Reverend Insanity
996 Fang Yuan Cultivates His Soul
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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996 Fang Yuan Cultivates His Soul

Central Continent, Heavenly Court.

"Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, give up, this Immortal Gu cannot be saved." Bi Chen Tian urged.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord did not answer.

At this moment, his hands were ethereal, giving off a warm orange light. An Immortal Gu was nearly cut in half, but the orange light was sustaining its life, its aura was strong at times and weak at other times, being very unstable.

Lian Jiu Sheng's face was full of concern.

He was a refinement path great expert, in his opinion, this Immortal Gu was beyond saving. Even Lian Jiu Sheng could not save it if he tried.

But Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord was insistent on trying.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord was in control of Heaven Overseeing Tower, he was a wisdom path Gu Immortal. Gu Immortals who have reached his level could make use of aspects of other paths even if they only cultivated one path, using it as the basis.

A person at this level did not have shortcomings, he could use wisdom path to imitate the strength of other paths, and even due to taking an innovative approach, it could potentially surpass the original.

Now, Lian Jiu Sheng could not help this Immortal Gu, but Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's wisdom path methods gave them some hope.

Except that the method he was using, in the opinions of Lian Jiu Sheng and Bi Chen Tian, was too risky.

If there were any errors, Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord would face a strong backlash, his dao marks would go into chaos. Not only would he be heavily injured, he would not be able to use any Immortal Gu for the next thirty years, otherwise his injuries would get more severe.


Suddenly, from the Immortal Gu's body, an extremely sharp, formless burst of sword qi flew out.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord could not react in time, but thankfully, this formless burst of sword qi only scraped past his ears, cutting down a strand of his white hair.

Bi Chen Tian was shocked.

"It's over." Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's expression relaxed, he let out a breath of air, saying in a gratified tone: "I pulled out the sword qi that was inside the Immortal Gu, it has been saved."

Earlier, countless sword lights had burst out of Falling Heavenly River, rampaging over Central Continent.

One of the extremely sharp sword lights, like in the previous life, penetrated Heavenly Court and cut Heaven Overseeing Tower into two.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord quickly recalled Bai Cang Shui, Lian Jiu Sheng, and Bai Cang Shui. The four immortals had a discussion, as Bai Cang Shui headed to the riverbed of Falling Heavenly River, while the other three immortals repaired Heaven Overseeing Tower as it was being corroded by the sword qi, before its damage intensified.

Soon, the Immortal Gu in Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's hands could be seen recovering rapidly under the orange light.

Lian Jiu Sheng's eyes shined, he clapped and praised: "Tower Lord, your ability to sacrifice your emotions to repair the Immortal Gu is truly an incredible wisdom path method! To think that you could really revive it, amazing. But… why did you take such a risk? This is a rank six Immortal Gu, Heavenly Court's inventory is very abundant, we can refine it again easily. But if you got injured, you would not be able to do anything for thirty years, it would be an immense loss to Heavenly Court."

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord shook his head, saying slowly: "I don't know why, but recently, ever since the Refinement Path Convention started, I felt something wrong. It is as if a hidden danger is brewing, once it strikes, the consequences will be severe. We have just repaired fate Gu and can now use half of its might. But when I was about to enter Heaven Overseeing Tower, a sword light flew over and coincidentally cut it in half. But was it really a coincidence?"

Bi Chen Tian and Lian Jiu Sheng looked at each other, as their expressions became grave.

"I will not hide it from you, I have been getting this feeling too." Bi Chen Tian said heavily: "But my feeling only started when we repaired fate Gu."

Lian Jiu Sheng also said: "So it was not my feeling alone. I thought that my descendants had encountered trouble, causing me to have this feeling. Now it seems it is not so simple. Tower Lord, you are a wisdom path Gu Immortal and you control Heaven Overseeing Tower, your senses are sharper than ours, it seems that something is really going to happen."

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord was still holding the healing Immortal Gu: "Thus, I had to take a risk and try to heal this Immortal Gu. Even though this is not one of Heaven Overseeing Tower's core Immortal Gu, by saving it, we can resolve one of the biggest issues in Heaven Overseeing Tower's injuries at the moment. As long as we can fix the tower and use its might, together with our instincts, we will be able to deduce the truth."

"Also, Bo Qing died under the tribulation back then, why did he suddenly appear? Between the two, there seems to be some close connection. Next, I will continue to use this method to repair the other Immortal Gu. During this process, I need to concentrate and I cannot be interrupted. If Fairy Cang Shui sends any letters back, try to inform me as soon as possible."

Bi Chen Tian and Lian Jiu Sheng nodded in agreement: "Understood."

Matters regarding Bo Qing's immortal zombie body continued to grow as time passed, there was a huge influence on Central Continent and Heavenly Court.

Just as the Central Continent Gu Immortals placed their sights on Falling Heavenly River.

Fang Yuan had already obtained the biggest benefits and was cultivating on Dang Hun Mountain.

