Reverend Insanity
983 Shocking Appearance of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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983 Shocking Appearance of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable

Several days later, Fang Yuan appeared in a nameless valley in Central Continent.

A certain fragment world of Starry Sky grotto-heaven had fallen here, and it was temporarily stable.

Central Continent's ten great ancient sects sent their Gu Immortals to guard this valley.

Seeing that He Feng Yang had led Fang Yuan in, the other Gu Immortals did not have good expressions.

Currently, it was thanks to Fang Yuan's rank six bottom tier cultivation level, otherwise, he would not be able to obtain such a benefit.

This fragment world could barely allow a rank six bottom tier Gu Immortal to enter. But in the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, where would they find a Gu Immortal who had cultivation level as low as Fang Yuan?

Thus, Fang Yuan became the sole and unique person in this category.

Immortal Crane Sect made full use of the rules of this contest and allowed him to enter the grotto-heaven fragment world.

Like in his previous life, Fairy Bai Qing asked Fang Yuan to take care of Feng Jin Huang.

Fang Yuan agreed, but he was thinking internally, should he kill Feng Jin Huang here?

Due to Spirit Affinity House keeping it a secret and concealing Feng Jiu Ge's death, according to Fang Yuan's information, he knew that Feng Jiu Ge had gone missing in Northern Plains.

But thinking about it, Fang Yuan gave up on this idea.

"Even though Feng Jiu Ge died in my previous life, at this point, the hundred days battle has not concluded yet, anything is possible. Furthermore, Feng Jiu Ge's death was not confirmed in my previous life."

"Most importantly, I harmed Feng Jin Huang back then because I wanted her dream wings Immortal Gu. But even though she is a mortal, she can destroy the Immortal Gu with a thought. Even though I am a Gu Immortal, I do not have special methods to steal it. Dealing with her now is courting death, with Feng Jiu Ge still at the height of power, I will definitely face the attack of Spirit Affinity House and the other forces!"

"Go in. The others have already entered, your cultivation is the highest so you are the last one." He Feng Yang said heavily.

There was no other choice, if Fang Yuan entered first, the mortal Gu Masters from the other nine sects could not compete with Fang Yuan.

Of course, this showed Immortal Crane Sect's weakness as well.

If Immortal Crane Sect was as strong as Spirit Affinity House, it would not be difficult to arrange Fang Yuan as the first person to go in.

The fragment world of Starry Sky grotto-heaven was right in front of Fang Yuan.

An ocean-blue lake appeared like a half torn drawing, suddenly inserted into this mountain valley that was full of trees.

This was not a complete grotto-heaven or blessed land, Fang Yuan stepped in directly.

At the next moment, he was inside the Starry Sky grotto-heaven fragment world. Looking back, the Gu Immortals from the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent were still in the valley, they were no longer in the same world as Fang Yuan.

The gazes of these Gu Immortals were either solemn, envious, or jealous.

They could not help it, their cultivation level was too high, they had too many dao marks, if they entered outright, they would directly cause this weak fragment world to break apart.

"This lake is huge, I remember that in my previous life, a desolate beast dragonfish was hidden near the small island at the center of the lake, it was influenced by someone's Immortal Gu and became berserk and frenzied. I have lost self strength Immortal Gu and cannot use strength path giant hand. It will be harder for me to capture it now."

Fang Yuan recalled as he flew out.

Similarly to his previous life, elite Gu Masters of Heaven's Envy Manor were trapped on the small central island.

Around the island, the lake water was treacherous, that desolate beast dragonfish was wreaking havoc, creating huge waves.

Fang Yuan descended from the sky, using immortal methods and expending some effort to capture the dragonfish.

Other than the desolate beast dragonfish, there were over six hundred thousand ordinary dragonfish.

Leaving behind the shocked and paralyzed Heaven's Envy Manor Gu Masters, Fang Yuan flew towards the direction of the dream realm.

Arriving at the dream realm's area, Feng Jin Huang had already led the four Gu Masters from Spirit Affinity House and occupied this dream realm.

"Fang Yuan, I have been waiting for quite a while." Feng Jin Huang smiled, her facial features were picturesque, her skin was fair and she radiated deep confidence.

Fang Yuan smiled too: "Before this trip, your mother asked me to take care of you. I will not find trouble with you, I will try to let you have an easy time, but there is a price for it. What can you give me?"

Feng Jin Huang was prepared and was about to speak.

Fang Yuan interrupted her: "If you want to use a method to restore an immortal zombie back to human as the price, forget it. I have already found a suitable method, of course, it is not the ten extreme physique ascension method that you told me before."

Feng Jin Huang stared blankly, being caught off guard.

She did not expect Fang Yuan to find a suitable immortal zombie revival method so quickly.

"How about this, I know that Spirit Affinity House's research in dream realms far surpasses the other nine ancient sects. I only need the Gu recipe of a dream realm mortal Gu, I will let you stay at this dream realm and explore it for some time, how about that? You have dream wings Immortal Gu, don't tell me you do not know the recipe of some dream realm mortal Gu." Fang Yuan suggested.

According to the ten sects' agreement, for the representative of Spirit Affinity House, Feng Jin Huang, to occupy this place, she needed to face the challenge of any sect. Only with two out of three victories could she take away the opponent's rights to claim this territory.

