Reverend Insanity
1010 Embroidered Tower Cannot Block the Demonic Migh
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1010 Embroidered Tower Cannot Block the Demonic Migh

This ghostly hand that stretched out from life and death blessed land was extremely huge, like a hill.

Its arm was not fully stretched out, more than half of it was still inside the door.

Life and death blessed land's entrance was seemingly already opened to the maximum, but only a small part of the ghostly hand could come out, as if it was stuck.

Rank nine aura, majestic and vast, spread out and engulfed in all directions.

Fang Yuan's side hurriedly retreated.

Under the suppression of the rank nine aura, they felt suffocation and had a fearful sensation that they were going to die from it!

Looking at this huge hand again, it was dark like the depths of an abyss, terrifyingly sinister, and seemingly undulating with a dark blue light.

"What soul beast is this? It actually has such a terrifying aura! Not even immemorial soul beasts can match its aura! Could it be that the world has rank nine soul beasts?" Hei Lou Lan blurted out in shock.

She still did not know the true identity of this ghostly hand.

"Impossible!" Fairy Li Shan's expression was pale as paper as she retreated, speaking in a trembling tone, "Among all the living beings in the world, only humans can reach rank nine, thus man is the spirit of all living beings."

Once the soul left the physical body, it should be in a weak state, moreover the soul was incorporeal and could pass through bricks and tiles.

But this right hand of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was solid like it was material, stable like a hill.

After stretching out of life and death blessed land, it grabbed at the ruins of Yi Tian Mountain. Large numbers of boulders turned into powder under the hand.

This was simply beyond the common sense of the cultivation world.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's main cultivation path was soul path, his soul path foundation was so deep that it had reached the limits of a material state! It far surpassed the immortals' imaginations!

"Spectral Soul… Demon Venerable…" Looking at the huge hand that engulfed his vision, Fang Yuan felt his mouth drying up.

He knew the origin of this huge hand.

It was because not long ago, when he had been struck with the immortal killer move lead soul into dream, and had entered the dream realm again, he had heard the melodious song of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable.

"Fallen songs and despondent heroes, difficulty in resisting the trials of fate."

"Bent swords sink in the sand, rising and falling from ancient times, the rumbling of an unceasing heavenly river."


"Spectral night carries a soul into endless dreams, where can one rest in peace?"

"During spring and autumn body and mind shifts, only heaven's will remains vast and boundless."

Following this song, information flowed into Fang Yuan's mind out of nowhere.

"Spectral night carries a soul into endless dreams, where can one rest in peace?" This showed the ghostly hand's true identity, informing Fang Yuan that the mastermind of Shadow Sect behind the scenes was Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!

When Fang Yuan had known this, he had been extremely shocked.

With such mental preparation, now that he looked at the giant ghostly hand, Fang Yuan was able to forcibly calm down, instead feeling some relief.

Everyone dies.

This was the rule of the world, and everyone knew of it, even rank nine venerables could not escape this fate.

Then where did the soul of these rank nine venerables go to after death?

This was clearly explained in >.

Road of life, road of death and Obsession Death Domain which held fairness Immortal Gu. In the legends, after Verdant Great Sun died, his soul returned to the door of life and death, rank nine venerables along with all the living beings in the world had such an outcome in the end.

> clearly recorded: The road of life was filled with suffering Gu while the road of death had three obstacles: Dang Hun Mountain, Luo Po Valley and Reverse Flow River.

Fang Yuan did not know about Reverse Flow River's location, but he knew Dang Hun Mountain and Luo Po valley were in his hands!

Fang Yuan even made a bold guess: The third obstacle, Reverse Flow River, was also probably no longer on the road of death.

Without the obstruction of these three obstacles, couldn't souls after people die easily return to the world of the living?

This meant Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's soul returning to the world of the living was not an unexplainable matter.

Regardless of what happened in the depths of the door of life and death, and what the truth was, right now, at this moment, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's soul had charged out of the door of life and death and appeared once again amidst the living.

"So all these were really Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's arrangements. No wonder Shadow Sect is so mysterious and so powerful! No wonder Shadow Sect's Gu Immortals did not fear death. Have they already grasped a method of reviving the soul? But what in the world does Spectral Soul Demon Venerable want? Shadow Sect did everything possible to protect the ten extreme immortal zombie lifeless formation, not even stinting on making any sacrifices, what are they trying to refine?"

The doubts in Fang Yuan's mind intensified, like the dense dark clouds above him.

"Spectral Soul Demon Venerable… you finally could not bear it anymore." Inside Heaven Overseeing Tower, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord heaved a deep sigh.

With the help of Heaven Overseeing Tower, he had already deduced Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's identity back at Heavenly Court.

That pair of eyes that gazed at all things from the darkness, filled with killing intent, were the eyes of Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!

Knowing Spectral Soul Demon Venerable was attempting to defy heaven to resurrect and escape fate, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord had paled with shock and alarm, hurriedly awakening Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals to immediately take action and destroy Spectral Soul Demon Venerable's plan, making him fall back to Obsession Death Domain, maintaining heaven's will and fate.

It was because the two roads to Obsession Death Domain had been traveled by fate Immortal Gu personally.

All things go through life and death, it is the world's greatest fairness.

Once Spectral Soul Demon Venerable resurrected, it would no doubt be unfair, the greatest violation of fate and heaven's will.

Fate Immortal Gu would probably be unable to recover further because of this.

They had to take this chance while Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had not resurrected, and pass judgment. If they allowed this Demon Venerable with the strongest killing intent in history to resurrect, the world would become filled with massacre and chaos, Heavenly Court's side could forget about restoring their former glory, they might even be unable to protect themselves.

