Reverend Insanity
987 Star Fog Conceals Traces
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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987 Star Fog Conceals Traces

Eastern Sea, Twin Polar Sea Strait.

The sounds of waves penetrated the thick fog as it entered the sea strait.

Song Jia Dan sat beside the cliff, his eyes were shut as he rested.

His lower body was encased in grey stone. His upper body had the appearance of an old man, it was extremely wrinkled and he looked very aged.

Suddenly, his eyelids moved, he sensed that Song clan's first supreme elder, the rank eight Gu Immortal Song Qi Yuan, had used his token.

At Song Jia Dan's will, the fog dispersed, revealing a path to walk on.

A moment later, from the path, two figures walked in.

One male and one female, both Gu Immortals.

The female immortal was dressed in white, she was like a lotus flower, pure and moving, her clear eyes were oozing with liveliness and anticipation. The male immortal was middle aged, he was experienced and mature, walking behind the female immortal.

"Uncle Jia Dan!" Song Yi Shi called out from afar.

Song Jia Dan wanted to smile, but his face was firm like a statue, his muscles were stiff and could show no expression.

His wisdom path cultivation was very unique. He could fuse with the world and make deductions, they were often very accurate.

But the advantages came with disadvantages, Song Jia Dan lost his freedom, his lower body turned into stone and had fused with Twin Polar Sea Strait. When his lifespan runs out, he would turn into stone completely, losing all life.

Eventually, Song Jia Dan could only speak expressionlessly in a low and drawn out tone: "Little Shi, cousin Xia Qi, it has been a long time."

The people who came to Twin Polar Sea Strait to visit Song Jia Dan were Song clan's Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi.

"Uncle Jia Dan, this is grandfather's token, please take a look." Song Yi Shi first handed the token to Song Jia Dan.

Song Jia Dan inspected it thoroughly and nodded, asking: "This time, what do you want to deduce?"

Song Xia Qi spoke: "This time, we are here for the Tian Nan inheritance in Ascending Heaven Plain."

Song Jia Dan pondered: "Ascending Heaven Plain's space path dao marks are complex and ever-changing. I cannot go personally, thus I cannot deduce the path spontaneously. But Ruo Lai clan and Cai clan have no powerful wisdom path Gu Immortals. I believe that all of you can succeed using the wisdom path Immortal Gu that I have."

Song Yi Shi smiled lightly: "Uncle Jia Dan, there has been a change in Ascending Heaven Plain."


Immediately, Song Yi Shi talked about Blazing Heaven Demoness and Fang Yuan, about how they entered Ascending Heaven Plain.

Song Jia Dan immediately understood Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi's intentions, he spoke: "So you want to employ this Wisdom Star to help Song clan obtain the inheritance."

"That's right. Wisdom Star is not a member of Zombie Alliance, he is only Tai Bai Yun Sheng's good friend, he is a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, coming here because of the earth tide. Since he can work for Zombie Alliance, he can also be employed by Song clan. He had quite an amazing wisdom path attainment, if we are slow and the other two clans take action first, we would get into a passive situation." Song Xia Qi said.

"So you are here to ask me to deduce matters regarding Wisdom Star?" Song Jia Dan continued.

Song Yi Shi nodded: "Uncle, we really cannot hide anything from you. That's right! Since we want to employ Wisdom Star, we need to know about his background, after all, he is not a clansman. Most importantly, the other party is also a wisdom path Gu Immortal, if he tries to scheme, we will not only suffer a loss, we will also lose our face. Thus this time, we need you to use your methods and see if you can defeat this Northern Plains wisdom path Gu Immortal."

Song Jia Dan's eyes were lowered, he had a hint of hesitation: "But this Wisdom Star Chen Dao can crack the method that I used for Shark Demon, and he was able to achieve that much in Ascending Heaven Plain, that means he not only has wisdom path attainment, he even has wisdom path Immortal Gu. It goes against the usual customs and manners of us wisdom path Gu Immortals if I make deductions on such a wisdom path expert abruptly. If I am careless, we may attract the animosity of the other party and create a strong wisdom path enemy for our clan."

In his previous life, Fang Yuan was disguised as Xing Xiang Zi, because he peeked at Song Yi Shi when bathing, Song Jia Dan made deductions on him.

In this life, Fang Yuan was disguised as Wisdom Star, he did not leave behind any flaws, and most importantly, he had incredible wisdom path methods, this made Song Jia Dan very apprehensive.

Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi looked at each other, the former did not speak while the latter said: "There are advantages and disadvantages in everything, it depends on our judgment. Before coming here, we have already discussed with first supreme elder and second supreme elder, cousin Jia Dan, please do it."

Song Jia Dan nodded, even though he was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he was not in charge of making decisions in the clan.

In that case, he no longer hesitated.

After preparing for a while, he took action.

A long while later, Song Jia Dan opened his eyes, showing signs of fatigue in his eyes: "I could not deduce anything."

"What? Uncle, you are one of the three strongest wisdom path Gu Immortals in Eastern Sea, how can you fail the deduction?"

"Is this Chen Dao really that formidable in terms of wisdom path? He can already match cousin?"

Song Yi Shi and Song Xia Qi were both very shocked.

Song Jia Dan shook his head: "A person's effort is limited, while heaven's will is unpredictable. Maybe this Chen Dao is very skilled, able to block all my deduction methods, or maybe he isn't in Eastern Sea."

"Not in Eastern Sea? Where can he be? The earth tide is gone, there is still a long time until the next earth tide." Song Yi Shi was very confused.

