Reverend Insanity
980 Joining Lang Ya Sec
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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980 Joining Lang Ya Sec

"Damn it, it had to be at this time!" Qin Bai Sheng clenched his fists, looking at the battlefield in front of him, he was filled with discontent and reluctance.

"Retreat." A moment later, he sighed as he ordered.

"Why are we retreating?" Fairy Jiang Yu was shocked.

"Luo Po valley is being attacked, it's the Central Continent Gu Immortals who are investigating the collapse of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building." Qin Bai Sheng transmitted.

"How could their investigation lead to us? Unless… heaven's will?!" Fairy Jiang Yu's body shuddered.

"Heaven's will is vast and grand, that is likely the case… But our action earlier caused too much of a commotion, while making preparations for our ultimate plan, heaven's will obstructed us. Later, on Yi Tian Mountain, I wonder how terrifying heaven's will's obstruction will be." Qin Bai Sheng sighed.

The two conversed at lightning speed, they transmitted their words to each other, no one else heard them.

Soon, Qin Bai Sheng ordered the Shadow Sect members to retreat from Lang Ya blessed land.

"They… have retreated." Tai Bai Yun Sheng let out a breath.

"Damn it! He escaped again." Hei Lou Lan clenched her fists, gritting her teeth.

Fairy Li Shan was silent, she was deeply frowning, her expression of worry.

The hairy man Gu Immortals first cheered before feeling great sorrow. In this battle, they had made a bloody sacrifice, and even found traitors. Life was hard to predict, with the sad state of life and death in front of them, these hairy man Gu Immortals who normally only thought of refining Gu were greatly incited.

Lang Ya land spirit dismantled the ancient battle formation Heavenly Giant Solor, his eyes were bright red, he looked at the direction where Qin Bai Sheng and the others were leaving harshly: "These people really think us hairy men are easy to bully! I will return today's humiliation with bloodshed one day in the future!"

In this battle, because Fang Yuan did not do much, it was quite similar to his previous life.

First, Fang Yuan and the others defended the mortal Gu house cloud buildings, but they were destroyed by Shadow Sect easily, breaking the twelve wave cloud confusion formation. Once again, the inkman Gu Immortal was killed by Qin Bai Sheng rapidly, losing his life.

Lang Ya land spirit's plan to stall for time was severely disrupted, he had no way out and was pacing around anxiously.

In his previous life, during this crucial moment, the land spirit transformed.

But now, during this period, Fang Yuan gave a suggestion and advised Lang Ya land spirit to use an ancient battle formation.

When Lang Ya land spirit was desperate and at his wits' end, he heard this suggestion and quickly used it.

Ancient battle formations were quite different from the currently mainstream battlefield killer moves. The dao marks in an ancient battle formation were much less harmful to the blessed land than battlefield killer moves.

Lang Ya land spirit was desperate, he could only use Heavenly Giant Solor.

At this moment, Fang Yuan suggested again: "Just the few of us, how can we resist them? We need more people."

But Lang Ya land spirit was hesitant, he had more than ten hairy man Gu Immortals, but they were hidden and manipulating the rank eight Immortal Gu House Refinement Cauldron.

Especially when he somewhat sensed that there were traitors among them.

Fang Yuan had anticipated Lang Ya land spirit's response, he suggested that he had reliable aid.

Lang Ya land spirit frowned immediately, he was very wary of outsiders, the less people who knew about the blessed land, the better.

Fang Yuan smiled and said: "Land spirit, rest assured, how good is our relationship? I can definitely keep a secret for you! We will not expose any information regarding the blessed land. You just need to summon them directly into Heavenly Giant Solor, and let them fight. Afterwards, give them appropriate remuneration."

Lang Ya land spirit did not want to agree, but Qin Bai Sheng and the others were attacking more fiercely, even though they used Heavenly Giant Solor, they were still losing slowly.

Lang Ya land spirit had no choice, he could only accept Fang Yuan's suggestion.

This way, Fang Yuan brought Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan into Heavenly Giant Solor and caused this ancient battle formation's power to rise.

However, Hei Cheng controlled the Immortal Gu House Dark Prison, he could resist Heavenly Giant Solor.

Qin Bai Sheng's five finger fist heart sword was extraordinarily sharp, it caused great harm to Heavenly Giant Solor.

The situation was only suppressed for a moment before it turned bad again.

Lang Ya land spirit was forced to move the hairy man Gu Immortals in Refinement Cauldron into Heavenly Giant Solor in batches.

In the intense battle, Lang Ya land spirit's other self was finally summoned.

After sending three batches, Qin Bai Sheng finally got a chance and had the traitors take action, starting to take away Refinement Cauldron.

Eventually, he obtained many core Immortal Gu from Refinement Cauldron and hurriedly retreated, bringing Xue Song Zi as well as the two exposed hairy man Gu Immortal traitors.

After the battle, Fang Yuan handed Fixed Immortal Travel to Tai Bai Yun Sheng, asking him to bring Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan away, without staying.

This way, he completed a part of the new alliance agreement that they had made earlier.

He had provided a chance for Hei Lou Lan to kill Hei Cheng. But she did not grasp the opportunity, this did not mean that Fang Yuan failed on his side of the agreement.

After the battle, Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan were very curious and suspicious towards this Lang Ya blessed land.

But Fang Yuan did not answer them.

