Reverend Insanity
991 Inheriting the Thieving Heaven True Inheritance!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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991 Inheriting the Thieving Heaven True Inheritance!

Even the person involved, Fang Yuan, did not know the reason.

When Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's song echoed in his ears again, he received some mysterious information in his mind.

The information told him that at a certain area in Luo Po valley, a Thieving Heaven true inheritance was hidden!

Fang Yuan was greatly enticed.

And also very suspicious.

"This isn't a trap left by the Central Continent Gu Immortals, right? In which there is actually no Thieving Heaven true inheritance, but it is a wisdom path method specially used to influence the rationality of enemies who enter the valley?"

Fang Yuan quickly calmed down, and began to inspect all over his body as well as the surrounding environment.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's song had appeared abruptly and disappeared just as quickly.

Fang Yuan inspected himself and found nothing wrong.

He then checked his surroundings, the many Gu formations arranged in Luo Po valley as well as large numbers of damaged Gu formations.

However, Fang Yuan did not discover any wisdom path Gu formations.

He lowered his head and pondered, feeling this matter might be strange but its credibility was high!

The reasons?

One was Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's song, and the second was the contents inside the information, indicating to Fang Yuan that he had to use open door Gu to enter the Thieving Heaven true inheritance.

"I am already a wisdom path grandmaster, normal wisdom path methods probably won't be able to influence me. Let alone when the only wisdom path Gu Immortal among the group of Central Continent Gu Immortals, Old Oracle, is already dead. Actually, it is easy to verify this, I just have to test it out myself."

Fang Yuan made a decision and cautiously neared the location.

He detoured around four Gu formations and unraveled three Gu formations.

Central Continent's Gu Immortals had arranged large numbers of Gu formations in the periphery of Luo Po valley. This was because they had been attacking Shadow Sect for a long time from the periphery. When they invaded the valley, they destroyed Shadow Sect's Gu formations.

After the battle, Central Continent's Gu Immortals officially occupied this valley. The intense battle was already concluded by then and they had no more need to arrange any Gu formations.

Adding in Fang Yuan's deepening wisdom path attainment, these Gu formations were simply no obstacle to him.

After a while, he arrived at the location which the information during Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's song had indicated.

Fang Yuan observed for a long while, having no hurry in using open door Gu.

But in the end, he could not find any clues!

This place was extremely safe, at least, Fang Yuan could not detect anything even after using all his methods.

After confirming again and again, his eyes flashed before he resolutely decided to use open door Gu.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan had also used open door Gu in Luo Po valley, but he had not obtained any results. Fang Yuan had thought Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's arrangement was already dismantled by Shadow Sect.

But this life, soon after Fang Yuan used the open door Gu, a change occurred.

An entrance of light suddenly appeared in the air.

Shortly, a beam of light shined on the prepared Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was shocked, he thought for a moment before letting the beam of light engulf him.

At the next moment, Fang Yuan entered the space of the Thieving Heaven true inheritance.

This space was vast, extremely vast.

Behind him was that entrance of light which had not disappeared and was still there.

It was only that the size of the entrance was gradually becoming smaller.

If it continued shrinking, it would likely disappear.

Sounds of wind appeared from nearby, Fang Yuan moved his gaze towards the source and was immediately shaken.

"Winds of assimilation!"

He cried out inwardly, his gaze revealing extreme wariness.

He was extremely clear of the power of winds of assimilation, this wind could assimilate everything into itself and expand continuously. Back then, Imperial Court blessed land had been destroyed by winds of assimilation.

This time, dozens of huge tornadoes of winds of assimilation had formed, slowly moving in the true inheritance space.

Fang Yuan quickly retreated, creating some distance from the winds of assimilation.

He only felt slightly at ease after retreating hundreds of steps away. He then carefully sized up this true inheritance space.

"I had not expected there was truly a space here! That mysterious information was true?" Fang Yuan was cautious, and still held doubts towards the information during Star Constellation Immortal Venerable's song.

He did not hurriedly wander around this true inheritance space to look for the true inheritance, instead his mind was focused on close door Gu.

"If open door Gu can let me enter, then close door Gu can close the entrance?"

Fang Yuan activated close door Gu.

Sure enough, the next moment, that shrinking entrance of light in his vision suddenly disappeared.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with sharp light as he activated open door Gu again.

Under the use of this rank five mortal Gu, a new entrance of light formed in front of him again.

Fang Yuan stepped into this entrance of light and immediately left the Thieving Heaven true inheritance space, returning to Luo Po valley.

"This means that information should be true. No, more precisely, the part about open door Gu and close door Gu is true." Fang Yuan unavoidably had some expectations.

He entered the true inheritance space again.

"According to the contents in the information, these winds of assimilation are genuine, but they are harmless to me. And I can only inherit the true inheritance after dispelling these winds of assimilation."

Fang Yuan carefully approached one of the tornadoes of winds of assimilation, he revealed his true form and stretched out his eight large arms.

He slowly moved one of his hands towards the tornado.

