Reverend Insanity
1000 Changes Beyond Expectations
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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1000 Changes Beyond Expectations

His master, rank seven lone cultivator Old Man Yue Xia, was sitting cross-legged on a mat. He remained unmoved and had his eyes closed, even after hearing Lu Zuan Feng's words.

After a long while, Xiao clan's ancestor spoke again from outside the cave: "Brother Yue Xia, I am willing to add in ten heavenly dragon pearls, please help me."

Old Man Yue Xia slowly opened his eyes and said to Lu Zuan Feng: "Disciple, go to Yi Tian Mountain and solve this crisis for Xiao Shan."

Lu Zuan Feng hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed three times to Old Man Yue Xia.

"Master, this disciple shall leave."

Although he said this, Lu Zuan Feng was still kneeling down on the ground, and did not show any signs of getting up.

Old Man Yue Xia smiled: "Your crafty nature, I can see right through it."

He then blew cold air towards Lu Zuan Feng.

The cold air seeped into Lu Zuan Feng's belly, and lingered there without dispersing.

"This Immortal Gu can protect you. Go now."

Lu Zuan Feng was joyous, kowtowing three more times before getting up and cheekily speaking: "I was actually thinking in the interests of master. As a disciple, losing my life is not important, but then master would have no one to serve him, what to do then? Master has shown me great benevolence, I still haven't returned it, so how could I die so easily?"

"Go now, go." Old Man Yue Xia sighed, repeatedly waving his hand at Lu Zuan Feng.

Wu Shen Tong led the beast group to attack Yi Tian Mountain, Yi Tian Village, which only had its foundations constructed, was destroyed.

The demonic side's morale fell sharply, Xiao Shan was determined to fight back to the death.

But on that very evening, the rank five Gu Master Lu Zuan Feng infiltrated the righteous path's camp and assassinated Wu Shen Tong, bringing his head back to Yi Tian Mountain.

Xiao Shan was ecstatic, saying to Lu Zuan Feng: "Brother Lu is magnanimous, thanks to brother Lu, all of us were saved."

Lu Zuan Feng was a quick-witted person, immediately cupping his fists, replying in a cordial manner: "Brother Xiao exaggerates, I only took advantage of an opportunity. If not for brother Xiao and the other comrades fighting with all you have and inflicting heavy injuries to Wu Shen Tong, how could I have easily taken his life? Out of the total contribution, I can only account for ten percent, and the other ninety would go to everyone here."

When they heard such words, everyone immediately had a much better impression of Lu Zuan Feng.

Xiao Shan's heart sank, he was not able to ruin Lu Zuan Feng's fame by overpraising him, so he quickly changed his words to stabilize and pull Lu Zuan Feng to Yi Tian Village.

Like this, the righteous path's first wave of offense collapsed under the attacks of Xiao Shan, Lu Zuan Feng and the rest.

Fang Yuan was staying on the sidelines, not caring any less about this situation, viewing it coldly with the stance of a bystander and not provoking any doubts.

He thought of the information gathered during his previous life.

"It seems in this life as well, due to Wu Shen Tong being heavily injured and Xiao Shan's situation being critical, Xiao clan's ancestor sought Old Man Yue Xia's help."

"This Old Man Yue Xia is a well-known lone immortal of Southern Border, with some friction against Wu clan. And with Xiao clan's ancestor giving him heavy payment, he was able to increase his wager, letting Lu Zuan Feng enter Yi Tian Mountain early on. And the female immortal from Wu clan, Wu Dang Zhi, had lost her chess piece because of this scheme, although she had refined much of the battle will, her loss was the greatest."

"Righteous and demonic paths are fighting on Yi Tian Mountain, but the masterminds are the Southern Border Gu Immortals behind them. Mortals are like ants…"

"Let them continue scheming against each other, after this battle, the amount of battle will I have refined has already surpassed Xiao Shan, becoming the highest!"

Like this, Fang Yuan was silently earning a fortune, the battle will he refined secretly continued to grow, but no one noticed.

Time passed, the second wave of the righteous and demonic battle erupted.

After the first wave of offense, in which Wu Dang Zhi suffered a loss, she was still unreconciled.

Old Man Yue Xia had increased his wager, how could she not do that as well?

Therefore, she chose another person and allied with a Shang clan Gu Immortal, not repeating the previous mistake of fighting alone.

