Reverend Insanity
998 Prematurely Joining Yi Tian Mountain
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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998 Prematurely Joining Yi Tian Mountain

Southern Border, Yi Tian Mountain.

Fang Yuan walked forward with big steps.

His appearance had changed greatly. Huge bulging muscles, an exposed chest, thick hair over his head, chest, and beard, even along his legs.

His hair was a muddy yellow color, his clothes were very tattered.

His cheekbones were protruding, his fingers and toes all had extraordinarily huge joints.

His nose bridge was short and stumpy, he had huge nostrils that contained thick hair, they were like open taps, gushing out together uncontrollably.

Even though this appearance was ugly and disgusting, it was something that Fang Yuan had picked after careful consideration.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, this person had come to Yi Tian Mountain at this time.

After rebirth, Fang Yuan secretly killed this person.

Taking his place, Fang Yuan arrived at Yi Tian Mountain.

The sun had just risen, there was a thin fog.

The scenery of Yi Tian Mountain was still peaceful, there were birds chirping in the mountain's forests.

At this time, the righteous and demonic battle had not even started its first wave.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan had disguised himself and joined Yi Tian Mountain, by that time, Yi Tian Mountain was already immersed in heated battles, there were even demonic path guards at the base of the mountain.

But this time, Fang Yuan had arrived here several months early.

At this time, Xiao Shan had just been forced to leave his clan, he, Zhou Xing Xing, and Sun Pang Hu had just created Yi Tian Village.

Fang Yuan did not see any people as he walked.

After getting partway up the mountain, he finally saw a glimpse of Yi Tian Village from the crevices between the dense trees.

Yi Tian Village was still in the process of being built, it was not completed yet.

"Who is this? Which Gu Immortal's pawn is this?"

"He doesn't resemble a pure human, he seems to have hairy man blood."

"Hmph, this guy is a half-breed, would anyone even choose him as a pawn? Hehehe."

Far away, the Southern Border Gu Immortals discussed the matter of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan walked slowly, confidently and calmly.

In his previous life, he had used vaguely familiar face and was not exposed by these Southern Border Gu Immortals. Now that he was using an immortal killer move with attitude Gu as the core — Familiar Face, it was even more impossible for him to be exposed by them!

He took big steps and went to the mountain peak.

Soon, before he reached Yi Tian Village, someone finally stopped him.

It was a rank three demonic path Gu Master. But Fang Yuan was also disguised as a rank three, so he did not dare to be careless, he asked in a serious tone: "You are?"

Fang Yuan cupped his fists, saying boorishly: "My name is Huang Sha, I heard about Hero Xiao's matter and came to join you."

The other rank three demonic path Gu Master's body shook.

He was not intimidated by the name of 'Huang Sha', instead, it was because Fang Yuan was too loud.

"Okay, keep it down, why are you shouting. Since you know about our leader's reputation, come with me to meet him." The rank three Gu Master rubbed his ears as he turned around.

Fang Yuan laughed as he quickly chased.

He had a huge body, his steps were huge, he quickly surpassed the Gu Master in front.

The demonic path Gu Master was unhappy, he stretched out his arm, pulling Fang Yuan: "Why are you running so quickly? If you want to join Yi Tian Village, follow the rules, get it? I got here first, so my position is higher than yours! Follow behind me!"

"Oh, oh." Fang Yuan quickly nodded, pretending that he was all brawn and no brains.

"This structure needs to be built properly. If anyone attacks us next time, we will defend from here. We need to set up at least a hundred iron snake vine Gu." Xiao Shan pointed at a location and said this to a Gu Master beside him.

At this time, someone shouted: "Leader, your fame spreads throughout Southern Border! Right now, a new warrior has joined us."

Xiao Shan heard this and was overjoyed, turning around to see Fang Yuan.

The joy in his mind faded a little as he felt disappointment. But at the same time, he showed a look of appreciation on his face.

He quickly went forward, patting Fang Yuan's shoulders: "What a strong man!"

Fang Yuan laughed and cupped his fists: "You are Hero Xiao? I am here to join you, you are really brave! You dared to oppose those righteous path members!"

Saying so, Fang Yuan raised his thumb at Xiao Shan, saying: "With just this, I am in admiration towards you, I am willing to follow you, but you have to feed me three meals a day."

Xiao Shan saw that Fang Yuan was boorish and uneducated, the disappointment inside him grew.

But on the surface, he did not show it, he praised Fang Yuan as he arranged a mission for him.

After Fang Yuan left, Xiao Shan called Zhou Xing Xing, asking: "This Huang Sha, what is his background? I am not too clear about it."

Zhou Xing Xing thought about it and laughed: "Brother, what rank are you, there are so many people in this world, how can such a minor character attract your attention? I know this person, his father is human and his mother is a female hairy man, he was born as a slave collecting sand rocks on sand mountain. In the end, on sand mountain, he obtained an inheritance by chance and became a Gu Master. Next, he and a water path Gu Master occupied a territory, calling themselves the 'Bai Sha Twin Generals'. Afterwards, they were defeated by Tie clan Gu Masters, Bai Jiang died while Huang Sha escaped, with his whereabouts unknown. To think that he came here after hearing brother's name."