Suddenly, the roaring winds of assimilation completely dissipated.

Fang Yuan's eyes shined brightly.

He mumbled to himself: "Incredible! Winds of assimilation can assimilate everything, but they are so restrained in this true inheritance space. Even if the Gu Immortal who arranged this space is not Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, just this method shows they are absolutely a peerless expert!"

Although he removed one of the tornadoes of winds of assimilation, Fang Yuan was not careless, and was very cautious in touching the winds each time. If anything was wrong, he could instantly retreat.

Every time, after moving a certain distance, he would use open door Gu and close door Gu, letting the entrance of light open up as close to him as possible.

Like this, even if something happened and he did not have time to activate Fixed Immortal Travel, Fang Yuan could still retreat rapidly to the entrance of light and move to the outside world.

One after another, the tornadoes of winds of assimilation started to disappear under Fang Yuan's efforts.

After a while, there was only one tornado left in the center.

Fang Yuan observed briefly and discovered: this tornado not only had the largest size, it was also moving the fastest.

The sound of the wind roared in Fang Yuan's ears, this tornado seemed to be hiding something in the center.

"Could it be that the Thieving Heaven true inheritance is within this tornado?" Fang Yuan could not help but guess this.

He stretched out his finger and touched this dark green tornado.

The winds of assimilation suddenly disappeared, revealing a person!

This person was sitting cross-legged in mid-air, wearing a red and white robe, and was revealing a faint rank seven aura.

"Feng Jiu Ge!" Fang Yuan cried out softly, and subconsciously retreated.

But Feng Jiu Ge was even faster than him, he suddenly opened his eyes, letting out a sharp gaze.

The piercing, sharp gaze scanned Fang Yuan, before Feng Jiu Ge turned into a rainbow light and with lightning speed, he flew past Fang Yuan, moving into the entrance of light!

The whole process was over before one could even blink.

Fang Yuan reacted, his first action was to activate close door Gu.

The entrance of light closed and Fang Yuan finally relaxed.

"Why is Feng Jiu Ge here?! Could it be that the place he was trapped in was this true inheritance space? Since he was here, then what about the others? Where are Qin Bai Sheng, Ao Xue, and Ling Mei?"

Fang Yuan quickly inspected, but the true inheritance space was empty, with just an information path mortal Gu hovering in front of Fang Yuan.

This information path Gu worm was left behind by Feng Jiu Ge.

When Fang Yuan did not discover anything wrong with it, only then did he send his consciousness inside to check.

"Fang Yuan, so you are an otherworldly demon, I will keep this a secret for you. You want to know why I recognize you? Because I am Feng Jin Huang's father. Today, you saved my life, in the future, I will save yours. After I leave, there will only be you left in the true inheritance space, the Thieving Heaven true inheritance will be inherited by you. We shall meet again some day!"

"Feng Jiu Ge…." Fang Yuan grasped this letter Gu with a complex expression.

He heaved a sigh before storing the Gu in his immortal aperture.

At this moment, the entire true inheritance space began to dim.

The bright light rays that had been present earlier disappeared in an instant, turning the space into darkness.

In this darkness, there was only one spot where there was some light, it was precisely the spot where Fang Yuan stood.

A charming masculine voice came from the darkness.

"Traveler from far away."

"You and I are the same, we are both pitiful people who cannot return to our homes."

"My real name is Ben Jie Sun, people in this world call me Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable. In truth, I am just a vagrant who wants to return home."

"This world feels like a cage of despair."

"If you also want to return home, then accept my present."

"I believe it can definitely help you. But if you want to return home, you still need to rely on your own effort!"

"This gift's name is — Ghostly Concealment."

At the next moment, Fang Yuan appeared in Luo Po valley.

A layer of grey light was shining over his whole body.

Fang Yuan ignored this grey light, and instead used investigative and defensive methods, being vigilant of his surroundings.

Feng Jiu Ge did not appear.

"It seems his injuries are extremely serious, not even having half of his strength. If not for this, he might have made a move against me in the true inheritance space."

"But… this person clearly distinguishes kindness and hatred. Kindness is repaid, and revenge is taken for hatred. His biography after he died explained this point. His words of repaying me for saving his life are perhaps… true."

Fang Yuan contemplated.

Feng Jiu Ge did not take action against Fang Yuan, perhaps it was not because his battle strength had fallen, but because Fang Yuan had saved him.

No matter what, Fang Yuan had profited hugely this time.

Having Feng Jiu Ge owe him a favor, such a huge connection would probably be of great use in the future.

He also obtained ghostly concealment, although Fang Yuan did not know what its use was, it was after all a Thieving Heaven true inheritance!

Besides these two, there was also this Luo Po valley!

"Feng Jiu Ge has probably already left Luo Po valley, now it is the best time to take this valley." Thinking of this, Fang Yuan decisively took action.

"What's going on?!" Hui Feng Zi, who was guarding the valley, was shocked by the scene of Luo Po valley, his eyes widened as he shouted incredulously: "Someone is taking away Luo Po valley?!"


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