Reverend Insanity
993 Immortal Zombie Bo Qing Appears
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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993 Immortal Zombie Bo Qing Appears

Fang Yuan still had many questions.

He did not get the answer he wanted from Lang Ya land spirit.

Fang Yuan still did not have conclusive clues regarding ghostly concealment. Up until now, he only knew ghostly concealment targeted the soul.

"Divine concealment is already an extraordinary wonder, and ghostly concealment, which is equally famous, should not be worse."

"Actually, I am even more curious about that song than ghostly concealment!"

Every time he thought of this, Fang Yuan would subconsciously frown.

The song which Star Constellation Immortal Venerable had sung in the dream realm was extremely peculiar.

According to logic, the song originated in the dream realm and should have no relation to reality. But Fang Yuan's experience in Luo Po valley showed that this song had huge significance in reality, almost like a prophetic song.

"Speaking of prophecies, they have always been a specialty of wisdom path great experts. Like Immortal Yi Yan's Prophecy of Three Venerables. Could it be that this dream realm is a prophetic dream realm left behind by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable?" Fang Yuan guessed.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable was the greatest expert in wisdom path. After she died, the arrangements she left behind schemed against three Demon Venerables, ensuring Heavenly Court did not fall.

This dazzling achievement consolidated her status in wisdom path firmly at the peak, and later generations could only look up to her.

For her dream realm to be special and able to deliver a prophecy was not that strange.

Moreover, although the latter stages during Fang Yuan's previous life of five hundred years was the time when dream path developed rapidly like a raging fire, it was far from being explored fully.

It was not strange for Fang Yuan to not be aware of this special kind of dream realm.

"Fallen songs and despondent heroes, difficulty in resisting the trials of fate… the first verse of this song should be talking about Luo Po valley's Thieving Heaven true inheritance and also Feng Jiu Ge. Then what about the second verse?"

"Bent swords sink in the sand, rising and falling from ancient times, the rumbling of an unceasing heavenly river."

Fang Yuan mumbled.

"Heavenly river… Falling Heavenly River?"

"Bent swords sink in the sand… is it talking about the greatest expert in sword path, Bo Qing?"

"It has already been countless years since he died under the tribulation. During his time, all five regions paid attention to him, he could do whatever he wished, upon his death, even his corpse was lost, his glorious radiance dissipated. This could be said to be rising and falling from ancient times."

After the experience in Luo Po valley, Fang Yuan had already remembered the complete song.

After making deductions, he increasingly felt this second verse of the song was related to Sword Immortal Bo Qing.

Adding in his previous life's memories, Fang Yuan was even more determined to explore Falling Heavenly River.

He had wanted to go anyway.

It was filled with danger, but those corpses of ancient and immemorial desolate beasts along with desolate plants in Falling Heavenly River could be said to be superior immortal materials.

They could not compare to those rank eight and quasi-rank nine immortal materials Fang Yuan obtained in Earth Trench.

But their quantity was extremely large, and adding all of them would have a price that surpassed Fang Yuan's gains in Earth Trench!

Although large numbers of Gu Immortals had died at the bottom of Falling Heavenly River, at the initial stages of the exploration, almost every Gu Immortal had made a fortune!

"It seems there is much to reap from Sword Immortal Bo Qing's appearance. It is just that it is still not the optimal time to explore. On one hand, the sword lights don't follow a fixed pattern, just being scratched would cause injuries and death if struck, it is too dangerous. On the other hand, Falling Heavenly River is home to ancient and immemorial desolate beasts, desolate plants, hidden undercurrents and whirlpools, there are countless dangers."

Although Fang Yuan's modified immortal killer move familiar face was usable, it had limits.

At present, Fang Yuan could only take on human form and could not transform into beasts or other species.

The original familiar face could transform into anything.


Fang Yuan did not have change form Immortal Gu. One of the core supplementary Immortal Gu in familiar face was change form Immortal Gu. With this Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could transform into other species, getting rid of the shackles of being only able to disguise as a human.

But even with change form Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan could not go to the bottom of Falling Heavenly River.

Besides ancient and immemorial desolate beasts along with desolate plants, Falling Heavenly River was filled with countless dangerous natural traps that were enough to take Fang Yuan's life.

He only had to wait until Bo Qing's sword lights finished erupting, Falling Heavenly River would be cleansed, the beasts and the dangerous plants would be cleared away temporarily, the natural traps would also be almost completely destroyed. That would be the optimal time to enter Falling Heavenly River.

During this short preceding period of time, Fang Yuan could only wait, there was no better alternative.

Prince Feng Xian.

The rank eight Gu Immortal Prince Feng Xian was one of the peak experts of Northern Plains' Gu Immortal world. But his true identity was a mole of Central Continent arranged by Spirit Affinity House many years ago. He had infiltrated Northern Plains when he was a Gu Master. After going through immortal ascension, he became a genuine Northern Plains Gu Immortal.

On one hand, he had support from Spirit Affinity House, on the other, it was also his own effort and talent that combined to let him achieve his current level.

Prince Feng Xian was very loyal to Spirit Affinity House.

He knew how much strategic importance Feng Jiu Ge had in regards to Spirit Affinity House currently.

He had been extremely worried during the time Feng Jiu Ge disappeared. When he received Hui Feng Zi's message and learned Feng Jiu Ge had appeared, he was extremely happy.

It was just that he did not know the 'Feng Jiu Ge' in this message was Fang Yuan in disguise.

He waited for several days but did not see Feng Jiu Ge coming to his residence.

"I lead Spirit Affinity House's matters in Northern Plains, since Feng Jiu Ge is already out of danger, why did he not look for me? Could it be that he encountered some powerful enemies or troublesome matters?"