At the battlefield on Yi Tian Mountain, Wu clan's Gu Masters attacked Yi Tian Mountain, at the same time during this attack, Shang clan's two newly advanced elders, Yan Tu and Ju Kai Bei, also joined.

Both sides fought at the base of Yi Tian Mountain, having some wins and losses on either side, they were in a deadlock.

This time, Lan Mei He and Fei You Wang ascended the mountain, joining Yi Tian Village.

These two Gu Masters were not simple, they were famous flying masters in the world of Southern Border's Gu Masters!

Yi Tian Village thus had the upper hand, and the righteous path members were forced back.

To resist Lan Mei He and Fei You Wang, the righteous path invited a female Gu Master, Hong Fei Yu, she was also a flying master, but belonged to the righteous path.

But Hong Fei Yu alone could not resist the combination of two flying masters of the demonic path.

Hong Fei Yu was at the moment between life and death, when Shang clan's reinforcements rushed and arrived, it was the White Light Swordsman Wei Yang.

Wei Yang had been nurtured by Shang Yan Fei and had his aptitude raised, his cultivation level was at rank four initial stage. Not only did he save Hong Fei Yu, he even gained much fame.

After Hong Fei Yu was heavily injured and retreated, he fought against both Lan Mei He and Fei You Wang, eventually managing to stall for enough time until more reinforcements from the righteous path came, as Lan Mei He and Fei You Wang were forced to retreat.

After this battle, Wei Yang was acknowledged by both the righteous and demonic paths, joining the ranks of the flying masters. Southern Border's three famous flying masters became four famous flying masters, with Wei Yang at the top.

With Wei Yang's addition, the righteous and demonic battle entered another deadlock once again.

However, as Second Zombie King entered Yi Tian Mountain, enslavement path showed its might again, the righteous path lacked Wu Shen Tong and had no choice but to fall back.

Thereupon, the second righteous and demonic fight came to an end.

Behind the scenes of this were the Southern Border Gu Immortals plotting and conspiring, naturally the mortal Gu Masters could not imagine it.

The only one who was in the know on Yi Tian Mountain, Fang Yuan, was secretly earning a fortune, disregarding all of this.

With Huang Sha's identity, he had gone on the battlefield and had encountered Wei Yang face to face.

This expert under Shang Yan Fei had once taken great care of Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing when they were in Shang clan city. Right now, Wei Yang's growth was large, Fang Yuan, however, was already an immortal, it could be said that times had changed.

After this battle, Fang Yuan was already way ahead in the amount of battle will refined. The lead was so huge that even if all the Southern Border Gu Immortals added up their refined battle wills, it would still be slightly less than Fang Yuan's.

Central Continent, Heavenly Lotus Sect.


Explosions resounded without an end.

All the surroundings within an enormous area had turned into a desolate land, sand rolling and covering the sky.

In the desolate land were many deep craters, some burned with fire, some had piles of ice, some was still letting out rumblings of thunder, a river of blood flowed wantonly in this battlefield.

Because of the battle between rank eights, the original mountainous terrain had completely changed.

This was the location of Heavenly Lotus Sect, and also home to famous mountains and rivers, possessing profound natural dao marks. Otherwise, the landscape would be even more severely ruined.

After a round of battle stopped, with Sword Immortal Bo Qing at the lead, Shadow Sect's group retreated by some distance, panting roughly.

In front of them were three Immortal Gu Houses hovering in the air.

One was Canary Pavilion, which was delicate and exquisite. Another was Yue Yang Palace which shined with brilliant radiance.

However, the gazes of Shadow Sect's group were focused on the central Immortal Gu House.

This Immortal Gu House was rank eight, named Heavenly Pool!

Looking from the outside, this was a pool with a small area, it could even be said to be among the world's smallest Immortal Gu Houses!

But this Heavenly Pool was filled with green lotuses, some were in full bloom while some were closed.

However, in every lotus was a blessed land or grotto-heaven!

The rank eight Immortal Gu House, Heavenly Pool, was the base of Heavenly Lotus Sect, created by Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable, its greatest use was to store immortal apertures!

"If we can't take down Heavenly Pool, these losses to Heavenly Lotus Sect can't even be considered to be harming them." Song Zi Xing said heavily.

"But it is too difficult to take down. Among the ten venerables, Genesis Lotus Immortal Venerable was most specialized in healing and recovery. This Heavenly Pool has inherited his style to an exaggerated degree, if it is not broken apart in one attack, it can recover any severe losses in a short period of time." Yu Mu Chun was solemn.