"Every immortal aperture is a small world, it is isolated from the outside world. I am only rank seven, it is not strange that I could not deduce it."

"Is that so…" Song Yi Shi muttered, feeling dejected and disappointed.

Song Jia Dan's words shifted, saying: "I am more concerned about Ascending Heaven Plain. This place can connect to white heaven and black heaven, it is of strategic importance and is wanted by many. Just now, even though Blazing Heaven Demoness left, we did not defeat her. This would lead to increase in the greed of others. We have to be careful of Eastern Sea's lone immortals and demonic cultivators. And although the other righteous path super forces cannot interfere directly, they can use their influence to meddle with the situation in Ascending Heaven Plain. These are our biggest lurking dangers."

"Cousin is truly wise, this makes perfect sense!" Song Xia Qi's expression changed, he nodded repeatedly.

Song Yi Shi also showed an expression of worry.

"Rather than deducing Wisdom Star Chen Dao, I might as well deduce this matter. Don't worry, as long as you use my arrangement, you will defeat the lone immortals and demonic cultivators, we can even use their strength to weaken Ruo Lai clan and Cai clan." Song Jia Dan was very confident.

Central Continent, Hu Immortal blessed land.

"Star fog concealment!"

Fang Yuan willed, using his immortal killer move.

Immediately, fog made of starlight came out of his second immortal aperture.

Soon, the star fog shrouded Fang Yuan's entire body, blurring his facial features. Others could only see a vague figure of Fang Yuan inside the fog.

"I finally succeeded in deducing the modified star fog concealment!"

Fang Yuan inspected it and felt joyous.

This star fog concealment could defend against the deductions of others against himself.

After leaving Ascending Heaven Plain and negotiating with Blazing Heaven Demoness, he returned to Hu Immortal blessed land and used the light of wisdom to modify the original star fog concealment.

The original star fog concealment had two core Immortal Gu, one of them was star thought Immortal Gu.

The modified star fog concealment also had two core Immortal Gu. Star thought Immortal Gu was one of them, while the other was replaced with unravel mystery Immortal Gu.

Right now, Fang Yuan had wisdom path grandmaster attainment level, the wisdom path Immortal Gu Unravel Mystery that he could not utilize well previously was starting to display its capabilities.

"The trip to Ascending Heaven Plain earlier will soon make the name of Wisdom Star spread throughout Eastern Sea's Gu Immortal world. By then, there will be many who will try to make deductions on me, to find information on Wisdom Star. Familiar face is a transformation path killer move, it can disguise me, but it cannot block deductions. With star fog concealment, I am much safer in Eastern Sea." Fang Yuan thought.

Of course, the defense of star fog concealment had its limits.

Firstly, it could only defend against deductions from others, it could not block fire, wind, water, or physical punches and kicks.

Secondly, it only used two rank six Immortal Gu as the core, if a rank seven wisdom path Gu Immortal makes a deduction, it would only be able to defend for a while before collapsing.

But star fog concealment did not need constant activation. The star fog produced after activation was a layer of defense, as long as the fog remained, it could defend him.

"This star fog is filled with tiny fragments of star path and wisdom path dao mark. Because of this jumbled mix of fragments, I can block outside deductions. Even if Song Jia Dan makes a deduction, the star fog can block him for a while, it would alert me and I would be able to use Fixed Immortal Travel to hide in a blessed land."

Once he entered a blessed land, he would be in another world, even a rank eight wisdom path great expert would be unable to make any deductions on him.

First, he created star soul battlefield, next, he made star fog concealment. Two of Fang Yuan's weaknesses had been eliminated.

Next, he should focus on refining the rank six all-out effort Immortal Gu, at the same time, he had to patiently wait for Blazing Heaven Demoness to act.

"In my previous life, Blazing Heaven Demoness had succeeded in pushing aside Shark Demon and Su Bai Man, but because the timing was bad, she had to go to Northern Plains. Right now, with my influence, progress in Yu Lu blessed land was much faster, thus she can take action early, we should have enough time. I hope that the rewards in this Yu Lu blessed land will not be as disappointing as the dream realm inside the Starry Sky grotto-heaven fragment world."

Earlier, Fang Yuan got through the second layer of the dream realm and came to the third, reaching a new layer that he did not enter in his previous life.

Both his wisdom path and star path attainment levels had risen, but they were still at grandmaster level.

But the most important thing was, the third layer of the dream realm was very strange.

Fang Yuan could not understand.

The third layer of the dream realm collapsed on its own, not giving Fang Yuan any boost to his attainment levels.

And in the dream, the song that Star Constellation Immortal Venerable recited could not be recalled by Fang Yuan no matter what he tried.

Days passed by.

Blazing Heaven Demoness finally settled the relationships within Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance, similarly to Fang Yuan's previous life, she used Bo Dan as an excuse to oust Shark Demon and Su Bai Man.

Fang Yuan did not participate in this.

He would only take action when Blazing Heaven Demoness was attacking Yu Lu blessed land.

As he expected, even though the battlefield killer move unmoving troops was mystical, it did not have anyone controlling it, it was like an empty formation. Fang Yuan expended a huge amount of mental energy and immortal essence, unraveling this final level and completely capturing Yu Lu blessed land.

"There is only one strength path Immortal Gu, don't think about it, this is a present I am giving to Little Lan. According to our agreement, you can take two rank six Immortal Gu. But this star path Immortal Gu, even though it is only rank six, it is on the list of top ten mystical Gu, it has immense value. If you choose it, you will not be able to take another Immortal Gu." Blazing Heaven Demoness said to Fang Yuan.


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