Even though Feng Jin Huang had Fairy Bai Qing's Immortal Gu, will, and immortal essence, she was still a mortal, she could not beat the immortal zombie Fang Yuan.

Feng Jin Huang's expression was bitter: "Fang Yuan, your request is too hard to meet. I have dream wings Immortal Gu, everyone knows that. But the value of a dream path mortal Gu recipe is immense, you may be severely underestimating it. I have used some dream path mortal Gu before, but they were only extremely secret practice. I planned to combine them with Dream Wings to create an immortal killer move, but I failed. Those mortal Gu were given to me by the sect, I do not know a single dream path mortal Gu recipe. Change your request, for example, a strength path mortal Gu recipe."

At this time, dream realms had not appeared on a large scale, dream path was still being explored, it had not been created yet.

Even though dream path Gu worms were appearing, they were limited in quantity.

To make dream path a mature path, it was not enough with just Dream Wings or Dream Travel.

Only a widely cultivated path can be known as a path.

Dream path was still developing in its infancy period. In the five regions, only super forces could research on it. Thus, the value of dream path mortal Gu recipes was immense.

Fang Yuan did not pester about this matter.

He knew: even if Feng Jin Huang knew any dream path mortal Gu recipes, she would not hand them to him.

Thus, this request was only to set up for his true motive.

Fang Yuan said: "Then in that case, I want information on Sword Immortal Bo Qing. You may not know, but this person is a legendary character from Spirit Affinity House. Hand his information to me, don't try and deceive me with those details already in the market."

Feng Jin Huang thought: "This Fang Yuan underestimates me! Even though I am a mortal Gu Master, I have been in the Gu Immortal world since a young age. How would I not know Bo Qing? But, why is Fang Yuan seeking Bo Qing's information?"

She thought again: "Bo Qing is already dead, what's wrong with agreeing to it? It is easy for mother to get the information, even if it involves Spirit Affinity House's secrets, I know my limits, I will not hand all of the confidential information to Fang Yuan."

After thinking about it, Feng Jin Huang agreed.

But Fang Yuan continued: "This dream realm is something Immortal Crane Sect must have. The duration of your exploration will depend on what information you give me. You can transmit to your mother to start preparing already. Two hours later, in Central Continent's time, I want to see it. Then, according to the value of the information, I will decide your time in the dream realm."

Feng Jin Huang's heart sank, she knew that Fang Yuan could not be fooled so easily.

She was the treasure of both her parents, she naturally had Immortal Gu with her, and large numbers of information path mortal Gu, Fairy Bai Qing could learn about Feng Jin Huang's status at any time.

After spending some effort, both sides finally came to an agreement.

Fang Yuan was very straightforward, he left the area near the dream realm immediately. This time, even though he had already subdued the desolate beast dragonfish, he still needed to take the desolate beast hidden essence turtle, and the desolate plant nether grass.

Two hours later in Central Continent time, a few days had gone by in the Starry Sky grotto-heaven fragment world.

Fang Yuan captured the hidden essence turtle and nether grass, and just like his previous life, he let out some rockmen to explore for him, searching for valuable Gu worms or materials.

He returned to the dream realm's location as Feng Jin Huang handed him the first batch of information, while unable to conceal her dejected and irritated emotions.

Fang Yuan looked at the information as he nodded, it was very in-depth, as expected of Spirit Affinity House's internal information.

"In my previous life, the heavenly river in Central Continent had a huge disturbance and many Gu Immortals gained a lot of benefits, but I could not interfere. This time, with my experience, I will not need to make many deductions, I can save much time and effort, I might be able to explore Falling Heavenly River in time."

Fang Yuan thought as he evaluated openly: "This information, although in-depth, does not talk much about secrets. According to our agreement, I will give you three days. Of course, that is in terms of the fragment world's time."

Feng Jin Huang nodded, sighing internally.

She had overestimated herself, while underestimating the dream realm's difficulty. Until now, even though she had dream wings Immortal Gu, she could not pass the first layer of the dream realm.

She had thought that six to seven days was enough to explore this dream realm completely and obtain great gains.

But the cruel reality was like a loud slap on her face.

"If I knew this, I would lower the price during our agreement. Now, this information can only provide me three days… this is not enough to even heal my injuries. Sigh!"

Feng Jin Huang sighed deeply again.

Fang Yuan knew about her status clearly, but he pretended to not know and left.

But secretly, he turned towards the other side of the dream realm and entered it stealthily.

With his previous life's experience, he was very proficient, and with enough preparation, he had a large number of dream path mortal Gu, he could use the killer move unravel dream much more frequently.

The first layer's beastmen wind knot grass dream realm, the second layer's mountain peak astrolabe chessboard dream realm, they were all unraveled.

He finally came to the third layer of the dream realm.

He did not manage to come here in his previous life.

There was a shore with willows on it, the lake's surface was like a mirror.

In the pavilion at the center of the lake, a female immortal was playing the zither.

"You are finally here." She looked at Fang Yuan, starlight shining brilliantly in her eyes, as her mouth was showing a mysterious smile.

Fang Yuan's body shuddered.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable!


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