That was the reason that in this battle at Yi Tian Mountain, Heavenly Court did not care about the price to activate the rank nine Immortal Gu House Heaven Overseeing Tower, bringing Heavenly Court's main forces with them.

"Spectral Soul… rank nine Demon Venerable…"

"What's there to fear? He is already dead, his soul has been hiding in the door of life and death, lingering on his last breaths, he is already no longer the rank nine Demon Venerable."

"Right. Everyone is aware of a soul's weakness. If he truly had his former strength, why would he need to establish Shadow Sect and create so many split souls? Why would he need to form these schemes?"

"In my opinion, he can at most only be considered Spectral Soul, and not Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!"

Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals talked and roused each other's morale, expelling the fear in their hearts.

Facing a rank nine existence, even these rank eights of Heavenly Court could not help being anxious and fearful.

"The ten extreme formation is Spectral Soul's weakness. We need to first stop this huge hand, then we can gather our strength to break this formation!" Bi Chen Tian shouted.

"That makes sense!" Heavenly Court's immortals nodded, a portion of them then flew out of Heaven Overseeing Tower.

Heaven Overseeing Tower started activating, releasing sparkling white light.

Immortal killer move — Lead Soul Into Dream!

Ying Wu Xie once again activated his only ability.

One skill to dominate the world!

"Damn it!" Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord stomped his foot in anger but could only fall into the dream realm once again, unable to extricate himself.

Shadow Sect had gone through untold hardships to create Ying Wu Xie, and their efforts were showing outstanding effects at this moment. Even the rank nine Immortal Gu House was being tied down by Ying Wu Xie alone.

Even if there were people who replaced Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's position, they also soon fell into dream realms.

As long as Ying Wu Xie targeted Heaven Overseeing Tower, these temporary tower lords would follow suit and be struck by his ability.

"Hmph, you think the grand Heavenly Court only has one Immortal Gu House?"

Right at this time, Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals, who had flown out of Heaven Overseeing Tower earlier, suddenly brought out their second Immortal Gu House.

Rank eight Immortal Gu House — Embroidered Tower!

This small pavilion was adorned with beautiful decorations, its walls were red and its tiles were made of jade, looking exquisite and beautiful, but it lacked part of its foundational support; one could clearly see the traces of destruction on the Immortal Gu House.

Although this was a rank eight Immortal Gu House, it was only a damaged object and not intact.

"The so-called Heavenly Court only has these antiques left? It is embarrassing for you people to keep what Reckless Savage Demon Venerable broke for so long, and you are still bringing it out now to make a fool of yourselves!" Immortal zombie Bo Qing stood up, raising his right hand in the shape of a fist above his head.

The next moment, the peerless sword path killer move, five finger fist heart sword, erupted with full power.

Embroidered Tower shook for a while from this attack, before shooting out seven embroidery needles condensed from faint light.

These seven embroidery needles flew gracefully like birds, and struck the huge ghostly hand in a blink of an eye. Immediately, the embroidery needles pierced through the ghostly hand and the ground countless times.

Spectral Soul's ghostly hand tried to rise, but could not even budge.

The seven embroidery needles seemed to be using invisible thread that tightly sewed this ghostly hand to the ground.

"This Embroidered Tower Immortal Gu House might be only rank eight, but after Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable's disciple, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, was betrothed, he prepared it as a dowry. In the past, when Reckless Savage Demon Venerable had rampaged into Heavenly Court, and was struck by this move, he also had to discard the three bloody skins to free himself!" Inside the Embroidered Tower, the leading Heavenly Court's Gu Immortal sneered.

According to logic, during the time when the ghostly hand was sewn to the ground, the ghostly hand could have already flown away from the ground.

But this ability of Embroidered Tower was this Immortal Gu House's strongest attack.

The sewing threads it used were actual dao marks.

It used dao marks as threads to sew the ghostly hand to the ground. If Spectral Soul wanted to raise his hand, he would need to have the power to lift the ground of the whole of Southern Border!

Maybe Reckless Savage Demon Venerable had such power.

But this remaining soul could not reach such a standard.

Heavenly Court's foundation was truly unfathomable.

Even when facing Spectral Soul, they had corresponding methods.

Seeing Spectral Soul's huge hand tightly sewn to the ground, Hei Lou Lan, Tai Bai Yun Sheng and the rest stared, dumbfounded.

While Shadow Sect's group revealed worried expressions.

However, the next moment, the solid and malevolent dark ghostly hand suddenly turned soft, until it turned into a pool of black water.


A sea of black water surged out of the door of life and death. In an instant, the surrounding mountain ranges were submerged by it, this water that was from a soul covered all of the surroundings, it was tyrannical and domineering.

Fang Yuan and the rest quickly flew into the sky.

The next moment, the sea of black water soared to the sky, turning into a monster thousands of meters tall!

"Spectral Soul!" Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals were terrified, a giant ghostly hand swept across the air at such a quick speed that it could not be dodged, smashing Embroidered Tower immediately.

Another hand grabbed the large Heaven Overseeing Tower. The ghostly hand increased its strength, cracks started appearing on Heaven Overseeing Tower, and at this rate, the whole of Heaven Overseeing Tower looked like it would be crushed!

The two grand tribulations, zither mind tribulation and star flow tribulation, came smashing down.

Spectral Soul roared towards the sky, suppressing the zither sound.

He raised two of his other hands and ferociously tore at a space.

The space where he tore broke, the huge starlight tsunami rushed into the void.

The two grand tribulations were so easily resolved by Spectral Soul!

Fang Yuan and the rest, witnessing such a scene, were wide-eyed and tongue-tied.


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