The alliance agreement did not state that all information had to be shared openly.

Since Fang Yuan knew everything now, why would he create problems for himself?

Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan felt that Fang Yuan was shrouded in mystery and had a deep background, he could actually be related to such an incredible existence. They could not help but think, was this related to Fang Yuan's master Purple Mountain True Monarch?

First, he borrowed attitude Gu, then now, using Lang Ya blessed land, he dealt several blows towards the confidence of Hei Lou Lan's side, this made Fang Yuan very confident in dealing with Blazing Heaven Demoness.

At the same time, he was slightly setting up for the future, where he might cooperate with Hei Lou Lan and the others to capture Lang Ya blessed land.

If possible, Fang Yuan wanted to have sole possession over Lang Ya blessed land. But many times, ideas were beautiful, while reality was cruel. This was minor preparation for the future in case Fang Yuan needed it.

Lang Ya land spirit turned into his second personality, like in the previous life, he immediately decided to relocate Lang Ya blessed land after the battle, at the same time, he changed the social system in the blessed land and created Lang Ya Sect, inviting Fang Yuan to be an external supreme elder.

Fang Yuan agreed.

Speaking about the remuneration of joining this battle, Fang Yuan did not ask for the rank six Immortal Gu recipe of all-out effort Gu, instead he sought a request for reinforcements from Lang Ya land spirit.

In the future, if Fang Yuan got into a dangerous situation, Lang Ya Sect would need to dispatch Gu Immortals to save him.

This way, Fang Yuan roped all of the Lang Ya blessed land hairy man Gu Immortals onto his side.

Lang Ya land spirit handed Fang Yuan a sect mission, asking him to go deep into the icy plain and contact the super tribes that the rockmen and snowmen who were deep underground had created.

"As long as you complete this mission, I will release some Immortal Gu recipes to you. As long as you have enough sect contributions, you can use the points to exchange for the Immortal Gu recipes that you want." Lang Ya land spirit tempted Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's thoughts shifted: "Can I take a look at these Immortal Gu recipes first?"

"Of course."

After seeing them, even with Fang Yuan's broad knowledge and experiences, he was tempted.

Lang Ya blessed land had dozens of Immortal Gu, but the quantity of Immortal Gu recipes was something even Fang Yuan couldn't expect.

At the very least, Lang Ya land spirit gave Fang Yuan more than two hundred recipes to view!

Fang Yuan quickly saw some Immortal Gu recipes that suited him.

He asked: "Can I choose other missions?"

But Lang Ya land spirit rejected him.

"My Lang Ya Sect has just been established, there are many things waiting to be done, of course many missions are available. But this mission is the most dangerous, thus it is given to you. If you die, so be it, I will not feel any heartache. The hairy man Gu Immortals cannot die so easily, they are one of our true members!"

Lang Ya land spirit only spoke the truth, Fang Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry, but he feel at ease internally.

"But don't you worry, I aim to create an era of hairy men, the assistance of you and other species are needed. I have a transformation path method to turn your human body into a hairy man. When you become a true hairy man, I will open up the Immortal Gu storage and allow you to exchange for Immortal Gu or borrow Immortal Gu using contribution points. Hahaha…"

Lang Ya land spirit patted Fang Yuan's shoulder, encouraging him.

This encouragement was extremely straightforward.

But Fang Yuan did not care.

The first question he had considered was whether he could use familiar face to turn into a hairy man and deceive Lang Ya land spirit.

But soon, he gave up on that idea.

Not only was the familiar face that he had now an incomplete copy, the original familiar face came from Lang Ya land spirit himself, even though he was straightforward, he was not stupid.

"As for turning into a real hairy man, I will not consider it. Humans are the true masters of this world. It has been like this since the Remote Antiquity Era. This is the direction the world is going, how can it be easily turned around? Back then, even Long Hair Ancestor had to hide and conceal his own identity. Right now, he is only a land spirit, what can he accomplish? Hmph, simply wishful thinking!"

Fang Yuan did not think well of Lang Ya Sect's prospects.

In the five hundred years of his previous life, Lang Ya Sect was taken down by Heavenly Court, this was the eventual outcome of Lang Ya blessed land. Even if the future changes, and it is not Heavenly Court, it could also be other Gu Immortal forces.

Humans were the rulers, the status of variant humans would not change.

Fang Yuan's plan, from start to finish, was to extract benefits from Lang Ya land spirit. Lang Ya land spirit turning into his second personality carried greater benefits for Fang Yuan than losses. At least right now, for Fang Yuan, there were greater gains.

The original Lang Ya land spirit was conservative, he would not create Lang Ya Sect, or invite Fang Yuan to be an external supreme elder, he would also not agree to assist Fang Yuan when he was in danger.

After the battle to defend Lang Ya blessed land ended, the hundred days battle in Luo Po valley commenced gradually.

Fang Yuan returned to Hu Immortal blessed land, resting as he created a large number of dream path mortal Gu.

At the same time, he amassed a huge amount of Gu refinement immortal materials, to make preparations for refining Immortal Gu.

A month later, he collected all of the spring dream fruits, refining a large number of dream path mortal Gu, the number was higher than in his previous life.

Two months later, Tai Bai Yun Sheng had settled the relationships on the other side as Fang Yuan used the earth tide as an opportunity to enter Eastern Sea.


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