!" Ying Wu Xie was nervous, seeing that there was no disturbance, he touched his body all over as he cried out in suspicion.

Bo Qing did not answer him.

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals recognized this myriad tribulation, but Ying Wu Xie was unable to obtain the answer.

"Is this grey memory?" The Heavenly Court Gu Immortal who recognized it cried out.

"What is grey memory?"

The Heavenly Court Gu Immortal recalled: "When I was young, I had once obtained the inheritance of a rank eight Gu Immortal. In the past, this rank eight Gu Immortal failed to pass a myriad tribulation, grey memory. During his final moments, he left behind his inheritance. This myriad tribulation is harmless to the body, but it draws out the person's deepest memories. These memories were either those which had caused huge pain to the Gu Immortal's mind, or were a trauma in their life."

"Don't look down on this myriad tribulation. That rank eight senior did not even last fifteen minutes under this myriad tribulation, he lost all his motivation and became dejected without any fighting spirit left in him, he lost all interest in life."

"The saying goes, you are your worst enemy. Looking at Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, he was invincible in the world, then wasn't his biggest enemy himself? For everyone in the world, even if we become a rank nine venerable, we will have a period of time when we were weak. We cultivate step by step, becoming stronger along the way. Spectral Soul Demon Venerable slaughtered people over the world, he had an immense murderous nature, people guessed that he might have suffered some trauma when he was young."

"Who does not have any painful memories in the deepest part of their mind? Who does not have any shameful memories that they cannot express? Who has never made any decision that went against their nature? Along the way, who has never made a mistake? Amazing, simply amazing! This myriad tribulation is incredible! Perhaps even Spectral Soul is going to falter here."

Myriad tribulation — Grey Memory.

Because he recognized this myriad tribulation, Spectral Soul did not move.

He knew that no attacks could resolve this tribulation. Only by entering it and facing his past, all the shame, trauma, humiliation and anger, could he pass this tribulation.

The grey clouds coiling around his body suddenly had bright lights, there was even sound emitting from them.

What was presented in front of the immortals was a scene from Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's childhood.

"Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!"

A band of Gu Masters surrounded a family of three, their eyes were reddened as they shouted ruthlessly.

"Father! You cannot kill mother!!" A child protected his heavily injured mother, yelling with all his energy.

"Hmph, all demonic path members should be executed! We of the righteous path have to uphold justice and slay members of the demonic path!! Why can't we kill her? Not only can we kill her, we must kill her. Only by killing her can our clan's humiliation be purged!!" The old Gu Master who was leading the group, said with a righteous tone, he shouted angrily, he was the grandfather of the boy, the leader of the clan.

The clan leader's words received a warm cheer from all of the clan elders and elite Gu Masters.

They raised their arms and shouted.

"Kill!" Kill! "Kill!"

"Kill!" Kill! "Kill!"


With a soft sound, fresh blood spewed out.

The boy quickly turned around, at the next moment, his eyes opened wide, as his pupils shrunk to pin size.

He saw his father had moved in front of him, his face was red and he was gritting his teeth, there were tears in his eyes as he suppressed his intense emotions. The dagger that he was holding had already stabbed deeply into the heart of his beloved wife.

The boy opened his mouth and wanted to scream.

But he did not make any sound.

From that day onwards, he became very quiet.

Evidently, this boy was Spectral Soul Demon Venerable when he was a child.

Under the influence of grey memory, his childhood trauma was no longer hidden, it was displayed in front of everyone.

The grey fog moved, as another scene appeared.

Several years had passed.

The young boy had grown slightly, he was standing in front of his grandfather respectfully.

His grandfather, who was the clan leader, drank a sip of tea, asking casually: "I let you read about the history of our clan, what insight have you gained? Come, tell grandfather."

"Grandfather." The boy first greeted, before saying: "I have had many gains these last few days, I have learned much."

"Oh? Tell me." The old man asked in curiosity.

"Looking at history, I realized that there is one universal law in this world, that is — to kill." The boy said calmly.

"Kill?" The old man frowned, he replied in a grim tone: "Explain it to me."

"Yes." The boy continued: "When we are hungry and need food for our bellies, we kill prey. When we have enemies, we kill our enemies and eliminate the threat. When the world is peaceful, the ruler will kill his meritorious subjects to gain authority and control…" The boy said slowly, he did not notice that the old man's frown was getting deeper.

The boy continued: "Throughout history, it is a case of you killing me, and me killing you. What is a hero? They are someone who has killed the most enemies. What is a loser? They are someone who could not kill their opponent and got killed instead."

"Actually, even though kill is a word, it has very deep meaning behind it. How to kill, should one use Gu worms and do it themselves, or hire other Gu Masters to accomplish the deed? Sometimes, we cannot kill outright, because that would attract trouble, so we choose to assassinate. There are many forms of assassination, for example…"

"Enough!" The old man bellowed, in his anger, he smashed the cup on the ground.

The fragments shot past the boy's face as a wound was created, blood flowed slowly.

The old man stood up, pointing at the boy, shouting in anger: "I let you study and read, it is for you to admire the achievements of our clan's ancestors, and learn about the glorious history of our clan. I want you to learn about courtesy and integrity, I want you to understand the glory of the righteous path. And you actually learned about killing? What sort of twisted logic is this? You, you, you, you are confined for a month, stay in the house and reflect upon your mistake!!"

"Yes, grandfather." The boy replied, he spoke softly, but there was a stubborn light in his eyes.

The grey fog moved, as the scene changed again.

Several years later, the boy was already a rank one Gu Master.

"Hehehe, I finally refined hidden aura Gu today, I will give grandfather a shock by hiding in the study room!" The youngster sneaked into the room.

"Eh? No, I am only a rank one Gu Master, while grandfather is rank four. It is very easy for him to find me. I should hide behind the secret door, in the hidden tunnel, and jump out to scare grandfather later." The youngster changed his mind, he opened the secret door and hid behind it.

Not long after, he heard a commotion.

He did not dare to open the secret door, he could only listen to the voices.

Two people walked into the study room.

His grandfather walked with heavy and hurried steps, he was furious.

"This traitorous son! He really wants to rebel? He wants to harm his father?!" The old clan leader was enraged, he slammed the table and caused a huge impact.

"Clan leader, the evidence is conclusive. News that you have obtained an eighty year lifespan Gu has already spread out. It is confirmed that young clan leader wants to harm you."

A hoarse voice could be heard.

The youngster could recognize instantly that this was a certain clan elder, the personal aide of the clan leader.

"Hmph! This traitorous son, he wants to seize my authority, how can that be possible?!" The clan leader shouted.

"Clan leader, there are many higher ups supporting young clan leader." The hoarse voice said again.

There was a brief silence.

The youngster's grandfather's voice said solemnly: "My son's influence is not to be underestimated. If we suppress him openly, not only will our reputation in the righteous path be damaged, there will be internal strife that would weaken the clan. Hmm… go and prepare, we will strike first and find a chance to assassinate him. Once he is dead, as long as we kill this traitorous son, the other clan elders will have no choice but to give up."

"Clan leader is wise!"

Behind the secret door, in the hidden tunnel, the youngster covered his mouth, his entire body was shivering intensely.


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