Prince Feng Xian knew Feng Jiu Ge's battle strength, but he was also aware of the huge battle between Feng Jiu Ge and Qin Bai Sheng.

Feng Jiu Ge had been trapped for so long, and had now suddenly appeared. This information itself hinted at Feng Jiu Ge's miserable state.

"But since he has already freed himself, why didn't he come to find me at the first moment? The other Central Continent Gu Immortals have already gone back, he probably won't be able to return to Central Continent with just his strength, he needs my help. Does he not trust me?"

While Prince Feng Xian was having doubts, a letter came from Spirit Affinity House.

The letter expressed that Zhao Lian Yun had successfully obtained divine concealment some days ago, and also that they knew ghostly concealment was in Luo Po valley's Thieving Heaven true inheritance.

Since Prince Feng Xian was able to become rank eight, he naturally had an astute mind.

He came to a realization after reading the letter.

"So it was like this." He heaved a sigh.

Where people interacted, there would be conflicts. Even after uniting to form an organization, internal conflicts would exist.

Feng Jiu Ge was in power for too long, it had definitely resulted in dissatisfaction from many forces in Spirit Affinity House. This dissatisfaction had the chance to erupt when Feng Jiu Ge was missing.

Merely considering the time when Zhao Lian Yun obtained divine concealment, Prince Feng Xian knew someone had intentionally delayed matters.

He immediately realized Feng Jiu Ge's plan: "It seems Feng Jiu Ge is keeping a low profile currently to see who in the sect has ill intentions towards him. Or maybe he already knew and was only waiting for an excuse, he wants to grab hold of them using this opportunity and throw these people deep into the abyss!"

"So, Feng Jiu Ge won't come to me because he knows he cannot influence me and I can send a message back to the sect at the first moment."

"But he is safest in my residence, and I am also help that he needs to rely on in order to return to Central Continent. He is not an idiot, he is a champion who knows how to make plans and schemes! It is very likely for him to still have injuries, while dangers exist from Shadow Sect externally and sect conflicts internally. Even if he doesn't come here, he must be near this place. Then, once something unexpected happens, he can ask for my help in time. So if I am going to search, I should first search the areas nearby."

The moment he thought of this, Prince Feng Xian's eyes flickered with sharp light as he immediately took action.

A rank eight Gu Immortal's full-powered search naturally was extraordinary.

Soon, Prince Feng Xian discovered Feng Jiu Ge.

"Hahaha, Brother Jiu Ge, I had to search for a while." He laughed heartily as he patted Feng Jiu Ge's shoulder.

"I hope Brother Prince doesn't blame me." Feng Jiu Ge's expression was still slightly pale.

"I understand." Prince Feng Xian nodded, "Let's go. My grotto-heaven is the safest place for you to recuperate."

This Feng Jiu Ge naturally was not Fang Yuan in disguise.

The two entered the grotto-heaven and as they conversed, they talked about Luo Po valley.

Prince Feng Xian was slightly furious: "Hui Feng Zi was negligent, he should be punished. As for the Gu Immortal who took Luo Po valley, he might be from Shadow Sect."

Fang Yuan's image appeared in Feng Jiu Ge's mind for a moment, but he did not speak.

Prince Feng Xian continued: "I sent a letter to the sect after seeing you. You are able to return alive, this is the greatest news for us! I can't let your wife and daughter spend time in sorrow any longer. When your injuries are healed, I will hold a celebration for you, the celebration will last for seven days and seven nights, and only then will I let you go back to Central Continent. Us brothers will definitely drink until we get drunk!"

Feng Jiu Ge smiled bitterly.

He knew Prince Feng Xian's intent.

Prince Feng Xian was half an outsider to Central Continent, what he had to consider was the growth and interests of the whole sect.

Feng Jiu Ge wanted to suppress the other Gu Immortals in the sect, but if the process was too intense, it would inevitably create internal friction in the sect. Prince Feng Xian did not want to see this.

However, when he thought of his wife and daughter, Feng Jiu Ge's heart softened.

Never mind!

"Brother Prince truly considers everything." Feng Jiu Ge cupped his fists, his words containing hidden meaning.

Prince Feng Xian laughed even more happily at this reply.

The information reached Spirit Affinity House, all the higher ups were in great jubilation.

Feng Jiu Ge's disappearance brought these Gu Immortals huge mental pressure. When Feng Jiu Ge was there, they had subconsciously neglected his worth. But his disappearance now made Spirit Affinity House's Gu Immortals recognize how important Feng Jiu Ge was to the whole of Spirit Affinity House.

Feng Jin Huang laughed with tears on her face, while Fairy Bai Qing also had a smile.

Some were happy, and some were apprehensive.

"Feng Jiu Ge did not die? Things will be difficult for us in the following period of time." Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying were feeling heavy.

They had intentionally delayed and hidden the news regarding Zhao Lian Yun, although it was not blatant, discerning people would know it immediately.

Even if Feng Jiu Ge could not use it against them, when he returns, he would definitely be displeased at Xu Hao and Li Jun Ying, and it would be a natural thing for him to suppress them to some extent.

Feng Jiu Ge's news had reached Spirit Affinity House early, naturally there was now no conference between the higher-ups, and Fairy Bai Qing also did not go to investigate Bo Qing.

However, the immortal zombie Bo Qing still appeared.

Swords roam unhindered over Central Continent!

Countless sword lights shocked immortals and mortals.

When the sword lights stopped, countless Gu Immortals began to move towards Falling Heavenly River.

But Fang Yuan had already arrived at this place before them.

In front of him, Falling Heavenly River was already dyed blood red and immortal materials filled his vision!


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