"So that's it, I remember now, there was once a time when there was news about the 'Bai Sha Twin Generals' assaulting Tie clan's merchant ships." Xiao Shan nodded, his expectations towards Fang Yuan fell to rock bottom.

He even dared to touch Tie clan's ships, this showed that the Bai Sha Twin Generals were rash and boorish, they did not use their brains.

Furthermore, this Huang Sha even had hairy man blood, this made Xiao Shan look down on him more.

Hairy men, feathermen, snowmen, and other variant humans were all the slaves of humans, why would human Gu Masters treat them as equals?

If Fang Yuan had rank four or five cultivation, Xiao Shan might have placed great emphasis on him and disregarded that point. But Fang Yuan was disguised as Huang Sha, who was only rank three.

Even though rank three was higher than the average Gu Master.

But in Yi Tian Village, it was not eye-catching.

Very soon, Xiao Shan forgot about this Huang Sha.

Fang Yuan was at a worksite.

"Now, I have joined Yi Tian Mountain, and was sent by Xiao Shan to help in the building of the village, it shows that this person is not placing attention on me. Good, this is my motive after all. Everything has been very successful so far."

If Fang Yuan had higher cultivation level, he would be given a major role by Xiao Shan, in the following righteous demonic battle, he would definitely be kept busy. If he did not go for the missions, he would expose himself, but if he went, he would be wasting time.

If his cultivation level was lower, he would be cannon fodder, sent to the front lines to attract the enemy's firepower and waste their primeval essence. After some battles, he would be sacrificed.

Only with rank three cultivation level, it was neither high nor low, he could be the leader of a small group.

He would not be given important missions, and if he survived in the battlefield, nobody would find it strange.

Yi Tian Mountain's forbidden zone only targeted immortal apertures, it did not affect Immortal Gu.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan had deduced a method on how to seal immortal apertures. But now, he had this method prepared in advance, he could join Yi Tian Village a few months earlier.

Even though his immortal aperture was sealed, his body was still an immortal zombie body.

During the day, he worked at the sites and easily did physical labor. At night, when everyone was asleep, he would be awake and refining Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage secretly.

Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage was suppressing the Great Strength True Martial immortal zombie, not allowing any freedom.

This rank eight Great Strength True Martial immortal zombie had no signs of life at all. It seemed like its soul had completely dissipated.

But Fang Yuan had his previous life's memories, he did not dare to be careless.

He did not probe the Great Strength True Martial immortal zombie, he placed his efforts on refining the battle will.

The Southern Border Gu Immortals engaging in this gambling contest were trying to refine the battle will into their own, they needed these mortal Gu Master pawns to engage in fierce combat to create their own battle will and resonate with the Immortal Gu House. They would then convert the pure battle will in the Immortal Gu House into their personal battle will.

But Fang Yuan came in person, and was also a wisdom path grandmaster, he did not need to do so.

Even if he did not fight fiercely, he could increase the battle will in his mind and convert the Immortal Gu House's battle will, his efficiency was many times that of ordinary Gu Immortals.

If someone turned all the battle will in the Immortal Gu House into their own battle will, they would complete the unfinished last step of the rank eight immortal zombie, that is, refining the Immortal Gu House and becoming the true owner of the Immortal Gu House!

Thus, there was a key point needed for Fang Yuan to snatch Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage from these Southern Border Gu Immortals.

At the final period of time, the Immortal Gu House's pure battle will would be completely refined by everyone.

But there can only be one winner.

Thus, these battle wills had to engage in combat and undergo a terrifying battle.

In this battle, any loser would vanish, there would only be one winner.

"I am a wisdom path grandmaster, I have a huge advantage in a fight between battle wills. Furthermore, I am going to take the lead and refine battle will at many times the speed of others. The more battle will I convert, the bigger my advantage during the battle will contest. As long as I follow my plan, it is assured that I would obtain the Immortal Gu House! But there might be unexpected surprises…"

While Fang Yuan was pondering, the other Southern Border Gu Immortals were also harboring their own intentions.

Xiao clan's supreme elder was paying close attention to the developments on Yi Tian Mountain.

He had barely survived his last tribulation. The next one was approaching, he had lost all hope initially, but the appearance of the Immortal Gu House Graceful Chaotic Duel Stage gave this Gu Immortal see the light of hope within the darkness.

Thus, in this unprecedented gambling contest, he went all in on his bets.

Almost all of his wealth was invested into it.

His stake was the highest among the immortals, according to the rules, one of his pawns — Xiao Shan, became the first Gu Master to ascend Yi Tian Mountain.

Xiao clan's supreme elder also became the first Gu Immortal in Southern Border to start refining battle will in the Immortal Gu House.

"I must succeed in obtaining the Immortal Gu House, I cannot fail!"

"Without this Immortal Gu House, in the following tribulation, I will definitely die."


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