At this moment, he was standing on Dang Hun Mountain's peak, waving a hand and sending out tens of thousands of souls.

These souls were mostly beast souls, rabbit souls, goat souls, horse souls and others were the most common. There were fewer wolf souls, tiger souls and souls of other fierce beasts. There were plant souls too, but the type of souls in the fewest quantity were variant humans and humans.

Actually, trade involving souls had long since existed.

Because in this world, there were many soul path Gu Immortals.

Soul path Gu worms had appeared since the immemorial era, but they had never formed into a path.

Only upon the rise of a certain Gu Immortal did soul path get created and flourish.

This person was one of the ten venerables in history, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable.

He was the creator of soul path, and had also singlehandedly pushed soul path to its peak over history. During his era, out of ten Gu Masters, at least five chose to cultivate soul path.

For the cultivation of soul path, the soul was the most important resource.

Souls were common Gu refinement materials needed for the refinement of soul path Gu worms.

In order to create soul path Gu worms, Spectral Soul Demon Venerable had engaged in massacre and slaughter, to obtain countless souls. Thus, in history, he was also known as the venerable with the most murderous nature.

And because he created the rise of soul path, it also made his era filled with endless killing, it was a dark time when the world was in unrest.

Because many Gu Masters and Gu Immortals cultivated soul path, they needed to kill and gain souls for their cultivation resources.

Thus, during that era, the trading of souls appeared, they were undergone openly and on a grand scale.

After that, Spectral Soul died, and Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable appeared.

This kind and merciful Immortal Venerable did not promote strife against others, he loved peace. Because of his experiences growing up, he knew the suffering of the commoners, and understood the harm that Spectral Soul had caused. Thus, when he became an Immortal Venerable and was invincible in the world, one major accomplishment of his was to suppress soul path.

Soul path Gu Masters thus decreased in numbers, and trade involving souls was forced to be done underground.

The five regions began to recuperate and the killing subsided, the turbulence also gradually disappeared.

What the people considered most memorable thing was, Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable did not force people using strength, he won support from people with virtue, and moved the world with his actions.

Thus, up until today, even in treasure yellow heaven, the largest and most free market in the world, the sale of souls was very rare.

Fang Yuan's souls were obtained by Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan.

Ever since Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan cooperated, the matter of souls was dealt with by them, he saved a lot of trouble.

They were well-connected locals of Northern Plains, especially Fairy Li Shan, she was the third leader of Snowy Mountain blessed land. She had mountain pledge Gu and had a huge network.

These souls were immediately destroyed on Dang Hun Mountain.

After the vibrations from Dang Hun Mountain, the souls were shattered and turned into countless soul essences that were fused into the mountain.

Not long later, because of these souls, Dang Hun Mountain produced a new batch of guts Gu.

"Normally speaking, the stronger the life form, the higher the quality of the soul. At the same time, the higher the intelligence of the life form, the higher the quality of the soul. This batch of souls is only average. Because inside, there are few fierce beasts, and no desolate beasts, with very few variant human and human souls. The guts Gu generated will not be high in quantity."

Fang Yuan estimated in his mind as he walked on Dang Hun Mountain.

This batch of souls was not from Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan, but obtained by Fang Yuan.

He was already different from in the past.

He could obtain souls at a stable rate without Fairy Li Shan or taking action by himself personally.

They were obviously not from treasure yellow heaven, but Western Desert.

Western Desert was the place with the greatest trade economy in the five regions, Fang Yuan was no longer a newcomer there, he had worked with Xiao clan of Western Desert for some time, he had obtained their crucial token after gaining their recognition.

Xiao clan was a super force, it was not hard for them to obtain souls.

But if the soul transactions were exposed, Xiao clan would never admit they were involved. The trading of souls could not be done openly, Xiao clan was, after all, a righteous path super force.

Fang Yuan bought souls from Western Desert in order to guard against Hei Lou Lan, Fairy Li Shan, and Blazing Heaven Demoness.

Even though they had set an alliance agreement, that did not mean that Fang Yuan did not need to guard against them anymore.

Fang Yuan knew how to defend himself against others, and he was even more adept at harming others.

Fang Yuan suddenly attempting soul cultivation would definitely lead to the suspicions of Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan. Fang Yuan did not want to leave any clues for them.

When he uses guts Gu to cultivate, it would cause the quantity of guts Gu to fall, to make up for this, he secretly placed souls in and filled the difference.

The typically rare guts Gu could be easily picked up at Fang Yuan's feet.

Fang Yuan did exactly so.

Once guts Gu left Dang Hun Mountain, they would be destroyed. But using airsac Gu, they could be contained and sold.

After consuming a huge amount of guts Gu, Fang Yuan's soul reached its limit, if he raised it any further, his soul would collapse.

Fang Yuan felt that his immortal zombie body was feeling quite tight.

It was like an adult man wearing clothes he wore when he was a teenager.


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