Immortal zombie Seven Star Child shook his head: "Not only Heavenly Pool, the other two Immortal Gu Houses are also very difficult to handle. And Bo Qing's greatest weakness is already known and being used by them."

Immortal zombie Bo Qing's greatest weakness was Mo Yao's remnant soul.

This remnant soul was the biggest shortcoming, its greatest flaw was that it was very easy to target.

In the previous life, Bo Qing had died and the soul inside was destroyed by Heavenly Court's Gu Immortals. This life, immortal zombie Bo Qing had even lost wisdom sword Gu, which had been a trump card against wisdom path methods when he was alive.

After losing this Gu, immortal zombie Bo Qing had to be even more cautious when fighting and was extremely passive.

"Let's go! We have already achieved our goal of delaying them." Immortal zombie Seven Star Child retreated first, his body turning into a rainbow light, quickly flying far away.

Bo Qing and the rest also followed closely behind.

"Escaping the judgment of fate and attacking one of the ten great ancient sects, such audacity, this is unpardonable! And you still want to leave?" Heavenly Lotus Sect's three Immortal Gu Houses chased after them.

From within Heavenly Pool came Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's furious voice.

Seven Star Child's expression changed slightly, saying to the other Gu Immortals: "In the current situation, someone has to bring up the rear and hold them off until the others can escape."

"I will do it." Immortal zombie Bo Qing immediately spoke.

"It is better if I do it. Azure, Blue and Song Zi Xing, you all have higher battle strength than me, you will be a lot more helpful to our crucial plan." Yu Mu Chun had an indifferent expression while he volunteered to stay behind.

The other three immortals' gazes flashed, and they quickly retreated without hesitation, leaving behind Yu Mu Chun to cover their retreat.

"Overestimating your ability!"

"Hehe, demonic path people specialize in treachery."

"You think you can stop us, what gives you such blind confidence?"

The righteous path immortals angrily called out one after the other, the three Immortal Gu Houses nearing.

Yu Mu Chun looked at the approaching death calmly and with a smile: "You think we haven't made any arrangements?"

Saying this, he fell to the ground, an enormous Gu formation gave a brilliant flash of light that reached to the sky.

The information about this battle was simply unable to be concealed by Central Continent. After Fang Yuan learned of the news, his gaze flickered, this event was already very different from his previous life, immortal zombie Bo Qing was still alive!

As such, he would naturally hold animosity against Fang Yuan, who had stolen his Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan sent his consciousness inside his sealed immortal aperture, in there was a mysterious Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu was one of the harvests Fang Yuan had reaped from Bo Qing's immortal zombie body. But in fact, this Immortal Gu's original owner was not Bo Qing but Mo Yao.

Because this Immortal Gu's body was filled with Mo Yao's will, Fang Yuan was able to quickly refine this Immortal Gu using Mo Yao's fake will.

As for the other sword path Immortal Gu, their true owner was Bo Qing, with large amounts of his will in them. So when Fang Yuan used the same Gu formation, it would take a lot more time to refine these Immortal Gu.

"I can forget about these sword path Immortal Gu for now, they definitely cannot be used in this battle. As for this mysterious Immortal Gu, I have tried to inspect it over these last days, but unfortunately I did not gain anything even from Lang Ya land spirit's end."

"At present, the sixth wave of offense between righteous and demonic has already passed. The scale of my battle will in the Immortal Gu House probably is already over thirty times the total amount of the battle will of the Southern Border Gu Immortals. If I battle with them at this time, within less than fifteen minutes, I can clear out all their battle will."

There were probably many among the Southern Border Gu Immortals who had wisdom path attainment.

But so what?

Not to mention Fang Yuan's wisdom path grandmaster level, just based on the scale of the battle will, he already occupied absolute dominance.

The Southern Border Gu Immortals already had no chance of victory.

It could be said that these Gu Immortals were already of no concern, but Fang Yuan was still filled with worry: "I have refined it for so long, but there is actually still pure battle will remaining in the Immortal Gu House. I wonder what quantity are there exactly? Can I make it in time?"

Fang Yuan looked up at the sky.

The night was dark and hazy.

Fang Yuan felt somewhat stifled.

The amount of pure battle will in Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage had greatly surpassed Fang Yuan's expectations.

His original plan was to get this Immortal Gu House earlier on and leave freely. But now, it had already dragged on until this day, when would he finish?


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